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10 Best Elementor Image Sliders & Posts Slider Addons in 2024

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Are you on the way to supercharging your website with an Elementor posts slider to boost interactivity? In this article, we’ll share a list of the free and premium Elementor addons that have got you covered! Dedicated to multiple purposes, they include widgets to add sliders with posts, images, and videos. You get a powerful and simple way to create attractive websites with no hassle. So, let’s review these solutions in more detail!

Before an in-depth roundup, we’re coming up with a table to compare the best add-ons with an Elementor slider widget for different content types:

Royal Elementor AddonsWP RoyalFreeWebsite
Unlimited ElementsUnlimited ElementsFreeWebsite

Why Use Sliders on Your Website: 5 Benefits

First things first, what’s the point of adding a slider to your Elementor website?

  1. Sliders can jazz up a website and engage visitors with dynamic content.
  2. Placing multiple content items in one section may be handy to avoid cluttering the page.
  3. Sliders effectively shine a light on various content pieces or site features while enhancing site exploration.
  4. A slider is a hands-on element since it encourages users to interact with slides by clicking through images or buttons and swiping.
  5. Make this section a promotional spot to showcase special offers, latest posts, upcoming events, etc.

4 Elementor Image Slider Plugins (Free & Premium)

Do you have high-quality photos to show first on your website? Let’s find the top Elementor slider plugin to include images and catch visitors’ eyes!

1. Stratum

Collage of the Stratum advanced Elementor posts slider free widget demo on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs

Stratum is a popular Elementor addon that provides a collection of 20+ modern and minimalist widgets. You can embed them in different site sections and customize their appearance. Unleash the power of extra Elementor widgets to build landing pages, business websites, creative portfolios, etc.

The Elementor Advanced Slider widget by Stratum makes it easy to choose the preferred layouts and define the number of columns. This widget offers smooth navigation and animation effects. Regarding extended customization settings for some widgets and priority support, check out Stratum Pro.

Key Features:

  • 20+ free extra Elementor widgets;
  • Performance-optimized design;
  • Seamlessly integrates with Elementor Template library;
  • Horizontal, vertical, and cube layouts for the Advanced Slider widget;
  • More layouts and widget options in Stratum Pro.

More Details View Demo

2. ElementsKit

Collage of the ElementsKit addon to add Elementor slider widget.

NameProviderActive Installs
ElementsKitWpmet1+ million

ElementsKit lets you enhance your Elementor website with its Elementor image slider. It’s included in the list of the best addons due to ready-to-use modules and an extensive collection of widgets. By the way, the premium version unlocks parallax effects, sticky content, and new widgets.

When it comes to sliders, ElementsKit delivers the Image Comparison widget to display two images with a before and after slider effect. You’re allowed to customize its colors, typography, and background styles.

Key Features:

  • 85+ customizable Elementor widgets;
  • Header & Footer and Mega Menu builders;
  • Image Comparison widget in horizontal, vertical, and dark styles;
  • Widget motion effects.

More Details

3. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Collage of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor slider widget demo on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs
Ultimate Addons for ElementorBrainstorm Force

Are you searching for an Elementor before and after slider plugin? Take a look at the collection by Ultimate Addons for Elementor. It’s a premium addon intended for a streamlined page-building process. With Ultimate Addons, you get access to 50+ widgets, 100+ site templates, and pre-built section blocks.

The Before and After Slider options include custom labels and colors, horizontal and vertical styles, and hover animations. The design is fully responsive, so it displays on any screen your website is opened on.

Key Features:

  • 50+ premium Elementor extra widgets;
  • Pre-designed website templates and sections;
  • Copy Paste feature to use content elements across multiple domains;
  • Customizable colors, labels, and spacing in the Before and After Slider widget.

More Details

4. Qi Addons for Elementor

Collage of the Qi Addons for Elementor slider widget demo page.

NameProviderActive Installs
Qi Addons for ElementorQode Interactive100K+

Developed with easy customization and content-rich websites in mind, Qi Addons for Elementor comes with 60+ free Elementor widgets. They are divided into multiple categories: business, typography, WooCommerce, SEO, infographics, etc.

Qi Addons provides both Image Slider and Before/After Comparison Slider widgets. You can feature captivating images and adjust widget styling options. For example, set up the slider navigation.

Key Features:

  • 60+ custom-designed widgets for Elementor;
  • Different types of Elementor slider widgets;
  • Navigational arrows or bullets in the Image Slider;
  • Image pop-ups and previews of oncoming sliders.

More Details

3 Elementor Posts Slider Addons for Your Website

Stand out with an impressive design of an Elementor post slider inserted via one of the addons below!

5. Royal Elementor Addons

Collage of the Royal Elementor Addons posts slider widget demo on the desktop screen.

NameProviderActive Installs
Royal Elementor AddonsWP Royal300K+

The Elementor toolkit of Royal Elementor addons consists of Elementor widgets, template kits, pre-made section blocks, and more tools. This addon ensures free and paid functionalities and customization capabilities for its elements.

