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Crowdfunding WordPress themes are multifunctional and responsive tools that can be used when building a crowdfunding platform. From new technological advancements to music albums and books, there are lots of ideas that turn out to be successful as a result of using such solutions.

Many small businesses and individual ventures heavily rely on crowdfunding. The considerable benefits it provides allow entrepreneurs to gather enough funds for almost any business goal. Moreover, you may get new ideas from supporters and backers of your project. In addition, this way your startup gets enough traffic from social networks.

The Benefits of Crowdfunding Platforms

Through platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you can get access to a community of people interested in supporting your cause. Furthermore, you can promote your product or service before it’s even ready. This also is a great way to build a group of supporters around your startup or fundraiser. Regardless of your crowdfunding project, you can easily connect with new business partners and like-minded people who are eager to support you.

But what if you want to start with crowdfunding using your website? In this case, WordPress can certainly help. With its wide choice of available themes and designs, you can easily find something that meets your fundraising needs.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the best crowdfunding WordPress themes ranging from free to premium ones. We have prepared a diverse selection of themes for crowdfunding, fundraising, and charity to help you get started with your project right away. Being feature-rich and highly customizable, any of these solutions may become your first step toward making your idea a reality. But before we start, let’s look at the top 5 themes for such a website.

Prime FundraiserFreeNot Rated
Nonprofit OrganizationFreeNot Rated
Advance StartupFree5.00

8 Best Free Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

Our overview of the best crowdfunding WordPress themes starts with free solutions suitable for any modern installation of the world’s leading CMS. Even providing only essential features, they still guarantee a great start for your website in this sphere. Often being charity-oriented, these themes provide deep customization as well as great performance for crowdfunding projects of any topic and complexity.

1. Charity Zone (FREE)

Picture of Charity Zone - free, innovative & responsive theme for crowdfunding with a full-width header in darkorange, white, and black color gradation.Many WordPress solutions for charity are often being used as a basis for fundraising websites. Charity Zone is one of the simple yet quite effective themes that follow the same purpose. Its well-designed and responsive pages can be used to set up an informative website for a crowdfunding project. Even if you own a non-profit organization that promotes charitable projects, using this free theme may provide a variety of benefits.

This theme may not initially attract your attention at once. However, its potential is certainly worth trying it out. Besides being free, it offers a range of ready-made pages with diverse blocks and sections. Using the built-in WordPress customization tools will help you create a unique and memorable website for your crowdfunding project. Here are some of the features provided with this theme:

  • Full-width header section to attract the attention of your site visitors by using a high-quality image and compelling text within a versatile and noticeable block;
  • A blog for publishing the latest news and updates from your crowdfunding organization via the pre-designed blog pages;
  • Testimonials to display the latest reviews and opinions about your project with a customizable slider block;
  • Urgent Causes section for showcasing the current crowdfunding goals and projects you’re working on.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Charity ZoneThe MagnificoFreeMobile 25
Desktop 58

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2. Prime Fundraiser (FREE)

Image of Prime Fundraiser - well-designed and feature-rich theme for charity websites with powerful donation form in white, deepskyblue, and black palette.The next free solution for crowdfunding websites we’d like to talk about is Prime Fundraiser. It provides a detailed layout combined with a responsive and clean design. Aimed at charity and fundraising organizations, it certainly is a fitting choice for NGOs. While it may not be one of the most powerful crowdfunding WordPress themes, it is a great starting point especially if you haven’t used this CMS before.

As for its advantages, there are multiple ones that Prime Fundraiser can provide. It comes with several ready-made pages. They can help you promote your events and the fundraising projects you’re working on. Moreover, you can gather donations using an easy-to-use navigation menu. As a result, you get a responsive crowdfunding & fundraising theme for WordPress with awesome customization potential and interesting features, such as:

  • Powerful & configurable donation form for easier crowdfunding;
  • Variety of dedicated pages (Blog, Events, About Us) that tell people more about your organization;
  • Integrated Google Fonts & Google Maps to make your website more visually attractive and interactive;
  • Slider section to improve your site’s interactive potential.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Prime FundraiserThemeIgniteFreeMobile 38
Desktop 47

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3. Nonprofit Organization (FREE)

Illustration of Nonprofit Organization - modern & customizable theme for fundraising with contact forms and sliders in lightgreen, white, and darkslategray pigment selection.As it’s evident from its name, Nonprofit Organization is one of the crowdfunding WordPress themes made specifically for NPOs and charitable organizations. While this is a free solution, it comes with certain paid benefits that can be unlocked for an additional fee. Moreover, it has a colorful yet discreet design, which perfectly fits modern fundraising initiatives and crowdfunding sites.

