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Best WordPress Hotel Themes in 2019

Any website gives freedom to their owners to dispose of products, services or even themselves (if it’s a personal blog) the way they want to. Talking about the hospitality business, namely, about WordPress hotel themes, it is very important to present hotel rooms, accommodations, amenities, additional services – everything that can be given to guests – in the most appealing and decoying way. Because only this way people will get interested, book a room and pay you money for that.

Today one can for sure choose the best WordPress hotel booking theme to showcase presentably what visitors will receive as soon as they arrive at the place. Vivid and bright images, easy-to-navigate pages, ability to book a room or even to pay for it in advance – this is what visitors expect to see on your website.

But the guarantee of your site success lies deeper. The main factors that play a decisive role with all hotel website templates are:

  • management system that is responsible for functionality
  • attractive design to draw visitors attention

Essential functionality for any rental property business website

The first factor is presented by a reservation plugin that plays a crucial role while booking, paying, setting rates, accommodations, extra services etc.

Nowadays, the only solution on the market that will meet all your demands is the MotoPress hotel booking plugin – the best tool for online rental property business website, and that was stated by hundreds of content users. This plugin ships with a bundle of must-have functions to manage an online rental business, namely:

  • online search availability form
  • ability to set detailed accommodation descriptions
  • booking calendars
  • ability to set variable pricing depending on season and stay days number
  • extra services
  • online and Offline payments
  • iCal sync bookings with OATs
  • email confirmations
  • and many other useful functions you will for sure need while running a hotel booking website.

Design – another key factor of a rental accommodation website

The second factor is the website appearance that depends on the reservation template design you used. So, starting from now we will list the best WordPress hotel themes which you can implement into your hospitality business website.

WordPress hotel themes with professional UI design.

Luviana Hotel Theme

WordPress hotel themes

Luviana is a hotel WordPress theme that will come in handy for pretty much any type of rental accommodations. You can attractively showcase villas, guest houses, luxurious hotels, resorts as well as small motels & hostels. It is also apt to serve as a bed and breakfast WordPress theme. The main feature of Luviana is a very smooth and uncluttered design that is supported by the smart reservation system.

Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress is included as a core property management system in this theme. It makes your experience of running an online rental business very easy and absorbing. The variety of functions which the plugin contains will be all-in-one solution for all possible issues that can happen to you.

Oceanica Hotel Theme

WordPress hotel themes

Oceanica is an elegant and universal WordPress hotel theme for presenting your rental accommodations in the most appealing way. The luxury hotel web design of this theme is very bright and contains only the main key elements to which your visitors will pay their attention.

Among features that this theme has, there is MotoPress hotel booking plugin integrated for free, responsive design, ability to set an unlimited number of search availability forms, both manual and automatic booking confirmations, variable pricing depending on the season, online and offline payments – everything for conducting a successful online rental business.

There is a free Oceanica Lite theme as well, check it out!

Bellevue Hotel Theme

WordPress hotel themes

Bellevue has everything you expect to receive once you download a hotel booking theme. It is a great helper and time-saver for your website building no matter what you build – hotel or B & B. The theme is packed with WordPress hotel reservation plugin which greatly simplifies the booking process.

This “hotel with different rooms theme” will impress you and your visitors with careful website pages, customizable availability calendars, reservation fields and with many other interesting features which Bellevue has prepared for you.

Mountainview Rental Accommodations Theme

WordPress hotel themes

Mountain view is a perfect choice for displaying comfy and cozy rental accommodations – either rental house, villa, vans or something else. This hotel booking WordPress theme focuses on nature and shows that staying here will be the step to unite with breathtaking landscapes. If your hotel is located somewhere near giant mountains, beautiful lakes, stream rivers or immense forests – think about using this template.

You can add different activities which can be conducted in the accommodation surroundings – rafting, kayaking, hiking and many other to entertain your visitors. With hotel booking plugin that comes with the template, managing bookings and payments becomes a breeze.

Villagio Property Rental Theme


Nicely composed and very richly equipped, Villagio WordPress hotel template will be of help to any property owner who displays accommodations online. This extraordinary hotel theme stands out among other WordPress hotel themes with rich functionality and allows reservations all around the world! You can give an opportunity to your guests to choose a region they want to stay in and afterward check the available bookings.

Villagio comes with the Hotel Booking plugin by MotoPress which means that the functionality is on the highest level. Hence, managing your accommodations doesn’t require much time and efforts – confirmation notifications come to your email and you control everything no matter where you are.

Paradise Rental Property Theme

Paradise WordPress hotel themes

Paradise is a reservation template that is ideal for those who are looking for a responsive WP theme to display a hospitality business of any scale. The template is built with the luxurious hotel in mind, but anyway any type of rental properties can be embedded in it – hostel or B & B owners can for sure customize the theme for themselves.

You are empowered to complement each accommodation type with corresponding images, descriptions and custom reviews to get more trusted.

Campterra Camping Theme


Campterra is a nice choice for the alternative hotel booking website. Instead of various fancy hotel rooms, here you will find RVs, pitches and tents, instead of pools and restaurants – the common bonfire. A very cool place to stay with the big company of friends in a very amiable atmosphere.

Campterra template also offers a decent number of activities such as biking, horse riding, canoeing, fishing etc. You can substitute some of them or add your unique ones with user-friendly tools and customizable layouts.

