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20 Best Yoga Teacher Website Examples for Your Inspiration

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A yoga website is the best tool to build a media presence, get new clients, boost brand awareness, enable online class scheduling, etc. Are you eager to promote your yoga services online but unsure what to start with? Take a look at the best yoga website examples from this article and the tricks they have to make visitors stay longer!

Built on different content management systems, these websites are geared toward personal coaches, yoga studios, and yoga-related projects. Let’s move on!

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Yoga Website Design: 8 Best Practices

What to put on the yoga website? Before we proceed with real-life examples, we’d like to outline the must-have elements of a good yoga website that might help it stand out and attract visitors’ attention:

  1. Detailed course description – make sure to provide all the information.
  2. Schedule option – let clients book a class without calling an administrator.
  3. Teacher’s credentials – showcase their skills and experience.
  4. Testimonials – add trust to your business.
  5. Educational content – share tips, guides, or news on your blog.
  6. Contact information – include multiple ways to get in touch with your studio.
  7. Pricing details and online payment options – it might be easier for clients to get acquainted with the rates and pay for classes directly from the website.
  8. Shop page – you may sell products related to your services: sports equipment, mats, T-shirts, etc.

20 Best Yoga Websites Design Examples (Editor’s Pick)

1. Shala Living Yoga

Shala yoga website example.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Shala Living YogaSquarespaceYes

Shala Living Yoga is a certified Yoga Alliance teaching studio that offers yoga classes along with retreats. Also, they have a teacher training program for practitioners. It’s possible to schedule classes via the integrated Mindbody software. The Shala Living Yoga website features an elegant design in turquoise, white, and gold colors.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Unique logo at the top of the website;
  • Clear navigation;
  • Highlighted Instagram feed;
  • Quick Links in the footer;
  • A comprehensive FAQ section.

More Details

2. CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa

Screenshot of the CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa website homepage in beige, brown and white colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
CIVANA Wellness Resort & SpaWordPressYes

CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa deals with the well-being niche and personal growth. It suggests different ways to relax and recharge: outdoor adventures, comfortable accommodations, spa services, etc. CIVANA is proud of its well-known wellness coaches and therapists. Its website is one of the best yoga website examples.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Professional video on the home page;
  • News and events section;
  • Slider with service details;
  • Eye-catching fonts;
  • Well-organized image galleries;
  • Dynamic animation effects.

More Details

3. Inner Spirit Studio

Screenshot of the Inner Spirit Studio homepage as one of the best yoga website examples.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Inner Spirit StudioWebflowYes

Inner Spirit Studio invites you to the yoga and fitness space located in Morris County, New Jersey. They provide a fully-equipped facility for classes, showers, and a UVC air purification system. This studio is ready to work with you regardless of your experience or skill level. The website listed as one of the best yoga website examples is made in blue and white colors. You can make an appointment for the preferred class or course on the Schedule page.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Blog with yoga-related news;
  • Easy-to-find Schedule button;
  • Login option;
  • Page with pricing plans;
  • Social media links in the header.

More Details

4. Toronto Yoga Co.

Screenshot of the Toronto Yoga Co. website examples homepage in beige and white colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Toronto Yoga Co.SquarespaceYes

The Danforth Yoga Studio by Toronto Yoga Co. attracts with well-designed pages and a wide selection of yoga classes. Visitors can find information about classes, retreats, and instructors. If they log in or create an account, they’ll be able to make a reservation. The studio allows watching their content and recorded ZOOM classes on TYC TV.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Google Maps with the studio location;
  • Easy-to-navigate footer;
  • Beautiful photos;
  • Register/Sign in option.

More Details

5. Seven Senses

Seven senses yoga website.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Seven SensesSquarespaceNo

The Seven Senses studio combines in-person yoga classes, online series, and recorded content. Retreats and related events have become the part of opportunities they deliver for personal growth. Teachers will guide you through the transformation process. On the website, you can discover the course called “Understanding The Technology of Self” and the mentorship program details.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • The Seven Senses diagnostic quiz;
  • Well-structured hamburger menu;
  • Light color scheme;
  • Social media links and blog news.

