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Getwid WP blocks is a two-in-one free blocks plugin: a bundle of the multipurpose WordPress blocks for Gutenberg and the Template Library. The plugin supplies you with a lot of customization cogs for each block: control layouts, typography, colors, iconography, media, motion and more to build tailor-made websites of any scale. Fully compatible with FSE WordPress themes. AI block for writing packed for free.
Install the plugin by searching "Getwid" in "Dashboard > Plugins > Add New" or download it for free from Open source software. Distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.
Getwid WordPress Blocks

Getwid WordPress Blocks Plugin Gives You All You Need to Start Building

40+ Free Gutenberg blocks

Developer Resources

Code Reference

Complete reference documentation for Getwid. It includes information about packages, classes, actions and filters.

Code Reference

Style Kit

Getwid Style Kit provides smartly organized starter SCSS files to style Gutenberg and Getwid WordPress Blocks.

Style Kit Demo Data


See how we use the Getwid plugin to build beautiful pages, posts and layouts in our own WordPress themes.


Getwid Multifunctional static and dynamic blocks for Gutenberg

getwid-40-blocks-for the native wordpress editor40+ Blocks for WordPress Editor

Utilize extra 40+ usable and functional content blocks for the native WordPress block editor. Leverage capabilities of the core Gutenberg blocks by using them seamlessly with custom Getwid blocks.

Create clean-looking and organized layouts with the powerful “Section” block, implement sliders, add banners and media content, showcase social media icon buttons, container block, and much more! Install the plugin by searching “Getwid” in your Dashboard or download it for free from

getwid template library 35 pre-made gutenberg designsTemplate Library: 35+ Pre-made Gutenberg Designs

Getwid is not just a blocks library of random elements, it’s bundled with the Template Library of ready-to-go modern designs! You’ll be able to get started easier with Gutenberg page designs for different purposes: hero and sub-hero sections, call-to-action pages, testimonials, and more new WordPress blocks.

Insert the needed Getwid templates in a click and replace sample content. You’ll love the minimalist approach of designs with our Gutenberg blocks plugin, excellent performance, and automatic visual parity with your active WordPress theme.

Free AI Writing Block for WordPress

Getwid comes with a pre-integrated, free AI writing block you can use to instantly generate human-like quality texts, headlines, and tables, which are automatically transformed into blocks.

Powered by the OpenAI API, this free WP writing assistant block enables you to generate content right in the block editor. It’s your ChatGPT for WordPress seamlessly integrated via Getwid!

View Examples

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getwit-base-wordpress-themeFree WordPress Starter Theme for Getwid Blocks

WordPress starter themes are all about more consistent and beautiful design. Getwid Base, the starter theme for the Getwid blocks collection, comes with manually adjusted styling for each and every block.

This will make your block templates WordPress theme look professional without much tweaking!
Minimal flat design, speed-optimized code, conversion-boosting front page – download Getwid Base and get started faster.

getwid for all types of websitesSuitable For All Types of Websites

The Getwid WordPress content block plugin offers only useful, commonly used WordPress content blocks people need for building website pages, ranging from business to creative projects of various sorts. You can use Getwid along with WooCommerce blocks on eCommerce sites and any other site.

Start building professional pages for your services, contact pages, testimonial sections, breathtaking portfolios, teams, the entire landing pages, and anything you can think of – quickly and intuitively, without coding.

getwid extensive customization panels in wordpress blocksExtensive Customization Panels in WordPress Blocks

To style content the way you want, you have multidimensional access to block controls: modify shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, spaces, styles, animation, and all the tiniest block things. If you are familiar with CSS, you can easily add custom styles.

To minimize distraction and speed up your workflow, you’ll make all custom modifications visually, that is, not leaving the Gutenberg editor and watching the changes in real-time. You may optionally designate different settings for desktops, mobile, and tablet devices with our WordPress block plugin.

getwid optimized for performanceOptimized for Performance

Getwid blocks library is powerful and humble at the same time. Building Getwid for the WordPress page editor with performance in mind, we empower you to add any number of complex and simple blocks that won’t slow down or bloat your website.

Under the hood, we reduce and minify inline CSS files and don’t overload the blocks with excessive tools. We constantly conduct performance tests to help you keep your site speed metrics high and back you up in your SEO efforts!

getwid perfect interplay with your wordpress themePerfect Interplay with Your WordPress Theme

We made sure that your WordPress theme primarily dictates the styles (visual design) to the content elements you build with Getwid blocks. By emphasizing maximum styles inheriting from your theme, we help you avoid the issues of visual website inconsistency and ambiguity.

That means you are one step away from creating consistent design throughout the website out of the box with the Getwid ultimate addons for Gutenberg!

