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Top 17 WordPress Review Plugins to Boost Your Site’s Credibility in 2024

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If you’re a small or medium-sized business, there has never been a better time to enable review functionality on your e-commerce, entertainment, or any other website. Fortunately, if your site is based on WordPress CMS, it is simple. This article highlights the best WordPress review plugins to build a dedicated section or page!

Online reviews have never been more important. Recent research shows that over 99.9% of customers read reviews when they shop online. By reading personal recommendations from people who’ve already used your product or service, they want to make sure their choice is right while purchasing it.

There are many ways to enhance your website with reviews. We are going to consider different solutions, including:

Before we go any further, here are the top 3 WordPress review plugins that are great for leaving reviews:

Site ReviewsPaul Ryley4.9/5Website
WP Customer ReviewsAaron Queen4.3/5Website

Why Add Reviews to Your WordPress Website?

Is it possible to have a good website without a testimonials section? Yes, but… If you sell a product or service, allow for the fact that customers give more trust points to the page with feedback from real people. The main advantages of this area include:

  • Social proof: positive reviews increase the credibility of your business.
  • Trustworthy collaborations: clients you’ve worked with can tell more about you than someone else. It’s great if they have a good reputation.
  • Schema markup analysis: the reviews section may help your website rank higher.
  • Boosted interest: visitors are engaged with reading reviews and spend more time on your website.

Top 17 WordPress Review Plugins (Free & Premium)

We’ve tried to find different solutions to add testimonials to the website. Let’s discuss in detail the both free and premium product review plugins available on the WordPress CMS platform!

1. Stratum (FREE)

Collage of the Stratum free Testimonial Elementor widget demo page on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on

Stratum comes with 24+ free Elementor widgets with a vivid and flexible design. They are suitable for various needs of a professional website: images, galleries, posts, price plans, and more.

You get access to customization options, animation effects, and pre-made templates. Some of the Stratum widgets are free alternatives to the Elementor ones.

Key Features:

More Details Demo

2. Getwid (FREE)

Collage of the Getwid free Testimonial WordPress block for review page on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on

As one of the clean-coded and lightweight WordPress review plugins, Getwid includes a collection of 40+ free Gutenberg dedicated blocks and a library with ready-to-go templates. Working with the native editor implies fast performance and easy customization. Template Library contains 35+ well-crafted designs that suit any kind of website.

You can manage a mobile-optimized style of the blocks and modify them as you wish: shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, spaces, styles, animation, etc. Getwid Gutenberg blocks inherit the styling peculiarities of your WordPress theme.

Key Features:

More Details Demo

3. Site Reviews (FREE)

Collage of the Site Reviews best WordPress plugin demo page on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on
Site ReviewsPaul Ryley60K+

Site Reviews is mentioned as one of the best WP review plugins because it is a great solution to build a dedicated section with a 1-5 star rating. With Site Reviews, it’s easy to edit the content with Gutenberg or Elementor.

Unlike other WordPress review plugins that focus on product or service-specific reviews, Site Reviews is dedicated to overall website/business feedback, similar to general review sites. Other important features include REST API, rating summaries, protection from SPAM, and WP privacy tools.

Key Features:

  • Assign reviews to users or pages.
  • Supports import from third-party services.
  • Restrictions related to members, specific words, emails, etc.
  • The Site Reviews Pro plugin with extra add-ons to provide advanced features.

More Details

4. WP Customer Reviews (FREE)

Collage of the WP Customer Reviews WordPress plugin dashboard on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on
WP Customer ReviewsAaron Queen30K+

WP Customer Reviews is a good choice if you are looking for the best review plugins for WordPress. The plugin supports WP Multisite and Multiuser. It smoothly integrates with caching plugins and third-party themes.

A standout plugin for WordPress sites, WP Customer Reviews allows you to not only gather product-specific reviews from customers but also design a dedicated testimonials page for more generalized reviews looking at your business as a whole and your overall level of service. The star rating image is fast and light.

Key Features:

  • Numerous anti-spam measures to ensure that each review/testimonial is authentic.
  • Each submission is sent to the business for pre-publish approval to let you retain complete control over your site content.
  • A set of useful shortcodes.

More Details

5. WP Social Ninja

Collage of the WPSocial Ninja WordPress review plugin on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on
WP Social NinjaWP Social Ninja Team – WPManageNinja LLC10K+

A social media plugin that serves multiple purposes for a WordPress website. WP Social Ninja is associated with 29+ social media platforms, making it easy for you to manage your business’s most popular social channels.

This all-in-one social media solution has some excellent key features: Social Feeds, Social Reviews, Chat widgets, Notification Popup, Shoppable Instagram feed, Facebook album feed and event feed, and more. If you want to collect your social media reviews like Google, Amazon, and Yelp, you can do this automatically when you integrate your account with WP Social Ninja. For manually collecting the reviews you have a full-functional testimonial feature.

Key Features:

  • Advanced editor panel with with filter options;
  • Multiple widget options to customize every element of your testimonial;
  • Custom style editor to give a stylish look to your templates.