More Details

6. Yogamaya NYC

Collage of the Yogamaya NYC website homepage in beige and black colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Yogamaya NYCWordPressYes

The website of Yogamaya NYC is one of the impressive yoga website examples that immerses at first sight with fonts, animation effects, and navigation. When you hover over a particular page name, you’ll see the corresponding icon. All the links lead you to the inner pages. There is also a contact form to submit a booking for a class or event.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Well-designed icons for each menu item;
  • Dynamic animations;
  • Page with recordings of classes & series;
  • Book button for scheduling via their application;
  • Easy-to-find location and contact information.

More Details

7. Hale Pule Ayurveda & Yoga

Hale pule ayurveda website.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Hale Pule Ayurveda & YogaSquarespaceNo

Hale Pule is the healing space where teachers share their knowledge and experience in ancient Ayurveda and yoga practices via online and offline training. In addition to programs, guides, and information about consultations, the content on their website involves podcasts and ayurvedic recipes.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Parallax effects;
  • Fresh and vivid images;
  • Podcast page with episodes in different formats;
  • Detailed treatment and training programs;
  • Social media links in the footer.

More Details

8. Sukha Yoga

Sukha yoga website.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Sukha YogaSquarespaceYes

Sukha Yoga is responsible for in-person and virtual yoga classes in Novato, CA. It’s easy to explore rates, schedules, and special events. There is a separate page for beginners to get started with Sukha Yoga. The Spiritual Wellness page tells visitors about healers and their sessions.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Good-looking colors and fonts;
  • Sign-up option for events;
  • Discount button with CTA;
  • Customizable Yoga Gift Certificates.

More Details

9. Live Yoga Teachers

Live yoga teachers.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Live Yoga TeachersCraft CMSYes

Live Yoga Teachers is a well-known platform that comes in handy to find and get in touch with a yoga teacher in the UK. This platform lets you seek information about yoga classes, teachers, and services. Resources spotlight news, guides, yoga poses, and studios. You can select teachers and book a class with them directly from the website.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Section with available teachers and class details;
  • Footer with social media links and FAQs;
  • Specified teachers’ credentials;
  • Different time zones.

More Details

10. Natural Living

Natural living website.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Natural LivingWixYes

The Natural Living website is mentioned in this list due to its clean design and booking functionality. The latter implies a step-by-step scheduling process of 1-hour services. Natural Living gives insights into their techniques and therapies. Besides that, you have access to the About and Contact Us pages.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Parallax effect on the homepage;
  • Green & white color scheme;
  • In-depth profiles of team members;
  • Shop page with natural products.

More Details

11. Yoga Trade

Screenshot of the Yoga Trade website examples homepage.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Yoga TradeWordPressNo

Yoga Trade is devoted to the search for yoga instructor jobs & opportunities. This platform takes care of a business ecosystem to connect yoga instructors around the world. It consists of member profiles, spaces, and events. Yoga Trade has the membership option to join the platform.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Well-organized directories and opportunity listings;
  • Animation effects;
  • Clear call to action;
  • Testimonials from real members;
  • Media Kit.

More Details

12. Quantum Yoga Club

Screenshot of the Quantum Yoga Club website examples homepage in black, gray and white colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Quantum Yoga ClubSquarespaceYes

Quantum Yoga Club is a studio that specializes in hot yoga and pilates services. It has one of the yoga instructor website examples that follows popular design practices. For example, you can tap into pages about this studio, its classes, events, rates, etc. The booking application available on AppStore and Google Play makes it possible to book a class from mobile phones.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Engaging video on the homepage;
  • A harmonious combination of colors;
  • Slider with testimonials;
  • Quick links, map, and address in the footer;
  • Quantum Shop powered by Shopify.

