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This extension to the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin allows you to automate SMS sending via the Twilio service. You can send SMS notifications for various purposes, including appointment confirmation, cancelation, or payment completion. It’s also easy to set up any tailored automated SMS messages to be sent at any time before or after appointments.

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Twilio appointment reminder

The Appointment Booking Twilio Integration Addon Highlights

Connect the Twilio Integration addon, configure email sending options, and reach out to your customers & notify employees with automated SMS messages. Enjoy smooth Twilio WordPress integration.

Send SMS Before & After AppointmentsSend SMS Before & After Appointments

You can automate not only essential appointment notifications, like confirmations or cancelations, but also marketing and promotional messages, alerts, and custom notifications.

The addon allows you to designate when these SMS messages will be sent, such as at a certain time or a certain number of hours or days before or after an appointment.

Several Email Sender OptionsSeveral Email Sender Options

From which phone number can your clients receive SMS? You have several options of adding a sender number:

  • your own number verified by Twilio.
  • Twilio-issued phone numbers.
  • via a custom Twilio Messaging Service SID to consolidate long-code numbers, add business names, and more.
  • via a special shortcode for sending high-volume or time-sensitive messages.

Send SMS to Employees & CustomersSend SMS to Employees & Customers

Not only can you conveniently reach out to your clients with appointment SMS, but you can also choose to send notifications to website admins, employees, customers, or even manually added phone numbers by integrating the Twilio appointment reminder.

Thanks to editable templates, you can add a custom text content and automated tags for every SMS notification.

 Twillio Full International Number FormatFull International Number Format

The Appointment Booking Twilio Integration add-on includes a phone number field that uses an integrated list of international phone numbers to improve validation.

This not only makes it faster and easier for clients to submit their numbers via the booking form, but also reduces errors caused by typos.

More features of the Appointment Booking Twilio Integration Addon:

  1. Set the exact sending time or in how many hours/days before or after appointments an SMS must be sent.
  2. Pre-set country code in the booking form sourced from your plugin general settings.
  3. Add employees’ phone numbers.
  4. The ability to test SMS sending.
  5. A log of successful and failed SMS notifications.



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2 Replies to “Appointment Booking Twilio SMS

  1. Does this plugin also work with the hotel booking plugin? And can I send an automatic reminder SMS 6 hours before the client arrives?

    1. Hi Bob, this addon can be used with the Appointment Booking plugin only. There is no possibility of sending an SMS using the Hotel Booking plugin, however, we have this request in our list of features. Perhaps it will be possible for the Hotel Booking plugin one day.

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Release Notes

1.0.0, May 4 2023

  • Initial release.