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Kinsta Review – The Best WordPress Hosting in 2024?

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Kinsta is a top-ranked premium solution among managed hosting providers. It has gained a strong reputation for secure, performance-optimized, and user-friendly hosting services. What does Kinsta web hosting bring to the table? We’re eager to introduce an in-depth Kinsta review 2024 of its features! It highlights the pricing plans, setup process, and account management. Let’s get down to the Kinsta pros and cons!

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is dedicated to WordPress websites and implies WordPress-specific features for faster and more efficient site maintenance. They involve:

  1. Free site migrations included in most hosting plans.
  2. SSL Certificates.
  3. Single-click WordPress installation.
  4. Pre-installed WordPress plugins and themes.
  5. WordPress staging environments for site development.

Kinsta Web Hosting: Comprehensive Review

Screenshot of the Kinsta web hosting homepage in orange and black colors.

Quick Summary

What is Kinsta? Kinsta is a reliable cloud hosting platform to streamline the hosting of websites, applications, databases, and static sites. Founded in 2013, it has reached customers from different countries. This platform is known for feature-packed solutions, an easy-to-follow hosting panel, and expert support.

This review focuses on Kinsta WordPress managed hosting services. We’ll explore its key features, dashboard details, pros & cons, and prices. Let’s get it started!

More Details

Kinsta Pricing

Since Kinsta is referred to as a top-notch managed WordPress hosting, it offers comprehensive toolkits in different plan tiers. Let’s compare the hosting costs in all of Kinsta services. They vary according to the hosted products: WordPress websites, applications, or databases. They also have a free service to host static sites.

1. WordPress Sites

Kinsta PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Business 1$115$1,150
Business 2$225$2,250
Business 3$340$3,400
Business 4$450$4,500

*Prices are current as of the date of this article.

It’s worth noting that Kinsta’s core infrastructure is the same across all plans, including:

  1. Powered by Google Cloud’s Premium Tier network and C2 and C3D machines for a performance-optimized environment.
  2. Isolated container technology.
  3. Enterprise-level Cloudflare integration with free wildcard SSL, HTTP/3 support, and CDN network with 260+ PoPs.

The hosting cost for WordPress websites by Kinsta depends on:

  • Available WordPress installs;
  • Number of monthly visits;
  • Storage space;
  • Availability of free CDN;
  • Free premium Kinsta migration quantity: note that Kinsta provides unlimited free basic migrations – suitable for simple WP installs.
  • Backup retention period (at least 14 days);
  • Support for the multi-site option (available from the Pro plan);
  • Site cloning option (available from the Pro plan).

2. Web Applications

The price of web application hosting is based on different pricing schemes:

  1. Application Pods (starts at $7 per month).
  2. Build Machines (starts at $0.02 per minute).
  3. Bandwidth pricing (starts at $0.14 per GB in the external option).
  4. Optional persistent storage (starts at $3 per month).

For example, the Application Pods category is also subdivided into a few Kinsta plans like in the table below:

Application PodsPrice per secondPrice per hourPrice per month

3. Databases

The Kinsta pricing of database hosting relies on such factors as: CPU Count, RAM, and Storage Space.

Kinsta PlanPrice per secondPrice per hourPrice per month
Databases 1-9$0.0000068493-0.0012366819$0.02470-4.45210$18-3,250

Static Sites

Kinsta Web Hosting of Static Sites (260+ global edge locations) is free for:

  • 100 sites;
  • 1 GB-size limit/site;
  • 100 GB bandwidth per month.

Is there Kinsta free trial period?

Kinsta provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for all WordPress hosting plans to test whether their services cater to your needs and requirements. Kinsta offers a free trial of Application Hosting and Database Hosting with a $20 credit in the first month of hosting.

Kinsta Pricing

Main Features

Why choose Kinsta as your WordPress website hosting solution? This section covers the features that make it a good choice.

Custom Hosting Panel

With Kinsta, you get access not to a cPanel like with most shared hosting platforms but to a user-friendly custom dashboard called MyKinsta. You can manage different aspects of your website there, including:

  • Domains;
  • Backups;
  • Caching;
  • Analytics, etc.

Free Staging Environments

Kinsta lets you test new features, versions, plugins, and themes in a staging environment. Free one-click staging is available on all plans. There’s a premium staging add-on available that allows up to 5 staging environments. You’ll find the Environment button in your MyKinsta dashboard.


