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Getwid Blocks: Section Gutenberg Block

The Section Container Gutenberg Block by Getwid is a top-level (parent) Gutenberg block. You can use it as a container for organizing multiple (child) blocks inside it: feel free to utilize the Getwid, core Gutenberg, and third-party blocks within a section.

Since Section has been designed to provide you with a huge number of configuration settings, you want to start with this block for any deeply custom content area! You can control it as one block.

Moreover, you can even insert another Section block inside Section if you want to create custom background and behavior for each or selected elements inside the Section block. Getwid users consider it the most valuable and feature-rich block among Getwid blocks:

getwid review wp org

To start using it, insert the Section block and then click the ‘+’ icon from the right to add any suitable blocks.

section main block

Purpose of the Section Gutenberg Block:

Use the Container Gutenberg block for in many cases:

  • Use this block to build custom-styled reusable sections and pages.
  • Create custom full-width website sections; works great for no-sidebar pages.
  • Build wide-width website sections.
  • Apply fancy backgrounds (gradient, image, slider, video, etc.).
  • Build rich landing pages.

Watch the Section Block video tutorial

To dive into a more hands-on experience, watch the Section block guide!

Section Block Features

You can use a boxed or full-width layout with the Section Gutenberg block; it’s also possible to set custom parameters for the default width. You are even allowed to adjust responsive layouts of the Section block based on a type of device (desktop, tablet, mobile).

section layouts

  • The block allows you to go with the needed layout from the get go: so you can go with either a fixed, full-width of full-screen content layout. Please note: your Gutenberg theme must support the alignment you want to go with.

getwid layouts alignment

January, 2020, update: Starting from Getwid version 1.5.0, the block comes with a better categorized settings panel divided by semantic groups for the general customization, style and advanced settings. Be ready to experience a huge productivity bump!

settings ui getwid blocks

So let’s go through some other settings:

  • Although there are default settings, you can set custom margins, padding and alignments for the container for different devices.

Section Gutenberg Block allignment settings

A truly cool thing of this block is that it also allows you to change the sizing and alignment of blocks with draggable angles visually in Gutenberg.

margings paddings getwid

While you’re dragging, you’ll instantly see the size of the margins and paddings (top, bottom, left and right) so it’s going to be much quicker to modify the inner and outer alignment of the Section block.

paddings draggable getwid

Beware: don’t forget to keep consistency by setting the same margins and paddings for similar blocks.

Section backgrounds

  • Create a custom background by applying colors with optional gradient:

gradient background gutenberg wordpress

  • You can also set a gradient background with the pre-designed complementary color schemes or create your own gradient using unlimited colors:

getwid plugin gradient background gutenberg wordpress

For example, let’s use three complementary colors and add a divider:

background multiple colors gradient

  • You can also set an image or slider as background:

Section Gutenberg Block background image gutenberg getwid

Use the focal point tool for setting custom background image positioning:

focal point getwid

  • Set videos as background: you can upload a self-hosted video (uploaded directly to your WordPress website) or a direct YouTube to use in the background:

Even external videos won’t display YouTube branding allowing you to have a clearer branded look:

youtube video background gutenberg block

  • Tweak foregrounds by using a rich panel of settings: select colors, apply opacity, set an image, etc.

Section Gutenberg Block getwid foreground colors

  • Go with stylish and fanciful shapes to separate content into groups by using top and bottom dividers that come in different flavors:

Section Gutenberg Block dividers getwid

  • If you want to add a bit of motion to specific sections, you have a good selection of the entrance animation effects with customizable duration and delays.

animation effects gutenberg

To see how animation works, make sure to check it on the frontend of your website.

Section Gutenberg Block entrance animation getwid-min

  • Optionally add HTML anchors or CSS classes.

 Design Best Practices

Starting from Getwid version 1.4.0., the plugin ships with an unparalleled collection of pre-made templates! The Gutenberg templates library by Getwid is going to become your sure-fire tool in creating and designing polished and visually organized content in Gutenebrg.

Just pick a template suitable for your current needs and start replacing content:

getwid templates

  • Stick to brand theme colors to maintain design consistency site-wide.

Section Gutenberg Block theme colors

  • Apply foreground layer opacity for images to reduce text distraction.
  • If you use custom section width, designate it via Settings > Writing > Getwid > Content Section Width and stick to it (otherwise, you risk to create messy layouts across the website).
  • Use Gutenberg columns to place several blocks one by one inside the Section container.

columns getwid gutenberg

  • If you need more flexibility to edit alignment inside the block with draggable angles, add Sections inside the Section block.
  • Play with the Section inside Section (in the example below, the blue piece is a multi-element Section inside another full-width Section with a custom image background).

section inside section

Download a Free Starter Theme for Getwid

Did you know that we have a custom-crafted theme specifically for Getwid?

You need it to get the most out of the Getwid blocks! The thought-out, professional system of colors, typography, iconography, buttons and other essential design elements of this theme will help you create and communicate a unified, meaningful design. It’s free, by the way!

Check out Getwid Demo

Download Getwid Gutenberg Blocks Free

Install Getwid Base Starter Theme for Gutenberg

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  1. Hello there, how can I save a section that I’ve created using Getwid as a template and export it into another wordpress site to use it there? Is there a way to do it?

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