Extended Support

If you need more advanced help with plugins or themes, Extended Support service will come in handy.

We are here for you to answer all your questions related to plugins, addons and themes by MotoPress that you cannot find the answer to in a product documentation and forums. If you’re having additional requirements related to customization and would like us to help with them, you can buy the Extended Support.

Please bear in mind that the fastest way to get MotoPress priority support and updates is to purchase the Pro version of the product. However, if you want to go beyond priority support of Premium products and need our assistance with anything stated below, consider purchasing the Extended Support.

What’s included into a paid support

  • Priority support for FREE MotoPress plugins and themes (Pro products come with support by default);
  • Minor adjusting of MotoPress products to your website (style and layout customization);
  • Import sample data;
  • Help with fixing minor bugs of third party assets built into MotoPress products;
  • Priority support for Premium themes after 1 year since the purchase (i.e. a theme license provides lifetime updates and 1 year of support, so you can extend support for one more year with this service).

What’s not included into a paid support

    • Product customization or design services that aim to extend the product beyond the original features and functionality given in the product description;
    • Installation service;
    • Hosting services.

Support Period

MotoPress products are provided with a full support for 1 year from the purchase date. During this time our support team is expected to be available for providing support services each 5 weekdays during 1 year. Response time can vary as it depends on the volume of current inquiries and a kind of issue.


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  • Support on Booking System

    Great service from John Davis. Identified the issue and fixed within 24hrs.

    Thanks again Pat

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    4 Replies to “Extended Support

    1. I purchased Hoteller with Motopress in it. I need a way to import homes & rates rather than entering them 1 by 1. We will have about 80 homes with all different rates.
      Would this service help me with this?

      1. Hello,
        Extended Offer can be used to edit layouts of our templates. However the theme you mentioned was designed by other developer/theme provider so we recommend to contact him for assistance. Thanks

      1. Hi Lisa,
        This offer suggests more priority assistance for our products. You can order it to get assistance for free products (themes or plugins) or for style and layout customization.

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