Can we consider Kinsta as a WordPress secure hosting? Let’s list the features developed to level up your website security:

  • Isolated container technology: thanks to this technology, each site is housed in its own container with resources allocated privately. Thus, if a site gets hacked, no other sites on the platform will be affected.
  • Cloudflare integration included in the service;
  • Site protection by GCP and Cloudflare firewalls;
  • Detections of DDoS attacks;
  • Wildcard SSL certificates;
  • Daily site backups and uptime monitoring;
  • 99.9% SLA-backed uptime;
  • Malware security pledge;
  • SOC 2 compliance.


Performance is one of the crucial points for search engine optimization. Being one of the best hosting providers, Kinsta also handles fast performance of your WordPress site due to such options as:

  • GCP’s Premium Tier network;
  • 35+ global data centers;
  • Edge Caching;
  • Early Hints;
  • CDN Service with 260+ PoPs;
  • Built-in Application Performance Monitoring Tool (APM);
  • The use of the latest and fastest Google C2 and Google C3D machines.

Kinsta Add-ons

If you are going to extend the functionality of Kinsta and supercharge your site with new features, there are optional add-ons available at extra cost:

  • Premium Staging Environments;
  • Redis;
  • Nginx Reverse Proxy support;
  • External Backup;
  • Extra Backups;
  • Extra Disk Space;
  • Increased PHP Memory Limit (for Business plans only).

Kinsta API

Kinsta WP hosting allows you to generate Kinsta API keys and use them for a more efficient site management workflow. For example, you’ll be able to retrieve data, schedule tasks, automate site creation, and more. New endpoints are being added all the time.

Kinsta Migration

It’s possible to migrate WordPress websites from another hosting provider to Kinsta. The migration service is included in all Kinsta WordPress hosting pricing plans. You are provided with unlimited free migration services to level up your site’s performance and security.

If your site doesn’t fit Kinsta’s basic free migration requirements, you may request a premium migration on your dashboard.


DevKinsta is a local WordPress development tool powered by Doker that enables you to create WordPress websites with powerful tools. Available for MacOS, Windows, and Ubuntu, DevKinsta supports PHP 7.2-8.3. You can also use the local database and email management tools to develop themes and plugins.

Getting Started with Kinsta

Is Kinsta web hosting easy to set up? Let’s take the initial steps to host a website with Kinsta and its tools.

Creating Account and Hosting Setup

Screenshot of the MyKinsta admin dashboard.

Firstly, you should sign up for Kinsta WordPress and create your account. Once you log into the MyKinsta dashboard, the hosting setup process starts with adding a site. You have 3 options at this stage:

  1. Install WordPress and configure:
    • Site name;
    • Data center location;
    • Site title;
    • Admin username, password, and email;
    • Language;
    • Basic WordPress plugins.
  2. Empty environment (without WordPress) for Duplicator migration or custom Bedrock/Trellis installation.
  3. Clone an existing environment.

Screenshot of the options to add sites to the Kinsta web hosting account.

Also, you can choose among 37 global data center locations by navigating to WordPress Sites > Add site > Data center location.

MyKinsta Dashboard

What does the Kinsta web hosting interface look like? We had a test account to review the main menus and settings. Let’s dive in!

1. Site Information

You have all the information about your website stored in one place:

  • Basic details;
  • Environment details;
  • Database access.

Screenshot of the site information menu in MyKinsta dashboard.

2. Backups

It takes a few clicks to set up different environment backups (free or at an additional cost): daily, hourly, manual, system-generated, and external.
Screenshot of the backup menu in the Kinsta web hosting dashboard menu.

3. Tools

Navigate to the Tools menu to enable available Kinsta hosting tools: server cache, PHP restart, WordPress debugging, Geolocation, Password protection, etc.
Screenshot of the Kinsta tools in the MyKinsta hosting panel.

4. Analytics

How to track the performance metrics of your website with Kinsta? You can navigate to the Analytics dashboard and view reports on:

  • Resources;
  • CDN Usage;
  • Dispersion;
  • Performance;
  • Response;
  • Cache;
  • Geo & IP.

Screenshot of the inforgraphics in the Kinsta analytics menu.

