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If your email marketing automation processes are performed through the medium of Mailchimp, this Mailchimp Gutenberg block by Getwid will help you smoothly integrate this popular service with your WordPress website.

By obtaining a Mailchimp API key associated with your project, you’ll be able to create a Mailchimp-powered email subscription form in style with your website design to collect lead email addresses.

How to find and generate API keys for Mailchimp 

Like the rest of Getwid blocks, a Mailchimp subscription form should provide a nice blend with default theme colors, fonts, and overall styles helping you avoid customization workaround.

Purpose of the Mailchimp Gutenberg Block

mailchimp subscribe block gutenberg featured

This block allows you to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress for free, without extra third-party dependencies.

Features of the Mailchimp Gutenberg Block

So let’s get you through the sneak peek at what the block has to offer inside.

  • There are several default elements you can include in the subscription form: first name, last name, email address, and a paragraph. You can move the fields up and down to set a preferable order.

mailchimp elements

  • You can mark fields as not required.

required mailchimp

  • The block allows you to tie the form to only specific Mailchimp subscription lists. This data is automatically fetched from your Mailchimp account.
  • Customize the button text and background color for the “Subscribe” button.

mailchimp settings

So here is a final frontend example:

frontend form mailchimp

Design Tips

  • To separate the subscription form visually, use Gutenberg Columns to create a minimalist layout for the subscription form and place accompanying text/image next to it.
  • Use the Section Getwid block for custom backgrounds.

image in background

Download Getwid Base Theme for Out-of-the-box Design Interplay

Getwid Base is a custom-crafted WordPress Gutenberg theme created specifically for Getwid blocks – it provides utmost compatibility with the blocks and smooth design interplay without extra clicks. The theme ensures that headings, icons, and colors are in visual harmony. Getwid Base gets constant updates and new blocks each time fresh Getwid blocks appear. The theme is available for free download.

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