Meet the File Upload Option for the Checkout Fields Addon

In this post, we’ll tell you in detail about the new field type we’ve added to the Hotel Booking Checkout Fields addon, version 1.0.5. It’s File Upload, which allows you to enable customers to add media files, such as ID photos, on the checkout page along with other details, right before submitting their reservation.

What do you need the Checkout Fields addon for? It helps you further customize the checkout experiences of your Hotel Booking plugin by adding more fields and collecting more necessary data easier.

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How to Add a Button in WordPress With or Without Shortсodes?

How to add a button in WordPress if you are not a pro developer? In this post, we’ll show you 4 options to add buttons to WordPress sites using different solutions.

But first, let’s find out why Word Press buttons are must-haves for websites of any type.

How Do WordPress Buttons Change The Game?

Buttons are a great way to “wrap” valuable links in the site content and create an effective CTA for users. A well-designed button can grab user attention because it stands out from the rest of the content.

According to marketing expert Neil Patel, a button or CTA is “the bridge between marketing and sales.”

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Meet WooCommerce Integration for MotoPress Appointment Booking!

The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin for WordPress can now be easily integrated with WooCommerce!

To help you have access to 80+ global payment gateways in your service booking widget, you can get the Appointment Booking WooCommerce Payments addon and use it with your MotoPress WordPress scheduler plugin together, without a need to install any extra Woocommerce booking plugin for WooCommerce.

By connecting the newly released WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin extension, you’ll be able to choose any desired payment gateways popular in your area, enable them in your WooCommerce plugin and then connect to the Appointment Booking plugin in a few clicks.

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Choose Your Best WordPress Plugin for Service Scheduling In 2022

Here to find the best WordPress plugin for service scheduling? We are here to help!

Appointment booking software, plugins for service scheduling, online booking engines – no matter which name you call them, they carry out the same function. Namely, such WordPress plugins facilitate your website management, and also, make it more comfortable and functional for potential clients. Not to mention, recent studies reveal that 67% of internet users expect businesses to have an online appointment booking feature.

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How to Create WordPress Anchor Links In the Gutenberg Editor?

We rarely think of WordPress anchor links as an essential site element. Whether it’s a blog or a landing page, you will need to learn how to create anchor links in WordPress easily. That’s what our next tutorial is about.

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7 Best Free Hotel Booking Engine Softwares for Your Vacation Rental Website

If you’re a rental property owner or a WordPress developer and looking for a booking solution for the website, then you should stop by the easy-to-use online hotel booking system. The main purpose of the reservation functionality is to ensure a clear and fast booking process even with no experience in writing codes. Fortunately, WordPress has enough plugins to meet your needs. As one of the most frequently-searched requests is a free hotel booking software we’ll talk about it.

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How to Add Google Map to Website (Elementor & Gutenberg)?

Despite the urge of many businesses to remain entirely online-based, it still matters to have a physical location. That’s why we recommend our readers learn how to add Google Map to website on WordPress, particularly Elementor & Gutenberg.

Our next tutorial is useful for both professional developers and WordPress beginners. We’ll teach you 2 most effective ways to add Google Maps to website with:

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WordPress Booking Plugin with Payment Functionality

If you haven’t yet automated your online booking and payment system, chances are you’re wasting significant time on phone calls, emails, and manual documentation. All of it complicates the workflow, and leads to frustration and decreased productivity. Fortunately, you can take advantage of any WordPress booking plugin with a payment option.

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How To Create a Beachbody Coach Website on WordPress

If you are running a sports center, yoga studio or work as a fitness consultant, we’ve prepared this tutorial for you. In particular, we’ll tell you how to build a website in WordPress with a dedicated template. In result, you’ll be able to create a beachbody coach website with a stunning design and the appointment booking widget for direct site coach reservations.

If you’ve already installed WordPress, you don’t need to search for beachbody coach website templates.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the CoachZee coach WordPress template.

Why will you like CoachZee?

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Top 10 WordPress Accordion Plugins

Many developers enrich their websites with a special section to let the readers know any info as quickly as possible. We are glad to introduce a list of WordPress accordion plugins covering different types of accordions. With one of them, you may have an opportunity to engage your website visitors and grab their attention with the following site sections:

  • FAQ area;
  • image galleries and banners.

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