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30 Best Addons & Plugins for Elementor: Which One to Choose? Free & Paid

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Looking for the most generous free version among the free Elementor addons? And we don’t necessarily mean the number of free widgets; that’s why we’ll look at the plugins at different angles (styling options, speed optimization, etc.). In this roundup, we are reviewing freemium solutions that one way or another provide a set of free Elementor widgets.

What are freemium Elementor plugins, by the way?

Freemium is a sustainable pricing model that is mutually beneficial for developers and clients: you can use a free version for as long as you feel comfortable.

Once you need a specific widget or advanced functionality, you can buy a premium license. Almost all Elementor unlimited addons have PRO versions with extra solutions. However, the ability to make Elementor addons free download is a great starting point, regardless of the website.

Although there are many premium add ons, we tested the waters with the vast majority of items in this list of Elementor essential plugins – and are ready to share the results we achieved and troubles we faced. Some popular Elementor plugins might come with tons of widgets but fail to do widget styling easily, for example. There are a few fresh addons among the established ones as well.

We’re also including the upgrade costs for each Elementor free addon for you to consider expenses in advance. Let’s get started with the best WordPress website creator.

What is Elementor?

It’s a commercial WordPress plugin that is made to serve as a website builder solution for non-technical users and developers alike.

It employs the drag-and-drop technology and modular design of widgets (content building elements), which promises anyone can have the power to create visually appealing pages, with little to no technical assistance.

When Elementor was released in 2016, it took the market by storm with its impressive design solutions.

And what’s the first thing every website needs? A good design, of course. Elementor was the true professional that answered this need like neither product before. It was like a block editor before the block editor was even presented to WordPress.

Elementor comes in both a free and paid version, with the latter offering more content elements and customization tools.

With its widespread use across all WordPress websites, Elementor has become one of the most popular plugins around. This has led to the growth of a thriving ecosystem of extensions that make Elementor even better and more reliable.

Why use Elementor addons and plugins?

The simple answer is, to achieve your website building goals with Elementor faster and better.

Of course, to be attractive to you as a customer, all addons must be different more or less, so you should pick one based on your expectations and website type.

Are you running a WooCommerce store? You definitely want to take a closer look at WooCommerce widgets, for example, a product slider. Is it a creative portfolio? There are extensions offering fantastic creative widgets. And so on and so forth.

So how do these extensions usually help? There are tons and tons of benefits, but we’d like to highlight these ones:

  • They are smooth and handy on newbies as possible, which means they give you so little chance to spoil a design that you are going to like them.
  • Elementor has smart underlying principles of how you can approach, organize and build content, now and in the future, and many extensions embrace those rules well.
  • Productivity tools and ready-made designs shipped with Elementor extensions are going to make you more productive and happy with your work, for example, Elementor AI tools.

15 Best Free Elementor Addons

Let’s start free extensions you can download in no time and start testing right away.

*All prices are subject to change

Stratum Elementor Addons

The landing page of the Stratum free widget.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
StratumDownload20K+$29 per one site/year

Compared to other popular extensions to Elementor, Stratum is a relatively new kid on the block. Naturally, it hasn’t gained much traction yet (not a simple task in the saturated Elementor addon environment!).

What’s unique about the free addons for Elementor by Stratum? There are two main things you might find really useful.

First, the plugin will help you work faster since it perfectly inherits the styles of your current WordPress theme to ensure design consistency sitewide out of the box. Furthermore, it offers business-critical elements with premium-like customization tools. As a result, you get numerous feature-rich widgets that won’t create bloat on your website.

Needless to say, the lineup of Stratum’s solutions for Elementor is growing, also offering a standalone Mega Menu addon for Elementor.

With Stratum widgets, you can:

    • play with post layouts since Stratum has Elementor posts widget free

advanced posts elementor widget grid background color

    • build mouth-watering cafe menus

price menu elementor widget background type

    • create exceptional skills and services sections
    • add pricing tables and just the regular table widget

pricing table elementor widget stratum

slider elementor widget stratum

Key features:

Free Elementor widgets: 20+ widgets, including Image Hotspot, Price Menu, Masonry Gallery, Instagram Feed Gallery, Flip Box, etc.

Free design templates: no.

Pro version: yes, the PRO Elementor Stratum Elementor widgets plugin is $29 per one website (offers extended customization options for widgets).

More Details

Exclusive Addons

The landing page of the Exlusive Addons library for Elementor.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Exclusive Addons for ElementorDownload40K+$39 per one site/year

This addon hits top Elementor plugins easily. Exclusive Addons for Elementor is an open-source WordPress plugin and compared to other mentions on the list, this addon has no premium version. All 40+ widgets developed by the DevsCred team come 100% free.

