How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Looking how to add Google Analytics to WordPress? There are two major approaches:

  1. Manually without plugins. Technically, you’ll need to get your Google Analytics code snippet and insert it into your WordPress website (we’re going to tell you where). Then you’ll be able to access the Google Analytics dashboard from your Google Account online in one place. The major benefit of this approach is that it doesn’t require reliance on third-party dependencies. As for the cons, for complete newbies, it might be a bit intimidating to work with code and the entire procedure might require additional time and effort.
  2. Integrate Google Analytics by connecting WordPress Google Analytics plugins. You might want to opt for this method if you want an easier way to connect Google Analytics to WordPress, need more tools or (thanks to some plugins) access your Analytics dashboard from your WordPress website.

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WordPress Groups in Facebook you Should Follow in 2020

Every person who learns and discovers WordPress is looking for a credible and trusted resources where to get the information. In this search process, they go far beyond blogs and simple WordPress groups discussions. Facebook, in these terms, is a new alternative information source with over 2,320 billion users, from which 1,5 billion use it daily!

There are also multiple blogs, where one can find many useful WordPress insights. For example, MotoPress blog, where we regularly post articles on WordPress themes and plugins related topics.

But still, one blog or group community won’t be enough (in most cases) to cover all the questions which interest the beginner; or to give the exact answer to the advanced user with deep code knowledge.

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How to use MailChimp and WordPress: Quick and Ultimate Guide

Regardless of the activity you conduct here, on the Internet, the constant communication with your audience and truthful feedback from it are two key factors to have credible relations with customers. To stay on track, there are multiple WordPress Mailchimp plugins, with the help of which you may effortlessly get in touch with subscribers, notify about updates, send surveys and conduct a thorough analysis of your audience.

Blog, online shop, rental accommodations website or company site – all of them are needed to communicate with the audience, to inform about new posts or products, about sales and advantageous proposals. In this case, there is no better choice than MailChimp for WordPress website.

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How to Send Automated Emails with the Hotel Booking Notifier Add-on

Sending extra custom emails to would-be guests and guests is a requirement for many hotels, but dull and repetitive don’t have to describe your email marketing routine. By installing the new Hotel Booking Notifier add-on for the MotoPress Hotel Booking WordPress plugin, you are free to send any volume of custom automated emails containing information specific to the accommodation type booked.

For example, you may automate notifications that explain where to pick up a room/villa keys, the guide on how to get to your place or where the self-service check-in kiosks are placed, ask to leave a property review, send a list of city attractions, provide more details on dining facilities and extra services, or simply send a custom welcome/see you next time email.

Do you do that? Then our new awesome extension will help you speed up the entire cycle! Let’s get into more details with a brief dashboard walkthrough.

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Massive Getwid Update: 35+ Inspiring & Slick Block Designs for Gutenberg

Happy building with Getwid blocks for Gutenberg? Take customization to the next level by playing with 35+ block designs!

Starting from Getwid version 1.4.0, you gain free access to the brand-new Template Library. This is a collection of ready-to-go professional block designs you can insert in a click and just replace sample content elements with your own.

It was created to help you address the complex customization challenges of modular design in Gutenberg, keep better design consistency throughout the website and basically make your workflow more productive.

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What is an SSL Certificate and How to Get it for Your Website

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which implies the digital certificate that deals with the website’s security. It’s a cryptographic protocol aimed at securing all types of communication/data transmission through your website (logins, passwords, billing information, etc.). WordPress SSL is especially critical for e-commerce websites that sell goods and services, for example.

The certificate allows you to protect the confidential information of your users and your website by sending data encrypted through the communication channels, thus making this data unavailable for snoop or change.

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Email Marketing for Hotels: Simple & Effective Tips

So you already have a hotel and probably even a website where guests can book a room online. Splendid!

But we’re not hoteliers. We work with the software for rental properties and all the related stuff. Apart from coding and designing user-friendly things, we are into sharing experiences like this one:

How to drive more traffic to your hotel or vacation rental website

So if you are interested in the perspective from the opposite side of the barricades, welcome. A hotel booking website is like a supermarket with the self-service checkout – people do everything themselves from choosing a suite to paying online. It’s self-sustainable. The interaction is minimal if not absent. And there you have it.
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Getwid Blocks: Post Carousel Gutenberg Block

The Post Carousel Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress blocks enables you to create carousel slideshows dynamically sourced from the posts, pages or custom post types of your website.

In plain terms, this means you can present content of your blog articles, WooCommerce products, hotel rooms, specific pages and other categorized content elements automatically in a carousel block, which supports automatic slideshows.

Thanks to the block’s flexibility, you’ll be able to selectively feature posts or pages only from a specific category or by IDs. Since this Carousel block for Gutenberg is highly customizable, you’ll also have a chance to completely modify the look of a carousel, including its layout and content.

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Airbnb Alternatives for Property Owners

For some property owners, Airbnb is a pot of gold. The platform offers tons of perks: exclusive property management tools, the worldwide visibility for your property, flexible availability, very personal hosting experiences, to name a few.

But what do you do to make your property visible on more property management platforms/listing websites like Airbnb? Or do you probably want to completely ditch Airbnb?

Your reasons can be different: a need to diversify the booking channels to maximize your reach, to find better commission rates, frustrating experiences with Airbnb, Brexit…

No matter your reasons, there are alternatives to Airbnb.

In this article, we’ll be looking exactly at the vacation rental platforms similar to Airbnb that can also give you a head start you need. And we’re going to save you some time of reviewing and comparing some of them.

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Getwid Blocks: Image Hotspot Gutenberg Block

The Image Hotspot Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress blocks allows you to place animated pointers with tooltips over images to provide more details about specific parts of the image.

You can add unlimited hotspots to activate tooltips, customize their style and behavior, change hotspot icons, etc.

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