Best Elementor Addons to Display Blog Posts

8 Best Elementor Addons to Display Blog Posts

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The variety of Elementor posts widget free solutions can make it complex for a website owner to choose something fitting for their site. To make it simpler, you need to find out how to make users stay longer on your website. First of all, you keep their attention with quality content. It can be anything, from eye-catching media to animated elements and CTAs. In today’s post, we gathered 8 widget-oriented solutions for the world’s leading WordPress page builder to help you decide what fits your online presence.

Getting Site Visitors Interested in Your Blog

A site blog concentrates the most valuable content for new users. If you strive to grow your business online, publishing high-quality articles is a must-do. But here is a thing: even the greatest content won’t make any sense if nobody can see it. As a website owner, your task is to suggest visitors view as many blog posts as possible.

The more visitors will be suggested to read the best or related blog posts:

  • …the more time on average they’ll spend on your website;
  • …the more reduced the bounce rate will be;
  • …the more respect they’ll have for your blog content and the authors.

So how to implement the Related Posts/Best Posts section on your website? If you are a fan of Elementor, you can display blog posts with one of the next 8 Elementor addons…

8 Paid & Free Elementor Addons For Blog Posts In 2024

“What about the Posts widget?” – you may ask. Indeed, owners of Elementor PRO have access to a more extended collection of elements, one of which is the Posts widget. But here is a deal. More users stay on the Elementor posts widget free side of Elementor because they prefer using custom widgets from third-party add-ons.

Why so?

  1. Users don’t want to pay extras, so they’ll be hunting for freebies.
  2. Users search for more advanced widget alternatives among custom add-ons.

Below are the 8 best Elementor addons (both free & premium) for displaying blog popular or related posts. Most of them make a library of multipurpose widgets, while others are posts-related only.

1. Stratum Elementor Addons (Advanced Posts Widget)

Picture of Stratum Elementor Addons, one of the Elementor posts widget free solutions with pagination & list checkerboard.Of course, we want to start our list with Stratum. We are proud to build an almost free solution of such quality, which counts 26+ Elementor widgets for both personal and business needs.

The library consists of elements that allow you to create dynamic sections with advanced styling. One of them is the Advanced Posts widget, and it’s made to display:

  • Latest blog posts (project news, announcements, etc.)
  • Manually selected posts (e.g. most popular posts)
  • Any dynamically sourced posts

Compared to the PRO Posts widget, the Stratum Elementor posts widget free provides us with 4 different styles of display: list, grid, carousel, and Masonry. Users can manually select the number of featured posts or pages by including or excluding the needed ones. The other functionality includes transition behaviors and multiple animation effects for better dynamics. Also, the widget contains customizable UI controls for the carousel posts slider and supports automatic slideshows.

The Advanced Posts widget comes in both free and premium versions of the Stratum addon. Users of Stratum PRO receive a more extended set of functionality for each widget.

Key features:

  • Pagination;
  • List checkerboard;
  • Taxonomies;
  • Terms relation;
  • The “Animate on Scroll” feature.
StratumMotoPressFree or from $29/year4.7

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2. PowerPack Addons for Elementor

Photo of PowerPack Addons for Elementor, a maintenance & cleaning automation software with tiled posts & magazine slider.The next Elementor posts widget free on our list is PowerPack. Like Stratum, the addon has its Elementor addons free version on the WordPress catalog. But unlike the above-mentioned plugin, PowerPack LITE grants free access to only half of all PowerPack widgets. Out of six Posts widgets, the free version has only two: Post and Content Ticker.

The Post widget is a standard element for creating blog layouts. Meanwhile, Content Ticker lets you display updates, popular content (e.g. blog posts), or messages on your website. It allows you to display post author & category, display custom content, use clickable items, and use images & animation.

With a Card Slider, you can feature posts in a beautiful slider layout. With Tiled Posts, you can showcase posts in a Masonry layout. With Magazine Slider, you can create independent sections with posts displayed as if it’s the homepage of an online magazine. The last Advanced Posts widget is very similar in functionality to the Stratum widget of the same name.

