Hotel Booking Checkout Fields

This Hotel Booking extension allows you to edit the form that appears at the checkout by customizing current Hotel Booking Checkout Fields or adding new custom ones. The add-on adds more field types you can use to tailor the checkout experience to your business needs: collect more basic information from guests, require extra legal data/agreements to comply with the policies of your country or property, enable guests to leave comments, etc. You can also add extra text fields with instructions or a referral survey to learn how guests find you.

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Product is subject to a yearly license for support and automatic updates.
Hotel Booking Checkout Fields

WordPress Hotel Booking Checkout Fields Add-on Highlights

This is an extension for MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress.

Add New or Edit Default Checkout FieldsAdd New or Edit Default Checkout Fields

You’ll be able to access all the fields in one place. For the current default fields, such as country or ZIP, you can add a placeholder, CSS-classes or mark them as nonrequired.

Collect all the information that is necessary to process the booking for your property by adding new fields.

Gather more guest information, output text areas to allow them to state the preferable time of arrival, etc.

More Customizable Field TypesMore Customizable Field Types

Add numerous extra fields to the checkout page to gather any information using different field types. For each new field, you can edit the field label, mark it as required, select a field type and add a placeholder for better instructions.

Booking emails will contain all the custom fields guests fill in. You can add and customize the following checkout field types:

  1. Text
  2. Checkbox
  3. Email
  4. Heading
  5. Paragraph
  6. Phone
  7. Select
  8. Textarea
  9. Country
  10. Date of birth

Change the Order of the FieldsChange the Order of the Fields

Think of each field as a building block. You can easily drag and drop the fields to set the needed order to create a high-quality checkout experience for your guests.

For example, use the header field type to break your fields into semantic groups, provide more instructions at the beginning of the checkout form, add a special notification right before the payment gateways, etc.

Tailor the Field Style with Custom ClassesTailor the Field Style with Custom Classes

Modify the styling properties of the field by adding custom classes to the chosen fields. This applies to both the system fields and custom ones.

You can highlight the most critical fields or prioritize the needed ones by creating a visual contrast.

Add Custom Hotel Booking Checkout Fields to Your Email NotificationsAdd Custom Fields to Your Email Notifications

All custom fields you add to the checkout page also become available as email tags. You can optionally include this information submitted by users into any admin or customer type of emails.

For example, this allows you to receive any extra guest comments or questions along with the booking submission. It’s possible to include information gathered from all fields or just a few selected ones.

Export Data from Custom Fields via ReportsExport Data from Custom Fields via Reports

Don’t keep information submitted via custom fields separately. It’s possible to export and save all collected information from custom checkout fields in a spreadsheet along with the rest of the booking data you generate via the Reports menu.

Just like with any other Reports value, you can export data from only selected fields or from all new ones altogether.

Requirements for Hotel Booking Checkout Fields:

More Hotel Booking Addons:

Customizable checkout forms are not the only extra feature available. You may add advanced features to the plugin by implementing many more handy extensions.

In order to expand the number of payment options, use Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments offering a few more payment gateways alongside the traditional cash on delivery and credit card.

With the Hotel Booking Payment Request addon, you can monitor user payments, implement automatic payment requests, and ensure a convenient track of incoming payments.

The Hotel Booking Reviews addon lets your potential guests leave any kind of feedback on your resource, as well as evaluate their stay by different criteria. Well-structured and good-looking reviews help potential customers make up their final decision.

The HB Mailchimp Integration addon takes care of the automatic emails subscriptions and targeted emails. You will no longer need to send emails yourself and monitor the database to see if guests received their emails – Mailchimp got it!

By using the Hotel Booking Notifier – Event-Driven Emails, you will create emails and notifications to remind your guests of their arrival/departure, send handy instructions, and all kinds of pre- or post-arrival messages.

Finally, we offer you a chance to enjoy the plugin customization through your favorite WordPress builders – Elementor and Divi. All you need is to download these FREE Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration and Hotel Booking & Divi Integration addons.


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7 Replies to “Hotel Booking Checkout Fields

  1. I think this is complete disaster. So you go out there and pay 80usd for FULL version of plugin and if you want to customize it just a teeny tiny bit. You can go and happily pay another 50 bucks? Ridiculous in my opinion. Iam really disapointed. Sorry

    1. Hi Martin, Thanks for your comment. By default, the Hotel Booking plugin offers all the needed fields for the checkout form to make a proper reservation. When you wish to add custom fields to the form it is extra functionality and so you may purchase a special extension for this. We also let our customers save by purchasing annual or lifetime Membership. You may get access to all addons for booking plugin, themes, and other multipurpose plugins on your site.

  2. I purchased this plugin to integrate it on my site with the “hotel booking” plugin included in the Booklium model. But the “Extra fields” plug-in does not work with the version of the HotelBooking plug-in in the Booklium model! I asked for the update for the plug-in but nothing respond me (ticked ID #27015). in the support page the answer is to pay an additional $79 for the separate license for the single HotelBoking plug-in! it is a theft. it’s more easy and honesty update the core plugin at the latest version for all theme in bundle with HotelBooking plugin!

    it is also too high a cost for a plugin that does nothing but display already existing fields, some of which hidden on purpose to buy an extra plugin to make them visible! it’s a feature that should already be included in the licensed plugin.

    1. moreover: it is not possible to view the HotelBooking Plugin version when purchasing the Booklium template, therefore it is impossible to estimate which is the best choice to decide how to spend the money and if what you buy will be compatible with the plugins that will be needed later.

      1. Hello, Alessandro! We are terribly sorry about the experience you have faced recently. We have already replied in the support ticket #27015 you raised regarding this matter. It may take some time to respond in our Help Center, depending on the tickets load, we are sorry for the delay.
        Please note, that Hotel Booking plugin built in the theme can be updated along with the theme only – we do this in order to make sure everything works smoothly in the theme after the plugin update. This is why, as an option for users, who does not want to wait for a theme update, we suggest getting Hotel Booking license separately.
        The Checkout Fields add-on not only allows editing existing fields (making them required/non-required, altering field title etc.), but to add a large variety of almost any field type (select, checkbox, text, phone, country, date of birth etc.) to the Checkout form without any limitations. We never meant to hide those fields on purpose, the Hotel Booking plugin includes all the necessary fields for successful checking out by default.
        As for the Hotel Booking plugin version, included in the Booklium theme, you may find it in the theme Release Notes tab.

  3. This is ridiculous. In the support forms you told us recently that we would this would be released so we can fix how awful the checkout page looks and allow our legal terms to be properly displayed, yet you are charging for it?!
    I find your support for customers and business practices increasingly questionable the longer we are using your products.

    1. Hello, we are sorry for any misunderstanding. However, could you please clarify more detailed what you need to change on the Checkout page? Could you also specify where you have contacted us (and the email address you used), for us to find the messages and see all the situation?
      Please, note that the Hotel Booking Checkout Fields addon lets remove some default Hotel Booking fields (or make them unrequired) and add your custom ones (and make them required, if needed), but not change design of the Checkout fields.

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