The name of the plugin speaks for itself: the number of offered extras for Elementor are indeed exclusive as for a free collection of Elementor widgets. For instance, you can hardly find such widgets as Covid-19 Stats, Image Magnifier, News Ticker, or Logo Box packed in one place. Most of them typically come as a separate WordPress plugin, which creates more hassle and may even affect the loading speed of your website.

Key features:

  • 40+ Elementor widgets come FREE.
  • The plugin is extremely fast and compatible with ANY WordPress theme.
  • Inline editing is available with Live Preview for most elements.
  • Global Style settings allow you to change colors for all widgets on your page.

Free Elementor widgets: 40+ widgets, including Info Box, Testimonial, Post Timeline, Filterable Carousel, Logo Carousel, Contact Form 7.

Free design templates: no.

Pro version: yes, prices start at $39 per year for one site.

More Details

Master Addons for Elementor

The landing page of the Master Addons extension you can download for free.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Master Addons for ElementorDownload40K+$39 per one site/year

The Master Addons for Elementor plugin is another awesome set of categorized widgets: 33 free content widgets will be a nice starting point for any type of website! Additionally, the plugin provides five form stylers and eight extension elements. 

This toolkit for Elementor can boast of such great widgets (that you’ll unlikely find in other plugins) as Changelogs, Nav Menu, Search Elements, Dual Heading, and some others. Eye-pleasing animation effects are also available:

image hover effect master addons

Key features:

  • Polished design and optimized animation transitions.
  • Fast and completely customizable widgets.
  • A bunch of pre-built free Elementor templates.

Free Elementor widgets: 46 widgets, including News ticker, Table of contents, Search Element, Image comparison, Timeline, Team Members slider, Changelog.

Free design templates: yes.

Pro version: a yearly license for one website is $39.

More Details

Essential Addons for Elementor

Key widgets of the Essential Addons for Elementor.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Essential Addons for ElementorDownload1M+$40 per one website/year

One of the most used Elementor extras, Essential Addons for Elementor Free, definitely deserves its reputation. I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that it’s one of the biggest libraries of Elementor widgets.

Even the free version gives you a decent bunch of widgets to help you build and monetize your Elementor website: you can choose from outstanding design elements to powerful marketing widgets. Opting for the EA Elementor Pro plugin, you get up to 70+ widgets in total!

If you build complex forms with such popular WordPress form builder plugins as Ninja Forms, Caldera Forms, and Gravity Forms, the free addon is going to be your saver. It provides probably the most diverse lineup of styling widgets for these dedicated contact form plugins.

The free version also has solutions (e.g. Data Table) for tasks commonly considered to be design challenges in WordPress.

data table essential addons

On the cons side, the plugin doesn’t state any tested integration with translation plugins and doesn’t provide Elementor design templates.

More Elementor Tools & Designs

Build an outstanding mega menu in Elementor

3 reviews
View Demo

Medical WordPress Theme

View Demo

Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme

View Demo

Key features:

  • A brilliant range of elements of all types: content, dynamic, marketing, creative, social, and other widgets.
  • Activate/deactivate any Elementor widget.
  • Intuitive customization experience.

Free Elementor widgets: 40+ widgets, including Post Timeline, Facebook Feed, Data Table, Typeform Embedder, Flip Box, and Event Calendar (works with different calendar solutions, e.g. Google Calendar).

Free design templates: no, but there is a free Flexia theme optimized for Elementor and Essential Addons.

Pro version: 1 website is $40; the unlimited Lifetime package is $199.

More Details

QI Addons for Elementor

The QI Addons for Elementor front page examples.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
QI Addons for ElementorDownload100K+$49 per one site/year

Now let’s get down to the largest collection of Elementor widgets in the free segment – QI Addons. Designed by an award-winning Qode Interactive, the addon ensures users with the highest product quality.

All 60+ Elementor widgets allow users to present their business & personal projects in a visual interactive manner. They are categorized into widgets for typography, business, showcase, infographics, SEO, WooCommerce, form styles, and simply creative addons. This makes the addon a perfect solution for developers working on multiple projects, whether it’s an online store or a creative portfolio.
QI Business Addons for Elementor

Creators of QI Addons made sure the plugin corresponds to the finest coding practices. It provides quick loading times, smooth configuration, and easy optimization. They guarantee regular updates, professional support, detailed documentation on each widget, and YouTube tutorials.

Key features:

  • Elegant & modern widgets design.
  • The largest collection of FREE Elementor widgets.
  • Distinct minimalist styled widgets.
  • Satisfy multiple user needs, from creating simple buttons to building extensive galleries & sliders.