More Details

6. Widgets for Google Reviews (FREE)

Collage of the Widgets for Google Reviews demo page for WordPress websites.

NameProviderActive Installs on
Widgets for Google ReviewsTrustindex.io300K+

Widgets for Google Reviews is a simple plugin that makes it easy for businesses to display Google Reviews of their products and services. The ultimate aim of the plugin is to boost trust from customers and help your search engine results pages stand out amongst the crowd. You access 25+ pre-designed widget styles and review filtering options.

Key Features:

  • Supports up to 10 Google Reviews.
  • WordPress database to store all reviews in one place.
  • Can be used with any page builder.

More Details

7. Ultimate Blocks (FREE)

Collage of the Ultimate Blocks plugin for WordPress review sections on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on
Ultimate BlocksUltimate Blocks50K+

Ultimate Blocks helps you jumpstart your website with usable and functional blocks for the WordPress block editor. They facilitate content insertion and management. The provided collection has different types of tools required for a blog, marketing campaigns, social media integration, and more.

Key Features:

  • Testimonial block with 2 ready layouts.
  • Star Rating Gutenberg block to visualize how many stars your product has.
  • Review Gutenberg block to feature a beautiful review box with different sections.

More Details

8. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce (FREE)

Collage of the Customer Reviews for <a href=WooCommerce best WordPress plugin demo page on the desktop screen.” width=”1600″ height=”1200″ />

NameProviderActive Installs on
Customer Reviews for WooCommerceCusRev50K+

WooCommerce is being integrated into many WordPress plugins. The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin aims to garner free customer-generated content for your business through authentic reviews from buyers.

Automated or manual email reminders are sent to customers once the order has been placed. These reminders are sent via email to customers to encourage them to review the products they’ve bought.

Key Features:

  • User-generated content with photos and videos.
  • Automatic review reminders.
  • Discounts in exchange for reviews.
  • Q&A options and review forms.

More Details

9. Rating-Widget

Collage of the Rating-Widget best WordPress review plugins for testimonial sections.

NameProviderActive Installs on

Out of all WordPress review plugins, Rating-Widget is a premium solution to add five-star ratings to WordPress websites. This plugin delivers 70+ designs you can customize with no hassle. With Google rich-snippet support, your user ratings can be shown within your Google search results to help drive more traffic to your website.

Key Features:

  • Simple plugin setup process and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Advanced analytics data to visualize rating performance.
  • Like button added to your BuddyPress activity updates and comments.

More Details

10. Kadence Blocks (FREE)

Collage of the Kadence Blocks best review plugins for WordPress websites on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on
Kadence BlocksKadence WP400K+

Built with fast and easy performance in mind, Kadence Blocks supplies you with custom Gutenberg blocks to enrich your website pages. These advanced tools are made for attractive sections for different purposes. Since this plugin is listed as one of the product review WordPress plugins, it has a Testimonial Block allowing you to showcase feedback from your customers.

Key Features:

  • Customizable colors, text, backgrounds, and other elements of responsive layouts.
  • Four pre-made styles for the Testimonial Block.
  • Supports review text and customers’ photos.

More Details

11. Spectra

Collage of the Spectra review best WordPress plugins demo page on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on
SpectraBrainstorm Force600K+

Spectra is a plugin that adds 30+ blocks and so much more to the default WordPress editor. Each delivers improvements and extra blocks and features that WordPress doesn’t have.

One block included within Spectra is the testimonials block. That’s why it’s listed as one of the top WP review plugins. The testimonial block makes it easy to add a carousel or static testimonial layout to showcase feedback on your website. It’s simple to use thanks to drag and drop and enables you to include as many testimonials as you like.

Key Features:

  • A set of ready-made templates, wireframes, and block patterns.
  • Works seamlessly with the WordPress editor and with most WordPress plugins without impacting performance.
  • Supports Global Styling.

More Details

12. ElementsKit (FREE)

Collage of the ElementsKit review plugins for the best WordPress testimonial sections.

NameProviderActive Installs on

The collection of review plugins for WordPress includes ElementsKit. This plugin simplifies your Elementor page-building experience with all-in-one blocks, widgets, and modules. It covers layout customization, header & footer builder, widget builder, and mega menu builder.

Key Features:

  • Free Testimonial widget with customizable wrapper, description, title separator, customer’s about info, etc.
  • Grid & image styles for a logo, animation effects, and Star ratings with a gradient effect.
  • Premium Facebook Review widget to add Facebook reviews and attract new customers.

More Details

13. Photo Reviews for WooCommerce (FREE)

Collage of the Photo Reviews for WooCommerce review plugins for WordPress sites.

NameProviderActive Installs on
Photo Reviews for WooCommerceVillaTheme20K+

Photo Reviews for WooCommerce is one of the exclusively-built WP review plugins since it enhances your e-commerce website with trustworthy product reviews. This plugin works with WooCommerce. Have a look at the plugin if you’re focused on your product reviews posted with pictures. The styling options deal with front-end style, background and text colors, rating count, and image sizing.

