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Top 9 WordPress Donation Plugins for 2024: Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

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The best WordPress donation plugins help modern non-profit organizations raise funds and resources for charity campaigns. From establishing campaigns to accepting online donations using various payment methods, modern donation solutions for WordPress help with achieving several goals. In this article, we’ll take a look at 9 best plugins that any charity organization may use to improve their site’s donation functionality.

Before we continue, let’s take a look at the top 5 donation plugins for WordPress listed below. They are ranked by their best metrics to help you choose the right one easily.

NameCustomizable donation formRecurring paymentsOnline payment gatewayAnalytics & reportsThird-party integrations
WP Simple PayYesYesYesNoNo
Seamless DonationsNoYesYesNoNo

9 TOP WordPress Donation Plugins

In this guide, we gathered the 9 best WordPress donation plugins that will help even a small non-profit organization to establish a powerful campaign and manage it efficiently. From widely applicable solutions to smaller ones, below you’ll find a diverse selection with a detailed analysis of advantages and disadvantages as well as other useful information.

1. Empower Generosity with GiveWP

GiveWP - one of the best wordpress donation plugins.

GiveWPFree or from $149/year100K+


  • Easy donor management;
  • Customizable forms;
  • Recurring donations;
  • Fundraising reports & analytics;
  • A variety of form templates and integrations.


  • Limited free plan;
  • No native plugin support for multilingual websites;
  • Some add-ons require a Premium plan;
  • Different integrations may not work as expected.

One of the first & best WordPress donation plugins on today’s list is GiveWP. It is a ready-to-use WordPress solution with dozens of features, extensions, and integrations. With the support of recurring donations and effective charity campaign management, it is one of the top-rated tools that offers its basic features for free.

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2. Fundraising Simplified: Charitable

Charitable - one of the best wordpress donation plugins.

CharitableFree or from $69/year10K+


  • Unlimited fundraising campaigns;
  • Secure & GDPR-ready donation forms;
  • Powerful form customization with code snippets;
  • Simple donation management via WordPress dashboard.


  • All plans except Elite are limited to 1 site;
  • Recurring donations require the Plus plan;
  • Stripe & Zapier support is included only with the Pro plan.

The next tool we’d like to highlight is Charitable. It is one of the easy-to-use yet powerful WordPress plugins built with charities in mind. From unlimited campaigns to diverse add-ons and a user-oriented interface, Charitable offers everything you’d expect from a premium & top-quality donation plugin.

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3. Streamlined Giving: WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay - one of the best wordpress donation plugins.

WP Simple PayFree or from $49.50/year10K+


  • Secure payment processing & Stripe support;
  • Advanced donation form builder;
  • Customizable receipts & discount codes;
  • A variety of provided form templates.


  • The Personal plan is limited only to 1 site;
  • Recurring payments are available with the Plus plan;
  • No PayPal support.

One of the best WordPress donation plugins when it comes to simplicity and functionality is WP Simple Pay. Known as a leading plugin for Stripe payments, it is a perfect choice for both charity and fundraising websites. It delivers seamless payment processing for your sponsors. Moreover, the plugin supports custom fields and form templates. This helps you instantly create a well-designed donation page.

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4. Maximize Donations with Donorbox

Donorbox - one of the best wordpress donation plugins.

DonorboxFree or from $139/year10K+


  • Fast checkout;
  • Customizable donation buttons & pages;
  • Easy crowdfunding campaign management;
  • A dedicated mobile app for recurring giving;
  • A wide range of supported integrations.


  • Both paid and free plans require a transaction fee;
  • Analytical features are only included in the paid plans;
  • Crypto & stock payment methods are available only in the US and only to premium members.

Donorbox is a versatile solution for crowdfunding websites created with WordPress. It provides a diverse selection of features that any non-profit organization will find useful. From donation pages to memberships, crowdfunding, and embeddable forms, this plugin offers a diverse range of functional advantages for any charity.

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5. Secure Contributions: PayPal Donations (FREE)

PayPal Donations - free donation plugin for WordPress.

PayPal DonationsFree30K+


  • Easy donation box integration;
  • Multiple languages supported;
  • A wide range of basic & advanced settings;
  • Support of various currencies.


  • No built-in designs for the donation pages and widgets;
  • No premium support;
  • Advanced customization requires coding knowledge.

If you aim for a simpler solution to power your charity website, using PayPal Donations may help. It is one of the best WordPress donation plugins offering easy-to-use & familiar online payment functionality. Additionally, it allows you to integrate one of the most trustworthy payment methods into your website using a free & customizable widget. It can be added anywhere on your site using the included shortcode.

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6. Seamless Giving: Seamless Donations (FREE)

Seamless Donations - free WordPress plugin for fundraising.

Seamless DonationsFree6K+


  • Easy to set and add to any page;
  • Customizable & responsive donation form;
  • Built-in Stripe support;
  • Custom post types for funds and donors;
  • Extensible engine for forms and shortcodes.


