Hotel Booking Multi-Currency

This MotoPress Hotel Booking Multicurrency addon allows you to add a multi-currency widget to your property rental website. It’ll enable travelers to switch currencies to local ones, thus recalculating property rates and totals in a few clicks. It’s easy to add the currency converter widget to the always visible website sections, such as navigation menus and widget zones. Remove the hassle of converting prices and make the booking process more convenient for international guests.

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Product is subject to a yearly license for support and automatic updates.

Hotel Booking Multi-Currency Addon Highlights

This is an extension for the MotoPress WP hotel booking plugin.

Add Any Currencies with Multicurrency AddonAdd Any Currencies with Multicurrency Addon

Whether there are just a few currencies popular with your travelers or you want to offer each and every option, the multicurrency addon is ready to handle any scenario. You can add unlimited currencies to the currency converter widget and allow guests to choose their local ones.

For each currency, you can choose the number of decimal points and the currency icon position.

Set Currency Exchange RatesSet Currency Exchange Rates

For each added currency, you need to provide the current exchange rate. The WordPress currency converter is so far optimized only for manual currency rate exchange settings, so you might need to update rates on the dashboard from time to time. It’s a matter of a few clicks, though.

Display Converter Widget in the Menu or Widget Zones

Website visitors are used to looking for currency switchers in the header of footer website sections. The Hotel Booking Multicurrency addon allows you to place the converter in just the right places.

You are free to choose where to display your widget, in the widget section or site navigation menus. The multi-currency widget will inherit styling from your WordPress theme no matter which location you choose.

Currency Switcher for Hotel Booking – FAQ

Will guests pay in the currency they chose?

No, at checkout travelers still pay in the default currency set in your Hotel Booking default currency settings. So that the currency a guest switched to is converted back to the default one only when they pay. Guests will be notified about it on the checkout page.

Can currency exchange rates change automatically?

Not at the moment. So far, you need to enter them manually when using the Multicurrency plugin for Hotel Booking. Since they stay fixed and the currency rates usually change, you’ll need to update rates manually, too, if required. We plan to add more automation in the future, though.

Does it support geo-detect?

No, the widget provided by the WordPress currency addon doesn’t detect user countries automatically to display prices in the needed currencies. Travelers need to switch prices manually.

Multicurrency Addon Installation & Setup

  1. Install and activate the Multi-Currency Widget addon.
  2. Go to Accommodation > Settings > Extensions > Choose the Multi-Currency tab.
  3. If you want to display the switcher in the navigation menu, click on the “Add menu currency switcher” and set your preferences.
  4. Add and customize currency rates and save the changes.
  5. If you want to display the currency widget WordPress switcher in the theme widget zones, Go to Appearance > Widgets. Find the Hotel Booking Select Currency widget listed under Available Widgets and drag it to one of the widget zones available in your theme.

Step by step guide on how to use the Multi-Currency addon is available on the MotoPress blog or watch the detailed video guide.


  • Hotel Booking plugin 3.9.14 or greater;
  • PHP: 7.1;


Average rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars
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Finally, this widget is out! 5/ 5stars

This functionality is a must-have for hotels hosting mostly international guests, Looking forward to the new Hotel Booking addons!

Long-awaited option 5/ 5stars

Thank you for implementing feature requests, it took some time, but finally, the possibility to select local currencies is available for my guests.

First version (1.0.0) too limited 1/ 5stars

Honestly, I would have expected more as it is an extension that has been in demand for a very long time. At the moment I don’t feel like suggesting it but certainly I’ll change my review when it’s more mature and complete.

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17 Replies to “Hotel Booking Multi-Currency

  1. Can you please provdie status update on the current progress? There is no need for this plug in unless auto-conversion is not working.

    1. Hi, The plugin is described as the one to switch the currency on the front end to help the visitors check the price in their native currency. Could you please clarify what exactly option you miss in the plugin?

  2. Hello,
    I need some help to modify the Currency Symbols. There are too long. I want to have them in short version e.g MAD(DH), USD ($), EUR (€), GBP (£).
    Which file to use to change currency Symbols please.

