Booqable vs Appointment booking for rental business.

Booqable vs MotoPress: What Is the Best Rental Booking Software?

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Looking for Booqable alternatives? Booqable and Appointment Booking by MotoPress are some of the top-rated online platforms designed for rental businesses that want to automate their workflow. For such companies, having a well-developed automation platform for rental services is a key to success.

Still, the two mentioned solutions are not identical and include diverse features as well as advantages and disadvantages. In today’s article, we will take a closer look at both of them and compare what these platforms have to offer.

Booqable vs Appointment Booking: Key Features & Pricing Options

Being a well-developed and feature-rich solution, Booqable offers diverse opportunities for any modern rental business. You may be renting out boats, cameras, or medical equipment.

Whatever you work with, rest assured this platform has what it takes to improve and automate your core processes. From creating a dedicated website with an included builder to managing orders and online bookings, there are lots of features this platform provides.

Due to its rich functionality and SaaS-based nature, Booqable pricing plans range from $35 to $299 per month with a 20% annual plan discount. Such an approach allows you to pick the best for your business.

The Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress, on the other hand, provides a slightly different experience to its users. While still suitable for rental business websites, the plugin is quite flexible in a way that allows it to be used for online booking management of nearly any business. However, unlike Booqable, this solution requires an established WordPress website to work.

The mentioned solution provides an annual pricing option of $59.00 with an included license for regular updates and support.

However, you can also get this plugin as well as many other products with an all-inclusive membership option starting from $299 per year. With this great offer, you get access to all themes and plugins by MotoPress alongside priority support and regular updates.

Booqable EssentialBooqable ProBooqable PremiumAppointment Booking
2 staff accounts and 1 location5 staff accounts and 1 location15 staff accounts and 3 locationsUnlimited locations and staff

Core Feature Comparison of Booqable and Appointment Booking

Picture of Booqable, a popular rental software for modern businesses.While there are obvious differences between Booqable and Appointment Booking, both these solutions provide outstanding user experience when it comes to rental management. Even if you manage an already established website with a wide range of items for rent, you can use any of the mentioned rental booking software to enhance and automate your rental workflow.

For example, Booqable will provide you with a set of tools designed specifically for rental businesses. However, all of them are primarily accessible through the platform’s website. MotoPress Appointment Booking works best with established WordPress websites but it requires extra configuration. While not being 100% optimized strictly for rental companies, the plugin has higher customization potential than any of the Booqable alternatives. It can also be used if you decide to manage all your bookings and not just product rentals. Let’s take a look at these solutions and their most popular features.

FeaturesBooqableAppointment Booking
Order managementYesYes
Inventory managementYesLimited
Website builderYesRequires WordPress
Website templatesYesPaid themes
Dashboard & calendarYesYes
Advanced analyticsYesYes
CRM & communication with customersYesNo
Online payment gateway integrationYesYes
Easy-to-use rental booking wizardNoYes
Discounts & couponsYesYes
Google Analytics integrationYesYes
Customer profilesYesYes
Group bookingsNoLimited
Multiple location supportYesYes
Free trialGet startedGet started

The Top 5 Features of Booqable and Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

Photo of MotoPress website, a developer of Appointment Booking plugin for WordPress.The abovementioned list of features for both solutions certainly isn’t complete as they are actively supported and updated. Still, due to some similarities between Booqable and Appointment Booking, it may be difficult to decide which of them to pick. That’s why we decided to point out the top 5 features that are frequently used by rental businesses:

  • Rental management dashboard;
  • Web builder;
  • Analytics;
  • Online payment support;
  • Customer relations.

These are some of the essential features that any bike rental website owners expect to see in software solutions designed for their companies. However, there’s more to each of these features as well as to both products mentioned in this article. That’s why next we’ll move on to describing each of these core features and comparing them with what Booqable and Appointment Booking provide.

1. Rental Management

Photograph of the Orders section of Booqable used for inventory & order management.

Managing products available for rent as well as various orders that come from your customers is one of the key processes for any rental business. The developers of Booqable rental software understand it and provide their clients with a flexible and easy-to-use space for rental management tasks. From adding new products to tracking current orders and rented items, this platform allows you to perform all core operations with a few clicks.

According to multiple Booqable reviews, this solution has a user-friendly UI. With it, you won’t have any trouble with setting up your online store for equipment rental even if you haven’t worked with similar software before.

