How To Build a WordPress Mega Menu with Elementor and Stratum

The default WordPress navigation menu, which is styled up by your theme, allows you to use pages, posts, categories and URLs as menu items. This means you are rather limited as to what you can customize in the menu – one of the central parts of your site that helps you get the most out of your online presence.

For different types of sites this limitation might mean different things: worse product presentation for ecommerce stores, fewer chances to better highlight top posts for blogs and magazines, etc.

This is when mega menu plugins for WordPress come into play.

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15 Best Education WordPress Themes

In this collection of the best education WordPress themes, we’re reviewing general theme features and the niches these themes are mostly aimed at. For example, here you’ll find solutions for schools, training centers, solo mentors/teachers, or all-around course-optimized themes for remote learning.

Some of the WordPress education themes in this collection come with dedicated LMS plugins, appointment booking apps, forums, page builders and event WordPress calendars. These plugins will help you build and sell courses just like on the Udemy website, enable students to enroll in chosen courses, schedule events and webinars, organize video conferences or turn your site into the course and tutor booking platform.

Let’s not waste time and get down to business.

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Hotel Booking 3.9.3: Add Booking Notes & Resend Confirmation Emails

In the latest version 3.9.3 of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress, we’ve added a few more awesome features to help you improve and centralize communication with the staff members on individual bookings and perform some routine tasks quicker.

Let’s see how it works in your plugin dashboard!
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Twenty Twenty-One Theme Examples with Getwid Blocks

The Twenty Twenty-One theme embraces the fundamentals of the block editor’s anatomy. In simple terms, just like any official WP theme predecessor, this theme is made to work smoothly in Gutenberg.

If you take a look at its demo, you’ll see that it’s a perfect canvas for a portfolio or personal website.

Alongside the development of the block editor came the rise of the block editor addons. These addons offer many more blocks that are not offered by the native WordPress builder.

And in this post, we’re about to discover how the 2021 theme plays with one of them, Getwid, our WordPress blocks library that holds an approval rating of 94% based on 64 reviews and is so far used by 30,000+ people on their WordPress sites. Woohoo!

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Hotel Check-in Processes, Software & Strategies

There is a lot of planning that goes into creating your hotel check-in strategies. And in our time and day, check-in doesn’t necessarily translate into arrival, it also includes creating convenient pre-arrival experiences and ensuring modern, flexible ways to check it. Most importantly, these ways should be aimed at alleviating the check-in process from both the guest and the industry perspective.

Flexible online check-in, self-service check-in kiosks, remote check-in, and traditional reception desks – how does your choice of a hotel check-in strategy influence the travel decision-making process of your guests?

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Appointment Booking Plugin 1.1.0: Meet Automated Email Notifications

The work on the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin is in full swing. We keep actively developing new features to make the plugin meet industry standards of the best WordPress appointment plugins as soon as possible.

In this version 1.1.0 WordPress Appointment Booking plugin update post, we’re taking a closer look at the new features which are no doubt essential for automating your appointment business, no matter whether it’s about remote learning, beauty salon or doctor appointments.

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7 Free Elementor Templates for WordPress Hotel Websites

In spite of the 2020 global slowdown, both tourism and the entire travel industry have long and firmly secured their place online. The variety of accommodation offerings goes far beyond such aggregator giants as Booking or Airbnb. Local hotel owners choose to invest in their own websites (and some of them can be easily built with the next free Elementor themes) for these substantial reasons:

  • An own website gives much more design flexibility than any channel manager: you can display any content in whatever way you need;
  • Many guests take advantage of the fact that OTAs allow free cancellation at the last minute (especially these days). Having your own booking website allows you to decide on the necessity of the first fee and its amount.
  • Customer’s trust is likely to grow as they see a professionally-built website page with the proper booking system (for instance, the WordPress Hotel Booking plugin);

With the popularity of ready-to-go solutions (in particular, based on the WordPress CMS), building websites became even easier.

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How to Update WordPress Plugins in 3 Easy Ways

With every other newly-emerging WordPress plugin version, a greater fear of “something going wrong” comes by. A number of users continue to ignore the plugin updates, which leads to a greater risk of hacker attacks and compatibility issues. Are you really into this risk?

The good news is, updating your WP plugin takes less time than you’ll spend on reading the article. At least, these precious 5-10 minutes will be spent for the sake of new knowledge when you finally learn how to make WordPress updates in 3 effortless ways.

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Stratum Widgets: Elementor Pricing Table Widget

Among the many ways how one can display actual prices for their products or services, price tables must take pride of place. Creating an attractive Elementor pricing table for free requires only 2 simple steps: 1) installing the Elementor page builder and 2) downloading a collection of free Stratum Elementor Widgets (one of which is a Price Table widget).

With Stratum for Elementor, you are getting FREE access to 20+ advanced widgets with a special focus on elements to boost your business performance or a personal brand. Accessing Stratum allows you to use 7+ alternative Elementor PRO widgets, including the Price Table widget other ones (Advanced Slider, Advanced Posts, Testimonial Carousel, Flip Box, Masonry Gallery, Price Menu).

See also: the Pricing table block for the block editor

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Edme Review: Elementor Education WordPress Theme for Appointment Booking

Since the release of our WordPress Appointment Booking plugin, we were eager to build a theme that would provide a perfect design basis for this plugin. To wit, we wanted to make sure you get the right appointment booking WordPress functionality that doesn’t just work great but also looks professional and attractive.

Visual design is not equal to awesome functionality, but with Edme, you get the premium appointment booking functionality backed by the modern, purpose-oriented design.

So what’s Edme? A very broad definition we gave is the education WordPress theme because it can empower many education-focused niches.

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