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Looking to create an equipment rental software website on WordPress? Need a rental WordPress plugin for renting out bikes, boats, hiking supplies, warehouse equipment, construction tools, or any other types of things?

It’s not difficult to start with an equipment rental website if you already have an up-and-running one on WordPress.

I can’t say there are countless options of the equipment rental software for WordPress but still you have a choice, the market offers you about ten decent WordPress rental system plugins both free and paid.

These WordPress equipment rental plugins are usually focused on the advanced scheduling software features that allow you to automate your equipment bookings. Those are usually hourly bookings but the length of rental period can be easily tailored.

8 Awesome WordPress Equipment Rental Plugin 2024 (Free & Paid)

So which equipment rental software will help you keep up with your business needs?

There is unlikely a silver bullet but, hopefully, we’ll help you narrow down your choice by highlighting some key tools and specifics of the WordPress plugins for rental the equipment rental needs.

Let’s help you choose the best WordPress rental plugin and take a look at a few top examples!

1. MotoPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

MotoPress Appointment Scheduling plugin.

Rating out of 5DeveloperCost as of 2024

The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin is an appointment scheduling solution for WordPress. So its primary function is selling services on an hourly basis. To serve equipment rental companies, though, customers need to optimize the dashboard menus in their own way.

While not specifically designed for rental business, the best way to start using this tool for a rental store on WordPress is to opt for the Lorenty rental theme, powered by this plugin. Opting for a theme is a win-win-win: 1) the plugin is included so you don’t need to pay extra, 2) the plugin is pre-configured to serve the rental business needs, 3) there are 5 visually stunning demos for various needs: bikes for hire software and e-vehicles, furniture, boats, construction equipment, and even jets.

The plugin is absolutely powerful – it takes care of all sides of the booking process, employees and clients, providing flexible schedule settings, Google calendar integration for staff members, various online payment options (PayPal, Stripe (Bancontact, iDEAL, Giropay, SEPA Direct Debit, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Link), and tons of options to customize and rent out your equipment.

Key features:

  • Fully customizable booking wizard.
  • Configure rental pricing and availability.
  • Display rental information on product pages.
  • Automated reservation emails.
  • Rental period cost: per duration (can be multiplied by the number of people renting equipment).
  • Payment options: full payment online, discount-based, partial payment (deposit), cash-on-pickup.
  • Works with popular page builders for WordPress.
  • Available in English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish.

Details Free Trial Free Version

MotoPress is well-known for its WordPress booking solutions. They also have the WordPress Hotel Booking plugin – vacation rental plugin WordPress websites use. There is a collection of WordPress themes for a rental property of any type and size: Ciestra, Villagio, Alpenhouse, and others.

2. RnB WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

RnB software for WordPress.

Rating out of 5DeveloperCost as of 2024

This equipment rental software based on WooCommerce is made specifically for WordPress and will help you easily rent out cars, bikes, tools, services, gadgets, and the like. It comes with all the needed tools for the payment processing options, booking notifications, language settings, and more.

Customers choose how many items they want (rents) when booking, while you can also set quantity limits. One of the key things, the rental period, is very flexible – you have a choice between daily, monthly, hourly, and other rates.

The WordPress equipment rental plugin ships with many integrations, including Google Calendar, WPML, and more world-popular tools. This WooCommerce rental plugin is used by more than 10 thousand people, time-tested and reliable!

Key features:

  • Block specific dates to prevent bookings.
  • Useful for out-of-stock items or other restrictions.
  • Additional items associated with the inventory (payable or non-payable).
  • Inventory management and variations.
  • Unlimited payable resources and the number of people.
  • User dashboard.
  • Hour-based / distance-based pricing.
  • Additional people associated with the inventory (payable or non-payable). Examples: extra guests, guides, etc.


3. BRW – Booking Rental Plugin for WooCommerce

BRW rental WordPress software.

Rating out of 5DeveloperCost as of 2024

This is another nice extension to WooCommerce that helps you manage and rent out items with any needed level of control.

Supporting various rental types, daily, hourly, mixed, tour, periods, location and more, you’ll be sure to rent out equipment in any preferable way. The product settings are where the magic happens: you can choose rental type, set insurance fees, deposit amounts, and vehicle management options, define minimum rental periods, configure pricing for different periods, weekdays, seasons, and special times, offer additional resources and services and many more solutions.

