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50+ Noteworthy WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2023

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Being a while in the WordPress community and still fear you are missing something out? Or, you are just finding your feet and looking for the blogs you can dwell on? No worries!

We’ve done some interesting homework and collected top noteworthy WordPress blogs that gained popularity thanks to the valuable content they share.

We tried to choose the ones that are regularly updated, with a sort of easy lessons for beginners and some nerdy content for developers. There are dedicated WordPress blogs, personal blogs, and company blogs. Each of them has something to say.

Here are some picks of the best WordPress blogs in random order!

Best WordPress Blogs to Follow

WP Tavern

WP Tavern website
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The journalists of this blog will deliver all the up-to-date news on the things happening in the WordPress world. So, if you are looking for the most objective articles on the WordPress core, themes, plugins, events (like WordCamps), interviews, analytics, you should grab a beer start reading them regularly.

Post Status

Post Status website
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A great resource of WordPress opportunities, opinions, analytics, and connections. They will let you stay updated on WordPress news and will deliver various data and opinion-driven analyses of WordPress business, sharing success stories and tips along the way. One of the latest articles is about the future of the WordPress economy, by the way, and is worth your precious couple of minutes!


WP Explorer website
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Posts of different calibers for different audiences who are one way or another connected to WordPress. Want to find the best gallery plugin? WPExplorer will direct you. Want to find a WordPress job? There are articles on this topic as well. Overall, this one is among serious established WordPress blogs aiming to provide you with quality resources.


WPMU DEV website
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The supermen of the WordPress world will supply you with a ton of in-depth reviews, tutorials, and tips. WPMU DEV has managed to build a growing community around their website, where experienced writers share awesome WordPress themes and plugins roundups, guides, and more.


WPBlog website
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WPBlog is a regularly updated WordPress blog focused on plugin and theme comparisons, to-the-point WordPress tutorials, a great collection of guides for eCommerce websites, and casual interviews.

WP Mayor

WP Mayor website
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WP Mayor is a regularly updated WordPress blog where you can get experienced advice on any topic. Their field of endeavor is huge: you may find a detailed article on how to choose the best e-commerce plugin, a list of the latest WordPress themes, or a story about the latest WordCamp venues. Anything to your liking!


WPGlossy website
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WPGlossy is one of the best sources to find helpful WordPress tutorials, Hosting & Theme reviews, and comparisons. This active blog mainly focuses on speeding up your WordPress sites as it is a major ranking factor. Here, you can find some detailed articles about making your site load fast. When I checked the site’s loading speed, I was surprised to see the results. Good to see that this WordPress niche blog has passed the core web vitals assessments and got a full score in the Google Pagespeed insights test.


WPLeaders website
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An absorbing and incredibly informative blog is conducted by the main editor of WPLeaders Isitak Rayhan. Each post is written thoroughly by giving big attention to the details. You will read only high-quality WordPress-related content, eloquent plugins and themes descriptions, and unbiased collections of various products.


Ultida website

Ultida is a powerful source of information where you can find the latest news from the world of WordPress themes, plugins and mockups. You are sure to find expertly written articles on different topics. They are divided into categories to make your search easy and fast. Subscribe to the Ultida newsletter to be aware of new trends on the WordPress marketplace!


ScanWP website
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The website covers multiple topics ranging from WordPress hosting recommendations to beginner tips and plugins/theme suggestions. You will find loads of products and reviews primarily for multipurpose and popular niches, including Elementor, booking plugins, niche theme designs, and many other topics.

WP Pagebuilders

WP Pagebuilders website
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WP Pagebuilders is a WordPress blog that focuses on the design aspect. It primarily covers topics like page builder and theme builder. The blog has a main mission to help those having no programming knowledge to create professional websites with WordPress.

The HotSkills (WordPress)

The HotSkills website
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You can choose The HotSkills if you’re looking for WordPress blogs with news about WordPress updates, new WordPress plugins, or new WordPress themes. You’ll find WordPress tutorials created by experts from different countries. Subscribe to stay tuned with the latest WP news, trends, tips, and more!

Elegant Themes Blog

Elegant Themes Blog
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A serious and comprehensive resource of WordPress tutorials, freebies, and reviews. One of the main emphasis is made on the marketing insights for the WordPress sites of any type, including social media marketing and e-commerce. The blog is up and running for almost 10 years!

WP Kube

WP Kube website
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WP Kube is undoubtedly a trustful WordPress blog for WordPress users, developers, and marketers. They generally publish professional pros&cons reviews of WordPress products and services, evaluate new products and create step-by-step WordPress tutorials. Be prepared for long reads!