More Details

13. Roots Yoga Studio

Screenshot of the Roots Yoga Studio website examples homepage in beige and white colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Roots Yoga StudioWixYes

Roots Yoga Studio conducts lessons virtual and in-studio yoga classes – both private and couple. Additionally, this studio from Jersey City is competent in prenatal yoga. When it comes to its website, it takes a few clicks to book a class, and view prices.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Preparation tips for beginners;
  • Price packages with all the conditions;
  • Separate pages for different yoga techniques;
  • Simple-to-submit contact form.

More Details

14. Arden Yoga & Wellness

Screenshot of the Arden Yoga website homepage examples in brown, beige and white colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Arden Yoga & WellnessGoDaddyNo

Arden Yoga & Wellness ensures quick and smooth acquaintance with therapeutic yoga. Kira Whitaker is an internationally certified yoga therapist and health & wellness coach. You can get monthly access to one of the mentorship programs. Just click the links to learn more about them.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Banner with the link to the podcast at the top of the website;
  • Detailed information about the therapist;
  • Descriptions of the programs;
  • Social media links.

More Details

15. Yoga House

Screenshot of the Yoga House website examples in beige and white colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Yoga HouseSquarespaceYes

Yoga House claims to be the best yoga studio in McAllen, TX. What are the main advantages? This studio comes with yoga, pilates, and barre classes. On top of that, students can reserve available classes or join waitlists. Yoga House allows them to check out the locations, prices, and events.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Intro classes for students;
  • Testimonials in a slider;
  • Map that corresponds to the site’s color scheme;
  • Book Now buttons for different classes.

More Details

16. Indigo Yoga

Screenshot of the Indigo Yoga website examples homepage in brown, blue and beige colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Indigo YogaWebflowYes

Indigo Yoga has one of the yoga website examples with a schedule option. It is used for classes, workshops, and specialty series. There is a FAQ page to get ready for the first class. What’s more, Indigo Yoga shares insightful articles in a blog. The studio supplies multiple ways to reach out to them, including a contact form, email, and phone number.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Separate schedules for different classes and events;
  • Buttons with hover effects;
  • Indigo Yoga Awards;
  • Slider with beautiful photos from classes.

More Details

17. YogaWorks

Screenshot of the YogaWorks yoga website examples in ornage, beige and white colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality

YogaWorks covers yoga, meditation, and mindful fitness classes suitable for beginners, athletes, and people in need of rehabilitation. In addition to live classes, they introduce a library of 2000+ recorded videos. YogaWorks has one of the top yoga website examples that allow students to choose the style they prefer to work in. Their blog contains useful tips and news in the yoga community.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Quick access to class schedule, training, and on-demand videos;
  • Free trial button with CTA;
  • Easy-to-navigate and content-rich menu;
  • Quotations in a slider;
  • Section with the latest blog posts;
  • YogaWorks shop.

More Details

18. Lila Lolling

Screenshot of the Lila Lolling yoga teacher website examples homepage in pink, beige and green colors.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Lila LollingWixNo

Lila Loling aims to share sustainable yoga practices via yoga programs, retreats, and training. Her sessions include personal coaching, Sangha circles, and TT modules. Lila takes you through the yoga philosophy and invites you to her workshops and podcasts. You can get a copy of her book “Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga” to implement meditation in your daily life.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Highlighted main offerings;
  • Beautiful slider with testimonials;
  • Different shades of pink and green colors;
  • Thorough descriptions of programs and mission;
  • Videos to see Lila’s teachings in action.

More Details

19. Meghan Currie Yoga

Screenshot of the Meghan Currie Yoga website examples homepage.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
Meghan Currie YogaWordPressNo

Whether you’re into mindful meditations or high-energy dances, Meghan Currie will find classes to keep you motivated and enjoy her teachings. You’re allowed to watch videos divided into categories and get help online. Meghan Currie adds posts to a blog. She offers free access to Firefly Flow and urges you to join the 21-day yoga challenge.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Striking and creative photos;
  • Gift cards;
  • Creations by Meghan Currie;
  • Online store with filters and categories.

More Details

20. OM Yoga Magazine

Screenshot of the OM Yoga Magazine website examples homepage.

