WordPress Appointment Booking

The WordPress Appointment Booking plugin makes it easy for businesses to accept bookings and appointments online. It’s geared to time and service-based companies, such as for beauty, sports, education, and other industries. Staff planning, real-time bookings of any custom time slots, and timely appointment schedules at your fingertips. This is the new booking plugin solution from MotoPress - the industry leader for property booking needs.

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WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin by MotoPress: Key Highlights

Appointment scheduling & booking plugin optimized for quick and easy online reservations.

For Beauty Salons, Medical Centers & EducatorsFor Beauty Salons, Medical Centers & Educators

We created this WordPress appointments plugin for all sorts of appointment-based businesses, including:

  • Barbershops, hairdressers, and beauty salons
  • Tutoring businesses and online classes
  • Healthcare & medical centers
  • Sports institutions, and fitness instructors.

WordPress Appointment Plugin For Solopreneurs & Business ChainsWordPress Appointment Plugin For Solopreneurs & Business Chains

This appointment booking plugin for WordPress fits your needs if you are self-employed, have a small establishment with just a few employees, or even run a multi-shop business in different locations.

The plugin makes it easy to add numerous categorized locations and offer different services depending on a location / individual shop. We have also created a collection of booking templates where you can choose an appointment booking WordPress theme for your needs.

Add & Customize Unlimited ServicesAdd & Customize Unlimited Services

The MotoPress WordPress Appointment Booking plugin allows you to add time slot booking for numerous services. Feel free to set custom service durations and assign employees available for each service:

  • Create bookable services with custom minimum time frames, e.g. 15 or 30 minutes
  • Add buffer times to block extra time before and after actual appointments
  • Make the same service & time bookable by multiple clients
  • Offer one-time and recurring services.

Add & Manage Unlimited EmployeesAdd & Manage Unlimited Employees

Create an employee database and schedule the agenda of the staff with the Appointment WP plugin. Add photos and skills of your employees, assign different services to the relative staff members, and create their personal schedules:

  • Create individual staff calendars
  • Сustomize the service pricing and duration depending on a staff member
  • Assign numerous services and locations to the same person.

Flexible Employee Schedules: Lock Out Hours, Add Breaks & HolidaysFlexible Employee Schedules: Lock Out Hours, Add Breaks & Holidays

The MotoPress WordPress Appointment Booking plugin is equipped with numerous features to help you bend the working schedules of your employees:

  • Assign individual schedules to employees and view calendars in a daily mode
  • Set lunchtimes and breaks for your employees
  • Add days-off and non-regular working days and times.

Step-by-step Booking Wizard for ClientsStep-by-step Booking Wizard for Clients

Allow clients to book directly on your site! They’ll see available slots and book them right away, optionally choosing an assistant with the preferred skills / their favorite service provider.

It’s a straightforward step-by-step process when a client selects a service, a staff member, then a date and submits a booking, not leaving the same page! A sleek, mobile-optimized booking form design delivers truly user-friendly and quick experiences for users on any device.

Manage Appointment Bookings on The BackendManage Appointment Bookings on The Backend

Centralize all WordPress appointments in your dashboard – you can view all incoming bookings with the details, such as total cost, details of booked services (e.g. location, employee, date, time, the number of clients, etc.) and the status (whether a booking is confirmed or not).

You can manually edit personal customer info, change a booking status and update a total service cost with this Appointment Booking WordPress plugin.

More features of the MotoPress WordPress Appointment Booking plugin

The best WordPress Appointment plugin for quick and easy online appointment bookings on your site. Discover more tools in a nutshell:

  • Currency settings
  • Hourly appointment book
  • Booking tool for multi-location businesses
  • Edit details of submitted bookings, e.g. their statuses and personal customer info
  • One-page service client booking wizard
  • Default country of residence for quicker booking submission for your clients
  • It can serve your needs as a WordPress doctor appointment plugin.

If you are looking for the best booking solution for short-term property rentals or hotel rooms, the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is what you need.


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  • Great Plugin and Support 5/ 5stars

    The plugin has all the functions that are necessary to create a booking system. Support is always available to help you resolve any problems.

  • Very useful plugin 5/ 5stars

    WordPress meeting booking is a very useful plugin. For appointments, for services, for dentists, teachers, bankers, but also for renting bikes, boats ..
    Support is great, developers are willing to listen to your suggestions. Great product!

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    19 Replies to “Appointment Booking

    1. The possibility of multiple bookings should definitely be added. For example, one teacher may have 10 people in a lecture at the same time. Or one doctor can vaccinate 5 people in 10 minutes.