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Guys are really rigorous in their work and will never publish any “filler” posts. Multiple useful and in-depth WordPress market analyses, comparisons, and product/services recommendations are waiting for you on this site. I’m sure it’s in the top 10 blogs list of every WordPress maniac.

Winning WP

WinningWP website
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A cool WordPress blog with a variety of categories: plugin and theme reviews, hostings compared, SEO tools, books, marketing insights, quick WordPress tips, deals (coupons to buy WordPress plugins and themes with discount), detailed guides, and anything you might need today or tomorrow.


Astra blog website
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Astra team highly invests in content creation for WordPress users. Their blog gives you exclusive access to new tips, articles, guides, updates, and more. It’s one of the WordPress blogs where you find comprehensive product reviews, blogging tips, WordPress tutorials, and other up-to-date articles in different categories.


SiteSaga website
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You don’t want to give a miss to SiteSaga if you are to find the most recent collections of WordPress themes & plugins, product and hosting reviews, as well as up-to-date beginner tutorials. It’s a fast-growing relatively fresh WP blog that will help anyone start and monetize their own site faster and easier.


WP 101 website
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Awesome WordPress tutorials with the beginner in mind. The blog features must-have tools and a variety of guides to building your site without any tech help. It will help you figure out lots of things WordPress with a help of text and video content.


Torquemag website
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If you are looking for an all-around WordPress blog with all types of info, this is a blog for you. Torquemag features business growing insights, a knowledge base for beginners, security tips, WordPress news, products reviews, opinions, interviews, and more. A site that WordPressers read constantly.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO website
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The blog is all about website optimization on WordPress (a sensitive topic!). These guys created a great trustful community and help you improve your site through plugins, posts and simple tutorials. You’ll definitely need this bookmark to optimize your WordPress site for search engines properly.

Digging into WordPress

Digging into WordPress website
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Actionable tips and firsthand advice from WordPress experts Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. High-quality techniques for developers and easy-to-follow tips for beginners can be found here. Guys share lots of tips that can be hardly found anywhere else!

Word Impress

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Word Impress is going to impress you with lots of interesting interviews with WordPress developers, analytics articles about WordPress, and the team’s own experience of creating WordPress plugins and themes. A good bunch of unique content and opinions.


ThemeIsle website
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ThemeIsle is a great resource for WordPress beginners that answers lots of common WordPress questions and provides simple how-to guides. Interviews and opinions can also be found here from time to time.

WP Solver

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Hard to find a good theme or the right plugin for your or your client’s website? This site is good to solve such kinds of problems. They give a piece of expert advice on the best WordPress themes and plugins, reviewing them in detail. A smart handbook of SEO tips can also come in handy.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine (WordPress)
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A giant resource for web professionals and beginners, the WordPress category included. All the tutorials are written by real geeks, so you can trust their articles and opinions. As for the topics, they are diverse: in-depth SEO tips, the stuff for developers, automation, analytics, case studies, security tips, etc.

Site Point

Site Point (WordPress)
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Another well-known and established blog for designers and developers, where the WordPress category is regularly updated. Here guys provide quick and simple actionable tips as well as more time-consuming courses.

WP Superstars

WP Superstars Website
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WP Superstars are good at WordPress beginner tutorials and overall marketing tips for increasing website engagement. They also share the “battle” comparisons of popular WordPress plugins and overall product recommendations based on firsthand testing and overall features.


WebsiteSetUP website

WebsiteSetUp is a one-stop solution for WordPress beginners. They will teach you how to create your first WordPress website step by step, no matter whether it’s a simple blog or an eCommerce business. Moreover, you’ll also learn how to optimize, secure and speed up your WordPress website with top professional tools.

WP Theming

WP Theming website

WP Theming is a good bunch of diverse WordPress-related posts, generally for developers. However, you may find lots of business and lifestyle posts, product recommendations and interesting interviews here as well.

WP Shout

WP Shout website
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A rich resource of WordPress tips and tutorials, with lots of courses and business ideas. A good stop for those looking for a quick guide as well as a full-scale WordPress course.

WP Dean

WP Dean website
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You won’t leave this site without a good suggestion of a WordPress plugin, theme, or service. The website features tons of collections of trusted WordPress products.


Freemius website
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A must-read for people who sell WordPress plugins and themes. Here you’ll find lots of data-driven articles that will help you improve or find a new strategy for your business model. This is definitely a quality camp for WordPress marketing strategists and developers.

Tips and Tricks HQ

Tips and Tricks HQ website (WordPress)
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Quick and simple WordPress guides that solve many common problems. Taking into account the variety of other website categories (SEO, design, marketing tips, etc), this website is one of those one-stop solutions for WordPress bloggers.