Of course, such WooCommerce rental plugins like this one heavily rely on WooCommerce itself, for example, for cancellations and refunds, payment gateways, inventory control and more.

Key features:

  • Disable weekdays for bookings with option to allow bookings across weekends.
  • Choose search result template and column layout.
  • Reminder emails about pickup dates.
  • Inform customers about remaining invoice payments.
  • Define location-based pricing for transportation rentals.
  • Override global settings for individual products.
  • Set available pickup and drop-off date/time ranges.
  • Custom checkout fields.
  • Control visibility of pick-up and drop-off location fields, allowing for custom entries.
  • Enable partial payment options.


4. Car Rental System

Car Rental System WordPress.

Rating out of 5DeveloperCost as of 2024

As its name clearly suggests, this WordPress equipment rental plugin is foremost designed for car rental purposes. It’s created without dependencies on WooCommerce and is claimed to be developed by ‘the Silicon Valley engineers”.

This rental plugin for WordPress allows you to manage your entire car rental business, offer unlimited cars, flexible pricing, and seamless booking experiences that customers love. As for the flexibility, you can set prices by season, day, hour, or offer discounts, deposits, and coupons. Customers will have selectable options for each car and extra as well as choose flexible options thanks to ‘car price groups’ and “Get a quote” features.

Key features:

  • Unlimited cars, partners, features, options, and extras.
  • Manage pick-up, return, distances, car blocking.
  • Add extras like GPS.
  • Track reservations and customer actions.
  • After-reservation email notifications with invoice.
  • Editable confirmation and cancellation emails.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Maximum units per reservation and stock management.
  • Block cars and extras for specific dates and ranges.
  • Grace period and reservation timeout settings.


5. Rental Products (for WooCommerce)

Rental Products for WooCommerce.

Rating out of 5DeveloperCost as of 2024

This WordPress equipment rental plugin allows you to set products as rentals in WooCommerce (simple, variable, grouped). Tailored specifically for rental businesses from the ground up, you’ll find it a plain process to operate in their dashboard.

The plugin makes it easy to manage orders containing rentals, track rental periods and returns, and send rental reminder emails. In the dashboard, you can access tools for advanced rental product management and get an overview of all rentals in a calendar.

When working on the frontend, your customers select rental dates on product pages, see rental price and availability and can also rack rental orders in ‘My Account’.

What about cons? While this WooCommerce extension is probably one of the most powerful on the backend, its frontend side could be a little better.

Key features:

  • Configure rental pricing, availability, deposits, etc.
  • Offer add-ons for rental products.
  • View rental inventory and manage stock levels.
  • Filter products and orders by rental status.
  • Customize rental text and labels.
  • Set up a calendar feed for rentals.


6. Booqable Rental plugin (FREE)

Booqable Rental Plugin.

Rating out of 5DeveloperCost as of 2024

This WordPress rental plugin is a connection tool with a cloud account you need to register with Booqable, one the most popular developers for all things rental business. So if you like the solution, learn the features of the core software.

If you are looking for free software for tool rental needs, you can use the Booqable Rental plugin, which is optimized to smoothly work with WordPress websites. They also promise your customers will have an experience like “booking products feels the same as shopping on an eCommerce website”.

The free equipment rental software version of Booqable, however, is limited; but you can always upgrade if you need more tools.

Key features:

  • Flexible pricing settings, including security deposits.
  • Real-time availability to keep your inventory always up-to-date automatically.
  • Request a quote feature
  • Automatic ‘send a booking’ notifications.
  • Simple plugin installation with a wizard.
  • Stripe, PayPal, local gateways.


7. WP Rently (FREE)

WpRently booking plugin.

Rating out of 5DeveloperCost as of 2024
4.6MagePeople TeamFree

WpRently stands out from this selection thanks to its multipurpose nature – in addition to rentals, it can work with appointments and short-term rental properties. It also has support for WooCommerce giving you all the freedom of payment gateways of this powerful e-commerce solution (but note that more payment options are available in PRO).

But if you actually use it for the rental store, tons of features are there: hourly or daily rental period and pricing, fully customization booking forms, user-friendly management of rental orders, minimum and maximum booking days, to name a few.

That means you can provide customers with flexibility of, for example, multi-day bike or car rentals for extended travel plans as well as for single day rentals. On the cons side, their docs are not helpful at all; plus, it looks like there are several paid add-ons for the price and rental period flexibility.