Graphic of the Services section of the Appointment Booking plugin, used for inventory management.As for the Appointment Booking, it isn’t optimized for rental websites out of the box. However, it can be easily configured for any rental website built with WordPress. Using the built-in sections for services and related tags and categories, you can quickly transform the plugin to allow your clients to rent any product on your site in a matter of seconds. Additionally, information about every booking and order your clients make is automatically saved with this plugin. This includes:

  • Item status;
  • Customer details;
  • Rented item name;
  • Price and the paid amount of it;
  • The employee responsible for the rental service;
  • Period of rent;
  • Number of clients per order.

This means you get full data about any rented item, related online payments, and customers. The solution by MotoPress even allows sending out e-mail and SMS notifications without any assistance or interference from your side.

FeaturesBooqableAppointment Booking
Order managementYesYes
Automated document workflowYesNo
Bundles & collectionsYesNo
Multiple servicesYesYes
Customizable tags & categoriesYesYes

2. Web Builder

Representation of the integrated Booqable web builder with external integrations and diverse options.Any rental business needs to have a well-designed and attractive website. If you have an established company providing rental services and want it to stand out online, designing a unique and fully functional website with eCommerce features is necessary. Booqable solves this task by providing a user-friendly web builder with dozens of ready-made website templates. Thanks to the detailed visual customization and multiple supported payment methods, you can allow your clients to rent any item on your website and pay for it instantly. Besides, the platform supports connecting a custom domain to make your website easier to reach and more recognizable. You can also integrate Booqable into an existing website on the following platforms:

Visual of the Lorenty theme by MotoPress that can be used as a basis for a rental company website.The Appointment Booking plugin doesn’t offer such web-building capabilities when compared to Booqable but still has immense customization potential thanks to WordPress itself. The plugin can be suited for nearly any business, including a rental one: you want to use the Lorenty online rentals theme that seamlessly integrates with Appointment Booking.

Moreover, thanks to a wide variety of WordPress appointment themes, including those of MotoPress, even a beginner user can create a memorable and responsive website without any coding knowledge.

In addition to that, the booking solution supports all major WordPress website builders, from Divi to Gutenberg and Elementor. Using them and the mentioned plugin, you can craft an impressive rental experience for your users in a few clicks.

FeaturesBooqableAppointment Booking
Easy-to-use web builderYesWordPress
Pre-designed website templatesYesLorenty (paid theme)
Built-in widgets for WordPress page buildersOnly shortcodesYes
Integrated major online payment methodsYesYes
Custom domain supportYesYes

3. Analytics & Reports

Illustration of the Report section that Booqable provides.Another notable feature of both presented platforms is analytics. Available under the “Reports” section in Booqable rental software, this module provides extensive data about all rented & currently available items. Besides, with this feature, you can see which products are rented the most and what revenue they deliver. You can filter all available data by item status, product tags, and other various criteria. This gives you a better understanding of how each of your products performs due to three varied report types:

  • Availability reports;
  • Pickup reports;
  • Performance reports.

Portrait of the built-in analytics module supplied with the Appointment Booking WordPress plugin.As a Booqable alternative, the Appointment Booking plugin provides a nearly identical range of data. Just like the previously mentioned solution, it provides efficient controls for filtering all kinds of data gathered by the plugin. From displaying analytics from diverse locations to showing the revenue from each rented item, the plugin allows you to see exactly when and where all of your items were rented. Additionally, Appointment Booking offers informative visual data on coupons, which Booqable doesn’t have. All in all, the plugin provides enough information on every aspect of your rental business.

FeaturesBooqableAppointment Booking
Detailed analytical data for productsYesYes
Revenue & payment updatesYesYes
Customizable data rangeYesYes
Service & location trackingNoYes
Availability & pickup performance dataYesNo

4. Online Payment Support

Rendering of a website of the <a href=Stripe online payment gateway, a system supporting all major payment methods.” width=”1200″ height=”681″ />One of the must-have features for any party rental booking software is the support of online payments. First, it helps customers easily rent any item they are interested in. Also, it allows you as a business owner to automate the processes of product purchase & rental. Thanks to the varied online payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe, the payments are simplified and more secure than ever before. Booqable supports both of these services offering your clients numerous payment methods, from major credit cards to various popular Internet payment systems like iDEAL or Giropay.

