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Are you opening a new salon and deciding on the best name? It’s not easy, as it should represent your brand’s style and personality. Take your time to research and collect sparking names. We’ve compiled a list of thought-out salon name ideas suitable for different niches in this article. Also, we’ll provide some naming tips to make it unique and memorable.

A good name deals with standing out among the competitors and setting the stage for your business. So, let’s brainstorm the name of your dream salon!

500 Salon Name Ideas To Take Inspiration From

Modern or classic, vivid or minimalistic, catchy or simple, made up of one or several words – all these options are included in our list. It’s time to get down to your category and find a fit to impress your clients at first glance!

1. Nail Salon Name Ideas

Are you launching a nail studio? We have a collection of dedicated name ideas! Let them tell your story of style while captivating your clients with its unique charm.

  1. Chic Bliss Nail Spa
  2. Glowing Polish
  3. Enchanté Dream Parlor
  4. Innail
  5. Color Lounge
  6. Bella Nails
  7. Mani Masters
  8. The Glow Shop
  9. Set4Nails
  10. Nailtastic Studio
  11. The Polished
  12. Little Lacquer
  13. The Nail Spot
  14. Nailed Beauty
  15. ChiStyles
  16. My Cute Cuts
  17. Pretty Nail Bar
  18. New Look Nails
  19. Polish Bar
  20. The Nail Space
  21. Manicured Moments
  22. Nova Pedis
  23. Nail Veda
  24. Silk Shine
  25. 365Nail
  26. Nail Stories
  27. Paint Me Pretty
  28. Glaze Care
  29. Say Say Nail
  30. Cozy Cuticles
  31. My Nail Desire
  32. Above The Nail
  33. Nail It
  34. Paint The Nail
  35. NailSphere
  36. Nail Nirvana
  37. Be Cute Nails
  38. Just Right Nails
  39. Diamond Gloss
  40. Polish Paradise
  41. Lotus Nails
  42. Finishing Touch
  43. Brush & Shine
  44. Oh My Manicure
  45. BeNails
  46. PediBloom
  47. Tiny Tips
  48. Pink And Polished
  49. Nailed In Style
  50. En Pointe Nails

2. Hair Salon Name Ideas

Do you need unique hair salon name ideas to showcase a strong presence of your business within the industry? Meet a curated list of names perfect for this niche. You can use them to set the tone for the entire customer experience.

  1. Blissful Scissors
  2. Best Cuts Salon
  3. The Love Look
  4. Queen Cuts
  5. Keep It Cute
  6. Love And Lather
  7. A New You Boutique
  8. Flair Fusion
  9. Luxe Locks
  10. All Hair
  11. Diva Fades
  12. Locks Lounge
  13. Hair Dream
  14. The Cutting Edge
  15. Cut And Coif
  16. The Royal Locks
  17. Hairlove
  18. Prima Hair
  19. Beauty Cuts
  20. Hairitage
  21. Locks of Luxury
  22. New Look
  23. The Hair Garden
  24. Instyle Be
  25. SoftWave
  26. Rapunzel Beauty
  27. Save Your Style
  28. Streetside Stylists
  29. Hey Hair
  30. Studio Aura
  31. Manage My Look
  32. La Fleur
  33. True Tress
  34. Wondercut
  35. Bella Capelli
  36. Hairstoria
  37. Braids and Locks
  38. Cut And Curl
  39. One Lovely Lock
  40. On Hair
  41. Mad4Hair
  42. La Bella
  43. Good Hair Day
  44. Hair Mood
  45. Hairstyle Hub
  46. Style Me Salon
  47. Chic Hair Co
  48. Hair Every Day
  49. Blonde & Beyond
  50. Head2Tails

3. Tanning Salon Name Ideas

Whether you pick a classic or trendy tanning salon name, the right choice should resonate with potential clients and invite them to bask in the warmth of your brand. Within this collection, each option aims to have a lasting impact on their impressions.

