Email Marketing for Hotels: Simple & Effective Tips

So you already have a hotel and probably even a website where guests can book a room online. Splendid!

But we’re not hoteliers. We work with the software for rental properties and all the related stuff. Apart from coding and designing user-friendly things, we are into sharing experiences like this one:

How to drive more traffic to your hotel or vacation rental website

So if you are interested in the perspective from the opposite side of the barricades, welcome. A hotel booking website is like a supermarket with the self-service checkout – people do everything themselves from choosing a suite to paying online. It’s self-sustainable. The interaction is minimal if not absent. And there you have it.
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Getwid Blocks: Post Carousel Gutenberg Block

The Post Carousel Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress blocks enables you to create carousel slideshows dynamically sourced from the posts, pages or custom post types of your website.

In plain terms, this means you can present content of your blog articles, WooCommerce products, hotel rooms, specific pages and other categorized content elements automatically in a carousel block, which supports automatic slideshows.

Thanks to the block’s flexibility, you’ll be able to selectively feature posts or pages only from a specific category or by IDs. Since this Carousel block for Gutenberg is highly customizable, you’ll also have a chance to completely modify the look of a carousel, including its layout and content.

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Airbnb Alternatives for Property Owners

For some property owners, Airbnb is a pot of gold. The platform offers tons of perks: exclusive property management tools, the worldwide visibility for your property, flexible availability, very personal hosting experiences, to name a few.

But what do you do to make your property visible on more property management platforms/listing websites like Airbnb? Or do you probably want to completely ditch Airbnb?

Your reasons can be different: a need to diversify the booking channels to maximize your reach, to find better commission rates, frustrating experiences with Airbnb, Brexit…

No matter your reasons, there are alternatives to Airbnb.

In this article, we’ll be looking exactly at the vacation rental platforms similar to Airbnb that can also give you a head start you need. And we’re going to save you some time of reviewing and comparing some of them.

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Getwid Blocks: Image Hotspot Gutenberg Block

The Image Hotspot Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress blocks allows you to place animated pointers with tooltips over images to provide more details about specific parts of the image.

You can add unlimited hotspots to activate tooltips, customize their style and behavior, change hotspot icons, etc.

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How to Reset WordPress CMS with no Efforts

How to reset WordPress? In other words, how to delete all WordPress content and start over? That may sound like an intimidating task, especially if you’ve run a custom website for some time now or want to partially delete content, but let us assure you that it’s not that scary when you have the right tools at hand.

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Getwid Blocks: Content Timeline Gutenberg Block

Building a professional event timeline in WordPress has never been an easy task without dedicated plugins. However, Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor accompanied with the Content Timeline Gutenberg block by Getwid makes it a doable and even fun task.

This block allows you to feature any custom content using text, images and other types of content in a catchy vertical timeline format. Whatever your purpose is, this block won’t only help you impress the website visitors with an attractive and readable piece of information but will also help you build a stronger social proof as well as showcase your expertise.

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Getwid Blocks: Video Popup Gutenberg Block

The Getwid plugin lets you create a video popup Gutenberg block in WordPress sourced from self-hosted videos (uploaded directly to your WordPress Media Library) or external video hostings, such as Youtube and Vimeo. Website visitors will be able to open videos in default or full-screen mode.

The block ships with tons of extra settings that will allow you to create a custom look for video thumbnails, add and modify image covers, place a play video button and do more manipulations in order to create attractive popup videos.

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Getwid Blocks: Countdown Gutenberg Block

The Countdown Gutenberg block by Getwid allows you to add stylish animated countdown timers in WordPress. The block will help you drive sales and conversion through creating a sense of urgency in terms of any marketing strategy or create precisely informative coming soon banners before the website is launched.

You can completely customize the look and feel of the timer in order to make it a perfect fit for your general website design.

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Getwid Blocks: Mailchimp Gutenberg Block

If your email marketing automation processes are performed through the medium of Mailchimp, this Mailchimp Gutenberg block by Getwid will help you smoothly integrate this popular service with your WordPress website.

By obtaining a Mailchimp API key associated with your project, you’ll be able to create a Mailchimp-powered email subscription form in style with your website design to collect lead email addresses.

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Bookluim Property Management WordPress Theme: 5+ Pre-Made Layouts

We are honored to introduce our brand-new WordPress rental theme called Booklium.

Most likely you already know that we have a rather big collection of WordPress reservation templates for various accommodations. We put lots of dedicated work and strength into each template of ours and Booklium is the most vivid example of our work.

Booklium is an all-in-one rental WordPress theme that will be a universal solution for any property business owner regardless of accommodations they rent out – Booklium has 5+ pre-made website layouts for the main rental establishments: Villa, Single Property, Hotel, Hostel, Bed & Breakfast.

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