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Prime FSE: Brand-New WordPress Block Theme for Full Site Editing

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Prime FSE is our brand-new WordPress FSE starter theme made to embrace full site editing. You can download it for free and use it without restrictions for your business website, portfolio, or agency.

It’s a truly multipurpose WordPress FSE starter theme, which you can use as a launchpad to not just test FSE experiences in WordPress, but start a professional website with!

Prime FSE is a library of free 52+ creative block patterns without extra dependencies and 5+ color schemes for any visual vibe!

With its pre-made patterns and templates, you have little chance to drive off the rails in terms of visual consistency of your design, thus feeling the power of the WordPress blocks anatomy.

If you still have doubts about whether you should actually use block themes… What’s the best thing about starting your website with FSE themes like Prime?

  • Utmost flexibility with access to header and footer parts of your theme without installing a bunch of extra plugins.
  • Thanks to pre-made patterns and templates, even non-designers can approach design with remarkable accuracy.
  • Fewer dependencies on other plugins, and sometimes even zero-dependencies when it comes to design (read: no more ‘page builders’).

Prime FSE allows you to gain even more benefits, such as:

  • 40+ creative blocks and a design library by Getwid.
  • Several customization layers on the global and individual block/pattern level for better flexibility.
  • Several page template variations for different pages.
  • A mega menu block.
  • Creative styles for Getwid blocks, for example, a repeating header style for the Advanced heading block.

Download Prime FSE

Save time, import demo data in a few clicks

To get an outstanding starter design exactly as in the Prime FSE demo, you need to activate the required plugins and import demo data via Appearance > Import Demo Data.

By doing so, you don’t need to re-create/create every single page manually, unless you really need a blank canvas.

What plugins are recommended for installation with this WordPress fse starter theme?

If you want to use Prime FSE to its full potential, that is, use patterns with a diversity of design solutions beyond core blocks, we recommend employing the plugins recommended with the theme:

  • The Getwid blocks library
  • Getwid blcoks.

  • It’s a WordPress-native blocks library with tons of essential and creative blocks, including a
  • generative AI writer built-in

  • The Mega menu block

Mega menu block.

It allows you to create a powerful mega menu with blocks in sub-menus.

Moreover, you get all Getwid blocks styled up for Prime WordPress FSE starter theme: timelines, banners, etc. You can discover them in the wild under the Blocks menu in the theme demo.

Getwid patterns.

Let us stress it one more time: all the plugins above are optional, but they are used by default for building custom solutions you see in the theme demo.

Our new free WordPress block theme offers complementary colors you can use individually for blocks or change via global block settings.

WordPress fse theme colors.
As for typography, Prime FSE uses the Fora font, which is hosted locally by the theme, meaning it doesn’t use any external libraries.

What template parts and block patterns are available in Prime FSE?

Let’s discover the theme structure and how it can benefit your editing experiences in WordPress.

Template parts

Parts are smaller sections that you can include within top-level templates. Often, this will include things like headers, footers, and sidebars.

The theme also ships with two types of headers and footers. With Prime FSE, you can opt for using a ready-made mega menu, which is built with our own mega menu block for WordPress.
Prime FSE WordPress theme.
What’s more, the beauty of FSE is that you can use different types of headers page-wise, for example, build a mega menu for the home page but make the page header-free for the blog page. And no need to touch code or install extra utilities!

Block patterns

These are reusable patterns consisting of one or more blocks that users can insert via the editor interface. Your changes apply to individual patterns you edit, which means you can have multiple custom variations of the same pattern across the website.

In the list of default WordPress patterns, you’ll find a custom set of patterns called, obviously, ‘Prime FSE’. The majority of theme patterns are made of core blocks combined with Getwid blocks.

Just preview patterns and select the one you need to insert to the page.

Full site editing WordPress theme patterns.
A list of free pattern includes:

  • Bold call-to-action sections.
  • Primse fse call to action pattern.

  • Customized columns.
  • Prime FSE columns patterns.

  • Feature list.
  • Featured list Prime FSE.

    • Footer and header.
    • List of logos.
    • Posts loop lists.

    When using Getwid, you can also insert more patterns, such as for testimonials, pricing tables, team, and more. Just insert a few patterns one by one and you have a professionally designed website page!

    Prime FSE patterns.

    Note: if you opt for not using the Getwid companion plugin with Prime FSE, you’ll see different patterns made purely of WordPress core blocks. See these patterns on

    Use the ‘Duplicate’ option if you want to copy any Prime FSE pattern from the main Patterns menu in the FSE editor.

    Duplicating patterns with Prime FSE.

    Duplicated templates will appear in the My Patterns folder – you can customize these patterns, save, and reuse on any other page. These will be considered your custom-made patterns.

    Reusable patterns made up of one or more blocks that users can insert via the editor interface.

    Update: since the Prime FSE theme v.1.1.1, you get expanded customization options, like the following:

    • 52+ Free WordPress block patterns: These pre-designed sections, built with core WordPress blocks, allow you to easily create layouts for various purposes like calls to action, hero sections, team pages, and more!
    • Prime FSE hero section.

    • 5 Preset color schemes: Along with the default blue, you can now choose from lavender, pale gray, sage, and sky blue color schemes
    • Colors in WordPress Prime FSE theme.

    These updates make it faster and easier to design professional-looking websites with Prime FSE.


    In contrast to Classic themes, which utilized PHP files for templates, block themes use HTML files constructed from blocks to define site structure. Unlike patterns, modifications made to templates are globally applied across the website, affecting all instances of that template. There are default ones like Page 404, Single post and more you can discover in Prime FSE.

    To conclude, Prime FSE is a fantastic starter point for any type of website and there is much you can do with it. Modify the appearance of page sections, headers, and footers; insert custom styled blocks from Getwid; use a mega menu for free… and so much more with our outstanding WordPress starter theme for FSE.

    It might seem a little late in the day to be arguing about whether it’s a good idea to use block-based themes, they are already an integral part of WordPress. The most adorable thing about FSE is the same ‘game rules’ no matter what WordPress theme you use, which among other things means better productivity when you switch themes. Happy FSE-ing!

    Download Prime FSE

    FAQ: WordPress FSE starter theme

    What is a WordPress block theme?

    A block theme in WordPress seamlessly integrates native blocks, patterns, template parts, templates, and global styles into the WordPress site editor (formerly Gutenberg), enabling comprehensive website customization through a full-site editing experience.

    What is FSE?

    FSE, or full site editing, is the latest WordPress editing technology that allows you to edit website parts that were previously editable mainly with code. It makes it hassle-free to build customized headers and footers just by using blocks. This feature is supported by the purposely-made block themes with full site editing functionalities.

    How to switch to FSE?

    For fresh WordPress installations, no additional steps are required, any block theme is by default compatible with the latest WordPress versions. For existing websites, follow these recommended steps: 1) Back up your website. 2) Verify compatibility of your installed plugins with FSE. Plugins like WooCommerce or Getwid are already optimized for FSE.

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