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PriceLabs Integration with WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin: Earn More From Every Listing!

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PriceLabs is a popular service for managing dynamic pricing for vacation rental owners and property managers. It analyzes competitor rates in your area and suggests optimal accommodation prices for each day, helping you maximize revenue for every property, without manual control.

With this news, we’re announcing the integration of our WordPress Hotel Booking plugin with PriceLabs! To connect the two, you need to purchase the new Hotel Booking PriceLabs add-on, then simply sync your PriceLabs listings with the respective accommodation types in Hotel Booking. This will help you easily display prices from PriceLabs on your website accommodation pages!

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Now, let’s tell you more about how this Airbnb pricing tool service works with the Hotel Booking plugin – and how you can earn more from every listing starting today!

Discover PriceLabs

The release of this extension was inspired by the feedback of the Hotel Booking customers, who already use and love PriceLabs.

So, whether you are already using PriceLabs or it’s something new for you, it’s worth giving a try! The dynamic price recommendations by the service is what many need to save time and never lose a dime because of the poor pricing strategy.

Some cool stats about the service:

  • It works with 100+ PMSes and channel managers in over 100 countries. So if you have your property listed elsewhere and connected PriceLabs, you will be able to easily connect prices with your WordPress website.
  • PriceLabs tools provide you with insightful data and property price recommendations for every day, highlighting various types of demands.
  • Last-minute discounts and market-driven prices, best prices history, minimum and maximum prices, and more – all can be controlled in your PriceLabs account.
  • PriceLabs Airbnb integration is very easy, so if you use this popular OTA, you are safe to go with Airbnb and WordPress.
  • PriceLabs pricing is very modest, allowing even small property owners to benefit from the service.

You can watch this short video tutorial on how they calculate rates:

How to connect PriceLabs to the Hotel Booking plugin

First of all, what is required for the PriceLabs extension for WordPress to work properly?

You need to have a PriceLabs account with listings added from any PMS/OTA supported by PriceLabs. Once you have added listings in PriceLabs, you can connect them directly to your Hotel Booking plugin through the new extension.

Next, how to use the extension? Here is a quick WordPress PriceLabs guide:

1. Log into your PriceLabs account. There you should already have your listings added.
PriceLabs-Dashboard Listings.
2. Go to your Account Settings > API Details. You need to activate your API key. At the moment of writing this, the setting is only available on request and you need to reach out to the PriceLabs support team at [email protected] – simply ask them to enable a custom API for your account. This is usually a quick process and you should have it activated on that same day. Here is a detailed guide: Customer API guide.
3. Once the API key for your account is activated, you’ll be notified by email. Then go again to the PriceLabs API Details menu > click ‘Activate’ > click ‘Copy API key’.
4. Go to your WordPress dashboard > Accommodation > Settings > Extensions > PriceLabs.
5. Insert the key into the PriceLabs API key field and save the changes – this should display available PriceLabs listings right in your WordPress.
Hotel Booking PriceLabs settings extension.
6. Make sure that the currency in your Hotel Booking plugin (Accommodation > Settings > General > Currency) is the same as currency set in PriceLabs/your PMS.
7. To add every new listing, click ‘Add new listing’ > select the matching accommodations from the PriceLabs and Accommodation Type drop-downs > save changes. You can map the same PriceLabs listing to any number of accommodation types in Hotel Booking.
Choosing accommodation types in hotel booking.

After connecting PriceLabs, check your website to see how the new rates are reflected. You’ll find them in various places, like property listings, individual accommodation pages, checkout flows, and availability calendars.

In the example below, you can see PriceLabs prices displayed in the calendar, automatically adjusting for seasons and weekends:

Hotel booking calendar pricing frontend.

How often are the prices updated?

Prices on your WordPress site update automatically twice a day. In the PriceLabs extension menu settings, a message below your listings shows the last sync time and possible errors (‘Last import status’).

You can also manually sync prices by clicking “Start Import Now” – you might want to use this if you, for example, have just updated prices via PriceLabs and want these changes to be reflected on your direct booking website right away.

Otherwise, the process is smooth and automated and you will unlikely need to control it manually!

How rates in Hotel Booking work for listings mapped with PriceLabs

By using PriceLabs, you basically replace rates in Hotel Booking with prices sourced and dynamically updated from PriceLabs. The extension then displays data from PriceLabs on your WordPress hotel website.

This means you don’t even need to create rates in the main plugin, however, you’ll still need to keep ‘seasons’ for properties as this is necessary for displaying properties in the search results on your website (at least for the moment).

At the same time, PriceLabs rates are not displayed via the Rates menu in Hotel Booking – all the price changes should be managed separately in your PriceLabs account. There are tons of settings to help you make your prices flexible and work for you.

PriceLabs-Dashboard Prices Calendar.

However, if you’re already familiar with PriceLabs, it’s much easier for you to continue controlling prices centralized in one account and use your direct booking website for accepting reservations.

PriceLabs Airbnb Integration

PriceLabs Airbnb pricing tool is very popular with Airbnb hosts, who don’t want to mange prices of their property manually. So, if you have a listing on Airbnb in addition to your direct booking WordPress site, PriceLabs offers a smart Airbnb pricing control tool to maximize revenue from your listings with automatic tools.

It’s really simple to connect Airbnb to PriceLabs using a channel manager or PMS (the Google Chrome extension doesn’t work at the moment), and control the pricing using your PriceLabs account.

Final word: Smoothly integrate PriceLabs with WordPress

PriceLabs is the data-driven price recommendation service that simplifies life for hotel owners, vacation rental hosts, and property managers. With the brand-new Hotel Booking PriceLabs extension, you can smoothly connect prices from PriceLabs and populate them on your WordPress site through the Hotel Booking plugin. Use PriceLabs to maximize your revenue with the intelligent price recommendations – and use the WordPress PriceLabs integration add-on to seamlessly connect the service with Hotel Booking!

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