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Getwid Blocks: Linear Progress Bar Gutenberg Block

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Getwid allows you to create progress bars that can be used as indicators of any progress/process by means of the Progress Bar Gutenberg block.

There are two types of such indicators bundled with Getwid, linear and circular, but in this particular guide, we are looking into the former.

Purpose of the Progress Bar Gutenberg Block

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  • Indicate and visualize the status of ongoing processes (events, projects).
  • Showcase your expertise.

Features of the Progress Bar Gutenberg Block

The block comes with a few simple elements: the track and indicator. You can apply the following settings to customize them:

progress bar featured
  • Inform users of an activity’s progress by setting the percent value for the indicator (it animates along the length of the track).
  • Select the indicator’s behavior: animated or not.
  • Set a track’s color (‘Background color’) and indicator’s color (“Progress color”).
  • Apply a wide or full-width layout for the area of the website, where you place progress bars.

Design Tips

  • Stick to the theme brand colors to maintain better design consistency.
  • Use contrast colors to visually differentiate the progress indicator from the track.
  • Animated progress bars, which are possible with Getwid, have been found to capture people’s attention more effectively.

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2 Replies to “Getwid Blocks: Linear Progress Bar Gutenberg Block”

  1. Hello,
    May I suggest to add a possibility of not showing the percentage value.
    At times, just the visible progress is sufficient and does not need a number to it.

    1. Hi Anurag,
      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve added it to our list of features. We will notify you when we have any news about it.

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