    1. Hi, there is no option to change the currency symbols via plugin settings. We have this request in our list of features so I’ve added your upvote and we will update the comment once we have any news.
      You may contact our support team to get help with the search for the proper file to edit.

    1. Hello Michele! Not really, we have got some feature requests from our users, which we will consider to develop further on.
      Let me know if you have any requirements/ideas, so I add them to the list of feature requests.

  3. FYI:
    1) when you switch the currency in the “Booking Confirmation” page, the page reload empty, the previous booking selection is gone;
    2) please move the administration of the rates in a dedicated section, because now it’s not very convenient to tell the client to go to “Accomodations -> settings -> extensions -> Multi-Currency”, in addition to the fact that he might also deactivate the licence or make other changes on other extensions by mistake;
    3) Give us the possibility to put the currency switcher as shortcode, so we can place it wherever we want on the pages;
    4) Give us the possibility to change the text “EUR, USD, etc.” and/or to use images or font awesome icons.
    5) Please create some connection with an online rate currencies so we can set automatically them, otherwise the risk is that if the client does not update the rates for a while, he may find accommodations booked at the wrong price.

    1. Hi Michele,
      Thank you for your feedback. We will keep your suggestions in mind however the checkout page (booking confirmation) should be loaded correctly even after the currency switch. Could you please check it again and let us know if it works for you?

      1. Hi John… I confirm you that if I switch the currency in the “booking confirmation” page, the booking disappears.
        I don’t know if it’s important, but on the only website where I use ‘Hotel Booking’ I have the same problem when I change language (I use WPML as plugin for the translation).
        Last but not least, I have a SiteGround hosting and I use Wp Rocket for the cache because your plugin is not compatible with SG’s dynamic cache.
        If you want to test by your side, see the url in the ticket “#39248”.

        1. In the website that you find in the ticket you can test only the bug with “language switch” (ITA-ENG) on the “booking confirmation” page, I haven’t installed the “multi-currency” because without “automatic rates” it’s impossibile for me to offer to the client.

          1. Hi Michele, Yes, we agree that the checkout page is blank after the switch of the language since language is selected during earlier steps, as a rule.
            As for currency switcher so it reloads the booking confirmation page without clearing the information on the page. All the information remains after switching the currency on the checkout page. Make sure, you use the Hotel Booking 3.9.14+ version on your site.

  4. Automatic rates and geo ip detection is critical. I cannot believe you guys have not added this yet! I simply cannot get this plugin without these features.

    Also, how about allowing us to specify a different price for each currency? For example a local price in my country and then an international price per external country.

    If you allow product integration into woocommerce the way you did for the paygate, I could use WOOCS plugin on my product. It allows for auto rate update, different prices per country and geo ip detection.

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Release Notes

1.2.6, Mar 1 2024

  • Fixed a price calculation issue for admin created bookings, which was related to the currency selected on the frontend.

1.2.5, Sep 15 2023

  • Fixed the number of decimals in currency rate settings after the point to avoid an exaggerated increase in total.

1.2.4, May 2 2023

  • Fixed a missing currency menu switcher in website navigation menus localized with WPML.

1.2.3, Mar 13 2023

  • Added support for the currency conversion in the availability calendar.
  • Fixed price truncation in the availability calendar for the currency conversion with decimals.

1.2.2, Oct 7 2022

  • Fixed cookies to avoid the subdomain overwriting of a selected currency code. Removed caching of pages with a non-default currency in the WP Super Cache plugin.
  • Added support for the price conversion in the availability calendar.

1.2.1, Aug 22 2022

  • Fixed issues that may have appeared in a Site Health report.

1.2.0, Jun 29 2022

  • Fixed a fatal error in the theme appearance customizer.

1.1.0, May 7 2022

  • Fixed an issue of the unavailability of setting up a low currency exhange rates in the settings.
  • Fixed an issue of not displaying the currency switcher in the Elementor menu.

1.0.0, Oct 11 2021

  • Added: currency switcher widget.
  • Added: currency switcher menu item.
  • Added: settings of currency exchange rates.
  • Added: prices conversion for Hotel Booking, Hotel Booking Payment Request and Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments plugins.