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Are you looking for the best barber appointment software? Look no further as in this post we’ll review the 10 best apps for barbershops and hair salons including their prices and functional advantages. Automating your daily tasks and appointments using booking apps can help your business achieve more and save time on routine processes. With any of the listed solutions, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important for you and your employees.

Before we begin exploring the best barbershop appointment software, here are the top 5 picks we recommend to check out right away:

FreshaFree (20% commission)4.9
Barberlyfrom $25/mo5.0
Mindbodyfrom $139/mo4.0
Squirefrom $30/mo4.5

What is Barber Appointment Software?

Designed specifically for barbershops and beauty salons, barber appointment booking software helps you manage your business by improving the scheduling process. From setting timeslots to sending automated reminders via e-mail & SMS, modern apps for barbers allow you to take care of various work aspects. Additionally, most apps allow you to manage employee schedules and even take care of bookings in multiple locations without purchasing several apps. Most importantly you don’t need to take care of paperwork or call your clients to reschedule an appointment. Other benefits of using such barbershop management software include:

  • Easy online booking;
  • Better client retention;
  • Real-time availability;
  • Enhanced flexibility.

Top 10 Barber Appointment Booking Apps

With multiple features like those mentioned above the barbershop booking software may seem to be quite expensive. Luckily, most app developers provide scalable pricing plans and free trials to help you check out their solutions first before buying or upgrading. Some solutions may even offer free plans with some basic features. Below we’ll describe some of the most popular solutions that can help you automate the booking process for your barbershop or beauty salon and make your business thrive.


Picture of Bro Barbershop, one of the best barber appointment software & design options for WordPress.We start our list of barber appointment software with one of the most versatile solutions for any business sphere. WordPress is a content management system that provides multiple tools for website design, development, and online business management. Alongside many free & premium themes, this platform provides a wide selection of plugins designed for beauty salons and barbershops. They are built to simplify and optimize routine tasks and provide your site with features you’d usually get from expensive third-party apps.

One of the solutions we recommend using with WordPress is Bro Barbershop, which is totally free to use. Developed by MotoPress, it can provide your business with an extensive set of design advantages. Whether you need to advertise your services & skills individually or as a part of a barbershop, this free WordPress theme provides a variety of ready-made pages. It is also optimized for establishing a barbershop right away.

The theme features the Appointment Booking Lite plugin, a free barber appointment booking software. It allows you to integrate scheduling functionality into your WordPress site. While this plugin delivers diverse functionality for free, including group appointments, automated notifications, and a deposit payments feature, there are additional options that come with the premium version (starting from $59/year) that include online payment support.

Key features:

  • Unlimited appointments;
  • Multiple locations & services;
  • Payment gateway support (Stripe, PayPal);
  • Google Calendar sync;
  • Easy-to-customize booking form.

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Photo of Fresha, a barbershop appointment scheduling app.Next on our list of the best barbershop software is Fresha. Created specifically for barbershops, salons, and spas, this SaaS-based platform is a flexible and feature-rich tool. As a complex and ready-to-use solution, it provides multiple benefits that range from appointment scheduling to marketing promotions and analytics. Additionally, Fresha allows you to manage your barbershop appointments as a barber or a customer on the go using mobile apps for iOS and Android. The platform is one of the few that provides a free start to any beauty business. However, it takes a one-time fee of 20% for every new client that discovers you through Fresha.

Key features:

  • Appointment scheduling & management;
  • Integrated point of sale (POS) tools;
  • Online payment processing;
  • Detailed reporting & analytics.
FreshaFree (20% commission)4.9

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Photograph of Barberly, one of the best barber appointment software options.Designed as the barber appointment software from the start, Barberly provides a wide selection of features and advantages to barbershops worldwide. From multichannel booking to a branded website & online payments, this platform comes fully equipped for all your barbershop management needs. With a variety of tools and features that are easy to use and get into, Barberly is one of the recommended barber shop appointment software solutions that ensures the best appointment management and even allows you to set up an online store to sell beauty products. You can freely check out what the platform has to offer using a 30-day free trial. After that, you’ll need to choose a pricing option starting from $25 per month for a single team member.

Key features:

  • Pre-designed barbershop software with security deposits;
  • Customizable and brandable mobile apps for appointment management;
  • Multichannel booking with social network integration;
  • Self check-in kiosk for organized walk-ins;
  • eCommerce-ready & easy-to-edit website.
Barberlyfrom $25/mo5.0

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Graphic of Vagaro, a complete package of tools for your barbershop.Vagaro provides a complete pack of tools for your barbershop when it comes to appointments, time management, and boosting your sales. Keeping your salon safe from no-shows is quite simple with barbershop software that provides a variety of features for improved online booking. Whether you’re looking for a detailed and versatile appointment scheduling system or need to track your inventory changes and receive online payments from clients, Vagaro can be used to simplify many routine tasks. It’s available from $30 per month depending on your location and number of employees after 1 month of free trial.

