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What is the best appointment plugin for hourly-based service businesses? In this article, you’ll discover a blow-by-blow comparison of two booking WordPress plugins that made headway over the last year: LatePoint and MotoPress Appointment Booking.

Both solutions can be used for a wide range of industries to accept online appointments or rent out items: education, beauty & wellness, medical clinics, photography, and many more.

Full of categorized tables and feature comparisons, this post highlights the main differences and similarities between these plugins. Since the LatePoint plugin has no free version, we’ve compared their premium versions only.

Reviewed versionRelease Year
MotoPress Appointment Booking1.22.02020

*The prices and features are current as of the date of this article.

Before we dive into the detailed reviews, here are some points that catch our attention at a glance:

  1. Booking Form: both plugins provide responsive appointment forms for a step-by-step booking process. LatePoint includes 7 color options, while MotoPress form style adjusts to the used WordPress theme design, plus, it has several calendar schemes and color tailoring options.
  2. Pricing Model: when it comes to prices, LatePoint is available in basic and pro packages. The latter is packed with all 26 LatePoint addons. MotoPress sells a core plugin, allowing you to extend its functionality via extensions. The MotoPress lifetime access ensures lifetime support, while LatePoint doesn’t have the lifetime access option.
  3. Integrations: LatePoint supports a wider set of integrations for marketing purposes (MailChimp) and online meetings (Zoom and Google Meet).
  4. Payment Gateways: from the core, the MotoPress Appointment plugin has built-in payment gateways, while you require extensions or the Pro license to get them with LatePoint.
  5. Advanced Features: LatePoint gives more flexibility in terms of customer accounts and setting booking restrictions, with MotoPress focusing on the features essential for online appointment scheduling.

Now, it’s time to get down to the detailed comparison. Let’s cut to the chase!

LatePoint vs. Appointment Booking Comparison


Since the booking plugins differ in pricing models, let’s have a look at the cost of their powerful tools depending on the plan and number of domains:

CostLatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Annual cost1 domain: $49 (renews at $64)

5 domains: $170 (renews at $319)

10 domains: $290 (renews at $637)

Includes product updates and support

1 domain: $89 (renews at $116)

5 domains: $310 (renews at $579)

10 domains: $530 (renews at $1157)

Includes product updates and support

1 domain: $59

Unlimited domains: $199

Includes 12 months of support and product updates.

Annual membership – $299:

  • Unlimited domains;
  • 40+ other MotoPress products;
  • One year of updates and support.
Lifetime cost$799

  • Unlimited domains;
  • 40+ other MotoPress products;
  • Lifetime plugin support and updates.
Free trial7-day sandbox trial7-day sandbox trial7-day free trial
Extensions$71426 add-ons ($714) are included in the package for free1 domain: $266

Unlimited domains: $796

The basic license for a single domain is the cheapest in LatePoint. However, it’s the cost of the first year only. The packages are based on the number of domains. In case you don’t need all 26 extensions available with LatePoint Pro, the annual cost is less expensive if you purchase LatePoint Basic + several addons.

If your website requires the functionality of most of the extensions, you may consider the LatePoint Pro package which might be more cost-effective.

One of the main differences between the compared plugins is that the MotoPress Appointment plugin has a feature-rich free version. Also, it provides both annual and lifetime cost options. With the latter one, you get access not only to the core plugin and all addons but to 40+ products from the MotoPress lineup.

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Main Features

We’ve reached the key functionalities point crucial for your decision on the best booking plugin. The table compares premium versions of the LatePoint Booking and MotoPress Appointment plugins.

First off, you should consider the features essential to building the online presence for your service or rental business.

Main FeaturesLatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Unlimited appointmentsYesYesYes
Unlimited servicesYesYesYes
Unlimited employeesYesYesYes
Unlimited locationsYes ($19)YesYes
Step-by-step booking wizardYesYesYes
Individual employee scheduleYesYesYes
Service categoriesYesYesYes
Service ExtrasYes ($19)YesNo
Minimum and maximum capacity settings for appointmentsYes (with Group Appointments addon – $19)YesYes
Minimum and maximum service priceYesYesNo
Minimum time before cancelingYesYesNo
Maximum number of future bookings per customerYesYesNo
Buffer times before and after appointmentsYesYesYes
Multiple service durations with custom prices for each oneYes ($19)YesNo
Group appointmentsYes ($19)YesYes
Allow price per person in group appointmentsYes (with Group Appointments addon – $19)YesYes
Multi-service booking in one transactionNoNoYes
Individual employee or service booking formYesYesYes
Availability calendarYesYesYes
TimeZone SelectorYes ($19)YesNo
Booking history/logYesYesYes
SupportDocumentation, emailDocumentation, emailDocumentation, email, tickets, videos, code reference, style kit.

