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When you need personal extra help with the MotoPress products, we’ve got you covered. This Extended Support service is ready to help you with the custom website configurations, style tweaks and import of the demo data.

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This service is provided by MotoPress.
    extended support

    Get the best WordPress extended support for your website!

    We are always here for you to answer all of your questions related to plugins, addons and themes by MotoPress. We do care about the docs and knowledge base for our products, but when you need extra help and custom tweaks, the Extended support was created just for that purpose.

    If you purchase the Pro version of any MotoPress product, you get basic support and updates by default. However, if you want to go beyond basic support of the Premium products and need extra help, the Extended Support will help you deal with more complex issues.

    What do you get with WordPress support services by MotoPress?

    • Priority support for Premium products.
    • Basic support for FREE MotoPress plugins and themes (Pro products come with basic support by default).
    • Minor customization of the MotoPress products (style and layout customization).
    • Import of the sample data.
    • Help with fixing minor bugs of third-party assets built into MotoPress products.

    The following actions are not included into this service:

    • Product customization or design services that aim at extending the product beyond the original features and functionality given in the product description.
    • Installation service.
    • Hosting services.

    The service is valid for one website. We work on the service only during business days (public holidays and weekends are non-working ones). Response time can vary as it depends on the volume of current inquiries and a kind of an issue.

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  • Support on Booking System

    Great service from John Davis. Identified the issue and fixed within 24hrs.

    Thanks again Pat

  • Support on Hotel Booking Software

    Astonishing support during the setup process. I found three traits that made this an outstanding experience: 1) timely updates on what was happening; 2) explanations that included the “whys” of what they were doing; and 3) fast turnaround times. Since I’m not a programmer, I really appreciate understandable explanations. These people don’t hide in a back room writing code; they really work with their customers to facilitate a great product. To me, these are the three key ingredients to making this plug-in successful for customers who must use it as an important part of their online businesses. Thank you!

  • Customer Service is on another level!!

    I wish there was a higher rating to give, as 5/5 doesn’t seem to do this team justice. I had found a plug in for my website that allows for a calendar schedule, and when I had several questions about some customization, it was their support team who worked with me to develop exactly what I had in mind. They were also extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and quick to respond – always.

    I can honestly say that the support team at Motopress are one of THE VERY BEST support teams that I’ve ever been in contact with.

    Their product is also very good, as it delivered exactly the concept I had when I was first looking at the calendar/scheduling options.

  • Amazing Support!

    This is the best support I have ever had. I worked directly with John, who was prompt, helpful, and provided a ton of assistance in regards to the Motopress theme (aquentro) that I had purchased. The Motopress team made the website build out process seamless, and I can’t recommend the Extended Support Package enough! thanks for all your help!

  • CSS support

    I can recommend the extended service. We needed assistans with CSS for the booking form- MotoPress delivered what we needed and we are very happy.

  • Very good and quick support

    it is a pleasure to work with the Motopress support theme. Motopress theme and plugins are very easy to work with and when I get stuck I am being helped quickly, friendly and in a professional way.

    Great work guys!

  • Superb support - 150% worth the money !!

    Highly recommended to this service if any customisation needed on your theme. Quick and detail respond to address all my request. Way to go and keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for Andre Flores and Moto Press Support Team

    Thanks for Andre Flores , he is very helpful and always answering in good short time , i do appreciate his help . Thanks

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    18 Replies to “Extended Support

    1. I bought membership and the hotel booking plugin is not accepting woocommerce payment plugin as the Default Gateway payment getaway

    2. I’m confused on how this works. I just bought the extended support because I need your attention on an urgent matter but I see no way to use it. I just sent you a regular ticket. Is that how it works?

      1. Hi Jason,
        You can learn what is included in this service by reading the description part of this page. You may use Extended Support either to get support if you use our free or expired license or to get some light style customization or get priority support to your request in our ticket system.

      1. Hi Garrett,
        Thank you for joining MotoPress Club. The Extended Support is a service and services are not included into Membership subscription. Though we do our best to offer priority support for members. Could you specify the purpose you need the Extended Support for?

    3. Can you help me about how to seting menu cart, please?
      I have installed it but I don’t know how to activate it and when I click on the shopping cart icon but don’t display the page and notice the page could not be fount.

    4. What type of support would you provide for MP hotel booking that include external calendars and one accommodation type (small cottage) that allows one booking at a time? The sync calendar is not syncing to external calendars.

      1. Hi Glory,
        Hotel Booking plugin and each external platform or OTA imports the bookings from external sources. So it looks like your external platform is not importing bookings from our site. Make sure you added a link from your site to your external platform to import bookings from your site.

        1. The links are added into the external calendars. I’ve doubled checked this. But it is still not showing up on Airbnb. Someone booked for September last week on WordPress and it is still not showing up on airbnb.

          And no emails are being sent to customer or admin when booking is made.

      1. Hi James,
        If you need our assistance for the products, we can advise with them under the regular support policy.
        If the support involves customizations, you may need the extended support. We would need to discuss the customizations beforehand. You can submit a ticket to our technical support team and describe your case in more detail here.

    5. I purchased Hoteller with Motopress in it. I need a way to import homes & rates rather than entering them 1 by 1. We will have about 80 homes with all different rates.
      Would this service help me with this?

      1. Hello,
        Extended Offer can be used to edit layouts of our templates. However the theme you mentioned was designed by other developer/theme provider so we recommend to contact him for assistance. Thanks

      1. Hi Lisa,
        This offer suggests more priority assistance for our products. You can order it to get assistance for free products (themes or plugins) or for style and layout customization.

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