Like the previously mentioned themes, this one allows you to show your current campaigns and crowdfunding goals. Moreover, with its help, you can tell more about your organization’s mission and how the gathered donations will be used. With a variety of blocks and high-quality content supplied with this theme, you can use Nonprofit Organization to describe your organization in great detail. For example, this solution allows you to:

  • Describe each of your donation goals and what results you expect from different projects;
  • Use the blog to keep your supporters updated with the latest from the current crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Apply contact forms, sliders, and icons to make your website more interactive;
  • Customize each page, including the footer and header to create a memorable user experience.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Nonprofit OrganizationMisbah WPFreeMobile 41
Desktop 50

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4. Charity Foundation (FREE)

Snapshot of Charity Foundation - fully responsive & free theme for crowdsourcing with video integration in gold, white, and black chromatic scheme.Charity Foundation provides essential tools for any website to build a noticeable website for a fundraiser. Moreover, it is one of the modern crowdfunding WordPress themes that features a variety of UI elements that make a website more attractive. It also delivers a diverse choice of customizable blocks.

If you are not just gathering donations but are also looking for volunteers to help with your project, this theme can be a great choice, too. Moreover, it has several pre-defined categories of fundraising projects to help you get started. From health to education, you can use any category to set up a crowdfunding campaign and choose the goal that you want to achieve. Here’s what makes this theme an interesting fit for your site:

  • Well-animated counters for a better visual representation of facts and statistics;
  • Easy-to-use forms to help you stay connected with your supporters;
  • Video section with simple integration of your campaign’s video;
  • Diverse categories help you manage several different charity programs at once.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Charity FoundationOvation ThemesFreeMobile 37
Desktop 80

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5. Polity Lite (FREE)

Depiction of Polity Lite - easy-to-use theme for NGOs with customizable gallery in crimson, white, and black composition.Many crowdfunding WordPress themes are often oriented toward political campaigns. With a clean and corporate-styled layout, such solutions are developed for websites that attract the donations of potential electors or supporters of a notable politician. Still, these free themes can be used as a basis for any modern crowdfunding platform.

Thanks to its easy-to-customize layout, Polity Lite can provide you with everything a modern fundraising organization needs to be properly represented online. Furthermore, it helps to properly present your goals, while also telling more about your crowdfunding program. Here’s what you get with this theme:

  • Sophisticated and clean design for proper crowdfunding program promotion;
  • Fullscreen image slider to advertise the main benefits of your project;
  • Customizable gallery with high-quality photos;
  • Spacious footer and detailed header with social links section.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Polity LiteGrace ThemesFreeMobile 60
Desktop 77

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6. Raise Charity (FREE)

Artwork of Raise Charity - editable theme for charities with donation goals in white, gold, and black colorway.Some fundraising websites are quite similar to those of non-profit organizations. For that reason, many charity WordPress themes can also be used for crowdfunding purposes. Due to this CMS providing exceptional customization possibilities, you can freely use themes like Raise Charity to easily build any kind of website for your fundraising campaign. Moreover, you don’t even have to spend a fortune on it.

Raise Charity is available as a free and premium theme for your WordPress website. While its paid version is surely feature-rich and provides more benefits, the free variant has everything you need to get started with a responsive crowdfunding website. For example, it includes:

  • Various options for the theme and its colors;
  • Responsive and editable site layout;
  • Blog & archive for easier publishing of news and updates;
  • Recent cause section to highlight specific donation goals;
  • About Us and Team blocks to help you promote your organization and its mission.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Raise CharityTheme PalaceFreeMobile 65
Desktop 89

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7. Smallbiz Startup (FREE)

Illustration of Smallbiz Startup - ready-made & free-to-use theme for crowdfunding with spacious footer in white, coral, and lightcoral color gradation.Modern non-profit websites can be based not only on charity-like designs. They are often created specifically for startups and small businesses that are looking for additional funding. In this concern, using free crowdfunding WordPress themes is also beneficial. This also helps to save time on transforming any other theme to fit your idea.