Online payment gateways are also supported by the Appointment Booking plugin. Similar to Booqable, the solution from MotoPress offers access to world-renowned payment services without any fees. However, the range of supported systems is slightly wider as it also includes:

Figure of Google Pay, a popular payment service and platform developed by Google.For example, Appointment Booking is fully integrated with not just Stripe or PayPal but also supports on-site payments. The plugin also has a built-in sandbox mode that is great for testing payment integrations without any risk.

FeaturesBooqableAppointment Booking
Stripe & PayPal supportYesYes
Payment requestsYesNo
Pre-authorizing credit cardsYesNo
Manual payment registrationYesYes
Individual deposit paymentsNoYes
Payment history trackingYesYes

5. Customer Relations

Picture of the Customers section, used for keeping & recording your clients' data.Maintaining great relations with your customers is as important to any rental business as keeping track of orders and revenue. Booqable rental software solves this by providing a built-in CRM system with all pricing plans. It allows not just to effectively manage the customer base but also to view the order history of each client. You can also communicate with customers, create repeat bookings, and apply discounts to active orders within a single dashboard section.

Unlike Booqable, Appointment Booking keeps basic information about your customers. The plugin allows to change their data if necessary and even connect it to a user profile. Additionally, the “Customers” section of the plugin’s dashboard helps you to easily navigate to any orders and bookings made by a specific customer.

FeaturesBooqableAppointment Booking
Built-in CRM systemYesNo
Customizable discounts and security deposits for each customerYesYes
Customer profilesYesYes
Trackable booking history for each customerYesYes
E-mail communication with customers via the dashboardYesAutomated emails outside dashboard

Choosing Between Booqable and Appointment Booking

Snapshot of the Booqable software suitable for bike rental companies.As you see, both platforms described in this article deserve your attention. We recommend trying and deciding for yourself as these solutions come with free options that don’t require commitment – a 14-day free trial for Booqable and a free plugin version for Appointment Booking / or a free trial to test all premium features. These tools are highly functional and well-developed yet slightly different when it comes to assisting rental businesses. While the first one was developed with rentals in mind and is a SaaS-based solution, the WordPress plugin was built as a universal tool for a variety of modern businesses. Still, the former solution also offers a Booqable WordPress plugin for better functionality integration.

View of the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin and its product page.The Appointment Booking plugin is a great fit for your business if you fully rely on WordPress and don’t have a wide range of items for rent. Moreover, this party rental booking software offers you complete control over every option in the dashboard. While Booqable can be integrated into WordPress as well, it still relies on the platform to work properly. Additionally, its services are offered to a limited amount of locations depending on what pricing plan you choose. With Appointment Booking, you can add any amount of physical store locations and employees to your website for a lesser price and integrate it into your WordPress site without any complexities.

BooqableAppointment Booking
Easy-to-use dashboard with order & inventory managementCentralized bookings calendar
Visual store builderFlexible schedules for employees
Payments & security depositsReady-made website widgets
Mobile app (iOS & Android)Online payment gateway integration
Barcode & QR code scanningSMS & e-mail notifications
Invoices & contractsUnlimited service customization
Zapier integrationPowerful employee profile management
Plugins for CMS & web buildersMultilingual UI
Built-in APIEasy booking export
from $35/month$59/year

Conclusion: What’s the Best Booqable Alternative?

Picture of the Booqable website and quick loot at its desktop and mobile versions.We hope this overview and comparison of the Booqable vs Appointment Booking plugin has provided you with all the information necessary for choosing the right solution for your rental business. Whether you plan to develop a fully-featured website or just need to update an existing online presence with rental management features, both of these solutions can help you. However, it’s up to you what to choose and what features of each solution to use to achieve success.

Pros of Appointment Booking vs Booqable:

  • Better value for money;
  • Efficient & well-developed bookings dashboard with calendar view;
  • Customizable schedules;
  • Ready-made widgets and blocks for Elementor, Gutenberg, and Divi builders;
  • Support of online payment gateways;
  • Automated notifications and rental reminders.

Pros of Booqable vs Appointment Booking:

  • Online booking & inventory management;
  • Detailed analytics module;
  • A variety of included rental website templates;
  • Multiple integrations;
  • POS for rental businesses.

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