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Access to all themes

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MotoPress Membership plan covers all MotoPress Plugins and Themes, including Hotel Booking and its addons letting you add region-specific payment gateways to your site, enable user-generated reviews of the items you rent out and send payment requests to your customers.

You’ll obtain access to all the premium vacation rental themes and all other MotoPress business, blogging and multipurpose templates. Apart from that, Content Editor page builder is included to help you create web pages with no coding needed and optimize your site for mobile devices with WordPress AMP plugin.

With Lifetime Membership you become the whole package of current and future themes together with plugins which will be constantly updated. Our support agents will be always ready to help you and provide you with first-class assistance. All products that you get with Lifetime Membership can be used on multiple websites – no additional licenses, you get everything in unlimited amount!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a member of MotoPress Membership Club?

MotoPress is a team of professionals with 7 years of experience. We deliver plugins and themes for thousands of WordPress users – businesses, developers and agencies. We’ve pioneered the market with a popular drag-and-drop MotoPress Visual Builder, designed Emmet – popular business themes developed a unique Demo Builder plugin with almost no alternatives in the industry. Our developers are always busy with creating new WordPress themes and plugins that will be constantly released, so you can get them within your Membership. And most importantly, you can always have a warm talk with very friendly MotoPress guys 🙂

Can I use all MotoPress products on multiple websites?

Sure! The license price covers unlimited MotoPress products usage. That means you can use any theme, plugin or addon on as many websites as you want.

Will I get access to all future MotoPress products?

Yes. While your membership is active, you’ll be able to download any product we release.

Will I be able to use MotoPress themes, plugins and addons without renewal?

Absolutely. Once the Membership license is purchased, you may use all MotoPress products for as long as you want. You’ll need to renew the license in only one case – if you want to continue getting updates, support and all new products that will be released after your license is expired.

Can I cancel my MotoPress Membership?

Yes, you can cancel your Membership at any time.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, all customers can get their money back within 30 days of the purchase. Please be informed that we’ll refund your money in case you did not download any of the products.

Can I buy a single product instead of MotoPress Membership?

Of course, you are free to purchase any single product instead of Membership. But remember that with Membership you get everything with an unbelievable discount.

Is it an annual or one-time fee?

It’s an annual fee. If you don’t prolong your MotoPress Membership subscription for another year, you don’t receive support, updates, and all new products we release after your subscription is expired. However, you are absolutely free to continue using all products within Membership for as long as you need (but without support, updates and new products).

Note: Lifetime Membership is paid once.