Getwid Blocks: Button Gutenberg Block

If you need to add custom Gutenberg buttons, the Button Group block by Getwid allows you to do just that. With its help, you can add one button or a group of buttons along with any content in Gutenberg. Buttons come in several modern styles letting you create rich visual experiences.

Sine Getwid doesn’t override styles of your active WordPress theme, most likely it will output buttons pretty much in style with your overall design! That means you don’t need to work-around it too much. You might be interested in more examples of how it works in the default WordPress Twenty Nineteen theme.

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Getwid Blocks: Media and Text Slider Gutenberg Block

Media and Text Slider Gutenberg block by Getwid is a perfect tool for creating WordPress slider plugins in the block editor. The slider is completely customizable from layout to slide and text animation effects.

It’s a bit more advanced version of the Getwid Image Slider block since it additionally allows you to add text content over slider images: it by default accommodates heading and paragraph containers.

Opting for a Gutenberg-optimized slider, you’ll significantly improve your website performance and will build sliders (which are usually quite resources-consuming) the native WordPress way.

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Real-life Websites Built with MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin & Divi Builder

Not long ago we’ve launched our MotoPress Hotel Booking & Divi integration addon which is very successful and popular with our customers. This addon unlocks all standard Divi Builder styling options (color picking, font adjustment, borders customization etc.) and in combo with MotoPress Hotel Booking property system gives your website all the needed functions and blocks.

We’ve got positive feedback from our satisfied customers and here will be listed some property rental websites which were made via WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin and Divi page builder.

To build a rental property website you need:

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Getwid Blocks: Image Slider Gutenberg Block

Image Slider Gutenebrg block by Getwid is a lightweight slider solution for adding responsive slideshows in WordPress. It allows you to create image sliders with normal (automatic) and click states. The slider block is optimized to work fast and smoothly so that it never bloats your WordPress website. Swipe navigation is fully supported.

Hint: compared to other WordPress block editor addons, Getwid so far encompasses many more possibilities for building all types of sliders thanks to six different slider-focused blocks.

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Getwid Blocks: Social Links Gutenberg Block

This Social Icons Gutenberg block by Getwid enables you to add modern social media icons for all popular networks and link them to your brand or personal accounts. It’s bundled with three icon themes you can select from – plain, with background, and outlined.

As you already probably know (we regularly emphasize this feature), Getwid is optimized to blend with your WordPress theme styles automatically, so we are quite sure you won’t need to go through extra tweaks to adjust icons to your overall website design.

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Best WordPress Hotel Themes in 2019

Any website gives freedom to their owners to dispose of products, services or even themselves (if it’s a personal blog) the way they want to. Talking about the hospitality business, namely, about WordPress hotel themes, it is very important to present hotel rooms, accommodations, amenities, additional services – everything that can be given to guests – in the most appealing and decoying way. Because only this way people will get interested, book a room and pay you money for that.

Today one can for sure choose the best WordPress hotel booking theme to showcase presentably what visitors will receive as soon as they arrive at the place. Vivid and bright images, easy-to-navigate pages, ability to book a room or even to pay for it in advance – this is what visitors expect to see on your website.

But the guarantee of your site success lies deeper. The main factors that play a decisive role with all hotel website templates are:

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Getwid Blocks: Image Box Gutenberg Block

The Image Box Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress Blocks is an image-focused layout pattern. It comes with image, heading and text containers. You can use it for balancing media and text content on your WordPress website as well as make image presentation more informative.

It resembles the Icon Box block by Getwid but comes with an image area instead of an icon.

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Getwid Blocks: Icon Box Gutenberg Block

Icon Box Gutenberg WordPress block by Getwid is a pre-made layout pattern that comprises heading, text and icon containers.

You may consider it a more advanced version of the Getwid Icon block since if you need to accompany icons with text, this block will let you accelerate the process.

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Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress Version 3.7.0: New Features

The newest WP Hotel Booking plugin version 3.7.0 ships with awesome features that will surely help you improve guest satisfaction on the pre-arrival stage.

New tools are aimed at making checkout and booking processes more efficient for guests as well as simplifying business execution processes for you.

Let’s take a brief look at the main improvements and talk about how you can implement them today.

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Luviana Review: a Brand New Hotel Booking Template for WordPress

Luviana hotel booking template for WordPress is a new premium addition to the lineup of the MotoPress themes.

This new theme has an exceptional sense of the classic, luxurious hotel design. It’s crafted to make any hotel feel like a luxury hotel on the web!

It yet comes with an interfusion of usability, creativity and mobile-friendliness, so at the end tech-savvy guests will enjoy thoughtful, modern digital experiences.

Although our collection of the hotel booking and vacation rental WordPress themes is already pretty diverse, I believe none of these themes is closer to the luxury hotel and boutique concept than Luviana.

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