Ready-To-Use Website

We’ll add content to your WordPress website according to your needs and instructions, in a timely manner.

We will replace all images and texts to yours on up to 5 pages and 10 posts.
All images and texts with instructions should be provided to start the project.
Logo changes, map, contact form activation and installation are included.

Note! Any style or layout changes will require additional charge.


We only started collecting reviews from March, 2018.

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8 Replies to “Ready-To-Use Website

  1. If I want to Build a single property website I.e villagio theme, where do I start? Buying there hosting bundle and the theme with the offered plugins? Why are the theme prices in ranges?

    1. Hi Laura,
      First you need a hosting provider and domain name where you would host your WordPress site. After that you may choose rental theme where Hotel Booking plugin is integrated by default. If you have third party theme where you would like to use our Hotel Booking system you may purchase it as stand alone plugin. You may also check if you need addons to extend functionality of Hotel Booking plugin.
      As for theme range price so Single license allows to use theme at 1 site but if you need to use it at more than 1 site you may rather get Unlimited license.

  2. What size images are required for site set-up? I already have the full membership and a WP ready server. My current site is old and needs updating but I’m running out of time.

    Please let me know what you need? Or where to send a my files and descriptions?

    1. Hi Sam,

      The Ready-To-Use website is a service provided by Template Tuning. Upon purchase, they contact you requesting the needed content. You can discuss the image sizes and other details with them.

  3. Hi
    I have already brought your wordpress hotel booking villagio these. I have added most of the content. I am finding it difficult to set up payment page. If I purchase your ready use website service, will they be able to set it up and fine tune all the pages. Or they are able to built a new website from scratch to my needs. what are the time scales?

    1. Hi Sanjaya,
      Thank you for your question. Usually this offer is ordered to build site from scratch and each case is reviewed individually. If you have difficulties configuring payment within Hotel Booking plugin only then do not hesitate to submit a request to our support team or email us.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      It depends on scope of work and content that should be added. As for hotel booking content so it is easy to set up following our video tutorials. Do not hesitate to contact us if to discuss the changes you would like to apply.

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