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Choosing the Best WordPress Room Booking Plugin: 10 Solutions

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Are you renting out rooms on a WordPress website? Online bookings, multiple payment methods, or synchronization with OTAs – all of these features can be embedded into your site with just one solution from the WordPress repository. How to find the best WordPress room booking plugin? In this article, you’ll explore free and premium suggestions that might come in handy for your property!

We’ve handpicked powerful plugins for multiple rental needs and highlighted their main features. It’s time to choose the best toolkit for your WordPress website!

Why Use A Booking Plugin for Room Reservations?

First of all, what’s the point of adding the booking functionality? Online room reservations may have many perks for your business, including:

  • Increased direct bookings on your site;
  • 24/7 access to detailed room descriptions, amenities, and booking options;
  • Easy management and better control of reservations and guests on the dashboard;
  • No overbooking thanks to the synchronization with online platforms.

What Makes a Good WordPress Room Booking Plugin?

Next, we would like to outline the features to look for in a perfect hotel room booking plugin. You should check out whether it offers:

  1. A user-friendly and intuitive interface for guests and admins.
  2. Management tools to track bookings, reports, information about guests, and more.
  3. Integration with multiple payment gateways and third-party systems.
  4. Flexible settings to configure booking requirements, rates, and extra packages.
  5. Synchronization of availability and booking data received from different channels.
  6. An advanced system of notifications with dedicated templates.
  7. Translation features to make a website multilingual.

What’s the best WP hotel booking plugin to settle room bookings on WordPress? Without further ado, let’s cut to the chase!

10 Best Room Booking Plugins for WordPress (Free & Premium)

This roundup consists of both free and premium plugins to help you find the solution suitable for your business needs & budget.

1. MotoPress Hotel Booking

Collage of the WordPress Hotel Booking plugin for room booking websites.

WordPress Hotel Booking pluginMotoPress$99 year/one website

The WordPress Hotel Booking plugin by MotoPress is an all-around WordPress booking plugin designed for any type of rental property. Out of the box, it adds an online reservation system that supports unlimited properties, online & offline payments, flexible rates based on different options, email notifications, and other features.

The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin powers up your site with an advanced search property form and mobile-friendly availability calendars to streamline the guest experience. Also, you can set up booking confirmation mode and add reservations manually.

More Features:

  • A system of booking restrictions: min/max stay, block options;
  • Synchronization with any online travel platform that supports iCal;
  • Free & paid bookable extra services;
  • Built-in PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, or Beanstream/Bambora gateways;
  • Taxes & fees visible at checkout;
  • A set of Hotel Booking addons to power up its functionality;
  • User accounts for guests;
  • CSV booking resorts;
  • Hotel Booking Mobile application;
  • Hotel Booking Lite is a top-notch WordPress room booking plugin free of charge.

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2. HBook

Collage of the HBook WordPress room booking plugin demo page on desktop screen.


HBook suits hotel industry WordPress websites to rent our rooms as it provides a feature-rich online booking experience. This plugin comes with built-in PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. Also, it allows you to set complex rates, offer discounts, and let guests select the preferred payment method.

Reservation management with HBook implies a calendar with bookings and a reservation list in a table. You can export your bookings to CSV files and issue invoices to guests.

More Features:

  • Automated email notifications;
  • iCal synchronization with OTAs;
  • HBook shortcodes and blocks;
  • Extra packages available;
  • Payment Gateways add-ons.

More Details

3. WP Hotel Booking

Collage of the WP Hotel Booking plugin dashboard on the desktop screen.

WP Hotel BookingThimPressFree

WP Hotel Booking helps you get the ball rolling if you integrate a hotel room reservation system into your WordPress website. With this plugin, you access booking management tools and 4 payment gateways to enable a seamless booking process.

The WP Hotel Booking plugin is quite flexible to allow you to add extra packages, set pricing plans, and customize room details.

More Features:

  • Room reservation system with multicurrency;
  • Coupons to offer discounts;
  • Block options for certain dates;
  • Multiple free addons for extra payment gateways, statistics, WPML, etc.

More Details

4. VikBooking Hotel Booking Engine & PMS

Collage of the VikBooking room booking plugin WordPress dashboard on the desktop screen.

VikBooking Hotel Booking Engine & PMSE4J s.r.l.€140

VikBooking is another solution to arrange online room reservations on a WordPress hotel website. This plugin delivers such features as custom pricing plans, booking restrictions, and 60+ payment gateways.

Apart from that, you’ll be able to handle room types and availability calendars. VikBooking makes available customer management functions, graphic reports, and invoices.

More Features:

  • Compatible with Vik Channel Manager;
  • 8 shortcodes to set up the front-end view;
  • Seasonal rates;
  • Customizable booking process;
  • SMS notifications.

More Details

5. WP Hotelier

Collage of the WP Hotelier room booking WordPress plugin admin dashboard on a desktop screen.

WP HotelierWP HotelierFree

Users choose WP Hotelier as the free WordPress room booking plugin thanks to its advanced room settings and hassle-free booking management. This plugin comes with 3 booking confirmation modes: instant booking, manual booking (requires admin approval), and booking disabled.

You can accept the deposit or full-amount payments and set seasonal rates. WP Hotelier lets the admin view bookings in a calendar and add reservations manually.

More Features:

  • Non-cancellable and non-refundable statuses for rooms;
  • Email notifications on reservations;
  • Extra services for rooms;
  • Discount codes via coupons;
  • Extensions to add an advanced pricing system, iCalendar importer/exporter, MailChimp, etc.

