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Best WordPress AI Plugins: What Can You Automate with Them?

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Are you looking for a WordPress AI plugin that will enhance your website? Or maybe you need an automation tool that can adapt to your needs? With modern AI-based solutions, all of the above is possible! Whether you are a content writer, an SEO specialist, or just want to make your life easier, today’s post is for you. Here we’ll take a look at 10 popular plugins for WordPress that are perfect for content & site optimization and streamlining time-consuming tasks.

Before we begin our overview, here are the top 5 solutions we recommend trying right away:

JetpackFree or from €8.95/year4.0
Elementorfrom $89/year4.5
AI EngineFree or from $59/year5.0
Uncanny AutomatorFree or from $149/year5.0

Top 10 WordPress AI Plugins

Artificial intelligence has already changed the way we perform routine tasks. When it comes to web development and content creation for blogs, such technologies can save you time. No wonder that AI WordPress plugins are some of the most popular solutions for the world’s leading CMS. Providing better results, these plugins can be your best assistance in automating repeated actions. Furthermore, modern WordPress solutions that have integrated AI features can be used to:

  • Drive your sales;
  • Optimize your site for search engines;
  • Improve your blog content;
  • Provide 24/7 support for your customers;
  • Boost user engagement.

However, this is just a small part of what modern AI plugins can provide. From enhancing the site search to analyzing the preferences of your customers, there are more advantages that a modern WordPress AI plugin can provide. This is true for all solutions that appear in our today’s article. Below is a detailed overview of the top 10 WordPress plugins that offer AI-based features and can help you manage your site more efficiently.

1. Getwid

Picture of Getwid, a modern WordPress AI plugin with content-specific text creation.We begin our look at AI WordPress plugins with Getwid, a Gutenberg solution developed by MotoPress. It provides a collection of over 40 blocks for the default WordPress builder. Among them, an AI-powered block acts as a writing assistant for your content creation needs. It is built with the OpenAI API and allows you to generate quality texts by entering a single prompt. This way you’ll be able to write advanced content faster without leaning on your creativity alone.

Its main benefit is that it’s totally free to use without any limitations on the number of requests.

Key features:

  • Headline & description generation;
  • Content-specific text creation;
  • Perfect for writing whole posts & pages in one go;
  • Turn generated content into WordPress blocks easily;
  • Table block support.

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2. Jetpack AI

Photo of Jetpack, a popular WordPress caching plugin with a built-in AI assistant.The next WordPress AI plugin on our list is Jetpack. Similar to Getwid, this performance and caching plugin has a built-in AI assistant that allows you to easily generate paragraphs, sections, and even full pages of content by entering a prompt. Additionally, Jetpack AI WordPress plugin comes with a bunch of advantages ranging from an integrated spellchecking tool to a free content generation of up to 20 requests.

Key features:

  • AI assistant for creating unique content;
  • Text tone adaptation;
  • Auto-translation;
  • Quick generation of titles & summaries;
  • Spelling & grammar correction.
JetpackAutomatticFree or from €8.95/year4m+

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3. Elementor AI

Photograph of Elementor, a flexible WordPress AI plugin with a Prompt Enhancer for suggesting better prompts.Elementor is a well-known website builder and one of the most widely used customization tools for WordPress. No wonder it comes with AI-based features that allow you to improve your web development experience even further. From image generation to assistance with code & text, the integrated WordPress AI builder allows Elementor to better understand the needs of your business. Thus, with the renowned web builder, you also get a powerful solution to help you build unique page layouts alongside flexible code & content generation.

Key features:

  • AI Copilot for creating container layouts;
  • Prompt Enhancer for suggesting better prompts;
  • Image generation & extension;
  • AI writing assistant;
  • Custom code & CSS generation.
ElementorElementor.comFree or from $59/year10m+

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4. Divi AI

Graphic of Divi, an AI-powered website builder with image & text content generation.Talking about popular web-building solutions, we need to mention Divi. Being partially a WordPress AI plugin, this page builder comes with features similar to those of Elementor. Be it image generation or style customization, Divi AI assistant can be of use to any WordPress user. Obviously, it can help you with content creation. However, it can also improve the existing visual & written content. The WordPress AI builder even learns from your website to assist with the instant development of what your website visitors need.

Key features:

  • AI-powered website builder;
  • Image & text content generation;
  • Advanced promoting options;
  • Customizable code and styles crafted by AI.
DiviElegant Themesfrom $89/year974k+

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5. Content AI

Representation of Content AI, an SEO-oriented WordPress AI plugin with personalized recommendations for content.Content AI is a powerful and top-rated plugin offering AI SEO for WordPress. Developed by the talented team behind the Rank Math SEO plugin, this solution allows you to create content optimized for search engines right away. With built-in features of keyword research and topic idea suggestions, Content AI can become your go-to WordPress AI content plugin for creating SEO-friendly content for any page of your website.