While LatePoint Basic provides a limited toolkit that caters to the basic needs of a small service business, LatePoint Pro unlocks extended features such as payment gateways, multiple locations, group appointments, and appointment capacity. It’s worth noting that these features are available with the MotoPress core plugin.

Both plugins allow you to add multiple services & employees, manage bookings from the backend office, include buffer times, and set up flexible schedules. LatePoint Pro also enables extra services added during service scheduling.

The LatePoint WordPress plugin features the ability to restrict the number of future appointments per customer, while MotoPress Appointment Booking allows customers to add multiple services to the cart during one submission.

So, both plugins turn out to be flexible solutions in terms of default functionality helpful for robust scheduling.

Booking Form Customization

The customization capabilities of a booking form stand out among other plugins’ features as a form affects the client’s first impression and the overall site’s design. So, what powers do you have with the compared plugins?

Form CustomizationLatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Service image and description in the formImageImageNo
Edit form field labelsYesYesYes
Fonts & colors7 colors7 colorsInherited from theme defaults, plus accent and button colors
LayoutForm widthForm widthInherited from theme defaults, calendar themes, button paddings
Custom step imageYesYesNo
Custom CSSYesYesYes
Custom FieldsYes ($39)YesIn development
Form progress barYesYesNo

Both LatePoint and MotoPress Appointment Booking plugins ensure your clients come through a step-by-step booking process via a mobile-friendly form.

With the LatePoint plugin, you access 7 color options for a booking form: blue, black, teal, green, orange, red, and purple. Apart from that, you can choose the border style and upload images for steps and services. There is a Custom Fields addon (free with LatePoint Pro) to ask customers for additional information.

Screenshot of the LatePoint appointment booking form.
Example of a LatePoint appointment scheduling form.

With the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin, you have 2 options:

  1. Use it with a third-party WordPress theme, with the form design adjusting to the activated theme’s settings. Additionally, you can pick a calendar theme: dark, material blue, material green, material red, material ornage, Airbnb, Confetti.
  2. Opt for a pre-designed appointment WordPress theme by the plugin creators with the tailored booking form. There is a set of themes suitable for various niches (tutors, tour guides, clinics, equipment rentals, etc.) that include the plugin’s functionality for free.
Screenshot of the Restline appointment request form for massage therapists in gray and white colors.
An example of the booking form in MotoPress Appointment Booking.

So, LatePoint focuses on manual form customization, while MotoPress gives you a wide choice of ready-made design solutions.


Notifications and reminders are effectively used to keep clients and staff members informed about their appointments and thus prevent no-shows. How can you set up them with the reviewed plugins?

CommunicationLatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Custom notificationsYesYesYes
Automated notificationsYesYesYes
Email remindersYes ($29)YesYes
SMS remindersYes ($29 with the Reminders addon or $19 with the Twilio addon)YesYes ($69)

Both plugins have similar toolkits when it comes to automated email notifications about bookings sent to customers and employees. However, you need to purchase a Reminders extension (free with LatePoint Pro) to automate the workflow of sending email reminders with LatePoint Basic.

Payment Processing

If multiple payment gateways and such options as discounts, invoices, or deposit payments included with the booking plugin are crucial for your website, check out the table below:

PaymentsLatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Payment Gateways
  • PayPal ($19);
  • Stripe ($19);
  • Square ($29);
  • Razorpay ($29);
  • Paystack ($29);
  • Mollie ($29);
  • Mercado Pago ($29);
  • Flutterwave ($29);
  • Braintree ($29).
PayPal, Stripe, Square, Razorpay, Paystack, Mollie, Mercado Pago, Flutterwave, Braintree
  • PayPal, Stripe, Direct Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link;
  • Square. ($59)
WooCommerce PaymentsNoNoYes ($89)
Pay on-siteYesYesYes
Deposit PaymentsYesYesYes
Discount CouponsYes ($29)YesYes
TaxesYes ($29)YesNo
RefundsVia payment gatewaysVia payment gatewaysVia payment gateways

Despite LatePoint offering a wider range of supported payment gateways, you can get them at extra cost in the LatePoint Basic package. The MotoPress appointment scheduling plugin comes with a built-in system of payment processing, with only WooCommerce and Square payments being available as paid addons.

payment methods booking form.
Paying for an appointment in MotoPress.

The advantage the LatePoint plugin has over MotoPress is the Taxes option (free in LatePoint Pro). You can add taxes and service charges for bookings as a fixed or percentage value.

