Touriny – the Best Travel Agency WordPress Theme for your Website

A fully featured tour & travel agency WordPress theme for travel agencies of any size as well as solo city guides. It enables you to list your tours and offerings with details and instant booking options. The Touriny travel booking WordPress theme is powered by the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin that makes it seamless to accept automated tour reservations, even with a payment. A perfect theme to feature your packages, sell tours of any duration to groups and individuals, and build an outstanding online presentation.

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travel booking WordPress theme

Key Highlights of the Touriny Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Bold and fresh design, essential functionality, native WordPress website building tools.

Unlimited Services & Locations
Unlimited Staff Members
Flexible Personal Schedule
Any Appointment Duration
Group & Individual Appointments
Booking Buffer Time
Responsive Booking Wizard
Editable Wizard Fields
Online Payment Processing
Automated Emails
Payments & Clients Management
Multi-Slot Reservations
Customer Login Area
Discount Coupons
CSV Reports Export
Revenue & Booking Analytics
Staff Calendar Integration
Instant Client Calendar Sync

Sell City Tours & Travel PackagesSell City Tours & Travel Packages

The Touriny WordPress tour theme is a modern modular-based design for travel and tourism-related services. It’s completely optimized for selling packages online!

To fit your business niche, the theme ships with tons of designs for activities you offer, package tours, equipment rentals, blog stories, and more to make a lasting impression on your customer.

travel tour WordPress themeDrag & Drop Site Building with Getwid

Move content blocks, change colors, and tweak design patterns in the native WordPress block editor. To make your editing experiences even richer and more flexible, we optimized the Getwid addon to Touriny.

Getwid is a super powerful block editor extension that adds 60+ unique blocks and ready-to-go designs to your website building options.

Individual & Multiple Tour PagesIndividual & Multiple Tour Pages

This travel booking WordPress theme will help you get the most out of each of your travel services!

It offers a structured tours directory page, where clients can scroll through and see available ones, as well as a custom-crafted page for individual services and tours for more details.

travel booking WordPress themeExclusive Widgets, Galleries, & Blogs

The theme comes with dedicated sections for featured tours, stunning Instagram image embeds, inspiring image galleries, etc.

Your team, as well as profiles of each person, can be tweaked in a few clicks. The About us, Contacts, Blog and other essential pages are there, already awesome but fully editable!

travel tour WordPress themeReady to Be Used in Several Clicks

Get your 100% ready-to-go travel design with all the tours and booking options set up in just a few clicks!

The Touriny tour booking theme allows you to import the demo design content in no time and launch your site much quicker, hassle-free.

Booking, Payments, Availability by MotoPress Appointment Booking (save $59)

Get the appointment scheduling widget and bookings management dashboard fully integrated. Tour and travel management system, client data, online payments.

Mobile-friendly Tour Booking WidgetMobile-friendly Tour Booking Widget

Our WordPress travel theme features a pre-optimized tour booking widget that works highly intuitively for your clients. They can book a tour using any device!

They choose the service, available time, number of people, provide the required information and optionally pay online. Fully automated!

Tours for Groups & IndividualsTours for Groups & Individuals

The tour reservation engine in Touriny can be configured to allow potential travelers to choose the number of people for their tour.

In the plugin settings, you can designate the maximum and minimum capacity for the tour. Note that independent people or groups can’t book the same tour.

travel booking WordPress themeAccept Payments via Stripe, PayPal and More

Feel free to use a wire transfer, Stripe or PayPal as default payment methods for booking tours online. Allowing customers to pay on arrival is also an option!

If you need to connect more specific or local payment gateways, it takes no time if you choose to get our dedicated WooCommerce Appointment Booking addon.

Flexible Calendar & Availability ManagementFlexible Calendar & Availability Management

Automate your schedule and tour / guide availability like a pro with the integrated MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin.

Set the precise tour duration, its cost, and how many people are eligible. Add extra buffer times between bookings. Tailor schedules of your guides using breaks, lunchtimes, vacations, cost and many more things.

Showcase Your Tour GuidesShowcase Your Tour Guides

The Touriny travel agency WordPress theme provides professionally designed sections for telling more about your tour guides in style, both a team and individual profiles.

Using WordPress blocks, you can easily update any information and tweak the design of the section to better present your team.

Easy Locations ControlEasy Locations Control

The booking engine allows you to add unlimited locations where the tours are handled. You can also assign schedules of different tour guides to different locations

It’s optional but you can also allow customers to choose a tour guide when making an online tour reservation!

