20+ Best WordPress Directory Themes in 2022

If you want to make a fast start with an online directory, you may turn to WordPress. Its repository has an impressive collection of professional solutions. WordPress themes are handy as a turnkey tool to build a fully-operating site. When it comes to the best WordPress directory themes, we’ve prepared a list of premium themes worth checking out.

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How to Create WordPress Call to Action Button

When speaking about website buttons in general, we usually must think in terms of the content building tool you use. That will take us to customization options for the website in general and for buttons in particular. For instance, in WordPress, the default block editor (aka Gutenberg) capabilities for buttons are quite decent so that you can easily create a WordPress call to action button.

That is, it’s not going to be a hard task to add a button of the needed size and color, add the needed text label to it, and eventually tailor its location.

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Tour and Travel WordPress Theme for City Tour Bookings: Meet Touriny

How do you create a city tour booking website on WordPress? A dedicated design and a few powerful functionality utilities are what you need. The Touriny travel tour WordPress theme we’ve recently released is specifically optimized for city tour bookings, so let’s review it and see if this is the right launchpad for your business!

What travel industries is it optimized for?

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Best WordPress Therapist Themes for Psychologists and Counselors

If you’re looking for an effective way to promote your services as a psychologist or counselor online, you should think about a professional website. You need to provide your audience with important information and answer frequently asked questions. WordPress therapist themes that are gathered in this roundup will give you access to all the necessary tools for a winning website.

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Send Appointment Reminders Automatically since Version 1.13.0

The latest Appointment Booking WordPress plugin version 1.13.0 delivers one significant improvement to the plugin’s management toolkit, the Notifications menu.

With the toolset provided by this new menu option, you can create various types of email notifications and designate the time when they must be sent automatically and under what conditions.

For instance, you can set up appointment reminders before the meeting, or thank-you emails after it, or a discount coupon for the next appointment in any time after the service is provided. Since you can also send emails to your staff, there might be notifications to your service providers, cleaning personnel or other team members.

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Online Booking Form Templates and Widgets

In this post, we’ll share a few great places where you can get online booking form templates. They can be used in multiple ways – as hotel registration forms, surveys, appointment reservation templates, and other types of data submission forms that are easy to use both online and offline.

Even lead magnets, which are a perfect marketing technique for widening your clientele base.

You’ll need to either work with a service such as an online template builder or get a customizable theme that you can edit with any platform or software you like.

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Meet the File Upload Option for the Checkout Fields Addon

In this post, we’ll tell you in detail about the new field type we’ve added to the Hotel Booking Checkout Fields addon, version 1.0.5. It’s File Upload, which allows you to enable customers to add media files, such as ID photos, on the checkout page along with other details, right before submitting their reservation.

What do you need the Checkout Fields addon for? It helps you further customize the checkout experiences of your Hotel Booking plugin by adding more fields and collecting more necessary data easier.

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How to Add a Button in WordPress With or Without Shortсodes?

How to add a button in WordPress if you are not a pro developer? In this post, we’ll show you 4 options to add buttons to WordPress sites using different solutions.

But first, let’s find out why Word Press buttons are must-haves for websites of any type.

How Do WordPress Buttons Change The Game?

Buttons are a great way to “wrap” valuable links in the site content and create an effective CTA for users. A well-designed button can grab user attention because it stands out from the rest of the content.

According to marketing expert Neil Patel, a button or CTA is “the bridge between marketing and sales.”

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Meet WooCommerce Integration for MotoPress Appointment Booking!

The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin for WordPress can now be easily integrated with WooCommerce!

To help you have access to 80+ global payment gateways in your service booking widget, you can get the Appointment Booking WooCommerce Payments addon and use it with your MotoPress WordPress scheduler plugin together, without a need to install any extra Woocommerce booking plugin for WooCommerce.

By connecting the newly released WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin extension, you’ll be able to choose any desired payment gateways popular in your area, enable them in your WooCommerce plugin and then connect to the Appointment Booking plugin in a few clicks.

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