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Appointment Reminder Text Messages: 25 Free Templates + How to Write Them

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Are you regularly sending appointment reminders to your clients? Want to change the default appointment reminder text message template, make it more engaging or informative? We’ve created a list of such samples of text reminders for appointments for different types of businesses, which can help you decrease no-shows and improve communication with your clients!

The challenge with appointment reminder text messages is that normally they are very short.

This means you need to be very coherent, to-the-point, and helpful in just one or two lines of your text reminders for appointments! We’re gonna show you how you can try to do that with our free samples.

Furthermore, if you want to save money so that your reminders are sent within just one message segment and you are not overpaying for the message services, it’s recommended to keep the messages as short as possible.

In fact, here is the recommendation from one of the popular SMS Twilio services, which is very common with other SMS providers, too:

“Twilio recommends sending messages that are no more than 320 characters to ensure the best deliverability and user experience.”

Let’s now take a look at the SMS message templates – we’ve tried to keep them as short as possible. These templates are basically a “grist” you can transform in order to adapt to the needs of your business. Copy them, paste and edit!

Appointment reminder text for barbershops & beauty salons

Here are our appointment SMS reminder templates tailored for barbershops, hair salons, make-up artists, and various establishments in the wellness and beauty industry.

Hey [Customer Name]! This is a reminder about your haircut on [Date] at [Time]. Want to reschedule or cancel? Call us at: [Phone number]

We look forward to seeing you in our salon on [Date] at [Time]. Questions? Call us!

[Customer Name], your appointment is soon! Our salon waits for you on [Date] at [Time]. Please bring clean towels!

This is a reminder from [Salon Name]! Your beauty services are scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. See you soon 🥰

Your [Service Name] appointment is coming up at our barbershop on [Date] at [Time]. Get ready!

Coaching and consulting services

Are you working as a business or personal consultant, therapist, coach or real estate manager? Make sure all the gaps in your schedule are filled by sending these friendly SMS appointment reminders. Your SMS reminders might contain information about the type of meeting, location, and perhaps… a bit of the motivational ambiance!

Reminder: Dear [Customer Name]! Your coaching session with us is right around the corner, scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. It’s a virtual season, we’ll send you the link 2 hours before we start.

Please don’t forget that your consulting session is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. Our coach [coach name] is already getting ready to meet you! 🥰

This is a friendly reminder about your [Service Name] consultation on [Date] at [Time]. The following documents are necessary: [Documents list].

A gentle reminder of your upcoming therapy session on [Date] at [Time]. Looking forward to our time together at [Location].

Reminding you about the appointment you scheduled with us! Our consultants are waiting for you in the office on [Date] at [Time]. Change in plans? Call: [Phone Number], email [Email Address].

Appointment SMS reminder samples for education & classes

Here are our appointment SMS reminder templates for classes, workshops, and skill-boosting courses. Make sure participants remember the specific class schedules and timings, as well as give them extra class joining requirements information.

We are starting the next [Class name] class this [Day], exactly at [Time]. You've also booked a place, so we are waiting for you at [Location Name].

Get ready to study with us! We are meeting at [Location Name], on [Date] at [Time]. We are sending this because you scheduled a class in our school.

Dear [Customer Name]! We are reminding you about the upcoming class on [Class name]. The venue is at [Location Name], on [Date] at [Time]. It’s very soon!

Class appointment reminder! Let’s continue your education on [Date] at [Time]. The meeting is online, make sure you have a stable internet connection!

Hi there! Your language class lesson is right around the corner, set for [Date] at [Time]. We’ll send you a Google Meet link soon!

Medical industry

Are you operating a clinic or running a personal practice? It’s fantastic when you can focus on your work while clients self-schedule their appointments, and automatic reminders are sent.

Dear [Customer Name], this is a reminder of your upcoming appointment on [Date] at [Time]. Kindly ensure your availability and let us know if there are any changes by calling this number: [Phone Number]

Your appointment in the [Clinic Name] is tomorrow at [Time]. Please confirm or reschedule ASAP by replying to this message. Notify us about the changes in plans by calling our office!

This is a reminder about your confirmed appointment with doctor [Doctor name]. When: [Date] at [Time]. Please visit the registration desk first.

A reminder of your scheduled appointment on [Date] at [Time] in the [Clinic Name] clinic. If you need to reschedule or have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with [Clinic Name]. Your doctor is waiting for you on [Date] at [Time].

Travel, tourism, and activities

Are you offering walking city tours, bungee jumping, or water activities? Even though it’s hard to forget about such exciting activities, you still have to keep people reminded of the exact dates and times for these events! Here are our appointment SMS reminder templates for the tourism industry.

Hi [Client Name]! I look forward to showing you the city! We’re meeting at [Address]. I’ll see you on [Date] at [Time]! More information on my Instagram: [Link]

Hey [Client Name]! Don't forget, we're meeting for our city tour at [Location] on [Date] at [Time]. Can't wait to catch up and stroll around the city with you!

Woohoo, your booked activity of [Activity name] is just around the corner! We’re waiting for you at [Location] on [Date] at [Time]. Not coming? Let us know in advance by replying to this SMS.

This is an SMS reminder that you have a planned tour with the [Travel Agency Name] and [Guide Name]. Come and meet your guide at [Location] on [Date] at [Time].

Remember, you booked a tour? Don't forget your hiking shoes, a cap, and some food for the day. We'll see you on [Date] at [Time] for an unforgettable tour!

Tips on how to create text reminders for appointments

What information should text reminders for appointments contain to be truly functioning and influence the no-show reducement?

The most important things in the appointment reminder SMS template are the date, time, location, type of meeting, and requirements (things that customers need to bring with them, or what they are required to wear, for example).

Here are a few more recommendations:

  • Be very clear and specific, avoid complex terms and abbreviations.
  • Use emoji if your brand voice allows them.
  • Add a personal touch to the message.
  • Provide a way to reach you back if the plans of a customer change.

How to send automated appointment SMS reminders

We hope you are not sending appointment reminders to every client’s number by hand!

There are tons of automation tools that will help you smooth, automate and speed up the process of reminding your clients of upcoming appointments.

The most optimal way is to send appointment reminders via the booking software that you use for scheduling appointments on your website, third-party listing websites, or social networks.

While it’s relatively easy to send appointment reminder email, not every software integrates SMS that easily.

We have covered various such solutions for WordPress in the articles below:

Furthermore, for our MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin, we have created a powerful integration extension that connects the appointment scheduling software to the Twilio service and allows you to send various types of SMS, including confirmation and reminders.

Such messages are triggered automatically when your clients interact with the booking form. You can watch how it works in this Twilio integration video tutorial:

It’s easy to choose a service sender, for example, from your brand phone number, short custom numbers or Twilio-issued phone numbers. Appointment Booking customers find it relatively easy to send SMS with Twilio, whether these are appointment reminders, cancellation, or booking confirmation notifications.

Basically, this means you can send automated appointment reminder SMS to your clients via WordPress when you connect the Twilio extension to the core MotoPress appointment booking plugin. Many other plugins and solutions also support Twilio and other SMS providers.

If you want to learn how to set it up with our booking plugin, here is a short Twilio SMS tutorial.

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Summing up on writing text reminders for appointments

It’s much easier to create appointment reminder text messages when you already have a sample to rely on! We hope we’ve helped you speed up the process with the SMS writing tips, too. Create personalized SMS communication based on the services provided, automate messages and, of course, reduce no-shows!

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