  • Add-ons require extra purchase;
  • Some plugin settings may confuse a first-time user;
  • No support is provided on forums.

Seamless Donations is another useful and free plugin for adding donation functionality to your charity website. Regardless of what you want to add to your NGO website, you can get it with this WordPress plugin. Its highly customizable donation management system allows you to easily track all donations. And the provided premium extensions and add-ons can greatly enhance the donation functionality of your site.

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7. Effortless Fundraisings: Razorpay

Razorpay - one of the best wordpress donation plugins.

Razorpay2% fee on all transactions60K+


  • Payment gateway with hundreds of supported payment methods;
  • Customizable donation pages and buttons;
  • QR codes for on-site payments;
  • Subscriptions and recurring payments;
  • Lots of apps that extend the plugin functionality.


  • Some customers have expressed concerns about customer service;
  • No proper processing of international payments;
  • Long account activation;
  • Mostly suitable for websites located in India and Malaysia.

If you need a more scalable solution, choosing Razorpay will drastically improve the online payment experience for your sponsors and volunteers. As one of the best WordPress donation plugins, this solution is oriented towards improving every aspect of online payments. Moreover, with Razorpay, you can achieve better financial security and offer your donors advanced payment features, such as payment links and subscriptions.

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8. Visualize Success: Donation Thermometer (FREE)

Donation Thermometer - one of the best wordpress donation plugins.

Donation ThermometerFree2K+


  • Free & easy to customize;
  • Automatic/manual update of raised values;
  • Lots of optional parameters;
  • A variety of shortcodes.


  • Not suitable for detailed display of data;
  • No built-in analytics module;
  • Only global thermometer orientation can be set via the plugin settings.

For those charity sites that need a transparent and easy-to-understand display of campaign donation progress, we recommend using the Donation Thermometer WordPress plugin. It offers customizable progress bars that display how close you are to achieving your goals. Such an approach to promoting your charity may help you motivate your donors and supporters.

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9. Diversify Donations: Cryptocurrency Donation Box

Crypto Donation Box - one of the best wordpress donation plugins.

Cryptocurrency Donation BoxFree or from $26/year2K+


  • Supports all major cryptocurrencies;
  • Mobile-friendly plugin & widget;
  • QR code generation for wallet address;
  • Customizable style settings for your crypto donation box.


  • The plugin may store sensitive information in your site’s database;
  • Detailed plugin preferences may be confusing for new users.

Are you looking for a way to add cryptocurrency support to your donations? With a Cryptocurrency Donation Box, it is easy to achieve. Appearing on our list of the best WordPress donation plugins, this solution delivers new & futuristic payment methods for your supporters to use. It offers a configurable donation box that can be embedded on any page using a shortcode. Note that adding your cryptocurrency wallet is required before using this plugin.

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We hope this review of the best WordPress donation plugins has helped you choose the right solution for your next campaign or charity website. Remember that choosing the right plugin for such purposes isn’t defined only by your preferences. There are also other notable principles of choosing a donation solution for WordPress, such as:

  • Donation management: Many popular plugins are equipped with a donation management dashboard. This allows website owners to keep an eye on the campaign goal completion and easily create donation campaigns.
  • Online payment gateways: A vital part of success for any charitable website is the support of popular currencies and online payment gateways. From Stripe to PayPal, many highly rated online payment services are integrated into the majority of popular donation plugins.
  • Customizable donation forms: Customization also defines the best WordPress donation plugins. Having custom-made forms results in the best experience for your sponsors and website visitors. Thus, plugins that allow detailed customization of donation forms are widely used.
  • Detailed analytics: Lastly, before choosing the donation plugin for your WordPress website, consider its analytical features. With thought-out analytics, you can get more information about what campaigns receive more donations.


How do I add a donation plugin to WordPress?

Adding a donation plugin can be done by simply searching for it on the WordPress plugin catalog. There you will need only to install and activate it in the dashboard of your website. However, if you decide to purchase a premium version of free plugins for charity websites, you’ll need to upload it manually using the FTP file manager.

What is the best charity plugin for WordPress?

GiveWP is currently one of the best WordPress donation plugins. It is widely used and highly rated by many WordPress users and enthusiasts. Multiple charity theme developers also feature this plugin in diverse themes and web design solutions for donation-oriented websites.

What is the best way to accept donations on WordPress?

One of the best ways to accept donations on WordPress is to do it using a customizable form connected to the donation plugin designed for this platform. With a variety of suitable solutions, any user of this CMS can quickly install and integrate such plugins in just a few clicks.

How can I collect donations online with free WordPress plugin?

To collect donations online, all you have to do is to install a plugin that you find fitting. The best WordPress donation plugins feature online payment support and easy form customization to help you collect donations on your website. Moreover, some solutions deliver recurring payment functionality that makes regular online donations possible.

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