Design boilerplate for developersFree Design Boilerplate for Developers

If you are building themes and websites for clients, we’ve prepared a free design kit to speed up your work with Getwid! It comes with starter CSS files, WordPress blocks tutorial, and useful theme support snippets to help you quicker and easier style your themes with Getwid and Gutenberg blocks.

Download the free Getwid Style Kit for free on GitHub and improve your daily workflow today!

Download Getwid Style Kit

Support WordPress Site EditorSupport for WordPress Site Editor (FSE)

Use Getwid flawlessly with any FSE-enabled WordPress theme!

The best thing about it is that you can use an extensive list of Getwid blocks in any part of your website – now you can create custom headers, footers, and even navigation just by using blocks!

Want a ready-made solution with Getwid? Download our free Prime FSE block theme, made exclusively for the new-era WordPress site editor.

A more detailed description of Getwid WordPress Blocks may be found on MotoPress Blog.

Recommended by WordPress Users

Adrian Earnshaw@adrianearnshaw

After testing my website on GT Metrix I obtained a score of 100 and in google page speed 98. So thank you Getwid for helping me to put together a website that not only looks good but is quick and snappy for the user.

Ivan Lutrov@ivanlutrov

I’m impressed with how easy Getwid blocks are to work with. The blocks that I tried have lots of configuration options with sensible defaults. I like how Getwid extends my existing theme styles and how it doesn’t put a ton of inline CSS, like some other Gutenberg block plugins do. Great work fellas!


Getwid is easily one of the best Gutenberg blocks plugin available right now. It includes a wide collection of UI patterns and it’s very user friendly… just wish that it add a “card” pattern and I wouldn’t need any other plugin.

Detailed Video Tutorials

Getwid tutorial video base to help you better understand how to configure the plugin and reach your business’ full potential.


Average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 109 reviews.

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Getwid – WordPress Blocks is an open source software that distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL and hosted on

46 Replies to “Getwid – WordPress Blocks

  1. I am trying plugin, but, when I use on Gutenberg, I obtain a strange effect loading the page containing Carousel
    I see large image before it completes to load the thunbails in Carousel.
    How could I preload the images?

    1. Hi Mario,
      Please try disabling the third-party plugins and activate the default theme to make sure the issue is not caused by a third-party plugins or theme installed on your site. If this does not help you may contact our support team to let us take a closer look at it.

  2. I’m having issues containing the ‘image slider’ block on mobile layout. I’ve tried CSS to change the width of the block and I’ve also tried changing the width of the entire page but regardless of what I try the image slider allows the user to scroll horizontally. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

  3. Hello, it is an excellent tool. I have a requirement, I am using the media and text slider block, I need to edit the order of the slides, is it possible to do it from the gutenberg edition?

    1. Thanks for your feedback. There is not such an option yet but we already have this request in our list of features. We will notify you when it is possible to change the order of the slides.

  4. Hi,
    this is amazing plugin. but there is some issue with Jannah theme!
    when I active plugin then I noticed Jannah self sliders not showing in Mobile and not working in Desktop mode.

  5. Hi, the ‘Person’ block doesn’t appear to add the alt tag to the image, is there any chance this could be updated as we’re looking to utilise this block on our team pages.

    1. Hello!
      You’re right. We currently don’t offer this feature. I can’t give you the exact timeline of when it will be ready, but I just added you to the follow-up list, so as soon as we do have news regarding this feature, we’ll be sure to reach out. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.

    1. Hi, I’ve tested this block locally and could not replicate this behavior. I could add more than 12 slides. You may submit a ticket so that we could take a closer look at the issue.

        1. Hi Hoang, I’m sorry I’ve replicated the case with over 13+ slides since the plugin turned out to be limited by 12 slides somehow. I’ve forwarded this case to our developers so we will notify you here once we have any news. Thank you for your help.

  6. Great Plugin but some feature’s missing in Gallery when we open it is not opening in lightbox its opening file new window and this is not for gallery section. rest all good job done by motopress.

        1. Hello Ravindra, It looks like it is the default gallery block by Gutenberg. Could you please try to edit the gallery block and change the ‘Link to’ option to Media File?

  7. Nice plugin, but recently the Table part hasn’t been working correctly at all. Updates are not correctly showing which makes the use of this plugin obsolete. Especially because when you used it for a while and the plugin stops working, you have to replace all the old tables…

    1. Hi Niels,
      Could you please specify what exactly difficulties you have faced using the table block? Are there any steps to replicate the issue?

      1. Hi J.Davis.

        I also have this issue. I’m only really using the tables block with the plugin, but when you make edits to the content in the table cells and update/save it does not save the edits.

        1. Hi, Could you try to disable third-party plugins one by one or switch the theme to make sure the issue is not caused by third-party scripts? If it does not help please submit a request to our support team. Thanks.

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