The Smallbiz Startup free WordPress theme is a great solution for an already-established crowdfunding project. Note that it is the best fit only for business-oriented campaigns. This theme has all it takes to help you set up a responsive and memorable business-oriented website for your project. However, it may also require additional functionality provided by free crowdfunding plugins for WordPress that are often used by fundraising sites. Nonetheless, this theme provides a wide range of great features, such as:

  • Animated full-width header section for appropriate project presentation;
  • Dedicated pages for projects and services to promote your offers;
  • Customizable and spacious footer with links for social pages;
  • Easy-to-configure forms for newsletter and contact sections.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Smallbiz StartupClassic TemplatesFreeMobile 14
Desktop 38

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8. Advance Startup (FREE)

Image of Advance Startup - informative and outstanding theme for fundraising with <a href=WooCommerce-ready functionality in yellow, gold, and crimson shade combination.” width=”1600″ height=”1200″ />If you are looking for something more varied yet still business-oriented, we recommend looking at Advance Startup. It is one of the crowdfunding WordPress themes available with both paid and free options. Even if you are just getting started with raising money for your project, this solution can help you build a corporate website ready for fundraising campaigns in no time.

The free version of Advance Startup provides a variety of advantages you’d expect from a modern WordPress solution. From slider support to customizable logos and ready-made pages, you can get a configurable website layout for free with this theme. Besides, it comes with a convenient navigation menu, an impressive portfolio, and review sections. Alongside these features, the theme also provides:

  • Pre-designed pages for describing your company, team, and active projects;
  • WooCommerce-ready functionality for your crowdfunding website;
  • Sliders and forms for enhancing your website’s content & interactivity;
  • Detailed documentation to help you easily set up and configure the theme.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Advance StartupTheme ShopyFreeMobile 61
Desktop 73

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7 Best Premium Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

The majority of crowdfunding WordPress themes can help you build a simple yet effective fundraising website. Still, having a fully-featured theme as a basis for your next crowdfunding campaign is always beneficial. From Elementor page builder support to offering multiple payment methods and extensive customization, there are a lot of advantages these solutions can provide you with.

9. FundingPress

Picture of FundingPress - top-notch theme for crowdsourcing with payment system support in dodgerblue, lightgreen, and white tonal scheme.Most WordPress themes for crowdfunding sites are oriented toward charity and fundraising. However, only a few provide something close to crowdsourcing. With Kickstarter, Patreon, and IndieGoGo being the most prominent examples in the industry, it may seem difficult to reach their level just by applying a ready-made theme.

FundingPress is one of those solutions designed to provide just what they advertise. Based on the concept of crowdfunding, this theme is built for websites that want to promote their projects and raise money for them. With a fully customizable layout and support of major online payment methods, you get a one-size-fits-all solution for social projects. Among its multiple benefits, some need to be mentioned separately, such as:

  • Diverse crowdfunding project categories;
  • Seamless Elementor builder integration;
  • Simple yet effective front-end forms for submitting your projects;
  • Project pages with statistics display;
  • Stripe, WePay, and PayPal payment support;
  • Custom admin panel for easy customization.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
FundingPressSkywarrior$59Mobile 55
Desktop 62

More Details Demo Hosting

10. Born To Give

Snapshot of Born To Give - effective theme for charity sites with visual page builder in white, darkturquoise, and lightseagreen color arrangement.For those looking forward to developing a noticeable website for fundraising, we recommend using high-quality solutions like Born To Give. It is one of the crowdfunding WordPress themes aimed at more than just business and digital projects. If you are planning to build a responsive and beautifully designed website for your fundraiser, using this theme is highly advised.

As one of the top-rated premium solutions for crowdsourcing and charity, Born To Give has a variety of wide and boxed layouts for your site. Being built with the Bootstrap framework, this theme is responsive and customizable. It offers a layout suitable for proper advertising of your projects, related events, and success stories of your NGO. Here are some other benefits it provides:

  • 3 diverse homepage layouts;
  • Well-designed calendar functionality for events and appointments;
  • 12 pre-defined color schemes for easier customization;
  • Integrated visual page builder with multiple sidebars, headers, and footers;
  • A WPML-ready layout that simplifies the translation process;
  • Charitable WordPress plugin for fundraising campaigns;
  • Full styling support for WooCommerce.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Born To Giveimithemes$69Mobile 29
Desktop 64

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11. Krowd

Rendering of Krowd - fully adaptable theme for NGOs with user dashboard in white, darkslateblue, and mediumspringgreen shade gradation.Krowd is a great choice of a theme when you need something more multipurpose yet charity-oriented. For example, it is the right pick when you need a solution that encompasses crowdfunding, NGOs, and charity. Offering everything you’d expect from such a theme, this solution helps with advertising your projects, thus attracting more funds that support your goals.

