Hotel Booking: WordPress Reservation Plugin

Professional WordPress booking plugin for building and managing a hotel website – from basic rooms and services presentation to setting up and controlling online reservations. It’s perfect for running any hospitality business establishment regardless of the size, function or cost: vacation rentals, apartments, hostels, etc.

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Core Features of the Hotel Booking Plugin

reservation form wordpress hotel booking

Online Search Availability Form

The site visitors will be able to place their bookings via a user-friendly website form (search availability + reservation forms). It’ll take 3 steps:

  1. input check-in and check-out dates
  2. choose from a search results list
  3. provide personal data to complete a booking

room type settings wordpress hotel booking plugin

Accommodation Details

Each accommodation type is fully customizable: add its description, capacity, all facilities of a chosen type, bed size available in the room, and other significant information.

Make the room more attractive by adding a featured image or even the entire gallery to show all room advantages.

bookings calendar wordpress hotel booking plugin

Bookings Calendar

With WordPress Hotel Booking all received requests and their current statuses are stored at one place, easily sorted and displayed in a calendar view.

Search all needed bookings by a room type, period of booking and room status (booked, pending, available, etc).

seasons for hotel booking plugin

Seasonal Pricing

Regulate your prices within any custom period. Set any prices depending on a season or specific days/dates. “Season” is a general term and you can label it anyhow to reflect your pricing changes.

The difference in price can be applied for both long periods and short ones (e.g. 2 days).

rates wordpress hotel booking plugin

Variety of Rates

Based on a number of advantages offered for a specific room, you can set different prices for the same room type – room rates (e.g. non-refundable double room rate, refundable double room rate, double room plus breakfast rate, etc.)

Your guests will choose the preferable one of the selected room type.

extra services wordpress hotel booking plugin

Extra Services

Offer additional guest services such as spa, airport-to-hotel delivery, swimming pool, childcare, etc.

Add the entire list of services to the admin system and then supply any room with available extra services (optionally chargeable). Set prices either per person or per room.

multiple rooms booking wordprss

Booking Multiple Accommodations

One guest can reserve multiple accommodations during one booking process. You may also turn on the plugin to recommend the best set of accommodations according to a number of guests.

This quick and smart automation will help you serve your guests faster in their dynamic journey!

custom booking rules

Booking Rules

Control hotel stay periods: set minimum and maximum days to stay (so far, applies for the entire hotel establishment only, not individual rooms or seasons; however, it will work if there is just one season for all rooms).

Choose specific dates and mark them as not check-in, not check-out or not stay-in letting the site visitors know that the particular rooms are unavailable at a certain period of time (so far, applies for the entire hotel establishment only, not individual rooms).

motopress hotel booking plugin for wordpress

iCal to Sync Bookings with OTAs

The plugin can serve as a hotel channel manager! Synchronize the bookings submitted through your website with those from online travel channels like Airbnb or and avoid overbooking.

Thanks to iCal file format support, the plugin generates unique calendars to export to external online channels and provides the system to import from OTAs. All synced calendars for all properties will keep your hotel availability up to date.

multilanguage support

Multilanguage Support

Run a non-English website? No problem. Switch to one of professional translations or translate it yourself with any translation program.

The frontend and backend of the plugin are professionally translated into 14 languages: Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic and German (more on the way).

theme design integration

Online and Offline Payments

Confirm submitted booking requests manually, automatically or instantly upon payment. Charge a full amount of money or deposit. Send email notifications either automatically or manually. Accept payments through PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, Beanstream/Bambora (more coming soon).

With offline payments you let guests pay after arrival at your hotel.

coupons for wordpress hotel booking plugin

Discount Coupons

Easily create coupon codes via the admin dashboard and provide your guests with them. You’ll be able to set a discount amount, expiration date, select accommodation types, set check-in and check-out dates, minimum and maximum days to stay and apply other settings to customize your coupons.

