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One More Fruitful Year at MotoPress. Thank You for Being with Us!

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The holiday season is in full swing! Are you dancing to the Christmas radio or already making plans for 2018?

Oh, that 2018 sounds really strange. Here at MotoPress, we feel a bit nostalgic about the almost bygone year because it was really cool! So why not look back and talk about some awesome achievements and plans we have? It feels great to share them with you!

MotoPress is transforming into a small marketplace

The key product commonly associated with “MotoPress” is our honey – WordPress Page Builder plugin. However, we are constantly releasing new WordPress products that are focused on diverse needs, so we are now working in many directions!

The idea to turn into a small WordPress marketplace (we love to call it a lab) was not a mad dash – everything was happening slowly, with the product line enrichment. Those products now serve lots of absolutely different niches and clients. So, it was only natural.

Achievements and the releases we are proud of

Without your help and feedback, we would never move that far. Don’t you mind if we take a quick look at our MotoPress achievements list? Its short version, actually 🙂

  1. We released MotoPress Hotel Booking – a WordPress property rental plugin with a full-blown reservation system. It’s now one of the industry favorites, featured in dozens of roundups and used by multiple hospitality business websites. Lots of development work was dedicated to this plugin, so tons of features were released, including the most required ones like synchronization with online travel agents like Airbnb, translation into multiple languages, and flexible property management system. We hope you love it, guys! It’s one of the top MotoPress things we put all passion into.
  2. We made a huge step forward in improving the usability of the MotoPress Content Editor by adding the ability to switch the posts and pages made in Page Builder into the default WordPress TinyMCE editor. It totally removed the problem with shortcodes as all the content stays intact (but simplified) now if the plugin is deactivated. Additionally, the builder undergone some design and settings polishing (before major improvements).
  3. A bunch of great enhancements were applied to the MotoPress Demo Builder plugin – a unique tool for WordPress plugin and theme developers that helps build multipurpose demo websites and provide backend demo for their customers.
  4. We released 5 awesome themes in 2017:

Oceanica – an elegant WordPress hotel booking theme, seamlessly integrated with the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin. It’s free version, Oceanica Lite was accepted on (and it’s doing great there!).

Villagio – Property Rental WordPress theme with Hotel Booking plugin included for free.

Nifty Fifty Photography WordPress theme – a stunning portfolio theme for photographers with 2 color skins and killer, multipurpose Jetpack plugin.

Creatista WordPress Portfolio theme for designers – an awesome theme for designers and other creatives.

Avior – a free WordPress blogging theme that is doing just great on the official repo (900+ active downloads in a month)!

Entrepreneur Lite – a free version of the Entrepreneur WordPress theme for solopreneurs.

5. We opened the MotoPress Club to give you the opportunity to get all current and future WordPress products at a small price. Take into account the number of products we release during the year and multiply all of them in the Membership bundle by 2 (or more)!  MotoPress Membership is the most cost-effective deal we can offer at the moment.

  1. MotoPress contributed to WordPress community with one interested experimental plugin that transforms image galleries into virtual reality galleries – free VR Gallery (beta) WordPress plugin – it requires more active downloads and feedback in order to be improved.
  2. We released 1-click installation service for Emmet theme – our best selling business WordPress theme, so you can get it installed without tinkering with hosting, domain and all similar sorts of things.
  3. We released the discounted bundles of the builder with addons for those who want to get all premium extensions with the WordPress website builder in one bundle, but with a huge discount.


Let’s just scratch the surface a bit 🙂

– Upcoming extensive improvements of the MotoPress Content Editor and more news on its compatibility with Gutenberg.

– Working on a new brand website: we are constantly working on the website redesign so soon you’ll be able to visit a more easily navigated and polished MotoPress website with new concepts and offers!

– We are working on creating roadmaps for the vast majority of products (plugins first) so that all of our customers and visitors are able to get a better understanding of how fast the product is being improved.

– More WordPress themes – completely new as well as powered by our plugins like MotoPress Hotel Booking or MotoPress Content Editor.

– More improvements for all current free and premium plugins (Follow MotoPress on Facebook to always stay up to date).

But well, enough about that, let’s not reveal all secrets! More fruitful year to come!

May your life be full of joy, favorite work, and only pleasant challenges! Happy holidays!

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