WordPress Customizer Global Settings

Some global website settings, such as a logo or colors, can be customized via WordPress via the WordPress Customizer.

Navigate to Appearance > Customize to edit global site settings in Lorenty.

Site identity

Change the site title and tagline, upload your logo, set a favicon that will be displayed in the browser. A tagline is often displayed in conjunction with the site title, below it.

Main site colors

In the Colors menu, you can customize individual accent colors that appear across the website.
Main site colors in Lorenty.

Site navigation menus

There are different menu areas in Lorenty.

  • Primary menu.
  • The primary menu in the Lorenty WordPress rental theme.

  • 3 areas in the footer section.
  • Footer menus in the Lorenty WP rental theme.

  • 3 areas in the header section.
  • Lorenty header section menu.

Note: footer and header navigation menus are technically placed into widget areas of the theme. This means you can replace these menus with any other content blocks.


Content elements displayed in the footer, header and other global website parts are customized via Widgets.

Lorenty comes with 8 widget zones, you can see and customize them via Appearance > Widgets.

The appointment form: it’s powered by the Appointment Booking plugin. You can customize which fields to show and rename them.
Sidebar single: By default, it contains the Categories list block (the data is sourced from your blog categories) and the Latest posts block (the data is sourced from your recently published posts).
Header and footer widgets. See the ‘Site navigation menu’ above.

You can add or remove blocks from the widget areas:

Add blocks:
Add blocks to widget zones in WordPress.
Remove blocks:
Remove widget in WordPress.

Theme Options

Choose design options for the Lorenty theme.


  • Static:
  • Static header in Lorenty.

  • Absolute without background – you can change a color for this in the Menu Color for Canvas template section below:
  • Absolute without background header in Lorenty.

  • Absolute with background:
  • Absolute with background header in the Lorenty theme.

Sidebar button position
By default, it’s a Rent now button that opens the booking form widget.

  • Position 1
  • The Rent now button position 1 in the Lorenty theme.

  • Position 2
  • Rent now button in Lorenty.

Add footer text.
Footer text in Lorenty.
Customize the ‘Rent now’ button text and add an image that appears at checkout.

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