  1. LuxTanning
  2. Tan NMore
  3. Tanned And Glow
  4. Solar Beauty
  5. SunSations
  6. Dolce Tan
  7. Desert Sunkissed
  8. South Beach Tan
  9. Aloha Sun
  10. Solar Breeze
  11. Tans2Go
  12. Bronzed
  13. Tans For Days
  14. Bronze Tones
  15. The Tan House
  16. Just Tanned
  17. TanGo
  18. Gold Lotion
  19. Skin By Design
  20. MySun
  21. Tan Your Way
  22. Natural Glow
  23. Solis Aureus
  24. Sol Invictus Tan Haven
  25. Aurora Solis Tan Oasis
  26. Phoebus Tan Temple
  27. Sun Shadow
  28. Luminis Vividus
  29. Eternal Sunshine Studio
  30. Sun Kissed Glow Tanning
  31. Solaria Tanning Parlor
  32. Radiant Skin Studio
  33. Golden Aura Tanning
  34. Glow Zone
  35. Brwn Bliss
  36. Sea Spray
  37. Casa Di Luna
  38. Solara Studio
  39. Radiant Room
  40. ForeverTan
  41. Perfect Pigments
  42. All Day Tan
  43. UVBrite
  44. Golden Hour
  45. SummerSkin
  46. TanViva
  47. Supersola
  48. Bask In Light
  49. Tanned Me
  50. Fit2Tan

4. Beauty Salon Name Ideas

Are you getting started with a luxurious salon or a boutique-style space? A good name comes in handy to add its market appeal. We are eager to present a variety of options to express the essence of your beauty salon’s vision. It’s worth noting that the list also includes location-based names (for example, French beauty salon name ideas).

  1. Blossom Bar
  2. Beauty Land
  3. Adora Beauty
  4. The Beauty Crown
  5. Beauty Boss
  6. Oh Beauty
  7. Sephora Beauty
  8. Harmony Spa
  9. Look In The Mirror
  10. Being Beautiful
  11. Cosmic Glamour
  12. Roma Beauti
  13. Belle Styles
  14. Maison de Beaute
  15. Lumiere Belle
  16. Beyond Bliss
  17. The Beau Lux
  18. Cabine de Beaute
  19. Salon De La Vie
  20. The Beauty Couture
  21. My Beauty Shop
  22. Eve’s Salon
  23. Shine Rose
  24. Prima Bella
  25. Aurora Makeover
  26. Sheets of Beauty
  27. Beauty Mark
  28. Soft Touch
  29. Fix Makeup
  30. Magic Mirror
  31. Twilight Beauty
  32. The Beauty Solutions
  33. Dolce Fleur
  34. Charmed By Beauty
  35. Aphrodite Beauty
  36. Belle Amour
  37. Under Her Brush
  38. True Elegance
  39. La Rochelle Beauty
  40. Pretty Senses
  41. That Pretty Place
  42. Beautiful Vibes
  43. Whispers Of Beauty
  44. Divine Art
  45. Made Of Beauty
  46. Madame Lovely
  47. Ministry of Beauty
  48. Authentic Allure
  49. Look & Love
  50. Feel The Beauty

5. Grooming Salon Name Ideas

Give your grooming salon the opportunity to be all ears thanks to a striking and easy-to-remember name! By the way, we have a collection of suggestions to choose from. Join our venture to select a fitting name.

