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Hotel Menu Card Design: Download Beautiful Free Templates

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Searching for printable hotel menu card design templates to leave in guest rooms or use at your hotel restaurant? We’ve got what you need! This article offers a collection of handcrafted hotel menu card templates that you can download for free.

To change colors, fonts, texts, and images, you need to copy these files to your Figma account. It’s free and easy to use!

Download Awesome Hotel Menu Card Design Templates

What types of menus can you quickly create with our templates? You can do anything with them, but if you want to quickly add your branding and hotel menu items to the default samples, here are the types of cards we offer.

Download Hotel Menu Cards

Plain hotel restaurant menu with prices

This is a classic menu any hotel restaurant or cafe can use, it has space for multiple dishes and courses, around 20 items in total. If you need such a menu without prices for your hotel, simply delete the prices element with dots. Every menu item of this hotel menu template comes with short descriptions.

Three-fold hotel menu card design

Hotel menu card design with prices.
This hotel menu card design sample focuses on representing your hotel vibe and details on the front panel (your logo, hotel name, images, contacts) and a detailed menu on the interior panel with menu item descriptions and prices.

Cocktails/drinks menu

Hotel drinks menu with prices.
This hotel menu card with price samples (A1 format) offers a simple menu card for drinks, for example, cocktails, but you can easily transform it into a multipurpose food menu. Offered in black and white backgrounds.

Breakfast buffet menu

If your hotel offers a buffet, this is a great way to display your menu without prices. The hotel menu card template is divided into various categories you can adapt to your needs, with a small number of items in each category.

Hotel food menu list with prices

This is a small one-page hotel menu list with prices, suitable for showcasing seasonal offerings or the constant menu of your cafe. This sample hotel menu card has space for your opening hours and a brand image or logo.

Promo menu of an individual meal

Promo menu.
This menu focuses on one specific type of dish, which is on offer at the moment. It has ready-made elements to show the price, and the amount of discount, and totally focuses on one dish.

How to Edit These Hotel Menu Card Design Samples?

Are you among Figma newbies? No worries, it’s free to use, but there’s a learning curve if you need some deeper customization.
Hotel menu card design free.
Just like Photoshop, you’ll be working with layers. Follow this guide to build your perfect hotel menu design:

1. Sign up with Figma or log into your account if you already have one.
2. Follow this link to access our hotel menu list designs.
3. Duplicate the files to move them to your personal Figma account for further editing (click on the title of the file ‘6 hotel menu card designs’ > ‘Duplicate to your drafts’).
4. Find the file you copied in your Figma account, either in the Recent files or in Drafts and click on it to edit. You are now in the Figma editor! You can edit all design elements of your preferred hotel menu card design.

Figma for beginners tutorials

No need to design hotel menu from scratch, download our free sample templates, and you are good to go!

Copy to Your Figma

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