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Stratum is a collection of high-quality addons for Elementor. The page building experience in WordPress is constantly evolving, so with the brand-new Stratum plugin, we made a fresh, special focus on a minimal design approach, performance-first widgets and primarily dedicated Elementor addons.

Elementor Addons by Stratum: Add an Extra Layer of Design Flexibility to Elementor

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20+ Elementor widgets

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Or install the plugin by searching Stratum in Dashboard > Plugins > Add New

Stratum Pro


20+ Premium Elementor widgets

Extended customization settings

Priority support


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Yearly license for support and automatic updates.

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Discover All Free Elementor Addons by Stratum

20+ Free Elementor Widgets

Do I Need Stratum PRO?

We give all Straum widgets for free, even those that are premium-only in Elementor and other addons!

The free version is pretty comprehensive and powerful.

But if you are looking to speed up your workflow by inserting your ready-made templates, power up the widgets with extra visual effects, unlock more layout patterns, and literally have many more widget settings – Stratum PRO is made for you.

Elementor Widgets20+ Free Elementor Widgets

Built with designers and developers in mind, Stratum offers 20+ flexible Elementor extras.

Many widgets you are used to seeing as premium in third-party Elementor plugins are free with Stratum. The plugin is a perfect enhancement for building landing pages, portfolios, business cards, creative blogs, and more authentic websites with Elementor.

Install the plugin by searching “Stratum” in your Dashboard or download it for free on

Elementor AddonsBusiness-critical Elementor Widgets to Cover Every Need

Whether you are a freelancer or an established business, Stratum ships with the Elementor essential addons for each niche.

Build and customize Testimonials, Pricing tables, Progress bars, Galleries, Posts, Comparison tables, and more widgets for Elementor you might need for basic and advanced website pages.

Elementor ExtrasStunning Visuals: Banners, Sliders, Flip Boxes, Interactive Images

The Stratum Elementor addons plugin emphasizes lightweight interactive visuals for all sorts of content promotion: Masonry galleries, animated Banners, Flip Boxes, Image Hotspot interactive images, and fully customizable sliders.

Employ these Elementor widgets as powerful calls-to-action, brand message boosters, and creative ads or announcements to amplify your product and service presentation.

Content SwitcherLottie, Content Switcher & More Elementor Addons

Stratum delivers some really breakthrough free widgets that usually come as standalone Elementor plugins or premium solutions. For instance, you can add lightweight motions with Lottie animation widgets or add an advanced content switcher.

You can also create tables, countdowns, progress bars and add other functional and essential addons for Elementor with tons of completely tunable settings.

Free Elementor AddonsAdvanced Design Toolchain for Each Widget

Take Elementor design aims further with better customization flexibility of the Stratum Elementor addon:

  • Deeper alignment, layout, background overlay color, and style customization.
  • Animation effects, icons, design presets.
  • Template Library integration for some widgets.

Elementor Templates & Themes

We created a bunch of Elementor templates powered up by the Stratum addons for Elementor – this means you can get a premium dedicated WordPress theme with a customization tool packed at no cost!

There are numerous niche solutions in our lineup, including the Medmix doctor appointments theme, Laveri WooCommerce store theme, Lotus Spa beauty salon WordPress theme and others.

Easy API Integrations: Instagram Feed & More

The Stratum Elementor addons give you a super easy tool to bridge your WordPress website with the preferred third-party services: Google Maps or the Instagram feed gallery so far.

Just add tokens associated with your account, style your widget with Stratum and enjoy smooth embeds of your favorite tools!

Out-of-the-box Visual Interplay with Your WordPress Theme

When you need to fully alter the look of any widget, this is an easy task with Stratum. But we also take good care of the defaults by inheriting styles from your theme.

Emphasizing visual styles blending with your current design (primarily typography and colors), Stratum is ready to help you in your effort of keeping styling consistency across the website.

Elementor Template Library Integration with Stratum Widgets

When you need to insert your custom Elementor templates into widgets, such as Accordion or Tabs, Stratum has got you covered. By integrating your custom-styled or theme-sourced content blocks into applicable Stratum widgets, you’ll significantly speed up your customization workflow.

Furthermore, Stratum is unique in its capacity to automatically update Template Library after you’ve added new templates.

Free Widgets in Stratum, Pro in Elementor

The Stratum ultimate addons for Elementor offers at least six widgets considered as free alternatives to those available as Pro in Elementor, including Advanced Slider, Advanced Posts, Testimonial Carousel, Masonry Gallery, Flip Box, and Price List.

These widgets are truly feature-rich, your posts can be put into a slider or fascinating grid, you can build modern-looking testimonials, or create fantastic portfolios with fancy image galleries.

Widget Settings & Examples

On our blog, we cover all the content and styling possibilities of the Stratum Elementor addons. This will help you see what you can achieve and what the best design practices are.

There is a dedicated article for each widget that explains features and shows real-life examples of the posts, table, slider, counter and other Stratum addons.

Find more details of all Stratum Elementor widgets on MotoPress Blog. Join our Facebook Community


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Stratum – Elementor Widgets is an open source software that distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL and hosted on

15 Replies to “Stratum – Elementor Widgets

    1. Hi, the refund can be provided in 2 cases according to the refund policy of the digital products – if the product does not work as it is scribed or if it has not been downloaded. You may test the lite version and then upgrade to Pro if you like this plugin and need the features from the premium plugin.

  1. Hello and Thank you for the very helpful Stratum – Elementor Widgets plugin. In a video it was mentioned @
    and is showing sample images and text. As a WP starter those are very helpful but in my page they are not showing. Is that only available in a Premium version?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi, There is demonstrated an Advanced Posts widget that shows the list of the posts of a specific post type. You need to have some posts of a post type that you want to show in order to be able to see the result.

  2. Regarding the “Stratum Image Hotspot Widget”, has anyone had issues where not all of the hotspots are appearing on the Safari browser (Apple macOS desktop version)? I have no problems with Chrome on Windows 10.

  3. Hi guys, for me the countdown timer from the free package is not working. It is just not showing when applied to the page, I can edit the style all I want but it justs shows a grey box/line…. Anyone knows what to do?

    1. Hi Daan,
      The countdown widget works correctly on our side. Perhaps there is a conflict with the third-party plugin installed on your site. You may try disabling the plugins one by one to find out what exactly the plugin causes an issue. Feel free to submit a request to our support team to get assistance with this

  4. Does anyone have any issues related with Advanced Slider widget ? I try it disabling all the other plugins but Elementor over Siteground hosting and flywheel Local. Im using Kadence theme and I’m unable to see more than 1 image on the slider or get any slide movement on that image. Doesn’t matter how many images or nº of column I select. The same happens on the Advanced Post widgets. Thanks

    1. Hi Fernando, Thank you for contacting us. We have tested both widgets locally and could not replicate the issue. Could you try activating another theme to check if the issue is caused by the theme?

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