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PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing: What Is Best Hotel Dynamic Pricing Software?

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In the competitive world of vacation rentals, optimizing pricing can make or break your business. Meet a comparison article about two leading dynamic pricing tools with distinct approaches to maximizing rental revenue – PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing. As we explore their pricing models, features, benefits, and potential drawbacks, you’ll discover which tool can streamline operations for your rental business. Let’s dive in!

PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing: Comparative Guide

Since Beyond Pricing refers to popular PriceLabs alternatives, we’ve decided to get a bird’s eye view of these hotel dynamic pricing tools. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Quick Overview

What is PriceLabs?
Screenshot of the PriceLabs dynamic pricing tool homepage.
PriceLabs is a powerful dynamic pricing tool for different types of rental properties. Powered by the Hypel Local Pulse algorithm, it allows you to set up data-driven prices for your property. You can follow recommendations to optimize your price management workflow. With PriceLabs, you’ll be able to set prices based on the market situation and keep them competitive.

More Details

What is Beyond Pricing?
Screenshot of the Beyond Pricing homepage in dark blue and white colors.
Beyond Pricing, also known as Beyond, is another vacation rental pricing solution used by property managers and owners. In addition to data-driven results, it gives you a set of helpful tools to drive revenue, analyze market insights, and sync reservations. On top of that, Beyond Pricing enables you to build a direct booking website via additional services.

More Details

Pricing Structure

How much is PriceLabs? What pricing model is used for Beyond Pricing? Here is the table with all the details:

PriceLabsBeyond Pricing
Pricing Plans
  • Portfolio Analytics – free;
  • Dynamic Pricing – starts at $19.99 per month or 1% of bookings;
  • Market Dashboard – $9.99- $39.99 per month;
  • Revenue Estimator Pro – $10-$125 per month.
  • Growth Package – 1% of bookings;
  • Pro Package – 1.25% of bookings;
  • Performance Package – 2% of bookings.
Free Trial30 daysNo

As seen from the Beyond Pricing vs PriceLabs comparison, they have different pricing structures:

  1. PriceLabs rates depend on the selected tool and features. Regarding dynamic pricing, a fee is based on the region, property type, and number of listings. There are volume discounts available.
  2. Beyond Pricing charges a flat percentage fee from the revenue and offers 3 pricing plans. They differ in the list of features you access.

Main Features

Is Beyond Pricing suitable for a large number of properties? Is PriceLabs worth it? Let’s compare the Dynamic Pricing features included in both tools.

PriceLabs Features:

  • Market-driven dynamic pricing;
  • Pricing calendar with upcoming prices, bookings, and market trends;
  • Pricing data about competitors and nearby hotels;
  • Help with the property base price;
  • Min stay recommendations and settings;
  • Base, minimum, and maximum prices;
  • Custom check-in and check-out restrictions;
  • Price adjustments based on the stay duration, dates, or occupancy;
  • Last-minute or far-out discounts;
  • The ability to fill orphan gaps in a calendar;
  • Season profiles with custom pricing and stay settings;
  • Linked properties;
  • Property groups for bulk customization;
  • Team Settings to define member permissions;
  • CSV reports;
  • 40+ performance metrics;
  • AI-powered charts.

Also, the PriceLabs app provides 2 addons to connect PriceLabs data to external systems via APIs and schedule additional daily syncs. They cost $1 per listing/month.

Beyond Pricing Features:

  • Search-powered dynamic pricing;
  • Adjustable shifts in occupancy;
  • The ability to compare pricing with competitors;
  • Dynamic gap price adjustments;
  • Prices are based on seasonality, demand, and days of the week;
  • Grid view and bulk actions for a property portfolio;
  • Revenue management reports;
  • Minimum and base prices;
  • Last-minute discounts;
  • Minimum stay requirements;
  • Extra guest fees;
  • Price overrides.

Additional Services

While providing top dynamic pricing services for vacation rental property owners, PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing deliver extra tools to streamline your revenue management and maximize profitability.

PriceLabsBeyond Pricing
  • Portfolio Analytics to view performance reports.
  • Market Dashboards to get insights on market trends.
  • Revenue Estimator Pro to facilitate property estimation.
  • Insights to track real-time data.
  • Signal – a direct booking website.
  • Tally – payment processing tool.
  • Relay to automate synchronization across multiple booking channels

Integration Capabilities

When it comes to the list of possible PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing integrations, the latter can be connected to fewer PMS.

IntegrationsPriceLabsBeyond Pricing
ChannelsAirbnb,, and VrboAirbnb,, and Vrbo


Comparing the support options available with Beyond vs PriceLabs, you’ll see they are similar, including:

Beyond Pricing vs PriceLabs: Pros & Cons

After a comprehensive Beyond and PriceLabs review, we can outline their main strengths and drawbacks in the table below:

PriceLabsBeyond Pricing
  • Dynamic pricing algorithms.
  • Graphical data representations.
  • A wide range of integration capabilities.
  • Suitable for multiple properties.
  • Automated price adjustments.
  • Event-based pricing.
  • Portfolio analytical reports.
  • Market dashboards.
  • Adjusts prices for seasonality.
  • Syncs price changes with all connected platforms.
  • Discounts and length of stay adjustments.
  • Revenue management tools.
  • Market Insights.
  • Direct booking website.
  • Some advanced features might come at an extra cost.
  • New users may find it complex to set up.
  • A flat percentage fee may be a significant expense over time, especially for high-revenue properties.
  • Fewer integrations with PMS.

How to Sync Prices with PriceLabs on WordPress Direct Booking Website?

Do you accept online bookings on your rental property WordPress website and need hotel dynamic pricing software? Integrate PriceLabs and sync rates automatically to earn more from each property.

If your website is powered by the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin, you can use the dedicated extension – PriceLabs Integration. It allows you to synchronize your PriceLabs listings with accommodation types and display prices from PriceLabs on your website.

MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin PriceLabs Integration

You require a PriceLabs account with listings added from any PMS/OTA supported by PriceLabs. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to smoothly integrate PriceLabs with the Hotel Booking plugin:

Get the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin and PriceLabs integration along with All MotoPress plugins & themes with a discount on a Membership Plan.


Wrapping Up on Beyond vs PriceLabs

Whether you’re a seasoned property manager or just testing the waters in the dynamic pricing, understanding the ins and outs of PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing is crucial.

For example, PriceLabs charges per listing fee while Beyond Pricing has a flat fee. What pricing structure is better for your business needs? PriceLabs integrated with a wider range of property management systems, with Beyond Pricing providing helpful extra services such as a direct booking website or Tally payments.

So, which tool do you choose to elevate your rental business to new heights? Share your insights in the comments!


What is better, Beyond Pricing or PriceLabs?

Both Beyond Pricing and PriceLabs are strong dynamic pricing tools for short-term rentals. Beyond Pricing is user-friendly and great for those preferring automated, hassle-free pricing. PriceLabs offers more customization and advanced features, suitable for data-savvy users.

Does PriceLabs work with Airbnb?

Yes, PriceLabs integrates seamlessly with Airbnb to help optimize pricing for your listings.

Are there alternatives to PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing?

Yes, alternatives to PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing include Wheelhouse, DPGO, and AirDNA. These tools also offer dynamic pricing and market analysis features for short-term rentals.

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