Getwid is a bundle of the multipurpose WordPress blocks for Gutenberg. The plugin supplies you with a lot of customization cogs for each block: control layouts, typography, colors, iconography, media, motion and more to build tailor-made websites of any scale. Supporting the best practices of modular design and performance optimization, Getwid is coded to keep your website visually consistent and fast-loading even with multiple custom blocks.

Install the plugin by searching "Getwid" in "Dashboard > Plugins > Add New" or download it for free from
WordPress blocks

Getwid WordPress Blocks Plugin Gives You All You Need to Start Building

34 Blocks for the Native WordPress Editor

Utilize extra 34 usable and functional content blocks (all of them are listed below) for the native WordPress block editor. Leverage capabilities of the core Gutenberg blocks by using them seamlessly with custom Getwid blocks.

Create clean-looking and organized layouts with the powerful “Section” block, implement sliders, add banners and media content, showcase social media icon buttons and much more!

Install the plugin by searching “Getwid” in your Dashboard or download it for free from

For All Types of Websites

Getwid offers only useful, commonly used WordPress content blocks people need for building website pages, ranging from business to creative projects of various sorts.

Start building professional pages for your services, contact pages, testimonial sections, breathtaking portfolios, teams, the entire landing pages and anything you can think of – quickly and intuitively, without coding.

Extensive Customization Panels in WordPress Blocks

To style content the way you want, you have multidimensional access to a block controls: modify shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, spaces, styles, animation, and all the tiniest block things. If you are familiar with CSS, you can easily add custom styles.

To minimize distraction and speed up your workflow, you’ll make all custom modifications visually, that is, not leaving the Gutenberg editor and watching the changes in real-time. You may optionally designate different settings for desktops, mobile and tablet devices.

Optimized for Performance

Getwid blocks are powerful and humble at the same time. Building Getwid with performance in mind, we empower you to add any number of complex and simple blocks that won’t slow down or bloat your website.

Under the hood, we reduce and minify inline CSS files and don’t overload the blocks with excessive tools. We constantly conduct performance tests to help you keep your site speed metrics high and back you up in your SEO efforts!

Perfect Interplay with Your WordPress Theme

We made sure that your WordPress theme primarily dictates the styles (visual design) to the content elements you build with Getwid blocks. By emphasizing maximum styles inheriting from your theme, we help you avoid the issues of the visual website inconsistency and unclarity.

That means you are one step away from creating natural and consistent design throughout the website – out of the box!

Getwid Multifunctional static and dynamic blocks for Gutenberg:

  • Section Block – (various backgrounds blocks, etc)
  • Advanced Heading Block
  • Google Maps Block
  • Icon Block
  • Icon Box Block
  • Image Box Block
  • Social Links Block
  • Banner Block
  • Image Slider Block
  • Media & Text Slider Block
  • Button Group Block
  • Person Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Toggle Block
  • Tabs Block
  • Image Stack Gallery Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Recent Posts Block
  • Advanced Spacer Block
  • Instagram Block
  • Counter Block
  • Price Box Block
  • Progress Bar Block
  • Circular Progress Bar Block

A more detailed description of Getwid WordPress Blocks may be found on MotoPress Blog.


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