Free Elementor widgets: 60+ widgets categorized in groups for SEO, WooCommerce, typography, etc.

Free design templates: no.

Pro version: no.

More Details

Livemesh Addons for Elementor Page Builder

The Livemesh addons front page.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Livemesh Addons for ElementorDownload90K+$37 per site/year

A clutter-free, minimalist design concept of the Livemesh Addons for Elementor Page Builder will be a grand starting point for creative portfolios and business websites.

The plugin is not the best match for those who need everything but the kitchen sink, but it’s a perfect, though-out collection of the essentials widgets.

testimonials widget livemesh fee addons for elementor

The plugin creators put a lot of effort into the performance aspect to ensure lightweight designs across devices, so if fast-loading is at the top of your list, try this one.

Such features as animation effects, video galleries, demo data import, and post portfolio grids are supported only in a Pro version. Last not least, it’s a pleasure to work with these widgets in Elementor. You should have no problems managing the website with Livemesh addons.

Key features:

  • Stunning elegant designs.
  • All widgets come with dark and light versions.
  • Mobile-optimized designs.
  • Regular updates.

Free Elementor widgets: 13 widgets, including Counters, Bar charts, Post Carousel, Pricing Plans.

Free design templates: no.

Pro version: $37 per one website per year; a lifetime license for 25 websites is $199.

More Details

Droit Elementor Addons

Droit Addons for Elementor front page.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Droit Elementor AddonsDownload8K+$35 per site/year

Droit Elementor Addons was launched at the end of 2020 so we may consider it a relatively fresh solution among Elementor addons. It’s a usual thing when new plugins, especially in the saturated Elementor ecosystem, can’t withstand competition, but looks like this one measures up to the old standbys.

I was satisfied with how the plugin performs. It offers a thought-out installation screen that prompts the key things about the plugin: docs, widgets, modules, API and extra tools.

The plugin draws a line between free and paid widgets quite similar to others: a range of commodity widgets are free, while their advanced versions are available as PRO. Let’s take tabs, for example. First off, it’s worth mentioning that there are many free pre-designed patterns for the widget:

droit templates

So my tabs look good right away – and there are loads of styling settings. But when you want to add another Elementor widgets inside tabs’ content, for example, it looks like you can’t do that; and probably this will be offered as a premium option:

tabs design droit

This is how it works with others as well.

So if you like the design solutions, style choice, and layout building approaches, you may find Droit Addons a useful extension to Elementor.

image carousel droit

It actually wins your trust with loads of presents for free widgets:

presets droit addons

I also like that they come with the entire pre-made page sections for different purposes:

ready pages

Among the cons, some widgets, such as Post Grid and Image Comparison, which you can use for free with some other addons, are paid in Droit Addons. Also, it seems you can’t leave up the widget styling to your WP theme, Droit widgets apply their own styles.

Key features:

    • Fully responsive 30+ widgets & free Elementor blocks.

<li”>Nest an unlimited number of sections with utmost ease.

  • Advanced caching ability to make sure your widgets load super fast.
  • Powerful & versatile controls for customization options even in the free version.


Free Elementor widgets: 30+ widgets, including pricing, FAQ, timeline, teams, table, info box, image carousel, share button, Twitter feed, alert box, news ticker, animated text, and many more.

Free design templates: numerous presets and a few niche pages.

Pro version: a yearly license for one website is $35 and the lifetime package of unlimited usage is $199.

Coupon code: Guys also contacted us to give a special discount for the readers of this post for their premium version. Use ‘MOTOPRESS’ as a coupon code to get a 10% extra discount.

More Details

PowerPack Addons for Elementor

The Power pack addon front page.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
PowerPack Addons for ElementorDownload90K+$39 per one site/year

The PowerPack Addons for Elementor comes with different categories: form stylers, creative widgets (the biggest set), and business-critical content widgets.

Just like the Essential Addons for Elementor, PowerPack ships with a few dedicated form styler widgets for Gravity Forms, Caldera Forms, and others.

Professional, clean-looking designs catch the eye right away. This addon is a true gem for creative projects since it’s not just packed with the biggest number of widgets of this kind, it also offers vibrant design skins for each widget. For example, here is the Image Accordion widget:

elementor powerpack image accordion

Or the price menu widget that will help you bring any creative cafe concept to life:

price menu list powerpack free addons for elementor

The Pro version offers numerous premium widgets to eliminate the need to install any other Elementor addon. The Pro version is also jam-packed with WooCommerce blocks, header/footer builders, SEO widgets, and handy tools for speeding up the customization process.