  1. Pawfect Cut
  2. Barker’s
  3. Groom Room
  4. Tidy Tails
  5. Spa4Pets
  6. Lucky Paws
  7. Groomed To Go
  8. Fluff And Stuff
  9. Pampered Pups
  10. GoodDog
  11. Fur & Friends
  12. My Pet Spa
  13. Avenue Of Grooming
  14. The Groomery
  15. The Paw Print
  16. Paws Parlor
  17. Groomed Up
  18. New Dog
  19. All Pets Groom
  20. Street Dog Studio
  21. By The Fur
  22. Easy Paws
  23. Party4Paws
  24. Groo Wow
  25. Face The Fur
  26. HiPaw
  27. La Petite Parlor
  28. To The Tail
  29. His Hounds
  30. Fluffy Spots
  31. Fleur De Bark
  32. Bark & Co
  33. Cuddle Cut
  34. Meow Spa
  35. Groomily
  36. Go Get Groomed
  37. Talented Tails
  38. New Urban Pet
  39. Wild & Groom
  40. HiGroom
  41. Animalia
  42. Spring Groom
  43. Legends Of Pets
  44. House4Paws
  45. Pet Charm
  46. Pretty Pet Style
  47. Team Groom
  48. Kennel Care
  49. Groomin’ Up
  50. Love Of Paws

6. Barbershop Business Name Ideas

What about contemporary and tricky barbershop and hair salon business name ideas? Or are you on the side of classic? We’ve prepared options to fit every taste. Let’s dive in!

  1. Barber Fellas
  2. Blissful Beards
  3. Mr. Sharp
  4. Stubble Crew
  5. Good Cut
  6. Razor Edge
  7. Brother Barber
  8. Gents Cut
  9. Haircraft
  10. The Shave Hive
  11. Sharp Men
  12. The Cut House
  13. Fade Master
  14. After The Cut
  15. All For The Beard
  16. One More Hair
  17. Unshaved
  18. American Clippers
  19. Main Street Trims
  20. The Shave Shack
  21. My Pride Cut
  22. Brush It Up
  23. Iron Scissors
  24. Rock The Beard
  25. 1915 Barber
  26. Blue Collar Club
  27. The Cut
  28. Str8 Cut
  29. Style Kings
  30. Cuts And Talk
  31. Men Of The Cut
  32. Trim Time
  33. Ready2Cut
  34. Whisker Wizards Barbers
  35. The Mane Street Barbershop
  36. The Sharp Edge
  37. Classic Cuts Collective
  38. Crazy Cut
  39. Buzz Barber
  40. Sharp Style
  41. Fit & Shave
  42. 7 Cut
  43. Just Barbers
  44. 5th Avenue Barbershop
  45. Next Door Barber
  46. New Razor
  47. Beards & Brands
  48. OldSchool
  49. Try My Trim
  50. Nothing But Shaves

7. Massage Salon and Spa Name Ideas

How do you show off your studio as an oasis of calm and harmony amidst the chaos of everyday life? Start with a carefully selected name related to the services and luxury of relaxation you provide. Here are some creative name ideas to inspire you:

  1. Massage Moments
  2. Relax Touch
  3. MasaVibe
  4. Relax N’ More
  5. Ease of Relief
  6. Just Relax
  7. BodyWorks
  8. ZenOasis
  9. Thai Me Up
  10. SeaHeal
  11. Mindbody Studio
  12. Relax Corner
  13. Studio Escape
  14. Body Balm
  15. Rise Up Spa
  16. Into The Massage
  17. Massage Mate
  18. Bloom Body Therapy
  19. Oliva Sense
  20. Renew U
  21. Nirvana Wellness
  22. Better Than Massage
  23. Relax With Us
  24. New Age Spa
  25. Wellness Essence
  26. Serene Senses
  27. In Touch
  28. Anatomy And Art
  29. Body In Harmony
  30. Hands for Healing
  31. On Point Massage
  32. Prima Vita
  33. Retreat Muse Room
  34. Cure Me Massage
  35. The Sensual Space
  36. Knead To Relax
  37. Harmony Nova
  38. Relaxin
  39. [Your City] Balance
  40. Midnight Escape
  41. Body Inc
  42. Road2Rejuvanation
  43. Healing Haven Studio
  44. Leaves Of Wellness
  45. Lotus Body
  46. Freedom Of Touch
  47. The Golden Rose
  48. Full Circle Spa
  49. Healing Rituals
  50. Treat Your Tones

