Extended Support

If you need more advanced help with plugins or themes, Extended Support service will come in handy.

We are here for you to answer all your questions related to plugins, addons and themes. If you’re having issues and would like us to help you solve them, you can buy the Extended Support by MotoPress.

Nevertheless, the fastest way to get MotoPress support and updates is to purchase the Pro version of the product.

What’s included into a paid support

Support period

MotoPress products are provided with a full support for 1 year from the purchase date. During this time our support team is expected to be available for providing support services each 5 weekdays during 1 year. Response time can vary as it depends on the volume of current inquiries and a kind of issue.

Technical questions about the product(s)

  • When you require detailed answers about specific features and functionality of any MotoPress product if they are not available in documentation or FAQ requiring time-consuming research (e.g. recommendations for your particular website);
  • When you need help with technical issues related to using products and getting the most of their functionality;
  • When you need help with minor adjusting MotoPress products to your website.

Assistance with product defects connected with third party assets

When you need help with fixing minor bugs of third party assets built into MotoPress products (if such functionality is initially included), our support team will either help you with resolving the issues or will need to direct you to where you can find the solution.

MotoPress product compatibility issues

We ensure our products are constantly improved and remain compatible with the latest WordPress CMS versions.

What’s not included into a paid support

Product customization

Our support team don’t provide customization or design services that aim to extend the product beyond the original features and functionality given in the product description. Updating sample product data with your custom content is not included as well.

Installation service

Installation service is not included by default, though the documentation of each product is supplied with a detailed installation guide. Some of MotoPress products come with Installation Service, which is the additional paid offer and you can add it to your Shopping cart on the checkout page if needed.


MotoPress don’t provide hosting services or server environment by default, unless it’s included in the particular product description.

Help from authors of built-in third party assets

If a product includes third-party assets (e.g. slider, booking form), the author of this third party product is not obligated to provide you with support.


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    1. Hi Lisa,
      This offer suggests more priority assistance for our products. You can order it to get assistance for free products (themes or plugins) or for style and layout customization.

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