Key features:

  • Card slider;
  • Tiled posts;
  • Magazine slider;
  • Advanced posts.
PowerPack Addons for ElementorIdeaBox CreationsFree or from $49/year5.0

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3. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Photograph of Ultimate Addons for Elementor, one of the Elementor posts widget free solutions with impressive & customizable design options.The next library of widgets is premium-only and it’s called Ultimate Addons. The plugin is known for providing 40+ widgets & extensions for different purposes. It has a convenient widget categorization: basic content widgets, creative elements, form style widgets, and widgets for SEO & WooCommerce. On top of that, the users of Ultimate Addons will get access to 100+ website templates and 200+ section blocks.

Unlike other Elementor posts widget free plugins, this one provides us with a single Posts widget with a standard package of layout options: masonry style, carousel, featured, or grid. Unlike Stratum, UA allows you to filter articles by different categories. The content settings let you fill in the post meta, excerpt, and title, and put a featured image. Also, you can enable the call-to-action element in your blog posts section.

Key features:

  • Masonry, carousel, featured, grid blog layouts;
  • Impressive & customizable design options;
  • Custom post type compatibility;
  • Filterable tabs for easy categorization;
  • Powerful query builder.
Ultimate Addons for ElementorBrainstorm Forcefrom $49/yearN/A

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4. Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Graphic of Unlimited Elements for Elementor, an online platform for cleaning task scheduling with masonry post grid & post slider layouts.If you are looking for an Elementor posts widget free that offers multiple widgets to display blog posts, Unlimited Elements might be the one you are looking for. It outpaced all free addons for the number of post-related widgets. So far, the add-on provides 8 FREE as well as 16 PRO widgets for displaying posts.

The list of free post widgets includes elements for displaying posts in tabs, accordions, blocks, lists, tickers, and card posts. There is a separate free widget for the post pagination.

Key features:

  • Diverse post options (carousel, timeline, scroll gallery);
  • Masonry post grid & post slider layouts;
  • Built-in widget library & creator;
  • Widget synchronization;
  • Multiple Elementor templates.
Unlimited Elements for ElementorUnlimited ElementsFree or from $49/year5.0

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5. HT Mega Absolute Addons for Elementor

Representation of HT Mega Absolute Addons for Elementor, one of the Elementor posts widget free solutions with breadcrumbs & page list.HT Mega is an excellent add-on plugin for the well-liked Elementor page builder. It offers a wide range of features, including 84+ free widgets, 90+ page templates, and support for various post types. With HT Mega Plugin alongside other Elementor posts widget free solutions, you can create custom menus with ease, using the HT Menu Builder. It also allows you to duplicate posts and pages with the HT Post Duplicator.

If you want to display your post uniquely then HT Mega Addons has got everything you need. It offers 5 distinctive widgets to showcase your posts alongside other cool features and advantages. HT Mega is the ultimate plugin for displaying your posts in a variety of ways on your website.

Key features:

  • Carousel & Grid posts;
  • Grid Tab & Slider posts;
  • News ticker (to display your latest posts in a scrolling ticker);
  • Breadcrumbs & page list;
  • Taxonomy terms.
HT MegaHasThemesfrom $49/yearN/A

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6. JetBlog

Visual of JetBlog, a flexible tool for quality assurance of rental properties with smart post lists & tiles.JetBlog is another paid Elementor option for a blog site. It can be used with many popular Elementor posts widget free plugins. Although the add-on helps you create advanced blog pages, it’s easy to work with. The plugin contains various layouts, custom WP Query, supports RTL, video playlists, post pagination, Elementor tickers, smart posts & tiles, and more. Overall, JetBlog offers 6 post widget types that will be useful for diverse WordPress themes.