8. Esthetician Salon Name Ideas

When considering names for businesses specializing in esthetician services, it’s essential to consider such elements as a focus on skincare & beauty treatments, a sense of beauty & elegance, and a target demographic. Check out the list we’ve created for your business needs:

  1. Opulent Aura Aesthetics
  2. Aesthetic Hour
  3. Venus Essentials
  4. Arcana Rose
  5. Pretty By [Your Name]
  6. Ocean Wave Beauty
  7. Head2Toe
  8. CosmoFresh
  9. Lavish Looks
  10. DermArt
  11. Aesthetics On Us
  12. Muse of Grace
  13. Lumina Skin
  14. About Face
  15. The Bloom Room
  16. Flawless Flair
  17. Aesthetics & You
  18. Carousel Cosmetics
  19. Spell Of Beauty
  20. Beautify
  21. Elegance Labs
  22. Find Your Glow
  23. Sake Of Beauty
  24. DermaDiva
  25. La Belle Aesthetics
  26. Best In Blush
  27. Lady Luxe
  28. The Bare Essentials
  29. So La Shine
  30. SkinGuru
  31. BeautiMee
  32. The Art Of Skincare
  33. My Skin Studio
  34. Brightside Salon
  35. Keys To Beauty
  36. Always Aesthetic
  37. Anti Aging Arts
  38. Light Up Your Beauty
  39. Care & Co
  40. Better You
  41. Derma Day Salon
  42. SoBeautiful
  43. Balanced Brows
  44. The Skin Savvy
  45. Frame of Beauty
  46. 365 Aesthetics
  47. 1000 Beauties
  48. Euphoria
  49. Basic Beauty
  50. Lovely Faces

9. Salon Suite Name Ideas

Are you going to run a salon suite rented by independent beauty professionals? There is no need to hurry when choosing its name, as it’s crucial to establishing your brand identity and attracting clients. Since beauty professionals will operate their businesses autonomously within their designated suites, you should opt for a one-size-fits-all naming approach.

  1. Your Beauty Mansion
  2. Loft Luxe
  3. Styled Space
  4. Jardin De Beaute
  5. Boutique Space
  6. Dream Stylist
  7. Beauty Boulevard
  8. Shine In
  9. Sparkle Styles
  10. Parlor Me
  11. AGlow
  12. My Pink Parlor
  13. Where Beauty Lives
  14. Making You Beautiful
  15. The Flower Bar
  16. Pretty Up
  17. Secret Mirror
  18. Booked In Beauty
  19. Saloniq
  20. Divine Style
  21. Fashion Fountain
  22. Get Glo
  23. Pamper Point
  24. Go Gorgeous
  25. Star Salon
  26. Prime Style Oasis
  27. Simply Soft Salon
  28. Diva Styling Space
  29. Beauty Pulse
  30. The Glamor Cave
  31. MyStylist
  32. CherryChic
  33. Her Style
  34. The Fresh Look
  35. Harmony In Style
  36. Fashion Flourish
  37. OneLook
  38. NovaBeauty
  39. GloWave
  40. Stylia
  41. Crown Art
  42. Nature’s Vanity Salon
  43. Vintage Allure Studio
  44. Sweet Escape Room
  45. Evolve Beauty
  46. Super Belle
  47. Salon Seven
  48. Iconique
  49. Your New Style
  50. Rosy Charm

10. Creative Salon Name Ideas

What does “creative” mean in terms of salon names? They may include puns, unique combinations of words, or unexpected elements that draw attention and provoke curiosity. Suitable for salons of any type and size, these names are crafted to fascinate your clients:

  1. Salonista
  2. Beautique
  3. Stylissimo
  4. Ministry Of Vibe
  5. Flourish Doll
  6. Abstract Cut
  7. GotStyle
  8. Miss Muse
  9. Vertical Violet Salon
  10. Renaissance Roots
  11. Urban & Wild Beauty
  12. Bon Bon Glow
  13. Pink Palette
  14. Lemon Cut
  15. Bon Jour Beaute
  16. Halo Hair
  17. Sunday Siren
  18. Bohemian Brush Beauty
  19. Bloom Central District
  20. Orchid Dream Oasis
  21. Red Door Studio
  22. Outside The Box
  23. Flower Tones
  24. Silver Clips Salon
  25. Nowhere Natural
  26. Lovely Seat Space
  27. Kaleidoscope Cuts
  28. Created Beauty
  29. Rainbow Styles
  30. Foreign Flourish
  31. Girls Get Glam
  32. The Essence Studio
  33. The Curated Chair
  34. State of Style
  35. Wonderland Waves Salon
  36. Forest Lounge
  37. Distinctly You
  38. Modern Nouveau
  39. Lofty Leaf
  40. Locally Crafted Beauty
  41. Sparkle District
  42. Where Pretty Meets
  43. Curly Rhythm Studio
  44. Glamistry
  45. Curls And Endless Daze
  46. Locks & Love
  47. Beautopia Lounge
  48. Heiress To Hair
  49. The So-Called Beauty
  50. Miss Natural

How to Choose a Name for Your Business?

In addition to the array of salon name ideas, we’d like to share a checklist you can use to cast your vote for the best option. Let’s have a bird’s-eye view of it!

1. Avoid Common Mistakes

Here are some tips you should consider before selecting the optimal salon business name ideas.

5 Do’s:

  • Include descriptive words to indicate the industry you’re engaged in.
  • Keep the name simple and memorable.
  • Make it correspond to your brand and tone of voice.
  • Check whether this name is available.
  • Be cautious of limiting it (for example, in terms of location or names).

5 Don’ts:

  • Use names with negative connotations.
  • Choose names that are difficult to pronounce or spell.
  • Focus on words that are too specific to a particular niche or service.
  • Include any inappropriate or offensive language.
  • Opt for trendy or slang terms only.

2. Check Trademarks for Availability

Whether you get inspired by one of the catchy salon name ideas from the list above or choose another one, you should ensure it doesn’t infringe on other trademarks within your country. This process requires time and proper research. Thus, you will be protected from legal consequences for using a similar name.

You can schedule a consultation with a legal professional to get assistance in the trademark search for your salon business.

3. Register Domain Name

When it comes to your salon website, you need a domain name to get the ball rolling. To make sure it’s available, you can use domain checker tools. If it’s taken, you may test another one or consider top-level domains other than the popular ‘.com’.

By the way, some hosting providers include domain registration services in their packages.

Recommended Web Hosting

If you are planning to expand the online presence of your salon business, you might need an effective solution to enable online appointments. The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin will help you arrange step-by-step service scheduling via a mobile-friendly booking form. It lets you manage bookings, clients, schedules, payments, and notifications from your dashboard.

To Conclude

Selecting a good name is one of the first steps in laying the groundwork for your business. From now on, you have a wide range of salon name ideas at your fingertips. You can draw inspiration from them or generate your own name that transmits your branding and services. It’s worth keeping in mind the required balance between ease of perception and your creativity. Take your time and share your insights in the comments!


What is a good name for a salon?

You should consider memorable names that reflect your salon’s style and appeal to your target audience. You need unique names that have available domains. You should avoid complex, negative, or limiting names.

How do I come up with a salon name?

To create a salon name, brainstorm words related to beauty, elegance, and your unique style. Consider your target audience, desired atmosphere, and provided services. You should ensure the name is easy to spell and remember and reflects your brand identity.

How do I make my salon famous?

To make your salon famous, prioritize exceptional service, build a strong brand, and leverage your online presence. You should create a professional website showcasing services, staff, and client testimonials. You can incorporate online appointment booking for convenience. For example, the WordPress Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress makes it easy to set up service scheduling on your website.

You can also use social media for promotion, offer promotions, and ensure top-notch customer experience to encourage positive reviews.

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