Client & Booking Management ToolsClient & Booking Management Tools

After a booking is made, a lot of other background routines are also automated! Email notifications are sent to your team members and customers, all bookings and payments are recorded, etc. You get:

  • Admin bookings calendar
  • Payment history
  • Customer information

travel booking WordPress themeAutomated Email Notifications

Brand and customize email notifications that will be sent out automatically based on every booking status update.

The plugin also allows you to sync Google Calendars of your team members with the website bookings, thus providing your staff with instant notifications without a need to log into your WordPress.

Google Analytics Integration

We made the appointment booking plugin easily integrated with the powerful Google Analytics platform.

It integrates the tools for measuring the customer behavior trends, conversions, and other important data to help you better understand your business insights.

Note: This feature is available only with the premium Google Analytics extension.

Automated SMS Notifications

Automate important communication with your clients and streamline your tours operations!

Set up automated SMS notifications in no time with the Twilio service integration. It will help you notify clients when services are booked, canceled, or other important actions occur.

Note: This feature is available only with the premium Twilio SMS extension.

Appointment Customer AccountsSign-in Accounts for Your Clients

We are sure you have loyal customers who book different tours from time to time! Why not simplify the booking process for them with custom accounts?

Allow them to register accounts on your site and speed up all future bookings, as well as see information on payments and appointments.

Add & Manage Unlimited EmployeesStaff Accounts

Grant your guides the ability to view client payments, access their assigned bookings, manage services, get booking notifications to their Google Calendar, and more.

In addition to the default access levels, you can tailor staff permissions according to your preferences.

More features of Touriny: the Only Travel Agency WordPress Theme You Need

  • Travel tour WordPress theme with a pre-configure booking engine
  • Discount coupons for tours
  • Live Instagram feed embed
  • Testimonials, Galleries and more
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Getwid WordPress blocks optimized specifically for Touriny
  • SEO-optimized blog and modern blog layouts
  • Social media integration
  • The ability to add several tours to cart at once
  • Group booking
  • Fully editable navigation menus
  • One click demo data import
  • Support for WooCommerce via a dedicated Appointment Booking WooCommerce Payments extension (not included with the theme purchase).

Detailed Video Tutorial

There is a collection of WordPress appointment booking themes by MotoPress where you can find solutions for multiple industries: Coachzee, Yogamo, Lotus Spa, and others.


Travel Agency WordPress Theme


WordPress Coaching Theme


Yoga WordPress Theme

Lotus Spa

Spa & Salon WordPress Theme


Note that the included booking plugin in this theme is not updated with the regularity of its standalone version. If you are looking for instant plugin updates in your theme, you may want to additionally purchase the plugin.

How do I create a travel booking website in WordPress?

To create a travel booking website in WordPress, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a domain and web hosting that supports WordPress installations.
  2. Install WordPress (most web hosting providers offer a simple WordPress installation process).
  3. Choose a theme: WordPress offers a wide range of themes, including some specifically designed for travel booking websites. For example, Touriny provides a stylish design relevant to tour and travel websites and booking functionality.
  4. Install and configure necessary plugins to extend the functionality of your website.
  5. Set up booking functionality and any additional customization required.
  6. Use the customization options provided by your chosen theme to personalize the appearance of your website.
  7. Create intuitive and user-friendly booking forms via your plugin’s features.
  8. Configure payment settings in the chosen plugin and ensure seamless integration.
  9. Optimize your website for SEO.
  10. Test and launch your website.

What is the best WordPress theme for a travel blog?

There are many excellent WordPress themes available for travel blogs. The best theme depends on your specific preferences and requirements.

Their toolkits may vary, but some common features to look for include a responsive design, easy-to-use customization options, multiple layouts & templates, social media integration, a commenting system, and an author bio section.

Which is the best flight booking WordPress plugin to be added to tour booking website?

There are several flight booking WordPress plugins available. The choice of the best one relies on your specific needs. When choosing a flight booking plugin, consider factors such as the availability of flight APIs in your target region, ease of integration, pricing options, customization possibilities, and overall user experience. You should thoroughly research and test the plugins to ensure they meet your requirements and provide a seamless flight booking experience.

How will you design a travel booking website?