Key features:

  • Many creative Elementor widgets with diverse design concepts.
  • Styles for the most popular form builders.
  • A huge number of styling options for all widgets.
  • Truly advanced Pro version.

Free Elementor widgets: 30 widgets, including Business Hours, image Hotspots, Instagram Feed, Image Accordion, Price Menu.

Free design templates: no.

Pro version: the plans vary depending on the widgets; prices start at $119 for unlimited sites.

More Details

HT Mega Absolute Addons

The HT Mega addons landing page with examples of widgets.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
HT Mega Absolute AddonsDownload100K+$29 per one site/year

HT Mega Absolute Addons for Elementor is one of the biggest sets of Elementor addons that covers all types of widgets, including content elements, dynamic post-based widgets, social media integration elements, WooCommerce elements, stylers for third-party plugins, and any element you can think of.

If you are building websites for clients, you can rely on HT Mega Absolute Addons for Elementor for every task – from building classic pages to customizing third-party plugins like booking calendars, bbPress forums, and WooCommerce shops.

The huge list of free Elementor widgets includes such interesting tools as Flip Boxes, Image Comparisons, Image Magnifiers, fancy Panel Sliders, Popovers, Video players, and more.

Make sure to study the list of elements and see examples to assess its possibilities. The plugin also offers a few ready-made templates you can use at no cost, for example:

ht mega free addons for elementor

As for the cons, the plugin might be overwhelming if you don’t want all the bells, whistles, and repeating widgets from an Elementor addon – you might even have to sacrifice the performance of your website to some extent.

Also, some of the important styling options, such as background, heading, and content colors are available only in a premium version. Coming soon and 404-page builders are also editable in Pro.

Key features:

  • Each widget comes with pre-set styles.
  • Styling support for a huge list of third-party WordPress plugins.
  • Header and footer builder.
  • 15 categories/template sets.
  • Many WooCommerce widgets, plus a free WooCommerce theme.

Free Elementor widgets: 85 widgets, including multiple post, form styler, and WooCommerce-related elements.

Free design templates: 15 templates, plus the 99fy free WooCommerce theme. Many page templates are available in a Pro version.

Pro version: Prices start at  €54 for one website per year. To use the lifetime advanced package you’ll need to pay €382,80.

More Details

Premium Addons for Elementor

The landing page of the Premium Addons for Elementor.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Premium Addons for ElementorDownload600K+$39 per one site/year

Despite the name, this plugin is quite generous as for tools you get at no cost! Indeed, the addon offers free premium-like widgets for Elementor.

It offers several free and premium widgets for each category, primarily focusing on advanced content, marketing, and image widgets within a free version.

I especially like the blog widget layouts, creative image widgets that allow for smooth scrolling and stunning grid concepts, as well as banners and modal boxes for promo sections.

image grid widget free addons for elementor

This ultimate Elementor addon will surely aid you in creating nearly every type of website but it’s no doubt suitable for designer or photographer portfolios, landing pages, freelance agencies, and similar niches.

Blazing-fast widgets, intelligent and smooth modular design, flexible customization – all these features make the Premium Addons for Elementor plugin stand out from the rest of its counterparts.

I can’t think of any critical cons, the plugin is nearly perfect. However, some widgets commonly offered as free by the competitors (e.g. Flip Box) are premium in this plugin. Also, some heavily styled widgets can be counterproductive in terms of performance.

Key features:

  • A diversity of modern design solutions with a good bunch of animation and transition effects.
  • Many unique styling options.
  • Fancy off-grid widgets for marketing sections.

Free Elementor widgets: 22 widgets, including Modal Box, Progress Bar, Fancy Text, and Form stylers.

Free design templates: yes, a free library of Elementor section templates.

Pro version: prices start at $39 for a single site per year or $249 for a lifetime license.

More Details

Happy Addons for Elementor

The Happy Addons for Elementor widget examples.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Happy Addons for ElementorDownload300K+$39 per year/one site

Happy Addons for Elementor is among the most used and loved free extensions for Elementor. For a reason! It’s an ever-growing library of rather unique addons optimized at multiple levels: design, performance, and smooth interplay with Elementor.

The free add ons plugin is packed with numerous free widgets devoted to multiple businesses – Card, Info Box, Skill Bars, Review, and more.

The free addon plugin will be suitable for both seasoned WordPress developers and designers who build complex websites for clients – it’s a brilliant tool to solve complex customization challenges with no or minimum coding knowledge. For example, here is a free Gradient Heading widget in action:

gradient heading happy addons

Although by going Pro you’ll unlikely need anything else, a free version is also one of the most powerful and feature-rich toolchains. Well, happy designing times are guaranteed!

