A handcrafted Hotel WordPress theme for different hotel establishments: villas, vacation rentals, apartments, hostels and similar. Oceanica is your awesome hotel presentation with WordPress accommodation booking system built in – all you need to maintain your online hospitality business like a pro.
One-time payment. Lifetime updates. 1 year of support.

WordPress Hotel Theme Highlights

elegant intuitive designElegant Intuitive Design

We’ve used the best design techniques to make Oceanica WordPress hotel theme visually perfect and reach a design-usability balance.

The ease of navigation, intuitiveness and a clutter-free page space are what your guests will enjoy when surfing the site.

responsive and mobile readyResponsive and Mobile Ready

Sharp and clean content on each device, no matter the screen size.

Be sure that modern travelers will be able to make an online room reservation from the cell phone as easy as desktop users.

customizable front page wordpress themeFully Customizable Front Page

This WordPress hotel theme is fully integrated with the WordPress Customizer for editing the front page in a real time – simply add and style your content without any coding.

With a little configuration even not-tech WordPress users will bring the site online pretty fast.

unlimited colors wordpress themeUnlimited Colors

Create the color scheme that will perfectly suit your needs – your feel, your colors, your brand.

It’s easy to change the colors in clicks with the color picker via the WordPress customizer live editor.

customizable menu wordpress themeCustomizable Menus

You won’t need to get any extra toolkit to manage menus. Current 3 header and 1 footer menus are absolutely editable – you can use any to feature your primary pages, contact info, social media icons, or anything else you want. Switch menu location and update their content any time.

wide and boxed layouts wordpress themeWide and Boxed Layouts

Use different layouts for different needs.

There are several page templates you can use on your site – full width, with sidebar, full width grid, grid with sidebar. Each one is a hand-crafted design solution.

theme with native integration with wordpressNative Integration with WordPress

Oceanica WordPress hotel theme is maximum integrated with a native WordPress core functionality, so the editing process will be a breeze for you.

You won’t lose your content even if you switch the theme.

wordpress theme with hotel room booking engineHotel Booking Engine [free]

Professionally translated into multiple languages, our premium WordPress Reservation Plugin is included for free into this theme.

The plugin will help you create an awesome rooms listing and optionally enable online reservation for them to fully automate your work with the guests.

online and offline hotel reservation paymentsOnline and Offline Payments

PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Braintree, Beanstream/Bambora, and more to come. For more gateways, you can purchase our custom WooCommerce Payments add-on.

You can accept online reservation payments through these payment methods, increasing your international travellers audience. Moreover, you may allow your guests pay only after arrival.

seasonal prices for hotel bookingSeasonal Pricing and Rates

Set different prices for low and high seasons, weekends, or whatever period you want – the plugin settings allow you to apply these changes in a matter of clicks.

oceanica custom booking rulesCustom Booking Rules

The PMS allows you to set min / max days to stay and available check-in and check-out dates for all rooms at once, accommodations individually or seasons.

You may also block booking option for all accommodations or any one individually for a chosen period of time (set not check-in, not check-out or not stay-in rules).

oceanica-weekly-monthly-ratesWeekly and Monthly Rates

You can set any room rate depending on a season (any term). To create different price points based on the length of stay, you can add weekly, monthly or other customizable rates.

The system will automatically discount the rooms according to your rate rules. A better per-night rate for a longer stay will help you stay competitive in the industry!

oceanica-pricing-variablesVariable Pricing

The accommodation price can be changed automatically based on a number of guests. You simply need to add a needed number of the per-guest price variables that will be different from the base accommodation price.

Your guests will see a relative price once they input their search parameters.

motopress hotel booking plugin for wordpressChannel Manager for Bookings

Synchronize all reservations submitted directly on your site with those on OTAs like Airbnb. The system supports iCal sync, which means you can exchange bookings data with the channels where your property is listed and avoid overbooking.

