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Turn your WordPress navigation menu into a responsive and content-rich mega menu with the help of Elementor and the Stratum Mega Menu addon. If you want to display a lot of categorized information in your submenus, e.g. on your e-commerce, news or business website, this mega menu addon for Elementor has got you covered. Empower your menus with icons and tags, custom colors and typography, and powerful submenus sourced from any Elementor widget.

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Product is subject to a yearly license for support and automatic updates.
Elementor Mega Menu

Stratum Elementor Mega Menu WordPress Plugin Highlights

Build an outstanding mega menu in Elementor.

Display Any Content Type in Submenus

You can embed any Elementor widget into the submenus of your Elementor mega menu: multimedia content, store items, blog posts, image galleries, and more.

  1. E-store menus: showcase product categories, bestsellers, and individual items.
  2. News and magazine websites: structure and highlight categorized news.
  3. All sorts of business websites: add any custom Elementor widget into submenus.

Power up Your Menus with Icons, Tags, and More

This mega menu Elementor plugin can also serve as a tool to power up WordPress navigation menus with a few functional content types.

For example, you can customize the colors of your top-level menus, add all sorts of icons and badges (tags like New, Hot, etc.) and customize them.

Style the Look & Feel of Your Menus

For each part of the mega menu, you’re equipped with numerous styling options.

Edit the entire menu container, change the typography, colors, and alignments for the top menus and submenus, play with the drop-down icons, apply borders, create unique badges with the custom typography, colors, backgrounds, and much more.

Vertical & Horizontal Mega Menus

With our Stratum Mega Menu Elementor plugin, you can either power up/customize a top-level menu or build an extra powerful submenu – or both!

No matter what type of content you add to your menus, you can choose which layout would suit the site better by making the whole menu either horizontal or vertical.

Elementor Mega MenuHamburger Mega Menu

The menu built with the Stratum Mega Menu Elementor plugin will look just right on mobile devices.

Additionally, you can tweak the responsive behavior by allowing a menu to collapse into a hamburger toggle on mobile devices or even completely change the icon and its look.

Elementor Mega MenuElementor Mega Menu Animation Effects

The Stratum Mega Menu addon also ships with different animation effects for submenus, allowing you to create smoother menu appearance experiences (e.g. you can apply fading, moving up, moving right, and more effects).

How to work with the Stratum Mega Menu Elementor addon

  1. Download, install and activate the Stratum Mega Menu addon for Elementor.
  2. Navigate to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Stratum Menu and follow the instructions.

Note: A navigation menu created with the Stratum Mega Menu plugin doesn’t automatically replace the default navigation menu of your theme. To replace a default menu, you need to hide it in a preferable way (e.g. by using the blank canvas page template or a custom Elementor header) and use the custom one built with the help of Stratum Mega Menu addon instead.

Using Elementor?

Download 20+ creative and powerful Stratum widgets for Elementor.


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Best Plugin, and by far the best Support! 5/ 5stars

The Plugin is great, but what is even better is the Support, these guys really help, and took the time to fix my problems, not with the plugin, but with custum code i needed. thanks again, best support.

Works great. Good support! 5/ 5stars

Good Plugin. Easy to opperate.

Stratum Mega Menu 5/ 5stars

Works great and simple to use!

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Release Notes

1.0.5, Apr 26 2024

  • Fixed issue where the submenu would reappear when moving the mouse away from the menu and then returning.

1.0.4, May 19 2023

  • Fixed miscellaneous Elementor deprecations.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.3, Mar 25 2021

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.2, Feb 17 2021

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.1, Feb 2 2021

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.0, Jan 29 2021

  • Initial release.