Key features:

  • Many lightweight unique widgets.
  • Stylers for the most popular contact form plugins.
  • Unique customization tools optimized to work smoothly in Elementor (button, icon, and shape adjustment options).
  • Floating and transition effects to make elements more dynamic.

Free Elementor widgets: 63 widgets, including Logo Grid, Step Flow, Calendly integration, News Ticker, and other tools.

Free design templates: yes.

Pro version: $39 per site/per year or $549 for a lifetime license.

More Details

Element Pack Lite

The Element pack Lite home page.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Element Pack LiteDownload70K+$49 per year/one site

The Element Pack is literally the biggest set of Elementor addons. There are 30 free widgets at your disposal in the Lite version and a whopping number of 140 Pro widgets! We are now interested in the free ones only, so is the lite pack any good?

Certainly – it measures up to its competitors in all aspects: the number of widgets, the purposefulness of widgets, and customization options are quality and to-the-point.

It’s also packed with the form stylers, numerous marketing-oriented elements, and even unique integrations with the Tutor LMS plugin:

LMS carousel free elementr addons

Key features:

  • Professional lightweight design solutions.
  • Twitter integration and a huge number of contact form plugins supported (Caldera, Ninja Forms, weForms, and more).
  • Support for exclusive third-party plugins.

Free Elementor widgets: 50 widgets, including Cookie Consent, Fancy List, Ninja Forms, Panel Slider.

Free design templates: in a Pro version.

Pro version: $49 per one website.

More Details

More Elementor Tools & Designs

Build an outstanding mega menu in Elementor

3 reviews
View Demo

Medical WordPress Theme

View Demo

Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme

View Demo

Envato Elements

The Envato Elements home page.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Envato ElementsDownload900K+$16.50/m

Envato Elements is a multidimensional Elementor asset for creatives. It’s probably one of the best WordPress free plugins.

It ships with a reliable free pack of splendid Elemanto templates making it a perfect addition to any other Elementor addon in this roundup. The plugin gives quick WordPress access to templates, graphics, photos, fonts, and more to aid you in styling widgets in the Elementor WordPress plugin.

envato elements free elementor kit

Key features:

  • Easily browse, import, and customize templates for designers, hotel sites, business, etc.
  • Among the best plugins for Elementor that easily connect to Envato.
  • Code quality checked by Envato.
  • Fully flexible customization.

Free design templates: multiple free templates.

Pro version: premium templates are available for Envato Elements subscribers (prices start at $16.50/m).

More Details

Royal Elementor Addons and Templates

Royal Elementor addons front page.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
Royal Elementor Addons & TemplatesDownload100K+$30 per one site/year

This plugin is another great solution for building a site with Elementor and minimum spending. The widget list that this plugin offers is rather amazing, and WooCommerce widgets are also packed, which eliminates the need for a dedicated WooCommerce addon.

And that’s not all! Its majesty the Royal addon also comes with multiple template kits to help you get all the widgets in a visually appealing order out of the box. Good value for money.

Free Elementor widgets: 35 widgets, including MegaMenu, Lottie Animations, Search Form, and styles for popular forms plugins (Contact form 7, Gravity forms, Ninja Forms, and WPforms).

Free design templates: multiple template kits for niche businesses.

Pro version: yes, the PRO version allows you to choose between $30 annually or $60 once.

More Details


The XPRO addon for Elementor shown on the front page.

PluginLinkInstallationsCost of PRO
XPRODownload1K+Start at $37 per year

The Xpro plugin is one more nice extension that adds many great widgets to your site for free. There are up to 50 widgets every website would need on a daily basis. It also comes with a pack of WooCommerce widgets of the most needed shop elements.

In addition to that, you get a free Elementor Theme Builder that lets you design & customize each theme part right in an intuitive dashboard.

Free Elementor widgets: 42+ widgets, including Timeline, Hotspot, News Ticker and more.

Free design templates: yes, a dedicated theme.

Pro version: yes, the PRO version offers several options, prices start at $37.

More Details

Top 11 Premium Addons for Elementor

There are also premium addons, some are freemium, while others are premium-only.

But which ones are worth your while? A premium add-on has to be pretty amazing to convince you to pay in a world full of free tools. So, let’s check them out to see which one is ready to win your attention.

Elementor PRO

The Elementor PRO addon landing offering,

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
Elementor PROElementor5M+Start at $59/year

Actually, all the extensions are in their nature boosters to the free version of Elementor.

If you are looking for more advanced and diverse premium widgets and customization options, however, the first thing you want to consider is Elementor PRO.

