Video Addon

Add awesome video slideshow or video lightbox content modules to your WordPress site with this powerful extension of the MotoPress Content Editor. Bring more visual interaction with various types of videos and increase the average visitors’ time spent on the site.

Video Addon is an interactive extension for a well known MotoPress Visual Page Builder plugin. It brings two amazing and extremely useful widgets to your WordPress website – Video Slideshow and Video Lightbox. Drag and drop functionality will be a great help for bloggers to post videos in easy and beautiful way. Using MotoPress Video addon you are able to represent your services, products and portfolios entirely. Moreover you are able to combine and slide images along with self-hosted, YouTube and Vimeo videos in a single slider.

Example of the Video Slider

Video Lightbox widget allows to place video with custom thumbnail and caption and play it in lightbox by a click action. Obviously, both objects are responsive and fit well on any device. You do not need to be an advanced programmer to build a video slideshow or make it play in the lightbox – just a few clicks are required.

YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted video in the lightbox.

Click any image below to view.

Planetary Panoramas – 360 Degree Night-Sky
by Vincent Brady, Music by Brandon McCoy

Paris in Motion
from Mayeul Akpovi

The Golden Gate Bridge
between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click Upload Plugin, Browse and Choose File, then select ZIP file of Video Addon plugin. Click Install Now.
  3. Click Activate to add new widgets right away.
  4. Launch MotoPress Content Editor on any Page, Post or Custom Post Type
  5. Check Media group of objects to find new Video Lightbox and Video Slider widgets.

How to use Video Lightbox

  1. Drag Video Lightbox to the stage
  2. Define the source of video among YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5
  3. Paste the URL(s) of the video
  4. It is possible to set a custom thumbnail if you do not like the default one
  5. Add Caption for video to describe it briefly
  6. The video will play in the lightbox by clicking on it

How to use Video Slider

  1. Drag Video Slider widget to your page
  2. Select a source of the video between YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 or choose an image
  3. Paste a link to the video
  4. Add more video slides by clicking Add Media button
  5. Enable AutoPlay and SlideShow
  6. Set SlideShow speed in seconds

Release Notes

1.2.1, Nov 6 2017

  • Added compatibility with Visual Builder 2.5.0


  • Compatibility with Content Editor 2.4.0


  • New version of plugin updater code.


  • Added compatibility with version 2.2.0 of Visual Builder that enables content saving after plugin deactivation.


  • Release