WordPress Airbnb Integration: How to Sync Availability Calendars?

So you’ve chosen Airbnb, the king of the jungle, to list your your vacation rental or bnb on. But you also want to start receiving or improving direct bookings with an independent WordPress website. Or, you probably simply want to display available and unavailable days of your Airbnb listing/s in a real-time calendar on your WordPress website. How do you synchronize your Airbnb availability calendar with your WordPress website and get a steady revenue from both channels, without overbooking? Is there any WordPress Airbnb plugin?

The short answer is yes.

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Mountainview Review: Vacation Rental WordPress Theme with Lightweight Design

Mountainview Vacation Rental WordPress theme is well suited for cabins, guest houses, hotels, bed & breakfasts, chalets and other types of rental property. This is a WordPress hotel theme that comes with a perfect combo of the stylish design aesthetic and an off-the-shelf reservation system to help you build your vacation rental brand and stay ahead of the curve.

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10 Best WordPress Review Plugins

Online reviews have never been more important. While we were previously living in an authoritative economy — one where we looked to businesses to guide us through our journey with knowledge and insight — we’ve now transitioned to the sharing economy; a place where we’re more likely to base our views on the shared experiences of our peers. Recent research shows that 91% of people read online reviews and that we place just as much trust in a stranger’s perspective as we do in that of our friends.

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MotoPress Content Editor 3.0: What’s New?

It took a little bit more time than we initially planned, but the Content Editor 3.0 has finally arrived! There are no revolutionary changes, but I hope that jumping to the updated WordPress Page builder will get you a much larger performance bump, a more intuitive user interface and more automation options.

Backup your website before updating the plugin as you are going to work with a completely new thing!

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Best Plugins to Add Click-to-Tweet Boxes to WordPress

The use of Twitter as a part of your website’s social media marketing strategy is an eminent concept. You might already have added Twitter and other social media sharing buttons to your website, but have you heard of a magical service called “Click to tweet”? If so, do you know the best WordPress plugins to add “Click to Tweet” quote boxes to your posts?

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Introducing Weekly, Monthly and Custom Rates in Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin

We are happy to introduce a new way to set up and manage rates in the MotoPress WordPress Booking plugn plugin. From now on, you can add weekly, monthly and any other rate based on any length of stay. A new tiered pricing option is aimed at giving more strength to any pricing scenario of your lodging establishment. Put simply, this is a great opportunity to provide your guests with a better per-night rate for a longer stay!

The rates are easily connected with the per-guest price variables, so you can customize all of them from one screen.

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AlpenHouse Review – Our New Vacation Rental WordPress Theme

While vacation rental owners unfamiliar with WordPress pay a percentage of each booking or each rental to proprietary booking software owners, their WordPress counterparts string up a hammock to spend another relaxed day. The hammock is an exaggeration of course, but WordPress is really a golden opportunity for the lodging business owners.

WordPress helps cut down expenses in almost any aspect of the rental property website building process: a website development, design, booking system, channel management, automation tools, accounting and more real business things. All this can be achieved with just a vacation rental WordPress theme.

Of course, not every theme from this niche comes fully dedicated to property rental owner needs, but the one we are going to talk about in this post comes with all those superpowers. It’s called AlpenHouse – a new vacation rental WordPress theme by MotoPress (people in the know!).

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MotoPress Restaurant Menu Review: Free WordPress Menu Plugin

The use of technology in a restaurant operation provide a competitive advantage and can help you maintain a better profitability. If you already successfully invest into gizmos and apps like mobile ordering system for waiters, KDS or the like, you should not forget about the online presence of your restaurant website. Customer expectations continue to rise on the pre-purchase stage and your business should adapt. Why?

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Real-World Examples of Using MotoPress WordPress Demo Builder Plugin

If you create plugins and themes for WordPress, you can’t be performing well enough without demo. No demo, no sales. Modern customers want to be provided with a higher-touch sales process. That is, to see and shape the product to their needs, get the value of your products from the firsthand experience.

You can get by with just a text and video presentation, but, well, only if you are okay with pulling up the rear. Put simply, traditional ways to present a product is not the best way to move sales forward on the overcrowded WordPress market.

So, if you are in a client-facing role and want to add some winning features to your product presentation, consider creating an appealing frontend demo. If you want to go even further, give prospects a chance to test-drive your plugins and themes on the backend. Too time-consuming? Too risky? Not at all.

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Emmet Next Review – Our New WordPress Business Theme

Emmet is a familiar name for many MotoPress users. This is a name of the multipurpose freemium WordPress theme that has grown in popularity during the past 2 years and currently powers thousands of WordPress websites. Put simply, Emmet is success.

Today, we are happy to present an improved version of this theme – Emmet Next WordPress Business theme. It’s not the same in design and features, but it’s very close to Emmet in concept, purpose, power and delicacy.

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