Front Page

Front Page Setup

Front Page is the main page of your website that includes all content blocks you may need to build website. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new page
  2. Name it “Home” or “Front Page”
  3. Choose “Customizable Front Page” template
  4. Press Publish button
  5. Navigate to Settings → Reading
  6. In Settings → Reading, set “Front page displays” to “A static page”
  7. In Settings → Reading, set “Front page” to “Home” or “Front Page” you’ve created in first step
  8. Scroll down and Save changes

To setup Posts Page (Blog):

  1. Create new page and name it “Blog”
  2. In Settings → Reading, set “Posts page” to “Blog”
  3. Scroll down and Save changes

Front Page Editing

This theme is completely integrated with WordPress visual editor. Go to dashboard menu Appearance → Customize in order to start editing your Front Page.

Customizer is formed of two areas. Left-hand side includes settings and right-hand side is used to preview the changes. You can see the result at preview area. After you finish editing you should click on Save & Publish button in the top left corner to apply the changes.

All further instructions describe the principles of work in Customizer (Appearance → Customize menu).

Front Page: Select the content for your Home Page

You can show Static Page, Latest Posts or any other page of your website on a Front Page. Switch to Static Front Page tab. If you do not wish to use Static page as Front one you should switch off the following option: “Override latest posts with Customizable Front Page”.

Front Page: Site Title, Tagline and Logo

Go to Site Identity tab in order to edit Site Title and Tagline.

After that you can click on Logo tab to edit logo of your website. Press Change Image button and select new logo from WordPress Media Library or upload it from your PC. It is recommended to prepare logo of proper size before uploading it to your website.

Front Page: Website Colors

In this section you can choose between 4 predefined color schemes, modify header text color, color of the text content and change accent color for buttons.

Front Page: Sections

Each section of the Front Page can be managed through Customizer. You should just switch to corresponding tab of certain section which should be modified.

Calculator Section

For example: In order to edit the settings of calculator block (title, subtitle, background image) you should toggle to tab that is called – Calculator Section. If you do not want to show this section you can tick the option titled “Hide this section”. Each tab provides controls to edit content of any section of the main page.

Front Page: Widgets

On the Front Page of your website you can find sections with similar blocks that are called widgets. The content of such sections can be edited using widgets which are built into the theme.

Stock Ticker

For example: In order to edit Stock Ticker block of your website you should switch to Stock Ticker Section tab. You can hide this section, edit its background image. Follow the steps below to set this widget work on the site:

  1. Go back to the main panel of Customizer and follow to Widgets → Stock Ticker Section.
  2. Click Add a Widget button.
  3. Select Stock Ticker widget in the list appeared (keyword search at the top might be helpful).
  4. A panel with widget settings should appear in the left sidebar.
  5. In Title field enter the title of the block you would like to display on the site. You can leave this field empty.
  6. In Stock Symbols field type in stock abbreviations of the companies whose real time stock quotes you want to show on your site
  7. In “Represent Company as:” drop-down list you can choose to display a full company name or a stock symbol.
  8. Modify the color of the icons for unchanged stock quote, positive and negative rates.
  9. Tick the option “Make this ticker static (disable scrolling)” if you do not want to have the blocks in Stock Ticker section scroll across the page.
  10. Add as many widgets to the page as you need.
  11. Hit “Save and Publish” button to display a newly added block on the live site.

Front Page: Slider Section

Slider is presented as a custom post type in the theme. You can customize Slider Section, add your own slides and choose between 3 slide layouts right via WordPress dashboard. To add a slide to this section follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard → Slider.
  2. Click “Add new” button to create a new slide.
  3. Enter the title of the post.
  4. In Slide Text field type in the text which will be displayed on the slide.
  5. Enter the names of the buttons and URL addresses should be linked to in the corresponding fields.
  6. In Slide Options you can set placement of the text content on a slide (center, left and right), set overlay for slider image, make settings for background image including background repeat mode, position and size.
  7. Upload an image using Set featured image option. You can upload image file either from a Media Library or from your PC.

Please note: general settings of the Slider can be made in Appearance → Customize → Slider Section. In this tab you can:

  • choose to hide a slider block on the site or take it over for a mobile version of the site;
  • select slider animation type;
  • set slider images to change automatically ticking the option Animate slider automatically;
  • set the speed of the slideshow cycling.

Front Page: Newsletter Form Section

Subscribe section allows to output a subscription form on your website. In order to add a subscription form you can use any plugin which supports widgets. There is Another MailChimp Widget plugin built into the theme by default. It allows your users to sign up for your MailChimp mailing list. Navigate to Widgets → Newsletter Section → click “Add a Widget” button → select Another MailChimp Widget in the list.

As you can see all the sections of the Home page are fully editable with WordPress Customizer.

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