Aquentro Single Property Theme


Those who are looking for an urban style theme to display accommodations with a very handy and easy-to-use hotel management system, pay your attention to Aquentro. This template has one of the best hotel websites design with very bright and attractive layouts. Since it allows for visual customization with Elementor, the most used website builder, you’ll be able to edit the theme’s content in real time.

Aquentro is a wordpress hotel booking template that aims at showcasing rental properties (mostly flats) for rent. The design is very clean and uncluttered which contributes to popular minimalistic style and makes the page look more bright and fresh. Though the demo is optimized for a single property rent, the hotel booking plugin by MotoPress empowers the usage of multiple accommodations.

Vierra Hotel Theme


Vierra is a fully responsive WP theme with which any website will be beautifully displayed at all devices. The main feature here is slider – rather innovative with unique effects. Hence, content is presented more dynamically and attracts more visitors.

Customization here is on the advanced level. For example, to choose the text font you have 500+ different options among which definitely will be the one you like.

Alpenhouse Rental Accommodations Theme


Alpenhouse is a perfect WordPress theme for hotels, houses, chalets, resort residences etc. It is bundled with MotoPress hotel booking plugin for free which works perfectly good as a reservation system and booking manager. With this plugin, you can instantly receive email booking notifications and confirm them either manually or configure an automatic approval.

Among other features, this theme has a hotspot image plugin, image galleries and activities section. All of them contribute greatly to the holistic look of a website with easy-to-navigate layouts. The theme is built with Elementor templates, which means you won’t have any issues with giving it a completely custom look.

Hotello Hotel & Resort Theme


Hotello is a nicely tailored WP resorts theme that can be equally used with hotels, hostels, B & Bs and apartments. This theme comes with an all-in-one booking system with the help of which visitors can book a room right on the website and make a payment.

Design of the Hotello theme is smooth but with contrasts – the main colors are dark brown and white. One more feature that distinguishes Hotello is opportunity to set weather widgets that will be very useful for the website visitors: they can find the most suitable date with extended searching options and directly check the weather.

Hotel Calluna Theme


Hotel Calluna is a modern hotel, motel and apartment stay theme WordPress that comes bundled with reservation & booking forms. But it can be considered as wedding accommodation template as well since it is perfect for a honeymoon trip. Here you can display your properties with the detailed description of the room type, a number of people, view, amenities etc.

You can quickly install demo that is packed with a theme and start your editing experience without hassle and waiting. Hotel Calluna will be a great choice for those who are looking for motel website templates and universal hospitality theme.

Iver Rental Properties Theme


Iver like other WordPress hotel themes featured in this roundup is a quality hotel reservation template that will help you create a modern and clean-looking website for your properties. The process of site-building becomes easier as Iver has some hotel templates layouts you can choose from.

The WordPress hotel plugin that comes with Iver enables the real-time accommodation search and can be fully customized, which contributes to the uniqueness of your website.

Xenia Hotel Theme


Xenia is a hotel WP theme that features very neat looking and uncluttered design with carefully crafted pages layouts. With this theme can be displayed nearly every type of rental properties you own.

Xenia as a theme is very flexible, so you can insert not only booking rentals details but convert your website into a Travel Site Project, for example. The template perfectly works with the major popular plugins which may be of interest to you and will for sure perfectly interplay with each other.

Resortica Hotel Theme


Resortica is one of hotel website design templates that primarily aims at presenting the accommodations of your rental property business which can be booked and reserved by visitors in a breeze. Easy-to-navigate pages layout creates a user-friendly experience and vivid header images for sure to attract attention.

It’s added to our roundup of WordPress hotel themes due to its high level of customization: change fonts, typography, colors or substitute images to the one you like and the website of your dream is ready.

Dignitas Hotel Theme

Dignitas WordPress hotel themes

Dignitas is a responsive and modern WP theme with light colors and customization freedom for users. It is suitable for hotels, hostels, apartments, resorts and even travel agencies. With responsive layout, visitors can book rooms right from the phone or tablet.

Show your guests weather forecast and let them choose the date without additional serving on the Internet. This weather widget is really cool and detailed description of temperature and location name will be very handy for hotel guests.

Volver Hotel Theme



Volver is an easy to use hotel theme that comes with a complete booking system for free but some extra features require additional payments. Managing of a rental business website becomes effortless with smart booking system. Set various rates according to the stay days, customize your calendar, disable certain dates, synchronize bookings with external OATs as well as conduct many other useful actions.

Very helpful is the ability to choose the passing gateway for sending money. Guests can choose the payment form – either online or by the arrival.

Ciestra Resort Theme

Ciestra WordPress hotel themes

Ciestra is the best WordPress resort theme for presenting various villas accompanied by the detailed description of the main hotel features. There is a cool opportunity that this theme gives – showcasing the services. Whether you have a restaurant, huge swimming pools, big conference room for business negotiations, home theater, garage – all of these will be additionally shown to your website guests.

To raise the interest, you can add an Instagram feed to your site and display their photos of your content visitors. This trick works perfectly and enhances the number of bookings. The WP hotel booking plugin by MotoPress comes for free with this theme, hence you are provided with the most flexible and handy reservation system.


So, in this post, we have listed the best WordPress hotel themes and hope you’ll find this article extremely useful and enlightening. Don’t forget to keep in mind two key factors while choosing a theme for your rental properties website – hotel booking plugin and responsive design.

If you have tested one of the above themes, write your experience or if any questions occur, feel free to ask them below!

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