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You will get a fully functioning booking website within 10 business days, starting from the moment we have received valid website access details, agreed on instructions, and the service was confirmed.

has been added to your cart!

have been added to your cart!

Duration: 10 business days.
This service is provided by MotoPress.

    Got interested in our Hotel Booking Initial Configuration service but also need extra help with the general website edits (e.g. setting up Home, Accommodations, Gallery, Contact Form pages, etc.)? This service combines the two!

    Order it if you want our team to create a fully functional booking website for you.

    What is included in this service?

    1. Installation of your Hotel Booking plugin/Booking theme (the plugin/theme is not included with this service, you need to purchase either separately).
    2. Setting up the booking system pages/ import of demo data for the theme.
    3. Replacement of the logo image.
    4. Color change (for the MotoPress Booking themes only).
    5. Images and text replacement on up to 5 custom pages.
    6. Editing of the header information/menu.
    7. Editing of the footer information.
    8. Contact form setup.
    9. The Hotel Booking Configuration service for 1 website (Advanced Package – up to 3 properties).

    After the service is conducted, you receive a fully custom-made booking website with your logo, content, and booking engine set up.

    Service Requirements:

    1. Login details to your WordPress installation.
    2. Logo image.
    3. Colors that should replace the default ones (for MotoPress Booking themes only).
    4. Instructions for the booking engine setup (up to 3 properties).
    5. Clear guidance as for the content replacement/creation (mockups/screenshots).
    6. High-quality images.
    7. Text content for website accommodation pages.

    Note: The service is valid for one website.

    The Hotel Booking plugin/Booking theme is not included in the service and must be purchased separately.

    The edits we make are within default plugin settings, without custom coding. You don’t get advanced coding and template layout changes with this service.

    The theme and hosting are not included and must be purchased separately. If you need hosting space or a domain name for your website, we recommend our trusted partners Bluehost and SiteGround.

    Make sure to provide us with the correct requirement in order to avoid misunderstandings after the work is done. You are able to ask for two free revisions after the service is conducted.


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