Both premium scheduling WordPress plugins allow for deposit payments and discount coupons.


Comparing LatePoint WordPress vs. MotoPress Appointment Booking plugins, we’ve discovered that both plugins smoothly integrate with different services & apps. Therefore, you can bridge them to third-party solutions to empower your business website.

IntegrationsLatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Services & appsGoogle Calendar ($39), Webhooks ($39), Twilio ($19), MailChimp ($29)Google Calendar, Webhooks, Twilio, MailChimpGoogle Calendar, Google Analytics ($49), Twilio ($69), WooCommerce ($89)
Online meetingsGoogle Meet ($39), Zoom ($29)Google Meet, ZoomNo
Page buildersBlock editorBlock editorBlock editor, Elementor, Divi

As seen from the table, both plugins can be extended with Twilio SMS notifications. Also, they allow staff members to sync appointments with their Google Calendars.

While LatePoint is better at integrations with marketing and online meeting services (MailChimp, Google Meet, and Zoom), MotoPress lets you connect WooCommerce payment gateways and track performance insights of your rental or service business with Google Analytics 4.

Integrates WooCommerce payment gateways with the Appointment Booking plugin.

View Demo

Automated SMS notifications via the Twilio service.

Measure the success of your bookings by integrating Google Analytics.

MotoPress wins in the support of page builders important for an intuitive site-building process. While the booking form and Book Now buttons by LatePoint are added via shortcodes, MotoPress offers dedicated Gutenberg blocks, Elementor widgets, and Divi modules.

Booking Management

How can you make it easy for the admin and staff members to view and handle appointments right from the dashboard with LatePoint and MotoPress Appointment Booking?

Booking ManagementLatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Cancel appointmentsYesYesYes
Reschedule appointmentsYesYesYes
Backend calendar viewsDay, Week, Month, ListDay, Week, Month, ListDay, Week, Month, List
Booking cancelation by customerYesYesYes
Import data to CSVYesYesYes
Add appointments from the backendYesYesYes

LatePoint is known for a separate backend area that looks like an app on mobile devices.

Screenshot of the LatePoint booking calendar.
Backend appointment calendar by LatePoint.

Both plugins ship with user-friendly dashboards and availability calendars. With them, you take full control over appointments, payments, and clients with no hassle. You can add and find the booking, edit its details, export CSV reports, and more.

MotoPress Appointment Booking backoffice calendar.
Backoffice appointment calendar in MotoPress.

Employee Accounts

Staff members (“Agents” in LatePoint and “Employees” in MotoPress Appointment Booking) can have their personal accounts to log in and manage their bookings.

LatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Role Manager addon ($49)FreeFree
  • Administrator default role;
  • LatePoint Agent default role;
  • Custom roles.
  • Administrator default role;
  • LatePoint Agent default role;
  • Custom roles.
  • Appointment Manager role;
  • Appointment Employee role.
Backend access to the WordPress dashboardBackend access to the WordPress dashboardBackend access to the WordPress dashboard

The Role Manager extension by LatePoint (free with LatePoint Pro) adds two default roles: Administrator and Agent. You can customize their privileges in the dedicated menu. Apart from that, the plugin allows you to create custom roles with pre-defined privileges.

Sreenshot of the LatePoint agent permissions.
The backend view of the LatePoint Agent user role.

The MotoPress Appointment plugin delivers two custom user roles: Appointment Manager and Appointment Employee. They differ in the number of access privileges. Staff members will be able to view appointments in a preferred layout, connect them to their Google Calendar accounts, edit their schedules, etc.

The employee account in motopress appointment booking plugin.
The backend view of the Appointment Manager user role.

Customer Accounts

Both plugins add a customer account page with a shortcode to the website.

The shortcode by LatePoint is [latepoint_customer_dashboard]. It shows customer dashboard, if a customer is logged in, if not – it will show a login form.

In the Customer Cabinet, customers can:

  1. View their upcoming and past appointments on the My Appointment page.
  2. Submit new bookings on the My Appointment or New Appointment page.
  3. Reschedule and cancel appointments on the My Appointment page.
  4. Manage their personal information on the My Information page.

The LatePoint plugin enables you to let customers log in to their accounts:

  • Using their WordPress credentials;
  • With Social Login (Google or Facebook).

If necessary, it’s possible to hide the “Create Account” prompt on the confirmation step.

Screenshot of the LatePoint customer cabinet.
An example of Customer Cabinet in LatePoint.

The MotoPress plugin allows you to choose between two options: to ask a customer if they want to have an account or to create it automatically.

