Stratum Widgets: Free Elementor Instagram Widget

The current Stratum collection consists of 20+ advanced Elementor widgets, and we keep exploring their possibilities. Some of them, like Advanced Google Maps or Masonry Gallery, offer extended customization features of Elementor Basic widgets. But also, Statum shares a few exclusive widgets that have no alternatives in the basic set of a page builder.

The free Elementor Instagram widget is one of the convincing reasons to download the Stratum addon right now.
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10 Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins & Gutenberg Blocks

Despite the controversy and even demonization, many websites still can’t ignore sliders as a powerful marketing and presentation weapon so the latter are often of high demand. If you are here, most likely you’ve already made up your mind that a WordPress slider plugin is what you need to go further. And we are here to help you choose the best slider plugin for your particular needs.

The main limitation of many free slider plugins for WordPress is that they provide only image sliders with limited layouts and animation effects – but you’re also to discover some that moved beyond these limitations!

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Stratum Widgets: Price Menu & Price List Elementor Widgets

The Price Menu and Price List Elementor widgets by Stratum Elementor addons will aid you in creating categorized lists of items with prices, which can work for (but are not limited to) restaurant and cafe menus, product lists and diverse price lists.

In this post, we’re looking into two dedicated widgets that will help you channel your menu list design ideas to interactive website content. The key elements of both Elementor widgets are a title, description, price placeholder, plus optional dotted lines and images.

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Frutta Verde: The Grocery Store WordPress Theme with Food Delivery Options

Food delivery apps are on the rise, so you have a chance to catch up by building your own grocery store website and selling food online. There is a good bunch of WordPress themes to help you with this task. Today we’re introducing Frutta Verde – the WordPress Grocery Store website template optimized for delivery and takeout services. The theme has it all to appeal to modern shoppers with a great design and fully satisfy their needs.
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Stratum Widgets: Advanced Google Maps Elementor Widget

The free version of Elementor provides you with a basic Google Maps widget, but if you want to customize the map further, use the Advanced Maps Elementor widget by Stratum. It’s also free but gives you access to way more tools integrated from the official Google Maps services.

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How to Make MotoPress Hotel Booking Search Forms Horizontal

Let’s talk about making a MotoPress search form horizontal. The search availability forms and booking forms in the MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin are vertical by default (if they aren’t styled and optimized for specific themes) since such a layout type adheres to rather universal design patterns. In simple terms, there are more chances it will look and work better regardless of a viewport (on any device).

But quite often you need to change this, especially for desktops, to improve the default design of your WordPress rental property theme. So are there any easy ways to do that?

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Stratum Widgets: Advanced Posts Elementor Widget

The Advanced Posts widget for Elementor is one of the most customizable and feature-rich widgets for dynamically sourced posts or pages of your WordPress website.

Whether you want to showcase the latest or manually selected posts in a carousel or a modern card-styled grid layout, it’s a doable task with the Advanced Posts Elementor widget by Stratum widgets.

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5 Free WordPress FAQ Plugins + Tips on How to Make a FAQ Page

There is hardly a chance that beginning entrepreneurs would relate a FAQ section to a highly-efficient marketing instrument. But it truly is!

While businesses are working REALLY hard to optimize their job to the online reality, using old-but-gold marketing methods becomes a no-brainer. A well-written FAQ section comes ahead of Google ads, social media promo, and a business blog. Simply spoken, if you choose the right question and come up with a clarified answer, it can bring a lot of organic traffic from the search engine.

The moment you realize it is when you start looking for a good WordPress FAQ plugin…

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The Best Airbnb WordPress Themes

So you are curious to know how to build a website like Airbnb on WordPress. The short answer is – you need a dedicated Airbnb WordPress theme (a directory listing theme) and a few plugins to integrate the functionality you might need (property submission, iCal, payments, bookings, etc.).

Some of the best Airbnb WordPress themes we are going to list come bundled with almost everything you need to build and monetize a local directory website like Airbnb. The others support specialist plugins but don’t necessarily provide them for free.

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How to Sync WordPress Bookings with Google Calendar & Apple Calendar

It’s pretty easy to sync and manage bookings across different platforms and calendar applications that support iCal.

iCal (iCalendar) is a common data exchange file format, meaning its primary aim is to store and exchange events data (property reservations in our context).

Many external OTAs, such as Airbnb or Booking, support this format just like the Hotel Booking plugin by MotoPress. This makes a two-way connection between your WordPress website bookings generated via Hotel Booking and reservations sourced by those platforms possible.

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