Not only does it offer more powerful widgets, such as WooCommerce or Social Media, it also gives you access to multiple dynamic features, including the ability to alter header, footer, and other parts of your theme.

An integrated library of built-in templates is also outstanding, allowing you to add and customize any page or page sections in minutes.

There are many more benefits to choosing the PRO version of Elementor over third-party solutions, such as, you get support and updates straight from the source. It’s nice news, especially when it comes to the preferred plugin choice for a third of all WordPress websites.

Key features:

  • The official Elementor PRO addon.
  • Numerous tools that aim to be a one-stop website builder solution.
  • Powerful knowledge base and informative tutorials.

More Details


The key offering on the Dynamic.ooo page.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
Dynamic.oooOvation S.r.l.No free versionStart at $59/year

This is a well-designed set of addons for Elementor from an Italian provider. It’s perfect for users of all levels, from beginners to experts.

In addition to the customization booster thanks to the dedicated widgets, this plugin can also boast integration with other popular solutions, such as WooCommerce, WPML, Toolset, Pods and more.

There are a few certainly interesting tools it has on offer, such as PDF download button, conditional logic rules for dynamic content, digital signature, and many widget based on integration with other third-party plugins, such as ACF Flexible Content or ACF Gallery.

A really nice thing is that you can test out each tool with a well-designed demo or watch videos before making a purchase.

Key features:

  • Multiple integration with third-party apps and tools.
  • A good bunch of unique widgets rarely available in competitors.
  • Copy and paste your design across sites.

More Details

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Collage of the premium Ultimate Addons for Elementor homepage in violet and white colors.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
Ultimate Addons for ElementorBrainstorm ForceNo free versionStart at $57/year

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a complete plugin that comes with over 40 widgets and extensions, 100+ readymade templates, and more than 200 section blocks.

The plugin fits seamlessly into Elementor and makes all resources available within the editor. Each offers either new features or an improved version of an existing feature. They are designed to provide website owners with more flexibility in how they design websites.

The widgets include business hours, info boxes, an image gallery, a modal popup, a table, a video, and a video gallery. Templates include pro-quality full-site layouts that can be imported in seconds.

The section blocks involve popular sections including featured products, statistics, meet the team, testimonials, and lots of others.

Key features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with Elementor.
  • Pro-quality readymade templates.
  • Cross-site copy paste function.
  • Includes genuinely useful extensions and blocks.

More Details

The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons for Elementor premium version front page.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
The Plus AddonsPosimyth80K+Start at $39/year

This plugin delivers 120+ Elementor widgets and 18 templates to boost your Elementor website customization experiences. It advertises itself as a complete toolkit for Elementor, which will be your one-stop solution.

There are multiple categorized widgets to help you optimize different areas of your customization experiences.

It has many ready-to-go website builders, complete WooCommerce builder, horizontal and vertical menus and mobile menus, full-page scrolling animations, login/registered and password reset form.

You’ll enjoy Audio Player builder, Data Table, Flipbox, and other tools. It promises regular security audits, clean code and more bonuses. As a developer, you can white label the plugin and re-use it for your purposes.

Key features:

  • One of the biggest libraries of widgets and designs.
  • Contemporary style approach.
  • A great Nexter theme to kickstart your site with the Plus addons.

More Details

Visibility Logic for Elementor

The front page of the premium addon Visibility Logic for Elementor.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
Visibility LogicStaxWP30K+$29 per site per year

The premium version of Visibility Logic offers multiple widgets for conditional logic, which allow you to deeply customize the widgets and make the content look and work as you want.

It can be particularly useful if you need to display content on product purchases or further work with products for EDD or WooCommerce, for example.

As a specific utility for applying conditional logic to set content visibility restrictions to the needed Elementor widgets, you can have it in addition to other products. Certain widgets are free, while others, such as Dynamic Conditions or WooCommerce users are accessible via the PRO plugin.

Key features:

  • A great solution to use complex tools for non-techs.
  • Powerful widgets are deeply rooted in conditional logic.
  • Supports fallback options you can add without technical assistance.

More Details


The MoveAddons plugin for Elementor with the key widgets shown on the landing page.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
MoveAddonsMove Addons3K+$39 per one website

The MoveAddons enhance your page building experience with 42+ premium elements for your everyday site building needs, including accordions, banners, flip boxes, and more.

In addition to these free widgets, you also receive premium options such as protected content, image scrolling, Twitter feeds, and more.

Although this might seem like a standard set of tools, if you appreciate the design concept and the pricing is within your budget, it may be worth giving it a try.

Key features:

  • You can copy your design across domains.
  • Protected content widget for more advanced interaction-based websites.
  • Beautiful demos you can use without restrictions on your site.