Key Features:

  • Review reminders and thank you letters with a coupon code via email.
  • Photos can be displayed on the front end by time.
  • The Premium version with a review title, image folder, popup form, import/export reviews, etc.

More Details

14. Happy Addons (FREE)

Collage of the Happy Addons Elementor best review plugin for WordPress websites.

NameProviderActive Installs on
Happy AddonsLeevio400K+

Happy Addons is your toolkit to work with Elementor-based free & premium widgets and specific features. The addon gives you the freedom to choose a default template or set up a custom style. You have an opportunity to create any kind of menu. Plus, pro options broaden your building and editing capabilities.

Happy Addons stands out among WordPress product review plugins with features for comparison charts and review widgets available for free. You can place photos, texts, and star ratings and modify the style while using the latter.

Key Features:

  • Maximum rating number and review alignment.
  • Testimonial free widget with designation sections and customization panel.
  • Testimonial premium widget to add testimonials as an attractive carousel.

More Details

15. Taqyeem

Collage of the premium review Taqyeem WordPress plugin demo page on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on

If the design is one of the most important factors for your website (if you’re a design or arts-based business, for example), check out the Taqyeem plugin. This is one of the most stylish premium best WordPress review plugins around. Pretty much every aspect of Taqyeem is customizable, with unlimited colors, more than 470 icons to choose from, multiple button shapes, sizes, and various typography options.

Key Features:

  • 3 review styles: stars, points, and percentages.
  • Advanced levels of design customization.
  • 500+ Google web fonts included.

More Details

16. Essential Addons (FREE)

Collage of the Essential Addons review plugin for Elementor WordPress website demo section.

NameProviderActive Installs on
Essential AddonsWPDeveloper2M+

It’s easier to get started on building website pages with Essential Addons. You require no coding skills to apply a wide collection of versatile Elementor widgets and extensions. They are flexible, lightweight, and well-controlled. The plugin provides you with free and premium WP solutions.

Key Features:

  • Free Testimonials widget with customer’s image, short portfolio, and review text.
  • Flexible widget style and social share icons.
  • Premium Testimonial Slider widget with well-organized testimonials displayed in one creative website section.

More Details

17. Hotel Booking Reviews

Collage of the Hotel Booking Reviews plugin demo page on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs on
Hotel Booking ReviewsMotoPress

The Customer Reviews addon is one of the best WordPress review plugins as it’s compatible with one of our WP bestsellers – the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin. Being one of the Hotel Booking addons, its major goal is to create a convenient reviewing system for both plugin owners and guests.

With the Hotel Booking Reviews addon, users can submit written reviews and rate accommodation by different criteria using a five-star system.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable review layouts converted into shortcodes to get placed anywhere on the website.
  • Automatically generates a review system for all types of accommodation with the ability to add custom criteria of any quantity.
  • Compatible with other plugins that may extend the plugin’s functionality even further.

More Details

Concluding Remarks

  1. So, we’ve tried to tell you how WordPress product review plugins may add credibility to your business and encourage your customers to choose you. You should make it easy for your clients to submit a review and read the feedback given by others. An attractive reviews section is one of the ways to increase your conversion rates.
  2. The WordPress solutions we’ve described can help complete that task. No matter whether it’s:
    • a Gutenberg block,
    • an Elementor widget,
    • or a dedicated WP plugin.
  3. Sometimes, it’s necessary to think outside of the box. Have you considered creating your WordPress plugin tailored to your business or working with WordPress experts to help you build something unique? A personalized review plugin can be designed to perfectly match your needs and help your business engage and interact more with customers through the branded review functionality.
  4. A custom WordPress review plugin means there’s no need to compromise. Built to include all the features and functions your business needs, you can add or generate reviews in your own way.
  5. Use WordPress plugins to put reviews in a well-crafted block or page and gather customers’ feedback. Wish you great sales!


What is the best customer review plugin for WordPress?

Selecting the optimal WordPress review plugin depends on your website’s requirements. Consider factors like user-friendliness and essential features. Popular options include Site Reviews, WP Customer Reviews, Getwid (with its Testimonial block), and others.

What is the best review system for WordPress?

Determining the ideal review system for WordPress should be based on particular needs. Factors like user-friendliness, feature diversity, and compatibility play key roles. There are various options available, each with its strengths. Explore popular solutions like WP Customer Reviews, Site Reviews, or Stratum (with its free Testimonial Carousel widget) to discover the most fitting solution for your requirements.

What is the best plugin in WordPress?

It’s difficult to define the single best WordPress plugin, as it greatly depends on the functionality you’re looking to add to your website. WordPress has a vast repository of plugins covering various categories, including SEO, security, e-commerce, performance optimization, and more.

For example, WooCommerce is a powerful plugin to add e-commerce functionality to your site, allowing you to sell products and services. The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is an all-around plugin for any type of rental accommodation.

What is the all-in-one reviews plugin for WordPress?

The best plugin depends on the specific features you’re looking for and the type of reviews you want to implement on your site. Such plugins as WP Customer Reviews and Site Reviews offer comprehensive review features. They provide user ratings, customer testimonials, and rich snippets for search engine optimization.

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