In their accounts, customers will be able to view:

  1. Their bookings.
  2. Personal details.
  3. Details of individual appointments.

Advanced Features

The ‘advanced feature’ is a rather subjective point as lists of must-have plugin features are different for diverse business scenarios. So, we’ve tried to single out the options that are not so widely used in service businesses.

Advanced FeaturesLatePoint BasicLatePoint ProAppointment Booking Pro
Marketing and analytics
  • Built-in analytics dashboard;
  • MailChimp ($29).
  • Built-in analytics dashboard;
  • MailChimp ($29).
Gift cardsVia Square addon ($29)Via Square addonVia Square addon ($59)
Customer accountsYesYesYes
Sell extra services along with the main onesYes ($19)YesNo
Show booking slots in a client time zoneYes ($19)YesNo
Customers can choose service durationYes ($19)YesNo
Limit appointments per customerYesYesNo
Social LoginYesYesNo
ChatYes ($29)YesNo
QR Code for a bookingYes ($19)YesNo
WordPress themes optimized for the pluginThird-partyThird-partyA collection of themes by the plugin creators

These features are mostly geared towards marketing aims, analytics data, and side services. To highlight some advanced capabilities for clients provided by the LatePoint WordPress plugin, we’d like to outline:

  • Chat Extension (free in LatePoint Pro) to let agents communicate with customers and send them files via chat;
  • Multiple service durations with custom charge and deposit prices for each duration (available with the dedicated addon);
  • Social Login area to access the customer cabinet with Google or Facebook;
  • QR Code Info extension (free in LatePoint Pro) to generate a QR Code for a booking and add appointment information to the customer’s calendar.

Useful Links

In this section, we’ve collected some helpful links to get acquainted with each plugin in more detail:

MotoPress Appointment Booking:

  • A comprehensive plugin video overview

Video Overview

  • Websites made with the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin

Customer Showcase

  • Appointment Booking addons


  • WordPress themes that include the plugin for free

Appointment Themes

  • MotoPress Appointment Booking Documentation


  • Free Demo of the premium plugin

Start Free Trial

  • Membership Packages with access to all MotoPress plugins & themes



  • 7-day Sandbox Free Trial

Free Trial

  • The list of all LatePoint Addons

LatePoint Addons

  • LatePoint Playground to test the form, buttons, etc.


  • LatePoint documentation


LatePoint Plugin vs. MotoPress Appointment Booking Plugin: Final Words

To sum up our in-depth comparison and review of the top WordPress booking plugins, let’s showcase the discovered perks these solutions bring to the service businesses.

Pros of LatePoint:

  • Once the plugin is activated, there is an intuitive setup wizard to help you take the first steps in the plugin setup.
  • LatePoint provides a wider choice of third-party integrations and advanced features.
  • There are more color and layout options for manual form customization.
  • In their cabinets, customers have more powers associated with appointments like canceling, rescheduling, adding, etc.
  • The plugin allows you to sell extra services and include multiple service durations.

Get LatePoint

Pros of MotoPress Appointment Booking:

  • There is a powerful free version.
  • You can choose between annual and lifetime costs, with the latter giving you access to all MotoPress products. Plus, the cost of the plugin’s license renewal is the same as during the first payment.
  • The plugin comes with a range of built-in payment gateways requiring no extra extensions.
  • MotoPress Appointment Booking ensures robust solutions to integrate with popular page builders (Block Editor, Elementor, and Divi).
  • There is a multi-service booking option to schedule several services in one go.
  • A collection of business-fueled WordPress themes designed for multiple business industries.

Get MotoPress

Now, the choice of the best scheduling system is up to you! Does our comparison article come in handy to make a decision?

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.


Is LatePoint plugin free?

The LatePoint WordPress plugin doesn’t have a free version. It’s available in the Basic and Pro premium versions. However, there is a 7-day SandBox free trial to test the plugin’s functionality at no cost.

How to integrate LatePoint with WordPress?

You should download the plugin’s file on your LatePoint account. Then, go to your WordPress dashboard, upload this .zip file to the plugins page. Once the plugin is installed and activated, there will be a Setup Wizard to guide you through setup process.

Does MotoPress Appointment Booking have built-in payment options?

Yes, you can accept payments on via PayPal, Stripe, Direct Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link, and more with MotoPress Appointment Booking. Also, you can connect Square or WooCommerce Payments via dedicated extensions.

How to send reminders with MotoPress Appointment Booking?

To set up reminders, you should navigate to Appointments > Notifications > Add New Notification. Then, add the notification title, set the condition & the sending time, and customize the email content.

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