MotoPress Plugins Are Not Available on (updated)

Oct 8, 2021

We’re very close to reaching an agreement with representatives who have been very helpful in dealing with the issues we’re facing now. We hope our plugins will get back to the repository soon.

Meanwhile, we’ve also updated the MotoPress Slider plugin, you can download the latest version here or, if you’re on Pro, update it from your account.
WordPress Slider 2.2.1

We saw all your comments on and here, and can’t thank you enough for your support and help!

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Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Compared (Free + Premium)

Are you searching for the best WordPress plugins for real estate to launch the top vacation rental website? If so, then this article is for you. It is important to get acquainted with all the features of each plugin and choose the one. The WP plugins make it possible for your website to become fully operational in a matter of minutes.

We would like to share with you a list of free and paid real estate WordPress plugins. They will certainly boost your experience in running a real estate website or managing the entire agency. It is highly recommended to keep in mind your main goals and look for them carefully.

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How to Build Custom Dental Website in WordPress

Looking to create a WordPress website with an online dentist appointment booking form? The good news is that you can build a custom dental website yourself or with minimum tech help.

The biggest hassle is installing the WordPress software on your preferred hosting, but after that it’s a matter of clicks to create a site that can take dentist appointments.

I’m not trying to say that it’s a job to do overnight, there is a learning curve, but at least it’s not very hard to configure the settings and launch your site with almost no tech skills.

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Best WordPress Themes For Designers & Creatives

Anything related to design or any other creative field can be more than just a hobby. People make their living by selling their artworks, media content, software, and interior design services online.

One thing that helps boost sales is a portfolio website. For today’s selection, we chose 25 best WordPress themes for designers & other creatives. Use them to create a solid showcase of your design filled with rich animations, and great styling.

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15 WordPress Mega Menu Examples

Implementing a WordPress mega menu can change the way you sell online or lead visitors to the right pages – since it’s capable of significantly transforming the user experience and website navigation. For the better.

For rather complex websites like e-stores, education, and creative ones a mega menu gives more space for introducing all the needed categories and usually can boast of more content-rich blocks, including sliders, images, videos, icons and more. So it can be a really efficient thing for many types of websites.

In addition to building more robust and detailed menus, WordPress mega menu plugins can be used as editing tools for your current menus.

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Top List to Find the Best WordPress Theme for Musicians

If you’re a talented musician or keen on playing in a band, then the world must know about you and your skills. A few posts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook are still not enough. The main step on this path to the celebrity universe is a professional-looking website. WordPress has many themes to offer, but you have to detect the best WordPress theme for musicians meeting your needs.

At first sight, it is quite a complicated task, but we’ve done our best to simplify it. Here, in this article, we bring to the light 20+ free and premium WP themes you’ll find to be essential for a marvelous and proficient website. Let’s check them out right away!

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How to Link an Appointment Booking Calendar in Elementor

Adding an appointment booking calendar in Elementor is a question of a WordPress reservation plugin you use.

In this tutorial, we’ll tell you how to link an appointment booking calendar using the dedicated WP scheduler plugin by MotoPress.

This plugin is a go-to solution for any appointment and service-focused businesses. It helps you operate your services, employees and their schedules, and add a real-time service & time booking widget to your WordPress site.

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Why You Should Use a Top Premium WordPress Theme

“Everything about WordPress should be free” – a common misconception among the new users of WordPress.

The fact that WordPress is open-source and therefore free software has nothing to do with premium WordPress themes & templates from third-party developers. In this case, you are paying for the work done by professional developers, designers, copywriters, and support specialists.

“But what about free WordPress themes?” – you may ask. In this post, I am opening up what stands behind the WordPress free vs paid templates difference. You will learn when it’s more reasonable to choose a premium solution over a freebie or vice versa.

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15 Top-notch WordPress Menu Plugins

When people google something, they receive a list of websites to visit. But where do they stop? Nine times out of ten, the website attracts their attention with clear and good-looking navigation areas. The most useful tool, in this case, is a menu that can be made with WordPress menu plugins. It performs functional and aesthetic purposes at one stroke.

Even if you are a WordPress website owner, the default menu isn’t likely to help you reach the desired effect. That’s why you must look for the best menu plugin with the necessary features.

The range is wide because there are many WP menu plugins. Making this list of the best menu plugins WordPress developed, we keep in mind the well-known demands on the website menu. This collection of free & paid menu plugins for WordPress will complete the task of creating a well-structured menu.

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How to Create the Best Spa Website on WordPress

It’s important to stick to a niche-specific theme if you plan to create a salon website on WordPress.

Such a spa template won’t just deliver the right set of tools, it’ll also save you a lot of time on the customization routine – since it as a rule comes with loads of pre-designed blocks you might ever need.

In this tutorial, we’re about to show you major steps of creating a spa salon website on WordPress with the professional dedicated theme, the Lotus appointment spa salon WordPress theme.

The Lotus theme is designed with the right look and feel for a beauty salon WordPress site. It perfectly suits the needs of beauty, wellness, hair, nail and spa websites – and everything in between.

In addition to that, the Lotus spa WordPress theme also comes with a pack of convenient features to manage online appointments. And this is often a must-have thing to automate appointment scheduling via your site.

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