Its customization potential, responsiveness, and optimization help you to build an outstanding website that supports your campaign. Additionally, the theme comes with a bunch of diverse advantages that make it a reliable solution for any non-profit need. It delivers a ready-made crowdfunding platform due to built-in WP Crowdfunding and WooCommerce plugins. Moreover, there are other notable features:

  • 5 pre-designed home pages;
  • Dedicated user dashboard with the front-end submission form;
  • Online payments integration via WooCommerce;
  • 4 project gallery layouts;
  • Powerful Revolution Slider plugin to help you create sliders easily;
  • Google Fonts and Redux framework support;
  • Events & News pages for effective coverage of fundraising campaigns.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
KrowdGavias Themes$41Mobile 33
Desktop 71

More Details Demo Hosting

12. Unity

Photo of Unity - highly flexible theme for crowdfunding with multiple campaign pages in white, gold, and darkslategray color palette.As its name suggests, Unity is a solution built for charity websites. Still, it is also considered one of the crowdfunding WordPress themes. Offering a modern & colorful design combined with a detailed layout, it has all it takes to help you build a powerful fundraising site. Thanks to its multiple features and variety of included pages, you can easily use it to promote your next campaign.

The theme comes with pre-defined categories for your fundraising projects. Besides, its powerful customization tools help you to change how exactly you want the website to look. Moreover, the theme provides a variety of layouts as well as a selection of functional pages. This allows you to choose the right design for your site. Many bundled plugins enhance the functionality of this theme, such as Contact Form 7 or Mailchimp for WordPress. Here’s what you can expect from this charity WordPress theme:

  • 4 pre-designed homepage layouts;
  • 3 Campaign page designs;
  • A wide choice of headers and footers for further customization;
  • Easy-to-use project dashboard;
  • Events and Blog pages for advertising your crowdfunding projects.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
UnityOpal_WP$48Mobile 32
Desktop 45

More Details Demo Hosting

13. TheFude

Shot of TheFude - customizable and quality-made theme for nongovernmental organizations with SEO-ready layouts in lightgreen, white, and gold hue selection.TheFude is a crowdfunding-oriented theme developed specifically to help you promote newly launched products. It is also a nice fit for establishing a website that attracts funds to your startup. Offering a wide variety of features in one reasonably priced package, this theme enables you to create a stunning WordPress website filled with diverse advantages and opportunities.

Like many popular themes, it delivers crowdfunding capabilities by combining two of the most popular plugins for the platform. Using WooCommerce and WP Crowdfunding, this theme allows you to easily build a powerful crowdfunding platform aimed at promoting your products and ideas. With professionally designed project pages, the theme provides customizable space for all your crowdfunding needs. Moreover, it comes with the following advantages:

  • 4 clean & modern homepage layouts;
  • 7 Project layouts and campaign pages;
  • Diverse project categories for easier classification;
  • Configurable and responsive forms built with the Contact Form 7 plugin;
  • SEO-ready theme structure for effective campaign promotion;
  • User-friendly dashboard to help you manage your crowdfunding projects.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
TheFudeGavias Themes$45Mobile 26
Desktop 66

More Details Demo Hosting

14. Gainlove

Image of Gainlove - adaptive theme for crowdfunding with diverse homepage designs in white, black, and gold color scheme.While promoting startups is one of the most demanded-for concepts, charity still attracts lots of donations, too. The Gainlove theme for the world’s leading CMS delivers just what’s necessary for the websites of non-profit organizations. However, it can be used as one of the crowdfunding WordPress themes due to its functionality.

This theme comes with several built-in designs as well as impressive functionality for donations. It is also compatible with all major plugins mentioned in our article, such as Elementor Builder and Revolution Slider. As a result, it delivers the best experience for users who want to support your cause. Thus, you get diverse benefits within a single WordPress theme, including:

  • 4 stunning homepage designs;
  • Grid & List view for campaign pages;
  • A vast range of pre-developed functional pages;
  • Content-rich Campaign & Program sections;
  • Increased SEO potential and optimized page performance.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
GainloveThemeLexus$49Mobile 24
Desktop 66

More Details Demo Hosting

15. Akcel

Picture of Akcel - responsive and fully-fledged theme for fundraisers with pre-built categories in orangered, darkslategray, gold, and white pigment arrangement.Akcel WordPress theme combines the ideas of crowdfunding and charity platform within one affordable and impressive solution. Thanks to the wide range of supplied layouts, it allows for proper presentation of your fundraising projects. Furthermore, this solution comes with a wide variety of UI elements and pages to help you build a unique and memorable site for those willing to donate and take part in your organization’s projects.

