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MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin Setup: Hire the Experts!

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MotoPress makes it hassle-free for hotel owners to create and run a website on WordPress.

Accept direct bookings, present properties with details, sell extras, sync bookings with OTAs, and more – all this is possible with the WordPress hotel plugin.

But did you know about the most time-saving option of starting with the plugin? It’s the Hotel Booking Configuration service offered by our support team, the basic package starts at just $99 (one-time fee).

The process is as follows:

1. buy the plugin.
2. buy the service.
3. send your instructions to our support team.

While configuring the plugin yourself is definitely possible (there are docs, forums, chats, videos, etc.; it’s pretty intuitive, too), starting with a smooth setup through our service, from the moment you’ve purchased the plugin, can be a great option, especially if you’re new to the process.

To tell you more beyond what you can read on the service page, we spoke with Andre, a long-time support star at MotoPress, regarding his expertise in this service. He is one of the support team members who deals with the service requests on a regular basis.

Andre“To date, I’ve set up the Hotel Booking plugin for over 100 clients.

– Andre Arsen Flores, MotoPress support engineer

We started our conversation by asking Andre about the key factors that motivate clients to choose the Hotel Booking Initial Configuration service. Do non-technical WordPress users actually struggle with setting up the plugin on their own?

“I believe the key factor is saving time. Most of the users who purchased the service are running their rental businesses and are willing to automate all the processes. That’s why they don’t have time to dig deep into plugin settings and choose us to do it to save their valuable time. It also allows them to save their money, as it would be more expensive to hire a developer to work on the project.”

After purchasing the services, the MotoPress support team reaches out to the client with a list of common questions to better understand client needs.

We’ve also asked Andre to share more details to get a behind-the-scenes look at this process. He describes it as follows:

Here is what the process usually looks like:

  1. Introducing myself to the client as his/her personal assistant and collecting required information to start the service.
  2. Asking additional questions to make sure we’re on the same page.
  3. Installing the plugin and configuring it per the client’s requirements.
  4. Following up on the performed configuration and offering help with any questions related to the Hotel Booking plugin functionality.

The needs of every hotel and vacation rental business vary. We’ve also asked Andre how the team ensures that the plugin setup is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each client.

“The main thing is to understand the concept of the client’s business. When you see the bigger picture, it’s easier to understand how to set up the plugin to do exactly what the client needs.”

Sometimes clients who have already established WordPress websites have concerns about compatibility with various themes and plugins. If you choose hotel themes by MotoPress, you always get a perfect design out of the box, yet the plugin works fine regardless of your theme choice. Andre says they’ve got you covered:

“Basically there are usually no conflicts with third-party themes or plugins. The Hotel Booking plugin can be integrated with any WordPress theme and works perfectly along with other plugins.”

So, the service is offered for users on any WordPress theme, not exclusive to those using the MotoPress themes.

“Regardless of the WordPress theme the client uses, the Hotel Booking plugin can be configured without any issues. The plugin is developed in a way that allows you to implement any booking element to existing WordPress pages, whether the client uses page builder or the WordPress block editor.”

While the MotoPress support team can assist you with integrating additional features or extensions, the service excludes custom development and design work.

“By default no extra features or extensions are added within the Initial Configuration service. However, clients often purchase addons for Hotel Booking and I’m always happy to assist with their configuration, as well as go an extra mile and set up some more seasons or rates for them.”

And what’s next? If you are curious what level of ongoing support the team offers to clients after the initial setup is completed, here is the answer.

“It’s very important to make sure that everything works as expected after the service is delivered, so I always stay in touch with clients upon the service completion for a while. Whether there are any questions/issues regarding the booking system workflow or setting up certain extras (custom rates, security damage deposit fees etc.), I’m always available for the client to advise.”

In case when it’s really a lot of work in the hands of the support team, do they ever outsource the service provision? Andre’s response was a firm “no”.

“No, I never outsource the service provision, I prefer to get in touch with clients myself, get all the necessary information and deliver the service in a timely fashion.”

To wrap up our conversation, we asked Andre to share some of his favorite success stories or testimonials from clients who have used the MotoPress setup service for the Hotel Booking plugin. His heartfelt and humble response followed:

“It’s always great to receive positive feedback from clients, who I configured the plugin for, especially when they praise the MotoPress team and our products. I’m also more than happy when clients share success stories about starting new or improving their current business with help of the Hotel Booking plugin, knowing that I’m a part of that success.”

With the Hotel Booking Configuration service, you get it done right and easily, your rental property website is in safe hands with experts like Andre.

What are key features of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin?

If you are new to the plugin, we can assure you there are tons of features and options that help you get the most out of your business online. Some of the really important ones we’ve highlighted below:

  • Fully customizable search form: Adapt to any rental business (villas, hotels, pet boarding, boat rentals, etc.)
  • Deep property presentation customization: Highlight unique features and showcase any room or house with maximum details.
  • Rich ecosystem of hotel WordPress themes: Ready-made options or full design control.
  • A great range of hotel booking add-ons to extend the core functionality.
  • Dynamic pricing system: Set tiered pricing based on various factors (guests, duration, etc.).
  • Mobile app for bookings and management (Android/iOS): Manage bookings on the go.
  • Guest personal accounts: Enable guests to view booking information, past bookings, and check-in details.
  • REST API for seamless integration with other platforms: Extend functionality of the plugin and connect with external services.
  • Works with popular WordPress builders (Elementor, block editor, Divi): Visually build your website using popular page builder solutions.
  • Integrates various payment methods: PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, and more (WooCommerce addon for additional options).
  • Provides booking data with graphs and charts: Track bookings, clients, revenue, and more.

Pro tip: MotoPress Membership is the best option to save money when you need the core Hotel Booking plugin, add-ons, and themes. 

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