With Royal Elementor Addons, you achieve multiple slider widgets: Elementor Testimonial Slider, Image Slider, Before/After Comparison, etc. The Elementor Posts Slider is used to showcase recent posts from your blog. Add columns, pagination, and buttons for free, with custom fields and sharing available in the premium version.

Key Features:

More Details

6. Element Pack Addon for Elementor

Collage of the Element Pack addon to add a posts slider widget.

NameProviderActive Installs
Element PackBdThemes100K+

Element Pack equips your site not only with a flexible Elementor posts slider but also a collection of simple widgets. You’ll manage widgets, extensions, and pre-built sections. Also, using the templates from the Element Pack Library takes a few clicks.

You can view the Post Slider widget demo to check out attractive examples and style variations. Take a closer look at the post positions, colors, pagination, and other elements essential to your website design.

Key Features:

  • 55+ widgets and 24+ extensions;
  • Animation effects;
  • Clean and responsive layouts;
  • Post Slider widget with flexible settings.

More Details

7. HT Mega

Collage of the HT Mega Elementor addon.

NameProviderActive Installs
HT MegaHasThemes100K+

HT Mega is a free source of custom Elementor widgets and page templates. This addon allows you to duplicate posts and pages in a few clicks. You don’t need coding skills to build pages with HT Mega and customize widgets.

The Elementor Posts Slider Widget by HT Mega is available in five responsive layouts with custom elements. You can edit colors, buttons, arrows, and animations and tailor them to your needs.

Key Features:

  • 84+ free Elementor widgets for different purposes;
  • Header/Footer builder;
  • The ability to change colors, fonts, and positioning;
  • Animations and special effects.

More Details

3 Elementor Video Slider Solutions to Boost Interactivity

Are you going to upload captivating videos to your Elementor sliders? Here is a roundup of the top 3 Elementor plugins with a relevant widget included!

8. Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Collage of the Unlimited Elements for Elementor image and video content slider.

NameProviderActive Installs
Unlimited Elements for ElementorUnlimited Elements200K+

Do you need lightweight widgets, free Elementor templates, and a Widget Creator in one place? Unlimited Elements for Elementor enables you to integrate different content: images, videos, posts, products, etc. There are also filters, multi-source widgets, and form builders.

For example, the Image and Video Content Slider widget is the perfect way for you to show off stunning videos in an Elementor video slider. You can add the content and customize a title, link, and button.

Key Features:

  • 100+ widgets and Widget Creator;
  • Live Copy Paste feature;
  • Full control over widget design;
  • CTA button in the Image and Video Content Slider widget.

More Details

9. The Plus Addons for Elementor

Collage of The Plus Addons addon for Elementor Carousel Anything widget.

NameProviderActive Installs
The Plus Addons for ElementorPOSIMYTH100K+

Show your content and have enough freedom in page building with The Plus Addons and its Carousel Anything widget. We mention it here as a top Elementor content slider plugin since it combines widgets & extensions, UI blocks, and Elementor templates. The Plus Addons for Elementor is packed with free and premium features.

The Carousel Anything widget lets you transform your images or videos into an attention-grabbing slider. You will decide on its layout, number of slides, and connection widgets.

Key Features:

  • Blog Website and WooCommerce Store builders;
  • Cross-domain Copy and Paste option;
  • Social media widgets and tools;
  • One-click auto widget scanner.

More Details

10. Common Ninja

Collage of the Common Ninja addon for Elementor video and posts slider.

NameProviderActive Installs
Common NinjaCommon Ninja

Are you casting about an extensive suite of customizable Elementor widgets? Common Ninja gives you widgets and tools to make creative and unique Elementor websites. This addon maintenance widget customization from mobile devices. You can control the content and widget styles with ease.

Unlock the potential of the Video Carousel widget to take care of the video size, colors, fonts, spacing, pagination, and arrow types. It’s easy to embed this widget into your website and apply custom CSS.

Key Features:

  • A set of 100+ premium Elementor widgets;
  • Integrations with data sources;
  • Custom slider duration and pace;
  • Widget creation powered by AI.

More Details

Wrapping Up

  1. So, this article has led us through diverse addons to find the best Elementor posts slider for your website. While each addon brings its strengths to the table, they are aimed to simplify website creation and editing.
  2. The choice of the most suitable slider Elementor addon depends on your project needs and your priorities. You should consider different features: customization options, performance optimization, compatibility with other plugins, and more.
  3. Look for a versatile solution to captivate your audience and share your choice in the comments!


How do I use post slider in Elementor?

To use a post slider in Elementor:

  1. Drag the Post Slider widget onto your page. You can get this widget with one of the Elementor addons. For example, Stratum addon has an Advanced Slider widget.
  2. Customize the layout, including post source, number of posts, and design.
  3. Adjust settings like animation and navigation.
  4. Preview and publish your page to see the post slider in action.

How do I add an image slider to an Elementor?

To add an image slider in Elementor:

  1. Drag the Image Slider widget onto your page. You may use the Advanced Slider free Elementor widget by the Stratum Elementor addon.
  2. Upload images and customize settings like slide transition and autoplay.
  3. Edit captions or add additional elements.
  4. Preview and publish your page.

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