More Details

6. PinPoint Booking System

Collage of the PinPoint room booking system for WordPress websites.

PinPoint Booking SystemPINPOINT.WORLD$70 year/one website

PinPoint Booking System for WordPress is a top choice for renting out rooms, accommodations, services, etc. This plugin unlocks a responsive calendar with a user-friendly interface (only 1 in the free version). In terms of calendar customization, clients are allowed to choose the number of rooms, search for availability, and apply coupon codes.

With the PinPoint Booking System, you take control of synchronization via iCal, notifications, and online payment gateways.

More Features:

  • Used for multipurpose booking needs;
  • Per-night and per-day accommodation reservations;
  • A list/calendar view of bookings;
  • Taxes & fees included in the total price;
  • Extra amenities and services (free & paid);
  • Reports in CSV, XLS, JSON, and ICS formats.

More Details

7. WP Booking System

Collage of the WP Booking system on the desktop screen.

WP Booking SystemVeribo, Roland Murg$59 year/website

WP Booking System is a booking calendar plugin for WordPress that caters to the needs of rental business owners. It can be applied to reserve hotel rooms, equipment, or services. Besides that, the WP Booking System makes it possible to view bookings in a calendar and create a calendar legend.

The premium version is also equipped with iCal synchronization, an overview reservation calendar, and extended features for a booking calendar.

More Features:

  • Any number of booking calendars and forms;
  • Built-in payment gateways;
  • Blocking dates from being booked;
  • Minimum stay duration;
  • Email confirmations and reminders.

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8. Booking Package

Collage of the Booking Package WordPress plugin dashboard for room booking websites.

Booking PackageSAASPROJECT Booking Package$72/year

Booking Package is a room booking plugin WordPress offers to configure different types of reservations: room rentals, service appointments, or event bookings. This plugin supports unlimited booking calendars and enhances your site with PayPal and Stripe gateways.

On top of that, you can manage booking details from the backend and edit information about customers. Customer options include user registration, user management on the admin panel, and different user roles.

More Features:

  • Flexible booking intervals;
  • Works for unlimited bookings;
  • Hotel rates for each day of the week;
  • Minimum and maximum stay length;
  • Booking cancellation.

More Details

9. eRoom

Collage of the eRoom WordPress plugin to manage rooms in Zoom conferences.


Do you need a free WordPress plugin to manage rooms during Zoom conferences? eRoom is mentioned here to cover your demands! With this plugin, you are just a few clicks away from managing Zoom meetings from your WordPress dashboard.

eRoom enables you to create webinars, incorporate them into your site, and sell them as WooCommerce products.

More Features:

  • Direct Zoom integration into a WordPress website;
  • Supports Zoom features;
  • Reports on engagement and performance;
  • Admin areas to handle conference meetings;
  • Compatible with popular LMS themes.

More Details

10. MotoPress Appointment Booking

Collage of the MotoPress appointment booking plugin for conference and styudio room booking websites.

WordPress Appointment BookingMotoPress$59 one site/year

The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin differs from other plugins in this roundup, as we list it as one of the best solutions for hourly room reservations. For example, you may use it for conference rooms or studios that provide dedicated space for a certain period.

It’s possible to add flexible schedules, accept online & offline payments, and send automated notifications. The WordPress appointment plugin by MotoPress allows you to manage bookings on the backend and export Bookings to CSV files.

More Features:

  • Unlimited bookings, services, employees, and locations;
  • Payments via PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link, a direct bank transfer, and on-site;
  • Multiple bookings made during one submission;
  • Automated reminders;
  • Appointment Booking addons to integrate WooCommerce payments, Google Analytics, Twilio SMS Notifications, etc.

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Bottom Line

    1. So, how to choose the best WordPress room booking plugin? You should consider whether it contains the must-have features to facilitate the reservation process on your website. For example, a smart search form, online payments, email notifications, availability calendars, flexible rates, etc.
    2. You may find a suitable solution for your business from the roundup presented above. It involves the best plugins from the WordPress directory.
    3. In a nutshell, here is the top 5 best room booking WordPress plugins for every need and budget:
NameDownloads on wp.orgSynch with OTAsWebsite
MotoPress Hotel Booking10K+iCalSite
VikBooking7K+Vik ManagerSite
PinPoint Booking System5K+iCalSite
WP Booking System10K+iCalSite
  1. You may purchase the Membership subscription to get all the MotoPress booking plugins & themes at the best price!


Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.


Does WordPress have a booking plugin?

Yes, WordPress has several booking plugins that enable hotel room reservations, appointment scheduling, and event bookings. These plugins enhance functionality for businesses. For example, plugins specifically designed for hotel room bookings like the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin allow hotels and accommodations to manage room availability, reservations, and bookings directly through their WordPress websites.

What is the best free booking plugin for WordPress?

Hotel Booking Lite is a well-regarded free booking plugin for WordPress, especially for managing hotel reservations. It provides essential features like a booking calendar, customizable booking forms, and payment processing.

Appointment Booking Lite is a plugin designed for appointment scheduling on WordPress websites. It allows businesses to manage bookings for services, create flexible schedules, and customize services to suit their needs.

How do I add a booking system to my website?

Adding a booking system to your website typically involves a few steps:

  1. Select a suitable WordPress booking plugin based on your specific needs (e.g., appointment booking, hotel reservations).
  2. Install and activate the plugin.
  3. Configure plugin settings.
  4. Create booking items (services, room types, events, etc.)
  5. Add a booking form or calendar to a page with the provided shortcodes or widgets.

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