Sell the dreams cheaper and make each guest a loyal client!

email notifications wordpress hotel booking plugin

Email Notifications

Website administrator and guests will receive the appropriate emails with booking details, booking status, cancellation notifications, etc.

Edit the content of confirmation, cancellation and other email templates easily with a help of various macros. Choose colors, upload logo, etc.

admin or user booking confirmation

Booking Confirmation

You have an alternative to confirm booking requests – give control over booking approval to either user (by clicking on a confirmation link in email) or to yourself (you approve it manually via admin panel).

shortcodes and widgets wordpress hotel booking

Shortcodes & Widgets

You have a list of available shortcodes to output on the needed pages: availability search form, availability search results, room types listing, services listing, etc.

Each shortcode comes with a detailed explanation, parameters and notes.

theme design integration

In Harmony with Your Theme

You may not worry that your content will look different from your original website appearance – we’ve made sure that everything will work in harmony.

The plugin content will look like a natural part of your design. It’s also possible to take the advantage of WordPress Slider and enrich the theme with it in order to engage more guests.

options for developers wordpress hotel booking

For Developers

Developers get a pretty good list of actions, filters, instructions on how to override templates, and other useful tutorials.

Setting up and customizing the plugin for your clients should be a smooth process.

Looking for a fully functional hotel theme with this WordPress Booking plugin integrated? Check out Oceanica WordPress Hotel theme and Villagio Property Rental WordPress theme

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  • SH AL

    can I request a customizable requirements for this add-on

    • Hello,
      You can email us all the features you would like to see in this plugin and we’ll review what can be added within next updates. Thank you for your interest.

  • J T

    How can I set tax rate when check out?

    • Hello Jayson,
      Thank you for your question. We are working to enable flexible tax rates. We hope to release it soon.
      Currently you can add custom text to Booking Confirmation page where you can inform that indicated pricing does not include tax.

  • J T

    I can add custom text but how can I add tax amount to Total?

    • Hello,
      I’m sorry but we are working to enable flexible tax rates. There is no tax option available.

  • Marc de Boer

    Can u connect it to an API from cubilis?

    • Hi Marc,
      Thank you for your question. We’ll review your request and see if it’s really in demand and possible to add.

  • Hi, I am interested in the plugin. How many downloads do you have?

    • Hi Marlen,
      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately we can not say exact number as Hotel Booking plugin is available at other marketplaces. Moreover its early versions has been integrated into third party themes.

  • Michael Amaral

    Your blog is really helpful. Thank you.
    I found out All in One Reservation which is suitable for every kind of booking and reservation.

  • Kinetic Pulse

    Hi – is it possible to book multiple rooms with this plugin?

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for your question. Using current version of plugin you can book multiple rooms one by one. But we are working on the ability to book multiple rooms for one time at this moment. This feature should be available in further updates. We’ll notify you here when it is released.

    • Hi, you can book multiple rooms now.

  • D’Arcy Kelly

    hi can this plug in connect direct from the booking calendar to our OTA’s like Agoda,, hostel world, expedia ect? so it will be a direct booking if the room is available and we will not get over bookings. We are looking to a replacement system from our hotel booking software we use. Thanks for your time

    • Hi D’Arcy,
      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we do not have access to API of solutions you mentioned. Could you email us more details about your request? We’ll gather information to work in this direction.

  • Changku Min

    Hi. I have version 0.1.4 of this plugin. I want change check in and check out date form to dd/mm/yyy. I cant do this in admin panel . How can i do this?

    • Hi Changku,
      You use out of date version. You can set date format in latest version for sure.

      • Changku Min

        How i can get new version?

        • Hi there,
          As far as I understand you got our plugin integrated into third party theme. Then you should try to contact your theme provider and ask them to update plugin at your theme. You see your theme provider is responsible for plugin update.
          If you got plugin by purchasing it at our website you are able to get latest version at your account.

  • Orlan Ram

    I want to know if this plugin supports “specific rates” depending on the number of days they book. For example: a hotel room should reflect a regular price for 7 days or more (cheaper price), another regular price for 6 days or less (more expensive price). We don’t want to do season rates, holiday rates, etc. Just as specified in my previous statements. Is this something that is available with this plugin?

