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Brand and Logo Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to deliver on-brand designs and keep the integrity of our brand.

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The download link above include logos in .PNG and .SVG formats.

Our mission

At MotoPress, our passion is to help businesses grow by delivering intuitive and scalable products for WordPress websites. With our roots firmly planted in WordPress, we’re poised to bring transparency, power, and security to the web.

Who we are & our story

It all started with a small team of three WordPress enthusiasts with big dreams. Over the years, our team has expanded to 15 dedicated individuals, and we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join us on this exciting journey.

Since 2013, we’ve been using our combined expertise as engineers, designers, writers, and support & marketing specialists to create innovative solutions for the hotel industry, appointment-based businesses, and build better tools for the website building experiences.

Primary logo

The full MotoPress logo is our official one and is used on our website and our partners’ marketing materials. The download links below include logos in .PNG format.



Secondary logo

The secondary MotoPress logo is an alternate mark available in different color schemes and you can use any based on the background color of your website or printed materials. The download links below include logos in .PNG format.



Logo best practices

Use the full MotoPress logo.

Don’t use gradient on the logo.

Use our brand colors for the logo.

Don’t use the color logo on images.

Use the white logo on images. To make the logo clear, use a black layer with 25% opacity.

Don’t use the dark logo on dark backgrounds.


Our primary palette is at the core of the MotoPress brand identity and should be used for any static or one-off, brand-focused executions, such as website or printed materials.


RGB: 1, 126, 255
HEX: #017EFF


RGB: 42, 51, 66
HEX: #242a35


RGB: 244, 246, 250


RGB: 255, 255, 255


Noto Serif


Noto Sans


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