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Integrates Divi theme with the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin to modify content and styles visually via Divi builder.
Download it for free from Open source software. Distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.
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Divi Hotel Booking Plugin Highlights

Sell services?

See our plugin for Appointment Booking in Divi.

Are you building your WordPress property rental website with the renowned Divi theme? Do you plan on implementing a scalable property management & booking system with the expert MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin?

Then install this super lightweight utility to benefit from this duo! It removes customization limitations that appear when using Hotel Booking with Divi. This joint plugin is designed to help you tweak the styling and content generated with the Hotel Booking plugin via a familiar and user-friendly Divi Builder interface.

Customization, Styles, Colors, etc.

No need for custom CSS code – you’ll go deeper in layouts customization, button styles and colors, spacing, booking forms format, font size, and more with the standard Divi toolkit and WordPress Customizer.

Divi Builder Blocks

Just add and alter standard MotoPress Hotel Booking widgets like properties listing or the search availability form via Divi Builder blocks. Configure all settings by ticking the buttons, without manual tinkering with shortcodes.

The Hotel Booking & Divi Integration plugin adds twelve major Hotel Booking shortcodes to the Divi Builder, while the system page shortcodes are left up to the theme styling.

Here is a detailed guide on how to implement a reservation and property management system into the Divi theme.

Looking for fully functional hotel themes?

Check out our Hotel Booking & Property Rental WordPress Themes where the booking plugin is included for free.

More WordPress Hotel Booking Addons

Along with Divi for Elementor, our developers created a similar addon for another popular WordPress page builder Elementor. Now you can use Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration, and also integrate a whole lot more useful addons. In particular:

  • With Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payment, your website can integrate a few more advanced payment options than offered originally in the plugin. Guests will be able to choose the most convenient payment method if they don’t want to choose traditional options, such as paying with a credit card or “cash on delivery”;
  • The Hotel Booking Payment Request addon will be in charge of automatic payment requests creating a convenient tracking system of incoming payments.;
  • After the installation of Hotel Booking Reviews, you will be able to display real testimonials from former guests with the option of reviewing your accommodation by different criteria;
  • HB Mailchimp Integration overtakes the control of automatic users subscriptions and allows sending targeted emails to all bookers of your website;
  • Implementing Hotel Booking Notifier – Event-Driven Emails automates the process of sending notifications to users. With the automatic notifier, you will no longer take care of endless email reminders for users before their arrival;

Finally, check out the Hotel Booking Checkout Fields addon that will be useful if you need extra text fields or survey forms as users fill in their checkout forms. The addon will be useful if you need to collect some extra data about your guests.


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Hotel Booking & Divi Integration is an open source software that distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL and hosted on

28 Replies to “Hotel Booking & Divi Integration

  1. Problem: Invisible button on Tablets and smartphones.
    The plugin > Hotel Booking & Divi Integration The ONLY way I can make the button, [Check Availability], located on the bottom left appear is to Deactivate this plugin.
    When I have that plugin ON, The button is there, you can click on that spot and it works, only it is NOT VISIBLE.

    Note: By turning that plugin off, the booking page > presents poorly. (Everything is out of lines and frames).

    1. Hi Danny, Thanks for your question. We have submitted a request to you to take a closer look at the issue and help you sort this out.

      1. Did you find a way to fix this, I’m also experiencing this problem. Basically the button is white on mobile, my site background is off white so I can just about see it, but is there a way to modify this

        1. Hi Peter,
          Danny has notified us that he has resolved the issue so we did not have a chance to check it. Feel free to contact our support team to get further assistance.

      1. Hi, you may try to change the background color of the buttons via Appearance > Customize > Button options and save the changes.