The synchronization is possible only with those OTAs that support iCal file format (the most popular ones do.)

documentation and support for wordpress themesDocs and Support

If you stuck somewhere, don’t worry – we are ready to help you in any preferable way!

The step-by-step guide of working with the theme, emails, chat, tickets. Just let us know when you run into any issue.


We only started collecting reviews from March, 2018.

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  • Hotel Booking - Excellent Product and Support

    We are very impressed with the Motopress Hotel plugin /Oceania theme, having reviewed /tried and been disappointed with other booking plugins.

    A good hotel booking function is pretty tricky to get right – it must work for different settings from a single unit B&B to a multi property hotel. This plugin is very well designed and covers a majority of the possible situations with lots of options for tailoring. Includes the necessary components like taxes, services, amenities and cancellations. Flexible options for payment gateways. Auto emails to guests and the admin is also a great feature. The plugin is clean and simple, not loaded down with extraneous marginal components that slow response time and invite programming conflicts.

    On the all important support side of the equation, these guys have been great both before and after purchase, with clear, helpful, correct and prompt responses to questions. One thing which really helped our purchase decision was the live preview which lets you see exactly how everything works to determine if the product meets your requirements. A live preview is a sign of a product in which the creator has confidence.

    This plugin gives your property visitors a booking experience comparable to what they get with a large hotel chain – this is SO important for a hotel or B&B.

    Great job!

  • Helpful customer support, great set of features

    We bought the oceanica theme to showcase our property in southern Brazil.

    We, however, rent property areas rather than hotel rooms, so a fair bit of customisation had to be conducted. Whilst in that process, MotoPress were very responsive and helpful in helping change CSS styles to adjust the reservation plugin for our needs.

    Our site is in Brazilian Portuguese and they were equally helpful in giving us directions on how to adapt wording and URLs.

    Lastly, the price was very favourable for the features and design provided.

    I’d recommend their services without hesitation.

    Cassiano Surek

  • The best support

    I am very happy to buy Motopress plugin and theme.


  • Perfect theme for guestroom

    The Theme and booking plugin are use for a guestroom in France, support is always here, theme is perfect and plugin work great, there are always new featuring.
    Documentation are clear, and if you don’t understand something, motopress support is available, with live chat or e-mail, 5 min or 1 day for an answer.

    Now i only use motopress plugin and theme for hotel.

    Thanks you Motopress for all help you provide me.
    Don’t change anything

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    29 Replies to “Oceanica

    1. Hello, I would like to know how can i change my header image size on front page that is width of the screen? No matter which image or resizes i do, it still is same size or smaller than the Front Page lower bar column. I could not find any documentation on the size, nor did i manage to find size edit option on php header.
      Appreciate your help.

    2. Does this theme enable presentation and booking of a single property only? e.g. I have two apartments in a house, rented separately incl. different pricing etc. Can I list them both using this theme?

      1. Hi Al,
        Yes, sure. You can rent any other property type instead of default rooms. Thus you will create 2 accommodation types naming them as your 2 apartments with different rates, description etc. And each accommodation type would have 1 accommodation so once it is booked the apartment becomes unavailable. Feel free to test it at live demo and contact us if you have any additional question.

      1. Yes, there is used our Hotel Booking plugin in this theme where Stripe payment gateway is available by default.

    3. Hi, does this theme has already included Motopress booking plugin? or I have to buy this plugin apart? thank you

      1. Hi Natalia,
        Hotel Booking plugin is integrated in Oceanica theme by default. It is suggested for installation after you activate theme on your WordPress.

      1. Hi Todd,
        Thank you for the question. The only difference between the single site license and the unlimited one is that with the unlimited license you can install the theme on more than one domain. So if you are planning to use the Oceanica theme for managing only one rental website, then the single site license will be enough in your case.

    4. Would you please include Bulgarian language into the translations of the theme/Hotel reservations plugin/? Thank you in advance!!!