Manage website

A unique platform where WordPress enthusiasts share all types of WordPress articles from around the web. If you are deeply interested in the WordPress ecosystem and news, go read and upvote your favorite articles.


TopWPBlog website
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TopWPBlog is one of the WordPress blogs where you can find tutorials, listicles, and reviews covering different topics and niches. This resource provides its readers with step-by-step guides, tips and tricks that might come in handy for WordPress users and marketing specialists.

Cozmos Labs

Cozmos Labs website
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Here you’ll find lots of great tutorials, WordPress ecosystem roundups, beginner’s guides, marketing tactics, and more. All posts are quality thought-out write-ups.


WPEka website
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This regularly updated WordPress blog will help you improve your marketing and design skills will provide up-to-date WordPress guides, plugins, and themes roundups. Lots of interesting opinions and news also appear here sometimes.

Theme Grill

Theme Grill website
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One of the established WordPress blogs with lots of detailed articles: beginner’s guides, marketing and SEO tips, and beautiful plugins and themes collections. Here you may also find lots of interesting deals and get pretty good discounts on premium WordPress products by different providers.

Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code website
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The cats are up for almost 10 years! They managed to receive great publicity among WordPress developers and designers with their quick and simple guides.


Kinsta website
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Kinsta is a WordPress hosting provider, but their blog also deserves attention! They write lots of useful WordPress articles on development and ecosystem analysis. Kinsta’s interviews with WordPress gurus are especially inspiring.



WPartisan website

A simply awesome blog for WordPress geeks with some cool projects like WP stats to check how much people love your free plugins.

WP All Club

WP All Club website
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This is a relatively new WordPress blog with a full range of articles: SEO and performance tips, themes and plugins roundups, freebies, etc. website
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If you want to read WordPress products reviews and feel your personal opinion on WordPress blogs, you should follow this site.

WP Arena

WP Arena website
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A huge arena of WordPress articles: plugins and themes recommendations, website monetization tips, awesome comparisons, SEO and speed hints, and even more! Guys also provide a range of great services to ease your work with WordPress.

Deluxe Blog Tips

Deluxe Blog Tips website

A ton of tips and tricks for WordPress developers, beginners, and marketers. Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh is a WordPress developer with more than 10 years of experience, who shares his expert reviews on this blog.

WordPRess TV

WordPRess TV website
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A fan of the WordPress video content? All the fresh and interesting video interviews with WordPress influencers and meetups are here.


Wordfence website
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A comprehensive WordPress security blog. It will dispel all the security myths and will make you a security guru. A real must for every WordPress website!

Chris Lema

Chris Lema website
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One of the well-known WordPress influencers, who is always ready to provide a deep expert review of WordPress products and ecosystem, writing in an engaging essay manner you’ll love. Comparisons of WordPress competitors, unique marketing tactics, and e-commerce advice are also regular topics here.

Brian Coords

If you are a fan of unconventional and in-depth personal takes on different WordPress, marketing, and personal improvement-related posts, you’ll love the honesty and expertise of Brian’s writing.


Tom McFarlin

Tom McFarlin website
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A personal blog by Tom McFarlin where he shares his WordPress knowledge and lots of other lifestyle things. A good read for WordPress developers.

Bob WP

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A unique WordPress resource by Bob Dunn, with the main emphasis on eCommerce. If you are looking for expert advice on how to monetize and improve your online business (in any format: a guide, a lesson, a podcast), Bob’s blog is your secret weapon.

Ryan Hellyer

Ryan Hellyer website
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Ryan is an experienced WordPress plugin and themes developer, he writes a ton of nerdy stuff for WordPress developers on his site.


Pagely website
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Pagely is great at writing specific problem-solving WordPress articles, featuring WordPress news, and sharing opinions and expert reviews on different products and the overall WordPress ecosystem.

Pippin’s plugins

Pippin’s plugins website
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Pippin Williamson is an authoritative WordPress developer and influencer. On his blog, he sometimes shares personal reviews of different WordPress products and services, with lots of tech stuff too.

Delicious brains

Delicious brains website
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The developers of a life-saving plugin of many WordPress developers – WP Migrate DB. On this blog, they also post many actionable tips for busy WordPress developers.


CodeLess website
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Codeless as one of WordPress blogs provides a huge knowledge base on first steps in WordPress, makes reviews of different products, writes step-by-step guides, shares SEO and marketing advice.


MotoPress website
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Apart from product updates and release articles, here you may find many roundups, plugins reviews, and how-to guides you can dwell on. Some hot deals and sales can also evoke your interest!

Keep a tab on WordPress things from around the web!

And what is your favorite WordPress blog you cannot live without? Of course, there are much more of them than on our list!

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.

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