    • Hi Orlan,
      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately the functionality you described is not available in the plugin yet. But we appreciate your idea and I’ve already added it to features list. We’ll try to apply it within further updates.

      • Orlan Ram

        Ok, Since we like your plugin with all other features, is this something we can add (customize) on the plugin without having any issues/errors? Is your plugin easy to customize?

        • Hi Orlan,
          We would not recommend to customize plugin because you will loose your modifications if new version (without this feature yet) is available. But if you are good in coding and do not need updated version with new options you can edit its functionality.

  • sarah

    Hi Im looking into this booking system. I want to know can I set prices per person for the rooms? Also can I set the minimum stay option for only some rooms instead of them all? Does this have an Admin feature too?

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your questions. You can set price for Rooms (accommodation types) currently and not for quantity of persons. You can just set capacity of room (accommodation types) quantity of adults and children and set rate for it. We’ll keep your request in mind.
      You can also test plugin functionality registering a demo.

  • What is the last version number of plugin??

  • How can I give a price for a separate child and adult??

  • Hello. I’ve reviewed the Release Notes. Where can we see the dates for each release? I want to see how active development is.


    • Hi Ryan,
      Unfortunately we did not record time/date of each release. Actually plugin update frequency depends on scope of work for adding a new feature. Usually we release an update for Hotel Booking plugin once in a month.

  • Jana Pilkington-Williams

    Good day, I would like to use this for a Group hotel website. Thus need the ability to do bookings for different hotels in different locations. Is this possible? Do i just setup the different hotels as categories? or what would be the best solution?

    • Aley

      Hello! Very interested this question!

    • Hi Jana,
      Thank you for your question. We’d recommend to install individual WordPress website for each Hotel. You can do it either installing sites to subfolders or setting up Multi-site Network with subsites (like is arranged at plugin live demo)

  • Hi there,

    How can I go about adding a new payment gateway to this plugin? Unfortunately in my country we only have support for a single gateway; so I can’t use any of the default gateways you supplied.

    • Hi Vernon! Thanks for your interest in our plugin. What gateway exactly are you referring to? Over time, we’ll be adding new payment gateways, but not sure which ones yet (as different people ask for different gateways, so more likely we’ll choose the most popular ones). At the moment, to add any extra payment gateway that is not listed on this page, you’ll need developer’s help as the process will require programming knowledge to modify the code.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. In South Africa we only currently have PayU as a gateway (and from my understanding this only works here). I am a developer, and would like to add the gateway myself. Is there anything I need to know in regards with how your plugin is structured to add a gateway or is it similar to adding one for something like Woocommerce? By the way, I have already bought a copy of this, it’s really great!

        • Hi Vernon,
          Yes, it is possible add custom payment gateway if you are skilled in coding. Unfortunately we do not provide customization offers however you can also email us if you need some tips.

        • Jana Pilkington-Williams

          Vernon, did you come right with integrating PayU or any of the SA payment gateways? I bought plugin and developed website without
          realizing it cant integrate other payment gateways, I’m desperate!

  • Michelle

    When is the new update available?

    • Hi Michelle,
      It has been released few days ago. You can get at at your account. You can email us if you need assistance with plugin update.

      • Michelle

        Can you please send me an email. I’ve got problems with that.

  • Nuno

    Hi i’ve bought another theme that i really like the design of it is there any possibility to integrate your plugin in my theme? Can i hire someone to do that?

    • Hi Nuno,
      Thanks for your question. Hotel booking plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and uses its design. That is it was not styled to fit certain themes – it uses styles of your theme so it will look natural at your site.