More Details


An example of the Magazinify widget for Elementor.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
MagazinifyFrenifyNo Pro version$19 once

This extension is designed specifically for bloggers and website managers who want to make their posts visually appealing and varied.

Although it’s not a full-featured solution like other Swiss-knife options, it can be a helpful tool for specific types of websites.

The extension allows you to add post widgets with various layouts, LazyLoad effects, and contemporary styles.

Key features:

  • Choose which posts to display.
  • Handy dynamic modules for your posts.
  • Affordable pricing.

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The Eleementskit Elementor addon.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
ElementsKitElementsKit900K+$39 per site per year

The ElementsKit addon is a powerful pack of premium Elementor widget for literally any need with a whopping number of downloads, almost a million at the time of writing this.

In addition to mere content elements, ElementsKit offers you 35 ready-to-go pages you can simply insert to the page and get a perfect design out of the box, employe header and footer builder, a megamenu toolkit to build navigation menus, and multiple other tools that server as a complete website builder toolkit.

Key features:

  • Wonderful home page designs ready to go.
  • Content widgets with all possible customization options.
  • Zoom integration widget.

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UnlimitedElements for Elementor

The Unlimited Elements PRO landing page.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
UnlimitedElements for ElementorStudio Keren Aga LTD.100K+$49 per one site/year

The UnlimitedElements for Elementor add-on is another decent extension with a good set of widgets to meet any needs: marketing, design, business, landing pages, etc.

The widget library is rather big, offering such interesting premium widgets, such as an image Zoom magnifier, 360 Panorama virtual tools, and even a set of Christmas icons.

We also love the posts widget library, which is definitely oriented at creative blogs, magazines and even business websites.

Key features:

  • A nice pack of WooCommerce-related widgets, such as a product slider, grid, list, etc.
  • Powerful marketing widgets and dynamic loops.
  • Smooth carousel and media widgets.

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Mighty Addons

The Mighty Addons for Elementor landing page.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
MightyAddonsMightythemes10K+$29 per one website

The MightyAddons plugin offers a generous selection of 45+ widgets and extensions, 150 sections, and 25+ template kits.

It’s not just a collection of standard widgets, it also includes advanced and sophisticated solutions like OpenTable integration and a Weather widget.

And what sets it apart is its focus on providing the most flexible and feature-rich toolsets for every widget, making it easier for you to build the website of your dreams.

Key features:

  • Smooth Pixabay and Unsplash integration for quick insertion of quality images in public domain.
  • Cross-domain copy paste feature.
  • Optimized Schemas for FAQs and opening hours.

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WP Post Module

Examples of the magazine layouts of the PostModules plugin.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
WP Post ModuleSaurabhSharmaNo free version$29 once

The WP Post Module extension for Elementor is a useful tool for creating dynamic layouts for your blog or magazine content, such as posts.

With a range of stylish options including grid modules, list modules, cards, tiled grids, sliders, and carousels, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Customizing the number of columns, spacing, taxonomy, and other elements is easy with this extension.

While it may not be suitable for everyone, it’s a great value for money for blogs and magazines looking for greater visual diversity.

Key features: 

  • Numerous design variations.
  • You can test the module for free using a demo listed on their product page.
  • Great animation effects and toggle styles.

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Best 5 Woocommerce Widgets for Elementor

First of all, we should mention that Elementor PRO itself delivers a pack of the most essential and powerful WooCommerce widgets for Elementor.

However, there are many more great tools to help you use content generated by WooCommerce in multiple ways.


The WooLentor landing page for WooCommerce Elementor widgets.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
WooLentorHasThemes90K+Prices start at $59 per year/one website

The WooLentor addon is a comprehensive WooCommerce page builder for Elementor. It employs such handy common widgets as Shop, Cart, Checkout, and other WooCommerce pages to help you easily adjust them via Elementor.

It’s one of the most powerful and reliable solutions for your WooCommerce-based store.

Key features:

  • WooCommerce email template customizer.
  • Checkout field manager.
  • Multiple custom product templates.

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WooCommerce Product Widgets for Elementor

The product page example built with WooCommerce Product widget plugin.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
WooCommerce Product Widgets for ElementorMerkuloveNo free version$10

This plugin is a handy toolset of 9 widgets for WooCommerce you can insert to the site via Elementor’s interface. It includes such common things as product image, product stock, product rating and other.

The addon is very flexible, allowing you to work with its widgets in different ways, for example, you can add a unique product layout or only a part of the product (e.g. an image) to the page.

