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Ann Taylor is an overall WordPress, open source, and dark folk music fan. She has been writing about WordPress since the times of the TinyMCE aka Classic Editor.

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10 Things Only WordPress Booking Plugin by MotoPress Can Do

A family of WordPress booking plugins by MotoPress includes two dedicated solutions: WordPress Booking for property bookings and the WordPress appointment booking plugin for appointment scheduling. In today’s article, we’d like to share a few superpowers of the WordPress hotel booking plugin. As a user of this plugin, what can you do beyond creating a…

20+ Best Premium WordPress Coming Soon Themes

Need to build some buzz around your future website? Good idea! With WordPress coming soon themes you are about to discover in this collection, it’s going to be an easy task with WordPress coming soon pages. But before we go any further, let’s sort out what WordPress coming soon means.

How To Build a Mega Menu in WordPress with Elementor

How good is the default WordPress menu? It allows you to use pages, posts, categories, and URLs as menu and submenu items. Even more so, a straightforward single-column drop-down is the only submenu type you can have. This means the default WordPress menu has limits for adding and customizing items. Since the navigation menu is…

30 Best Addons & Plugins for Elementor: Which One to Choose? Free & Paid

Looking for the most generous free version among the free Elementor addons? And we don’t necessarily mean the number of free widgets; that’s why we’ll look at the plugins at different angles (styling options, speed optimization, etc.). In this roundup, we are reviewing freemium solutions that one way or another provide a set of free…

How to Create Tables in WordPress Post & Pages in 1 Minute! No HTML Required

If you are asking yourself questions like “How do I create tables in WordPress?”, this post is for you. Since tables are great tools to structure the data on posts and pages, the article covers different ways to insert them without touching a code. If you are eager to find a solution suitable for your…