NameCMSScheduling Functionality
OM Yoga MagazineWordPressNo

OM Yoga Magazine is different from other yoga website examples in this roundup as it’s an online magazine. It focuses on such topics as yoga poses, instructional videos, meditations, mindfulness, and lifestyle. There are special reports committed to multiple categories yoga students and instructors might be interested in.

Why Do We Like This Design?

  • Editor’s Choice section;
  • Hover animation effects;
  • News categories and tags;
  • Well-combined colors and fonts.

More Details

How To Automate Yoga Class Scheduling on WordPress Sites?

As mentioned before, the scheduling functionality integrated into a yoga website has many benefits. You drive direct bookings to your website, save time on client and booking management, and improve user experience for your clients thanks to a smooth online booking system.

How to add a yoga class scheduling option to a WordPress website? That’s where the WordPress Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress comes into play! This plugin supports:

  • Unlimited bookings, staff members, and locations;
  • Payments via PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, direct bank transfers, and on-site;
  • Deposit payments and discount coupons;
  • Automated appointment notifications and reminders;
  • Synchronization with an employee’s Google Calendar;
  • Flexible schedules for employees;
  • Easy management of bookings, payments, and clients from the dashboard;
  • Multiple service booking;
  • Customer accounts;
  • Integration with Twilio SMS Notifications, WooCommerce Payments, Google Analytics, and Square Payments via dedicated addons.

Appointment Booking plugin Start Free Trial

You may also use a WordPress theme with a ready-made yoga design and packed functionality. Yogamo is a WordPress theme suitable for building the best yoga websites. Built with the native WordPress block editor and Getwid WordPress blocks, this theme ships with pre-crafted pages. They enable you to show off yoga services, intrscutors’ profiles, pricing plans, blog posts, etc.

On top of that, Yogamo is bundled with the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin for step-by-step yoga class booking.

More Details Demo Membership

Wrapping Up

  1. So, this was our selection of the outstanding websites for yoga teachers and yoga studios. Hopefully, you’ve found the design practices and examples to take inspiration from.
  2. Also, we’ve described the functionality of top-notch tools to automate yoga class bookings on WordPress sites. You can start your free trial to test how the MotoPress Appointment plugin might work on your yoga website.
  3. Last but not least, we’ve singled out the top 3 best yoga websites from this roundup:
Shala Living YogaSquarespaceWebsite
Indigo YogaWebflowWebsite

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.


What should I put on my yoga website?

You should create an inviting yoga website with a warm welcome, bio, and teaching philosophy. There, you can:

  1. Feature class schedules, descriptions, and online options.
  2. Showcase testimonials, share insightful blog content, and promote upcoming workshops.
  3. Include contact info, social links, and a media gallery.
  4. Keep it visually appealing, regularly update, and maintain clarity on pricing and packages.

How to make a website for yoga classes?

To create a yoga website, you should follow these steps:

  1. Choose hosting and a domain name.
  2. Select the platform your website will be based on (for example, WordPress).
  3. Opt for a suitable design. When it comes to WordPress themes, Yogamo may be a great choice for your yoga website thanks to its modern design and powerful functionality.
  4. Include pages for Home, About, Classes, Workshops, Testimonials, Blog, and Contact.
  5. Showcase class info, events, and testimonials.
  6. Enable online booking to allow students to reserve spots for in-person classes or sign up for virtual sessions.

What is the best website builder for online yoga?

For online yoga websites, WordPress stands out as a robust platform. With its extensive plugin options, you can integrate scheduling tools like MotoPress Appointment Booking for seamless class bookings. WordPress offers flexibility, scalability, and a vast community for support. You may customize your yoga website with dedicated themes like Yogamo.

How can I promote my yoga online?

There are different tips on how to promote your yoga services online:

  1. Share class updates, tips, and inspirational content.
  2. Optimize your website for search engines.
  3. List your classes on different online platforms.
  4. Collaborate with influencers or wellness bloggers.
  5. Send newsletters with class schedules and promotions.
  6. Host webinars or live classes.
  7. Blog about yoga topics to attract a wider audience.
  8. Share free videos or guides to showcase your expertise.

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