      1. Hi Nenad, Thanks for your feedback. The feature of the capacity is under development at the moment. We will notify you when we have any news.

    2. Hello
      I would like to be able to setup Default Time Step for Category. Is that possible with actual version somehow?
      I love your plugin anyway 🙂
      Regards, Nenad

      1. Hi Nenad,
        Thanks for your feedback and for your question. The Duration of the Service can be configured in each service individually only. There is no possibility to indicate the duration for Service Category. It would be extremely helpful if you leave a review for the Appointment plugin at the next tab.

    3. Hi there, I am trying to use this as a restaurant table booking plug-in, which seems good of a reason as any to use the plugin, but cant get my head around it. Obviously in a restaurant you dont want to book a server, you just care about the table and tables have different capacities which is the curve ball. I have I have tried setting tables as locations, employees and services, but nothing seems to stick. I am wasting my time here or is there a way I can make it work.

      1. Hi Larry,
        At the moment there is no possibility to set a capacity for a service or Employee so it is possible to book one timeslot per employee. We have this feature on our to-do list and we hope to find a proper solution for capacity soon. We will notify you if we have any news. Meanwhile, you may try to use Services as Tables (number or names) and Employees as places by the certain table. The visitor should book places one by one only.

    4. Dynamic dropdown in the appointment form not works as expected.
      I think that the correct behaviour is that the dropdown menus should be show only the value connected with the previous selection. Now (April 2021) it’s completely unusable when you have a lot of services/agents.

        1. Hi… as I reported in the forum, the conditional behaviour in the dropdown not works (see my post with the screenshot).

        2. I’ve tested with Chrome and works as you said but if I use Safari browser not (desktop and mobile). I think there is a compatibility problem with this browser. Please check because I think a lot of people use a Mac or a iOS device.

          1. Hi Michele,
            Thanks for your feedback. We have replicated the issue on macOS and iOS Safari browser and we will do our best to fix it as soon as it is possible. Thank you for your collaboration.

      1. Hi Tony,
        Thanks for your question. At the moment, there is no integration with payment gateways but this feature is planned and we hope to integrate the most popular payment gateways as soon as it is possible.

    5. Hi 2 questions from me:

      1) Can the currency be changed to GBP (£)
      2) Can this plugin accept payments via paypal and stripe?

      1. Hi Travis,
        1. yes, the currency can be changed via Settings of the Appointment plugin.
        2. The payments are not supported yet. We will notify you if we have any news.

    6. Hi, I have two questions

      1. Is there a demo page for this
      2. Can it be customised to say “bookings” instead of “appointment”?

      1. Hi,
        1. At the moment there is no back-end demo to test the plugin though we have this task in our to-do list and hope we release the demo as soon as it is possible. Meanwhile, you may watch this beautiful video to learn more about the Appointment Booking plugin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjDLDWvv7_M
        2. The texts of the plugin can be edited via plugin translation.

      1. Hi Yurij,
        At the moment this functionality is not supported though we have added your request to our list of features. Thanks

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    Release Notes

    1.2.1, Apr 21 2021

    • Improved 'Any' values support for the Location and Employee fields in the Appointment Form.
    • Improved field filters for the Appointment Form shortcode.
    • Added datepicker localization for 50+ languages.
    • Fixed an issue with the translations support on the frontend.

    1.2.0, Mar 29 2021

    • Added 15 new Appointment form shortcode parameters to help you customize the process of selecting a service: default values, the ability to rename form labels and edit texts, and the ability to remove unneeded form fields.
    • Added 12 new shortcodes: a list of employees, locations, services, and service categories; plus, 8 single-employee shortcodes that will help you build up a single employee page.
    • Added a dedicated page for customizing major shortcodes, where you can edit shortcode parameters of the Appointment form and lists and save them for further use.
    • Added 3 new blocks for an Employee: Contact Information, Social Networks and Additional Information.
    • Improved the view of the shortcodes list on the Help page. Added all the new shortcodes and their parameters.
    • Improved the Appointment Form shortcode: the Next button is always visible, while invalid inputs are highlighted once the button is clicked.

    1.1.0, Dec 24 2020

    • Added the ability to set a Default appointment status (Confirmed or Pending) for newly created bookings.
    • Added the Shortcodes page with shortcodes and their descriptions.
    • Added the ability to send client and admin email notifications associated with bookings.

    1.0.0, Nov 26 2020

    • Initial release.