5. CDN

The CDN menu deals with the Content Delivery Network settings like:

  • Enable/Disable CDN;
  • Clear CDN Cache;
  • Image optimization;
  • Code minification;
  • Exclude files from CDN.

Screenshot of the Kinsta CDN settings.

6. Edge Caching

Edge Caching is used to store your page cache in any of the 260+ point-of-presence locations by Cloudflare. In this menu, you’re allowed to:

  • Enable mobile cache;
  • Clear cache;
  • Clear URL cache.

Screenshot of the Edge Caching menu in the Kinsta web hosting dashboard.

7. More Settings

With MyKinsta Dashboard, you can also view and manage:

  • Domains;
  • Redirects;
  • Installed WordPress themes and plugins;
  • Application Performance Monitoring Tool (APM);
  • IP Deny;
  • Users and their activity;
  • Logs.


Kinsta offers multiple support options accessible with any paid plan. They include:

  1. 24/7/365 live support via chats with support agents;
  2. Non-English support in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese during select hours;
  3. Knowledge base and documentation;
  4. Kinsta Resource Center;
  5. Kinsta blog.

Pros & Cons

What are the main strengths and downsides of Kinsta web hosting? Since our Kinsta review 2024 is almost complete, we can draw some conclusions:

Pros of KinstaCons of Kinsta
  • Fully-managed dedicated WordPress hosting.
  • Built on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • A powerful custom MyKinsta dashboard for hassle-free site management.
  • Advanced performance and security features.
  • Kinsta Migration services.
  • Cloudflare integration.
  • DevKinsta development tool.
  • Expert support.
  • Kinsta API.
  • There is no free trial for WordPress Sites Hosting. There’s a 30-day moneyback guarantee though – users are entitled to receive a full refund (add-ons included).
  • It may be expensive for small businesses.
  • There is no email hosting.

Kinsta Alternatives

Are there other feature-rich WordPress-optimized hosting providers that can be compared to Kinsta? Look into the main Kinsta WordPress competitors from the managed hosting niche.

FeaturesWP EngineFlyWheelNexcess
PricingStarts at $20/monthStarts at $15/monthStarts at $21/month
Global Data centers14 locations5 locations5 locations
Free MigrationsYes (with a plugin)YesYes
Staging EnvironmentYesYesYes
Free Cloudflare integrationNoNoNo
Premium 24/7 SupportAll plansAll plansAll plans

Kinsta WordPress Hosting: Useful Links

This section deals with some helpful links to get started with Kinsta more easily and find detailed information about this hosting provider:

  • A video overview of Kinsta, including Kinsta WordPress web hosting features.

  • Kinsta Documentation.


  • There is a changelog to check out the latest updates and new features.

Kinsta Changelog

  • Boost your workflow with Kinsta tools for development.

Dev Tools

Conclusion: Is Kinsta Web Hosting Worth the Investment?

At the bottom line of this Kinsta review 2024, we’d like to sum up a few points:

  1. Kinsta provides a secure hosting environment based on fast performance, security features, and expert customer support. You can host WordPress websites, web applications, databases, and static sites.
  2. Such factors as MyKinsta dashboard, integration with Cloudflare, free migrations, and staging environments make Kinsta WordPress hosting a choice to host a reliable and efficient website. So, if Kinsta pricing is affordable for your budget, it might be a great option for your business.
  3. Have we reviewed all the features? Is Kinsta suitable for your needs? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.


What type of hosting is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider. It offers cutting-edge technology based on Google Cloud’s Premium Tier network and backed by an enterprise-level Cloudflare integration, expert support available 24/7/365, and a user-friendly dashboard.

Is Kinsta a good hosting site?

Yes, Kinsta is widely regarded as a top-tier hosting provider for WordPress sites due to its speed, security, and expert support. On Kinsta’s platform, users can also host web applications, databases, and static sites.

How does Kinsta work?

Kinsta leverages the Google Cloud Platform to provide managed WordPress hosting. It utilizes container technology for isolated environments, ensuring stability and scalability. Its user-friendly dashboard enables easy site management.

Does Kinsta include email?

No, Kinsta doesn’t provide email hosting. Users typically use third-party email services like Google Workspace alongside Kinsta web hosting.

How does Kinsta count visits?

Kinsta counts visits by tracking unique IP addresses accessing your site within a day. Each unique IP is considered a visit, but repeat visits from the same IP within that timeframe aren’t recounted.

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