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Ann Taylor is an overall WordPress, open source, and dark folk music fan. She has been writing about WordPress since the times of the TinyMCE aka Classic Editor.

Contribution Topics: Customer stories | Product updates | WordPress tutorials

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Reduce No-Shows & Enhance Form Design with Appointment Booking 1.22.0

Exciting news! Version 1.22.0 of the Appointment Booking plugin brings two major updates: in addition to a number of minor fixed and improvements, we’ve also released two big new features you’ll love: Enable your clients to add bookings to their calendar. Are your clients sometimes forgetting about their appointment? Decrease no-shows significantly with this new…

15 Best WordPress Security Tips in 2024: Safeguarding Your Website

The best WordPress security tips are easy-to-follow and useful recommendations for any WordPress website owner to help their website stay secure. They can help any website admin save a lot of time since people simply don’t have time or wish to dig into all this security stuff. Most users prefer (at least something!) to go…

35 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Crafting and Hobbies (Mostly Free)

For this collection, we’ve curated a list of the top multipurpose WordPress themes. “Multipurpose” is an umbrella term for a WordPress theme that includes more than one ready-made design, usually for a variety of niche businesses, and, as a rule, comes packed with certain industry-standard plugins (for customization, SEO, marketing, etc.). To rephrase, these are…

Visualize Your Business Performance with the New Analytics Dashboard (Appointment Booking 1.21.0)

We’re thrilled to introduce you to a completely brand-new menu you can discover on your Appointment Booking plugin dashboard: Analytics. It allows you to build visual charts about your business just by applying a few handy filters! As its name hints, it’s made to give you data-driven insights into the performance of your appointment-based business.

25 Best Education WordPress Themes: School, Elearning, Online Course

In this collection of the best education WordPress themes, we’re reviewing general theme features and the niches these themes are mostly aimed at. For example, here you’ll find solutions for schools, training centers, solo mentors/teachers, or all-around course-optimized themes for remote learning.