Key features:

  • Automated notifications;
  • Customer tracking;
  • Memberships & recurring payments;
  • Invoices and payroll;
  • Marketing tools & design services.
Vagarofrom $30/mo4.7

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Representation of GlossGenius, one of the best barber appointment software options.GlossGenius is designed as an adaptable solution for a majority of beauty businesses, including barbershops. Its modern design and diverse selection of advantages make it the top-notch barber appointment software that also delivers a multitude of tools for online booking management. From $24 per month and a 2-week free trial, you get access to a solution that allows you to schedule your appointments and deliver services efficiently without overloading your team. In addition, GlossGenius also provides payment & payroll management features with detailed reporting about various aspects of your barbershop performance.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-manage appointment scheduling system;
  • Customizable & responsive website;
  • Integrated no-show protection;
  • Inventory & calendar management;
  • Unlimited booking confirmations.
GlossGeniusfrom $24/mo4.6

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Visual of Mindbody, scheduling software for barbershops and hair salons.Mindbody comes equipped with the right benefits for nearly every service-based industry. If you run a barbershop, you can also take advantage of using this solution. As a barbershop scheduling software, the platform delivers an extensive set of features that include not only booking management. For example, you also get access to marketing & PR tools, a marketplace, and a branded app. While the pricing plans are more expensive than those previously mentioned (starting from $139 per month), the diversity of features and add-ons slightly justify the price. Moreover, you can book a demo before considering a paid plan.

Key features:

  • Powerful scheduling & staff management tools;
  • Secure online payments;
  • Integrated messenger & branded website;
  • Detailed business reports.
Mindbodyfrom $139/mo4.0

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Illustration of Squire, one of the best barber appointment software options.Squire is the barber appointment software developed specifically for barbershops. Unlike the usual appointment management software, this app helps you build long-lasting relationships with your clients. Thanks to its functionality that combines online booking & payments with powerful solutions for time management and analytics, Squire provides an essential yet highly useful set of tools for every barbershop. The pricing options are similar to other barbershop management software and start from $30 per month with a 30-day free trial.

Key features:

  • Well-designed & efficient booking system;
  • Easy-to-use reporting system;
  • Tools for membership and loyalty programs;
  • Secure online transactions.
Squirefrom $30/mo4.5

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Image of Zenoti, a flexible solution for barbershop clients & employees.If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution and a well-developed barber shops appointment software, we recommend checking out Zenoti. Built as an online platform for managing varied beauty businesses, this app comes with multiple advantages. They are designed to simplify various processes of barbershops, spas, and beauty salons. Ranging from appointments and billing to reviews and marketing, the versatile functionality of this barbershop scheduling software comes in handy regardless of your business’s size. Zenoti also supplies users with a vast resource base of tutorials that help when you are just getting started. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer any pricing plans and requires a barber to book a demo first to provide a custom-made appointment management experience.

Key features:

  • Flexible & real-time appointment scheduling;
  • Integrated feedback system;
  • Ready-made mobile solutions for clients & employees;
  • All-in-one business management platform.

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Portrait of Square, one of the best barber appointment software options.Moving from niche-specific solutions to more multipurpose ones, let’s take a look at Square. This app is one of the most widely used when it comes to Square appointment scheduling in beauty, retail, and restaurant business. Moreover, it is often applied as barber appointment software. Providing a vast choice of advantages, the app helps with online bookings, scheduling, staff management, marketing, and other tasks. As a result, you get a multitude of tools available for free or from $29 per month depending on your needs. Some processing fees also apply.

Key features:

  • Configurable appointment system with POS support;
  • eCommerce & online banking tools;
  • A variety of third-party integrations;
  • Efficient staff management;
  • Payment links.
SquareFree or from $29/mo4.5

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Figure of, a multipurpose app for managing is one more multipurpose online booking solution that we’d like to mention. Suitable for almost any business, just like Square, it is certainly a great pick for the free barbershop software. With some essentials, such as a booking widget and admin app provided for free, the platform delivers a lot more with a paid plan starting from €8.25 per month. With you get access to advanced appointment management software alongside a customizable booking website. Your clients will get instantly notified about new appointments. With this app, you may even take advantage of multiple integrations and other available features.

Key features:

  • Online bookings with multichannel support;
  • Deposits and full online payments;
  • Memberships & waiting lists;
  • Coupons & gift cards;
  • Customizable reminders & notifications.
SimplyBook.mefrom €8.25/mo4.6

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We hope this overview of popular barber appointment software has helped choose the right solution for your business. Whether you’re looking for something simple and free or complex and premium, this selection of apps for beauty salons and barbershops can prove useful in any task your barbershop and employees face. Furthermore, with flexible pricing options and configurable workflow, these tools can solve many problems modern barbershop owners have:

  • Improved time management: One of the first issues that barbershop scheduling software solves is time management. While it is a great tool for controlling and automating your bookings, the built-in calendar and customizable schedules will help you track your appointments effectively and make the most out of your working hours.
  • Better customer experience: If you aim to deliver a smooth booking experience and ensure the seamless integration of the barber shop appointment software with your business workflow, using appointment apps can solve both tasks at once. Moreover, it enables clients to book an appointment at any time instead of calling you during the day.
  • Income protection: Most barbershop software is enabled with online payment service support. This helps a lot when you need to automate not just the booking process but also the financial side of providing services. Also, some solutions have a feature of requesting deposit payments alongside providing POS functionality.
  • Productivity boost: Finally, using barber shops appointment software results in a considerable productivity boost. One of the main goals of such apps is to free you from routine appointment planning or rescheduling tasks and provide more time for other duties. As a result, you can do more for your business without sacrificing anything in the process.


Which software has POS?

Fresha  & Square are two popular barber appointment software solutions that provide POS functionality.

Are there any free barber appointment software options?

Some of the best barber appointment booking software provides free plans (for example, Fresha). You can also use WordPress to freely establish an attractive barbershop website with functionality similar to SaaS-based apps.

What is Square appointment scheduling?

Square is a multipurpose appointment scheduling software that meets the needs of barbershops & beauty salons and other businesses. Among other benefits, it provides client & staff management and multiple integrations.

Are there free Mindbody alternatives?

There are multiple free alternatives to the Mindbody booking system that range from SaaS-based solutions to WordPress plugins (including and Appointment Booking Lite).

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