    5. If you are considering Oceanica, I get this when trying to install WooCommerce :
      Your theme is not compatible with WooCommerce. We recommend you switch to Storefront, a free WordPress theme built and maintained by the makers of WooCommerce. If toggled on, Storefront will be installed and activated for you.
      I wasn’t expecting this, and would have installed in multisite mode, if I had known….switching now.

      WooCommerce is fairly popular. Does it not seem reasonable that lodging facilities might want to sell items that don’t necessarily tie to bookings. That’s what my client wants.

    6. I am noting some annoyances with this Theme, and perhaps the Motopress Framework.

      These are small things, but it seems that they shouldn’t exist in 2017/2018, because we have computers to handle this stuff:
      1) Number of Child Pages on Front Page doesn’t recalculate automatically. The CSS is hardcoded to assume 3 child pages at 33.33% each. Isn’t there a way to calculate this dynamically at run time?
      2) The items in the Activities menu don’t adjust automatically when the corresponding posts are set to Draft. I had Joomla templates ten years ago which built menus of posts on the fly. It’s possible in WordPress, right?

      Not sure what the issue is here, but this is two more really basic things that considerate developers should handle for their customers, IMHO.

      1. Hi ken,
        Thank you for your feedback. We’ll keep your suggestion in mind.
        As for another question so links does not hide at menu if page is set to draft in WordPress. You can try to search for some third party plugin that allows to hide unpublished menu items automatically.

    7. Be aware that the demo data file is 40+ MB for some reason, and can’t be installed from within the Admin, but has to be downloaded. If you happen to be on a slow link, good luck – my download has failed twice. It would be MUCH more sensible if Motopress would create a decent Demo installer like other theme companies, one that would move the largeish file from server to server, and not server to client to server. Oh, and further, you have to hack the SQL file, and install it manually using PHPMyAdmin – not very friendly.

      1. Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you faced difficulties downloading and importing sample data. The size of sample data mostly depends on images media files that should be imported for ccommodation types. We appreciated your thoughts you shared and we ‘ll do our best to provide a solution further. I’ve added your request to our features list. Our developers will review it and will look for solution. However if you have problems with Internet connection you might have difficulties even with ‘server-to-server’ direction.
        Our support agents just assisted you with sample data import. Thank you!

      1. Hi Bob,
        The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin that is included in the theme is the same that you can purchase separately, but it is accessible only after the theme is activated.

    8. It says that the theme comes with the hotel booking plugin. Is the plugin still independent of this theme or is it locked to this theme? If i decide to change themes, will the plugin still work? If I purchase the unlimited license, can i still use the themes and the plugin seperately?

      1. Hi Bob,
        You have access to the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin only after the theme is activated, so we would recommend purchasing the plugin separately if you are not planing to use it with the theme.

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    Release Notes

    1.7.0, Sep 19 2018

    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 3.0.0:
      • Introducing attributes. By using the attributes you are able to define extra accommodation data such as location and type and use these attributes in the search availability form as advanced search filters.
      • Improved the way to display the booking rules in the availability calendar.
      • Added the new payment method to pay on arrival.
      • Added the ability to create fixed amount coupon codes.
      • Added the availability to send multiple emails to notify the administrator and other staff about new booking.
      • Fixed the bug appeared in the Braintree payment method if a few plugins for making payment are set up.
      • Added the ability to set the default country on the checkout page.