Designing a travel booking website involves careful consideration of user experience, visual aesthetics, and functionality. Here is a step-by-step approach:

  1. Create a logical and easy-to-use navigation structure, including clear categories and adding menus.
  2. Develop an appealing homepage: use high-quality images and insert a search form.
  3. Showcase destinations and packages: provide enticing visuals, engaging descriptions, and relevant information.
  4. Implement a user-friendly booking process. For instance, the Touriny theme delivers both beautiful design and booking functionality.
  5. Optimize search and filtering options.
  6. Design your travel booking website to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly.


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Release Notes

1.1.4 - Apr 10 2024

  • Fixed issue when sidebar may close after phone country select in Appointment Form.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.1.3 - Nov 30 2023

  • Appointment Booking plugin updated to version 1.21.0:
    • Added the "Analytics" page to display your key business metrics.
    • Added the ability to export bookings data in a CSV file.
    • Added the ability to filter bookings by date, service, location, employee.
    • Added RTL support for emails.
    • Added Advanced settings functionality, enabling the addition of custom Anchor and Class attributes to blocks associated with the Appointment Booking plugin.
    • Expanded Reservation tags with a new {reservation_clients_number} tag for utilization in email notifications.
    • Integrated the option to showcase a booking form with pre-selected fields, facilitating bookings for specific individual services, categories, locations, or employees.
    • Improved the calendar page in the admin dashboard.
    • Improvement: Only published posts (Service categories, Services, Employees, Locations) can be displayed in the appointment form.
    • Improved compatibility with WordPress 6.2+.
    • Improved translation and localization files by adding text string locations.
    • Improved the UX of the booking form customization through the WordPress block editor and shortcode settings.
    • Improved the display of available slots in the calendar for customers by implementing instant redirection to months with available slots.
    • Improved filtering capabilities across all booking form fields, such as Service Category, Service, Location, and Employee.
    • Fixed an issue that appeared in version 1.19.1 and caused errors with service bookings.
    • Fixed an issue with sending notifications that appeared in version 1.18.0.
    • Fixed an issue where the 'Show items' option was not displaying correctly in the Appointment form widget.
    • Fixed an issue of potential overbooking.
    • Fixed an issue of displaying an appointment form in Divi.
    • Fixed an issue involving the unauthorized use of discount coupons.
    • Fixed a PHP warning occurring on the customer account page.
    • Fixed a PHP warning related to the Employee list block and mpa_employees_list shortcode.
    • Fixed a browser warning that arose while editing input text fields in the Appointment Booking blocks’ settings.
    • Fixed a link for viewing all booking payments on WordPress multisite.
    • Fixed a deprecated PHP warning on pages containing Divi modules associated with Appointment Booking.
    • Fixed an issue with updating timeslots in the appointment booking form when the user selects a different service.
    • Fixed the wrong phone validation that occurred right after loading the customer info step in the appointment booking form.
    • Fixed the transparent background of the booking info popup in the admin calendar.
    • Fixed the incorrect display of the start day of the week right after loading the admin calendar.
    • Removed Divi assets from enqueueing when Divi is deactivated.

1.1.2 - Jul 11 2023

  • Appointment Booking plugin updated to version 1.18.0:
    • Added the user area for customers that allows them to log in, view bookings and speed up reservations with pre-populated info at checkout. Website admins can set the plugin to create a user account automatically or let customers opt for its creation.
    • Added the ability to send SMS notifications via Twilio. An extra extension is required.
    • Added the ability to pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay and Link via Stripe.
    • Added the ability to allow clients to cancel their bookings.
    • Added new payment tags to the admin and customer email templates, which indicate the total booking price and the sum left to pay.
    • Added the ability to enable deposit online payments service-wise. Deposit-based bookings are added with the 'Confirmed' status to the list of reservations.
    • Fixed an issue with applying coupons in the booking confirmation mode without a payment.
    • Fixed an incorrect price calculation for services with minimum and maximum capacity greater than 1.
    • Fixed an issue with employee contacts not being shown in the employee shortcodes.
    • Fixed a fatal error upon creating appointment notifications.
    • Fixed an issue of blocking timeslots on the frontend that were not actually booked.
    • Fixed an issue with displaying a card number field at checkout.
    • Fixed an issue with editing services in a booking on the admin backend.
    • Improved the interface of the admin bookings calendar.
    • Improved the security of payment processing via the website.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.1.1 - Jan 17 2023

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.

1.1.0 - Sep 07 2022

  • Added support for WooCommerce plugin.
  • Minor style improvements.

1.0.3 - Aug 26 2022

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.2 - Aug 22 2022

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.1 - Aug 18 2022

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.0.0 - Aug 15 2022

  • Initial release