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The Content Slider WordPress block by Getwid is a unique Gutenberg block for creating multipurpose sliders. Its main function is to help you create a slider in the block editor using any WordPress blocks.

Basically, you’ll just need to choose what content you want to slide and add it as blocks to slides.

You can also edit your slides/blocks directly inside the Content Slider block for Gutenberg.

Purpose of the Content Slider WordPress block

The main purpose of this block is to simplify the creation of a complex slider, that is, with different types of content inside it.

It allows you to use all the power of the WordPress block editor and its third-party addons as well. You can:

  • Slide images and videos
  • Slide entire pages
  • Slide tables, calendars, and posts.

And more other types of blocks, of course!

Features of the Content Slider WordPress block

It’s very easy to customize individual slides as blocks and the entire slider as one, too.

  • Add any type of content inside the slider, blocks or patterns.
  • add blocks to slider

  • Add blocks to slider.
  • content slider wp block

  • Quickly switch to show the media to the left or to the right.
  • show media side

    • Change alignment and the slider width.
    • Insert a link to link an entire slide.
    • Enable automatic slideshow.
    • Choose to pose the slider on hover.
    • Make the sliding infinite.
    • Enable the center mode (to show the current slide in the center, with just parts of the other ones on the sides).
    • Enable Adaptive Height, which means the slider will change its size based on the size of the content inside it.
    • Enable the Draggable option, which allows users to switch slides with a mouse dragging.
    • Enable animation effects and customize their speed.
    • Customize the look of slides on different devices.
    • Set the navigation button styles.

    content slider settings

    You can also edit the blocks using their dedicated block panels, just as normal blocks, right inside the slider:

    edit slide as a block

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