Thanks to its responsive and Retina-ready design, you can rest assured that Akcel will be displayed properly on any modern device. Moreover, with the support of highly-rated WordPress plugins, enhancing your charity platform won’t be a problem. The built-in blogging capability provides space for covering the latest from your crowdfunding platform. Finally, there are diverse functional benefits supplied with this theme, such as:

  • 3 charity & crowdfunding homepage layouts;
  • Over 20 inner pages for diverse purposes;
  • GiveWP donation plugin and Redux framework support;
  • Pre-built fundraiser categories and pages;
  • Detailed and easy-to-edit donation form.
NameAuthorPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
AkcelDexignZone$39Mobile 32
Desktop 75

More Details Demo Hosting

Wrapping Up

Modern crowdfunding platforms allow anyone to easily gather funds and make their dream a reality. However, if you aim to develop a platform for your specific project, using crowdfunding WordPress themes is more beneficial. As they allow for easier customization of your site, you can create nearly any fundraiser or charity resource for your organization. Let’s take a look at the key takeaways provided by the  abovementioned themes:

  1. Campaign & featured cause sections: Crowdfunding websites often need to showcase recent and featured causes to attract attention to them. That’s why themes designed for fundraising platforms always feature a dedicated page for campaigns. Using them, you can easily add more descriptions about each cause as well as display the raised amount.
  2. Donation functionality: Funding crowdsourced projects is impossible without a properly designed donation page. No wonder that most modern crowdfunding WordPress themes rely on ready-made donation plugins. They can be easily configured to meet your fundraising needs with customizable donation forms for different causes.
  3. Calendar & appointment manager: Many charity organizations host fundraising events that are advertised using their website. Latest developments for the world’s #1 CMS allow website owners to set up such events using the built-in calendar & appointment functionality. This saves a lot of time and money, while also providing a single solution for all crowdfunding needs.
  4. Blog: Publishing regular updates about your crowdfunding projects and charitable causes can help you not just promote your platform but also get attention from more sponsors and supporters. Using the built-in blogging functionality of the abovelisted WordPress themes, creating, editing, and posting new content can be done quickly and efficiently.

With these and other strong features of WordPress solutions for crowdfunding, you can boost your campaigns and projects in no time. Whatever theme you end up choosing, you can always scale and modify it thanks to the WordPress open-source nature. Moreover, it will allow you to engage with your supporters and find out exactly what they expect from your crowdfunding campaign. Meeting their needs will deliver the most appropriate results for your project.

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.


How do I add crowdfunding to WordPress?

There are multiple ways to dive into crowdfunding on WordPress. One of the easiest strategies is to use a plugin for this platform, such as GiveWP. While there are multiple plugins to choose from, selecting one based on the features you need the most can usually give you the necessary results. With certain coding knowledge, some plugins can be improved to better fit your crowdfunding goal. However, even their out-of-the-box functionality is usually more than enough for many fundraisers.

What is crowdfunding in WordPress?

Crowdfunding is a great way to help you finance the new projects, inventions, and products you’re working on. Thanks to the development of specific fundraising platforms, gathering donations is now easier than ever. However, with WordPress, you don’t need to register on a specific website and ensure that you follow specific rules and regulations. Being an easy-to-configure CMS, it allows you to create a crowdfunding platform of any kind just by installing a plugin. You can also use a ready-made theme to achieve the goal. All of this can be done without involving a third-party developer. Moreover, you’ll get full control over your crowdfunding site’s content and design.

Is there a Kickstarter-like plugin for WordPress?

There are multiple WordPress plugins developed specifically for crowdfunding purposes. One of the most feature-rich fundraising plugins is WP Crowdfunding. It allows you to establish websites close to Kickstarter in terms of functionality. With its help, you can easily add and manage multiple crowdfunding projects via the dashboard. Moreover, the plugin introduces multiple fundraising goals. Depending on what you’re gathering donations for, adding certain rewards for each donation tier is also possible. Such an approach will make your supporters more engaged in funding your startup.

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