Key features:

  • Posts navigation & pagination;
  • Smart post lists & tiles;
  • Text ticker;
  • Video playlist.
JetBlogCrocoblockfrom $23/yearN/A

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7. Element Pack

Illustration of Element Pack, one of the Elementor posts widget free solutions with Gallery & List variations for your blog.The most significant perk of Elementor posts widget free libraries is the fact that one addon can substitute a few more. But if you choose Elementor Pack, you will replace more than a hundred plugins. Both free and premium versions of this plugin count up to 200+ essential elements needed for building a website of any size, complexity, and niche. For pro users, the addon offers a unique Widget Creator Framework allowing them to develop new widgets for particular needs. ElementPack comes with 9 post widgets, yet all of them are available only in a PRO version of the addon.

Key features:

  • Slider, Card, Grid, and Grid tab options for posts;
  • Gallery & List variations for your blog;
  • Block & Block modern posts;
  • Single post.
Element PackBdThemesFree or from $49/year4.5

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8. Void Elementor Post Grid Addon

Image of Void Elementor Post Grid Addon, an online platform for finding cleaning services vendors with query custom terms & taxonomy.VOID is one of the best Elementor posts widget free addons for showcasing posts. It is not a custom library of different widgets but simply a post grid addon. The plugin helps you showcase your blog posts, and customize post types with easy-to-edit taxonomy in five different styles among other benefits.

As for a free plugin, VOID is a great solution when it comes to settings and their functionality. Whether you want to display blog posts in grid WordPress or show them as a list, you can either filter with a general post or with a custom post type. Also, you can display as many posts as you need, add or remove pagination, post offset, order them by certain criteria, etc.

Key features:

  • Grid & List blog layouts;
  • Minimal post style;
  • Filter & Shuffle button for showing posts;
  • Query custom terms & taxonomy;
  • Diverse styles for featured images.
Void Elementor Post Grid AddonvoidCodersFree4.5

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New visitors will not find the most valuable articles on your website unless you give them a hint. Fortunately, WordPress and, in particular, Elementor offer us almost ready-to-go elements for a beautiful post display. All you have to do is download one of the Elementor posts widget free solutions, find the Posts-related widgets, and customize them till you are satisfied with the result. Here’s what you need to look for in such widgets:

  • Unlimited choice of content presentation options: Using diverse blocks and widgets for Elementor is a great way not only to make your site stand out but also to display written content more efficiently. The described Blog widgets allow you to do just that.
  • Advanced customization: Each of the Elementor posts widget free tools comes with basic & advanced controls that help you shape every post page and blog archive layout the way you want.
  • A variety of pre-designed sections: A majority of described widget add-ons come with pre-designed sections that help you get started with blog customization right away. As a result, you get to present news & updates by making it an enjoyable experience.
  • More affordable than development from scratch: While you can build every section by yourself, it requires considerable skill and coding knowledge. Using Elementor posts widget free blog add-ons allows you to take a shortcut and save time by achieving the same goal without needing to develop everything from scratch.

Hope you found this article helpful!


How do I add a blog post to my Elementor for free?

Adding a blog post to your website using the Elementor page builder is quite simple. To do so, you need to have access to the Theme Builder. We also recommend using any of the Elementor posts widget free add-ons to enhance your blog editing experience. By using ready-made blog templates and layouts, you can have a customizable blog page as well as create & display your posts effectively.

How do I create a post template in Elementor for free?<br />

To create a post template in the Elementor page builder, you will need to use the builder’s widgets. They include columns, sections, post info, content, title, and a featured image among many other possible options. Combining these and other widgets will give your blog a unique and memorable look, while also presenting your content properly.

How do I show posts in Elementor?

If you want to display posts on your website created with the Elementor builder, we recommend using the Posts widget. It has multiple controls that can be configured to show your written content the way it’s intended to be. From varied column options to queries and pagination, you are free to set up your blog page to make it both content-rich and visually appealing.

Can you use Elementor for posts?

Due to WordPress being a blog-first solution, the Elementor page builder also delivers some of the best options for written content creation. Whatever you are planning to publish on your blog, rest assured that the builder and diverse Elementor posts widget free add-ons that it supports will be able to provide you with any tools you may need.

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