Key features: 

  • Shop-optimized templates for Elementor.
  • Tested with popular Elementor themes.
  • Affordable pricing.

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The Shopengine WooCommerce widgets.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
ShopEngineShopEngine20K+Prices start at $59 per one website

It’s a pack of great lightweight Elementor widgets for WooCommerce. It allows you to beautifully add Product Comparison, Wishlist, Variation Swatches, Quick checkout and other tools using the customization power of Elementor. It looks like a pretty ultimate solution for your ecommerce store on WordPress.

Key features: 

  • Handy page builders for key shopping pages: cart, checkout, my account and more.
  • Easy-to-apply variation swatches.
  • Multiple tools to help you increase conversions.

More Details

Envo’s Elementor Templates & Widgets for WooCommerce

A shop example of the Envo addon for WooCommerce and Elementor.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
Envo’s Elementor Templates & Widgets for WooCommerceEnvoThemes10K+$39 per year or $89 once

The Envo’s tools are a fully-featured pack of tools for your WooCommerce shop that you can use for free.

It’s a free solution with multiple widgets and designs, so you can take care of the design and functionalities at the same time. It comes packaged with such important widgets as add to cart, categories, flip box and more, 12 widgets in total.

Key features:

  • Out-of-the-box templates: homepage WooCommerce templates, contact templates, FAQ and even coming soon pages.
  • Grid and carousel layouts for products.
  • Contact Form 7 Elementor widget with styling option.

More Details

WooCommerce Elementor Addons

The landing page of the WooCommerce Elementor addons.

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
WooCommerce Elementor AddonsThemesflatNo free version$19

These WooCommerce widgets for Elementor allow you to design product listing and other pages in multiple ways using grid, carousel, pagination, and load more layouts.

It also helps you easily show Number Show Products, Recent Products, Featured Products, Best Selling Products, Sale Products and other always-needed pages.

Key features:

  • Handy product settings for more flexibility.
  • Pagination customization.
  • Wishlist and compare tools.

More Details

Best Free Addons for Elementor, or You are Spoiled for Choice

The choice of top free WordPress plugins for Elementor is huge, as well as a premium market is pretty diverse. Since most all of them are one click away, you can test-drive these addons on your WordPress installation to make sure the one you chose meets your requirements.

Let’s make a few conclusions with examples:

PluginProviderInstallationsCost of PRO
StratumMotoPress20K+$29 per one site/year
Essential Addons for ElementorWPDeveloper1M+$40 per one website/year
Elementor PROElementor5M+Start at $59/year
ElementsKitElementsKit900K+$39 per site per year
Livemesh Addons for ElementorLivemesh90K+$37 per site/year
  1. Stratum is a great solution if you need advanced customization settings and widgets you can’t unlock in the free version of Elementor, Droit is well-suited thing for those looking for ready-made templates, Livemesh is a great lightweight thing that won’t influence your website performance, etc.
  2. Some of the best Elementor plugins in this list are packed with features you might never need while others come with a bunch of to-the-point unique tools you won’t find in the average addon. So it’s up to you which approach is preferable.
  3. Some of these free Elementor plugins come with no pre-made templates, the latter are huge speed boosters in the customization work, as we know. If this is the case, don’t worry, you can always browse free Elementor templates and see whether there is something that satisfies your needs and can be used together with Elementor plugins from this list.
  4. After all, it all boils down to whether you need a one-stop solution with a bunch of classic widgets or you are looking for specific widgets for creative purposes, styling mechanisms, or customization optimization solutions. We’re curious to know which one you settled on!

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.


Which is the best addon for Elementor?

It depends. With so many options available – both free and paid – each offering their own unique set of features and tools, it can be tough to choose. Our advice would be to take some time to compare and evaluate the different addons to see which one offers the best value for your money. Moreover, it might be smart to get an Elementor theme right with the addon integrated. If you find it really super hard to choose, you can get started with the official Elementor PRO version.

Is Ultimate Addons for Elementor worth it?

The Ultimate addons for Elementor is no doubt a great choice, especially if you use the free Astra theme, a very popular design from the same provider. On the downside, there is no free version of this plugin.

What plugins are needed for Elementor?

Elementor is a powerful plugin all on its own, and you could use it without any additional addons indefinitely. However, if you’re using the free version of Elementor, you may run into some limitations in terms of website editing capabilities. That’s where addons come in to save the day – they provide extra features and tools to help you take your website design to the next level.

Is Elementor Pro 2023 worth it?

Of course, the PRO version of Elementor has a thought-out toolkit for the vast majority of sites and design scenarios, including shops and creative portfolios. By the way, there is a 30-day money back guarantee offered so you lose nothing if you try it.

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