  • henri.schiltz

    Good morning,

    I would like to know if your i could sell gift voucher for my rooms with your plugin ?
    They would not be linked to a date, as the person receiving the voucher would then contact us to make the booking (or maybe use a unique code to make the reservation free for them).
    If you don’t have that option, I think i could use a different plugin altogether to sell these Voucher, but it would be harder for me to do (in that case, would you have anything in mind you could recommand ?)
    Have a good week end,
    Henri (hopefully a future customer 🙂

    PS : I tryed your “contact us” form and received a “Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender” so i’m not sure that you received it, if you didn’t, that’s something you might want to inverstigate.

    • Hi Henri! So far, we don’t have any specific ‘gift voucher’ feature, but we have coupon codes! It means you can provide a hand-crafted discount on any room with any discount percent (even 100%), so it should work! It won’t be linked to a date if you set it so in the settings.

      Also, please check your email inbox – we’ve sent you the screenshot with the discount code backoffice settings.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions!

  • Jan Pozivil

    I wonder, if there’s a black list option? Where a booking done by a previously known troublesome clients would be put on hold for a review by staff before accepting or rejecting the booking?

    • Hi Jan,
      Thank you for your question however there is no black-list option in a plugin. This is rather custom request however we will track similar inquiries to see whether it is really required. Thank you for your feedback.

      • Jan Pozivil

        It might seem strange at first, but it’s a real request by one of my clients whose family’s been running a successful hotel for last 25 years. They’ve got a policy, that if a problematic clients wants to come back, they tell him/her that they’re fully booked. They asked me to implement an automatic function that would do that.

  • Jen Jen

    Hi there,
    Is it possible to have services charges for children as well as adults? I need to be able to charge for both. And how would I go about bedding configuration if the guest has the option to have the vacation rental home (2 bedrooms) setup as queen bed and king bed or queen bed and twin beds?

    • Hi Jen,
      Thank you for your question. We have already added request to optimize ‘Children’ parameter and collect feedbacks at the moment. This is rather controversial question as there are numerous rules in different accommodation establishments – some do not divide guests for adults/persons at all, some define children till 7 years, others till 17. That’s why we appreciate your feedback you provided.
      As there is no ready solution yet you can try hiding Children parameter by means of CSS and edit translation of Adults to Guests/Persons/etc. You can use Poedit or Loco Translate plugin to edit translation easily.
      Feel free to contact our support team if you need our assistance.

  • It would be good to integrate a form of payment for Latinos, culqi example, is the best so far, why not add it?
    Here I leave the link:

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reaching us out. We will review your request about adding Culqi payment gateway. Unfortunately we can not guarantee its release in the fastest terms as there are other features under
      development. However we’ll notify you here once we get any news on this.
      At the moment you can use other payment gateways or define such confirmation mode like – confirmation by admin. Using this mode your guest will get email with payment details to confirm the reservation. You will track all transactions and change status of bookings manually.
      Thank you for your interest.

      • Thank you for your prompt response, I would like to propose an extra money to add the culqi system soon, it is really very important for my clients in latin america, tell me how much money would be and in what time they would do it, preferably as soon as possible. send me quote to thelob[email protected], or reply me by this means thanks again for your kind response.

        • Hi,

          Thank you for your reply. We’re working on new features at the moment
          and will finalize them in about 2 weeks. Then we might review your
          request about Culqi payment gateway. We’ll contact you with terms once
          we get any news on this. Thank you.

  • Freyja Webdesign

    Hy, i have a few pre-sales question:

    Can we cuztomize the booking form?
    i mean :
    *remove the second step easily and then directly going to third choise
    *removing field geust in third step as it same with second step.
    *adding tax service

    are all the customizing we can do manually and easily or we need to contact you? thanks in advance

    • Hi Freyja,
      Thank you for your question however could you email us describing those points more detailed?:
      – I’m sorry but I’m not really sure I got this point properly. Could you clarify it? Do you mean you want to disable Search Results page?
      – Do you mean removing ‘Guest Name’ field on the Checkout page?
      – Taxes option is not available at the moment. We’ll start working on it after next update release. So while sending an email to us we would appreciate if you let us know the tax conditions you want to be added. Thank you.