    1.6.0, Jul 30 2018

    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.7.6:
      • A new way to display available/unavailable dates in a calendar using a diagonal line (half-booked day). This will properly show your guests that they are able to use the same date as check in/out one.
      • Disabled predefined parameters for Adults and Children on the checkout page to let guests have more perceived control over options they choose.
      • Fixed the issue with booking rules and WPML. Now all translations of accommodations are not displayed in a list and the booking rules are applied to all translations.
      • Fixed the issue with Stripe when creating a booking from the backend.
      • Fixed the issue with the booking rules not applying while checking an accommodation availability with the "Skip search results" enabled.
      • Added a new feature "Guest Management". It is currently in beta and applied only to the frontend. Here are the main options of this feature:
      • Hide "adults" and "children" fields within search availability forms.
      • Disable "children" option for the website (hide "children" field and use Guests label instead).
      • Disable "adults" and "children" options.
      • Replaced "Per adult" label with a more catch-all term "per guest" for Services.
      • Increased the number of digits after comma for setting a per-night price. This will help you set accurate prices for weekly, monthly and custom rates.
      • Improved the way to display a rate pricing on the checkout page: the price is updated automatically based on the number of guests if there are any per-guest price variables.
      • Added the Availability Calendar shortcode.
      • Added sorting parameters to shortcodes.
      • Added all missing currencies to the list of currencies.
    • Added the ability to change a default anchor icon separator (editable in WordPress Customizer).
    • Added a post without sidebar page template.
    • Added the ability to import demo data (sample content) in one click.

    1.5.5, Jun 27 2018

    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.7.4.

    1.5.4, Jun 21 2018

    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.7.3:
    • Added the ability to add monthly, weekly and custom (based on any length of stay) rates.
    • Added a new admin data picker style.
    • Single room type data output was rewritten in actions to provide developers with more flexible customization.
    • Fixed the bug with the months localization of the admin booking calendar.
    • Fixed the alphabetic ordering of countries for non-English websites.
    • Added Summary and Description info to iCal import logs to help you easier identify bookings from different channels.

    1.5.3, May 23 2018

    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.7.0:
    • Added the ability to create a reservation manually.
    • Added terms and conditions checkbox to booking confirmation page.

    1.5.2, Apr 23 2018

    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.6.1:
    • Added the ability to set different prices for one accommodation based on a number of guests.

    1.5.1, Mar 7 2018

    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.4.3:
    • Added a new option to skip search results page and enable direct booking from accommodation pages.
    • Fixed the bug with check-in and check-out time not saving. Time settings were set to 24-hour clock system.
    • Added tags to Accommodations.
    • Added the following mphb_rooms shortcode parameters: category, tags, IDs and relation. Now you can display accommodations by categories, tags or accommodation IDs.
    • Added a new field to settings where you can set a standard child's age accepted in your hotel establishment. This is an optional text, which will complete "Children" field label clarifying this info for your visitors.
    • Improved the search availability calendar. Now it correctly displays the minimum stay-in days depending on a check-in date.
    • Fixed the bug with all dates displaying as unavailable within certain booking rules.
    • Fixed the bug with a custom rule not being applied because of a global booking rule.
    • Fixed the bug with the Availability calendar not showing the correct number of available accommodations.
    • Added "Blocked accommodation" status to the Booking Calendar.
    • Added a new DESCRIPTION field with the booking info to the Export Calendar in iCal format.
    • The Export Calendar in iCal format now shows the SUMMARY in the following format: first name, last name and booking_id.
    • Now the booking information from external calendars is sent across booking channels without changes.
    • Fixed the error with deleting an expiration date of the coupon code.

    1.5.0, Jan 31 2018

    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.4.1. Added the ability to apply taxes and fees.
    • Made the theme WooCommerce ready.


    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.3.1.


    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.3.0. Added more flexible booking rules.
    • Added support for Jetpack Content Options.
    • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


    • Theme updater updated.


    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.2.0. Implemented bookings synchronization with online channels via iCal interface.


    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.1.2.


    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.1.1.


    • Hotel Booking plugin updated to version 2.1.0. Added the ability to add multiple bookings into one reservation and discount coupons support.
    • Added Shortcode Widget plugin that allows to use shortcodes in widgets. If you use Testimonials shortcode in a Text widget, please re-create it and use Shortcode Widget instead of Text widget.
    • Improved the layout of comments on mobile devices.


    • Hotel Booking plugin updated.


    • Initial release