Key features:

  • Rental prices based on specific days, ensuring accurate pricing.
  • Display a single rental item with a gallery.
  • Pickup and dropoff locations.
  • Related rentals showcase.
  • Specific prices for day-long rentals and day-night price variables.
  • Well-designed fronted display of rental forms.


8. Bookings for WooCommerce (Free)

Bookings for WooCommerce.

Rating out of 5DeveloperCost as of 2024
4.2WP SwingsFree

This WooCommerce-powered WordPress rental booking plugin transforms any product into a bookable item, which is all you need for short-term equipment use; rent out anything, from cars to party supplies.

You can decide how you approve rentals: instantly, or manually to avoid double bookings and catch potential issues. You can also add fees like booking or cleaning charges, and even adjust them based on the number of users to cover extra wear and tear.

Overall, this is a free WordPress plugin that is easy to start and work with thanks to the powerful and familiar WooCommerce options.

Key features:

  • Hourly/daily rentals, manage availability, and accept various payments.
  • Google Calendar synchronization.
  • Set seasonal rates, discounts, and deposits for personalized pricing.
  • Manage pick-ups and returns.
  • Suitable for both appointments and rentals.
  • Block specific items/dates.


How to Choose the Best Equipment Rental Software?

Let’s focus on some essential tools of the equipment booking systems for WordPress and see how various plugins work in terms of all features.

Some WordPress rental plugins are better at one aspect while others are doing a better job at the others, as well as pricing options might differ.

Since it’s almost impossible to check out and access all the features before you can purchase a product, at least try to prepare a list of questions for the companies you want to purchase a product from.

So here it goes!

Setup & Launch

WordPress plugins are normally easy to install but the general setup process might differ. Pay attention to whether the WordPress rental booking plugin has automatic installation wizards that usually help you get started easier and faster. A reduced learning curve will save you some time and energy.

Customize Rental Rates and Conditions

The price range customization is of high importance for any business so try to pay attention to the types of rates you can create and whether there are flexible further rules for tailoring your pricing system.

Length of Rental Period

Find out the default and minimum rental period since it’s crucial to know if the solution is made for hourly or per-night rentals.

Inventory Management

Check whether the rental WordPress plugin provides solid inventory management tools to help you keep all your rental data structured and centralized. Simply describe your business scenario to the company you find suitable and ask whether they can meet your needs.

Online Payment Processing

What payment methods do you want to integrate on your WordPress rental website? Check if you can do that for free (sometimes payment methods are offered as premium extensions, so make sure to check it out beforehand).

Connect Your Website to Rental Platforms / Other Integrations

Smooth integrations with the external rental platforms are not always easy. If you want to rent out your tools on multiple platforms, you need to find out if you can do that easily (or probably you need to pay for that?). As for other integrations, those might be Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.

Client Accounts

Do you want to allow for a user account registration? That would be a great help for returning customers as well as automating your rental processes.

Limits to the Number of Products You Can Offer

Check if there are any limits to the number of products/bookings and whether you might need to pay extra if there are any.

Mobile Applications

Do you want to take the key management tasks to some sort of mobile application and manage rentals / reservations on the go? A mobile app can solve this task.

Ready-to-go designs

Despite the fact that you can use any WordPress theme with almost all WordPress equipment rental plugins, some companies go further and provide you with pre-made designs and website builders.

Manage Equipment & Inventory With the Best Equipment Rental Software for WordPress

In general, these plugins can be used in multiple ways, such as construction rental equipment software, appointment scheduling solutions, and for other types of rentals, which are rather optimized for hourly bookings.

Such tools Booqable or RnB are optimized specifically for the equipment rental software for WordPress while others (MotoPress Appointment Booking) are more multipurpose and can be easily bent into any direction.

As I said in the beginning, it’s always a good idea to go through the checklist of features to see if you can adjust the software for rental equipment online.

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.

Which WordPress equipment rental plugin offers single day rentals?

The following WordPress rental plugins offer single day rentals: RnB WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin, BRW – Booking Rental Plugin for WooCommerce, Car Rental System, Booqable Rental plugin and a few others.

How do I add rental plugins to WordPress for free?

As for equipment rental software free to use, you can give a try to the WP Rently plugin to create a rental store for free on WordPress, but remember that there are limitations.

How do I add a booking plugin to WordPress?

You can add any plugin, including rental WordPress plugin, in the following way:
1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.
2. Search for your chosen plugin.
3. Click Install Now and then Activate.

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