  2. Buongiorno,
    I’m trying the plug-in in the free version, integrated in DIVI (version 4.19.4), in WordPress.
    I describe problems and ask if they are solved in the “premium” version.
    Question 1 ———————————————–
    using the “shortcodes”:
    [mphb_search_results orderby=”price” details=off gallery=0″false” view_button=0]
    the “details” option has no effect; the details are always displayed.
    If I use the module integrated in DIVI “HB Search results”, the filter on the details works correctly.
    Is this problem solved in the “Premium” version?
    Question 2 ———————————————–
    The list of accommodation types that is displayed using the “shortcodes”:
    [mphb_search_results], at the beginning it reports a “proposal” for accommodation; how can it be removed?
    Question 3 ———————————————–
    The list of accommodation types that is displayed using the “shortcodes”:
    [mphb_search_results], at the beginning it reports a “proposal” for accommodation; how can it be removed?
    Question 4 ———————————————–
    the display of results ([mphb_search_results] ) does not take into account the number of people set in the “Search Availability” module integrated in DIVI.
    For example, by entering 2 adults and 2 children, an accommodation type with capacity = 3 is also displayed.
    In the premium version, would the accommodation with capacity=3 be displayed?
    Question 5 ———————————————–
    In the “Premium” version it is possible to manage the appearance of what is displayed with the shortcodes : [mphb_search_results] ?
    For example : Grid layout, photo size, etc etc . . . . . with a user editor (no PHP), using variables.
    Question 6 ———————————————–
    The module, integrated with DIVI, “HB Search Results” indicates that the module “is not compatible with the latest version of DIVI.
    In the “Premium” version, is this problem solved?

    1. 1. There is an error in the following value gallery=0″false”. Additionally you should better use quotation marks for each value of the parameter e.g. [mphb_search_results orderby="no" details="no" gallery="no" view_button="no"]
      2. You should use [mphb_rooms] shortcode to show a static list of the accommodation types. The shortcode [mphb_search_results] is dynamic and shows the list of available accommodation types according to the search request made by the search form.
      3. same as 2
      4. this is how the search results work. You may learn more in this article
      5. No, there are no predefined layouts for now. We have created several articles on how to make grid and list view layouts.
      6. All the modules are compatible with Divi. That message means that there is nothing to preview in the editor since the module is dynamic and shows the content depending on the search request only. The shortcode works correctly on the fornt-end so you may ignore those messages.

  3. This plugin is currently unusable. Any time I try to create new pages, edit existing ones, change the theme, and do anything inherently useful, the screen is blank and nothing appears.

    Please fix this, it is the whole reason I chose the hotel booking plugin.

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Please make sure there is enough memory_limit allowed on your server. You may also submit a request to our support team to let us check the configurations of your WordPress site.

    1. Hi Antonio, We did not encounter any incompatibility issues with Divi so far. Feel free to use the add-on and contact us if you have any questions or difficulties with it. We will be happy to assist.

  4. Can you tell please if a new version of this integration plugin will be released or not… At this moment your Divi integration plugin is really poor guys.

    1. Hi Emile, Currently the main feature of the addon is to inherit the design of the theme and add modules of the Hotel Booking plugin to the Divi builder. These were the most requested features so far. You may provide a list of new features with an explanation in your support ticket and I’ll add them to our list of features. Thank you for your collaboration.

  5. Hi Herve, Please download the latest version of the addon from this page and install it to your site over the existing one at Plugins > Add New > Upload. Let me know if it is helpful.

  6. Hello
    Can we modify the design of the page?
    When I open my page, DIVI builder doesn’t show and I can’t find them in my dashboard

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for contacting us. There was a conflict with the latest version of the Divi theme however it has been already fixed by the latest release of the HB Divi Integration addon. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

  7. Hello, we have installed Divi Integration (WP 5.8, Divi 4.10.2 & Divi Integration 1.0.4) but with the visual constructor no HP block is available
    Can help us ? Thanks

    1. Hi Juan,
      Thanks for contacting us, The issue has been fixed by the latest release of the HB Divi Integration addon. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

      1. Hola J Davis estoy valorando comprar Hotel Booking y estoy usando el tema Divi, en unas pruebas que estoy haciendo me dice que no es compatible,y da error, no está actualizado, si lo arreglan compró la membresía

        1. Hi, As far as we know the Divi Integration addon works correctly. It is correct that some modules like the checkout page or search results do not have any preview within the editor since the content of those modules is dynamic and can be previewed only after running a search or confirming the reservation. Let us know if you have faced any other issues and feel free to contact us via the support ticket system.

  8. Hi , when i enable the divi builder for accomodation types my website crash and it gives me an error 502. So i’m not able to give some style to the buttons etc.. This is my first time building a website, am i missing something?

    1. Hi Jean, The styles can be configured via Appearance > Customize when the HB + Divi integration addon is installed and activated. If you face error 502 we recommend you to contact your hosting provider since you might need to increase the memory limit on the server where your site is running.

    1. Hi Hervé,
      Thanks for your question. The main purpose of this addon is to help the Hotel Booking plugin to inherit the styles of Divi theme that are configured via customizer colors, fonts, etc. Additionally, all the shortcodes are transformed into Divi modules so it is easier to add different property listings and forms.

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