Key features:

  • 40+ AI tools designed for SEO;
  • Personalized recommendations for content;
  • Customizable target audience options;
  • Multiple language support.
Content AIRank Mathfrom $4.99/mo2m+

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6. Yoast SEO

Visual of Yoast SEO, a top-rated WordPress solution for SEO with meta title & description generation.Another popular AI WordPress plugin & SEO-oriented solution is Yoast SEO. As a widely known plugin used for search engine optimization and content analysis, it comes with AI-powered features. They allow you to generate meta titles and descriptions for your pages with a single click. With the help of AI in WordPress, you can choose any of the generated results and customize them to make sure they fit your website & SEO strategy.

Key features:

  • Meta title & description generation;
  • Multiple content suggestions;
  • Result customization & real-time preview;
  • Constant updates.
Yoast SEOTeam YoastFree or from €99/year10m+

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7. AI Engine

Illustration of AI Engine, a multipurpose WordPress AI plugin with fast & efficient content generation.If you want to easily combine the power of AI and WordPress, then we recommend you try out AI Engine. Perfectly integrated with popular artificial intelligence models (GPT-4, Vision, and others), it adds multiple innovative features to your site. From content generation to analytics & AI playground, this plugin can be a multipurpose tool for enhancing your WordPress website. Additionally, thanks to the integrated API, you can customize the included tools and ensure this WordPress AI plugin meets all your needs.

Key features:

  • Fast & efficient content generation;
  • A wide selection of integrated AI tools;
  • Easy plugin customization;
  • Built-in WordPress AI chatbot;
  • AI forms & statistics.
AI EngineJordy MeowFree or from $59/year70k+

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8. Tidio

Image of Tidio, a plugin offering an integrated AI chatbot for WordPress with a reply assistant for customer service.In case you need a WordPress AI chatbot, the Tidio plugin provides just what you need. It is a comprehensive tool providing everything necessary for great customer service. With a built-in AI chatbot for WordPress, powerful analytics, and dozens of other great features, you can make your customers feel welcome at any time. With this AI WordPress plugin, your business will be able to process your potential clients’ requests at any time, even when your employees are unavailable.

Key features:

  • Integrated AI chatbot for WordPress;
  • FAQ wizard;
  • Reply assistant for customer service;
  • Customer satisfaction assessment;
  • Smart Views module for prioritizing urgent requests.
TidioTidio LLCFree or from $29/mo100k+

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9. Uncanny Automator

Portrait of Uncanny Automator, an easy-to-use WordPress AI plugin with dynamic content support.Uncanny Automator is a flexible WordPress AI plugin designed to provide exceptional automation solutions. With this solution, you can define custom triggers and conditions to simplify routine tasks. Thanks to easy delays and scheduling, you can run actions at the exact time. Besides, with over 170 supported integrations and apps, Uncanny Automator allows you to create exceptionally detailed automation scripts. They can be used to perform time-consuming actions without your interference.

Key features:

  • Automation script builder;
  • Customizable conditions & triggers;
  • Dynamic content support;
  • One-click integrations;
  • Powerful webhooks.
Uncanny AutomatorUncanny Owl, Inc.Free or from $149/year40k+

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10. AI Power

Figure of AI Power, an AI plugin for WordPress websites with 9 built-in AI engines.Finally, let’s talk about AI Power. It is an AI engine WordPress supports, which is a great fit for your site if you need to integrate popular AI services into it. Ranging from GPT 3.5 to GPT-4, Gemini, and other models, this plugin helps you with multiple tasks. For example, the tool is perfect for content & image generation, customization, search engine optimization, and other tasks that are already considered common among AI users. Moreover, AI Engine supports 40 languages allowing you to translate & receive results in your native language.

Key features:

  • 9 built-in AI engines;
  • Auto content writer;
  • AI assistant integrated with Gutenberg & Classic Editor;
  • A variety of ready-to-use prompts;
  • AI Forms builder & SEO optimizer.
AI PowerSenol SahinFree or from $9.99/mo10k+

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Conclusion: Why Use a WordPress AI Plugin?

We hope this overview of the top AI WordPress plugins has helped with choosing the right solution for your website or blog. Whether you need a simple or complex solution, rest assured that with such a variety of tools, finding the right WordPress AI plugin for your website won’t be a problem. With the right solution for your site, you can completely change the way your site is managed and optimized. This will give you more time to deliver services and products your clients love as well as create new amazing content. This is possible due to these benefits:

  • Improved optimization: One of the main advantages that AI plugins for WordPress provide is connected with website optimization. Be it SEO or overall performance boost, many modern plugins can help you make your site work faster.
  • Better accessibility: Another useful feature of any AI WordPress plugin is increased accessibility, especially for users. For example, many solutions have built-in translation technology that uses AI & machine learning. with real-time translation & speech-to-text functionality, you can positively transform your site and make it easy to use for foreign customers.
  • Revolutionized user experience: If you want to create custom-made layouts and improve your site’s design with a few clicks, some AI in WordPress solutions may be of use, too. A great example of a WordPress AI plugin that offers such features is Elementor. Also, some other plugins can provide your users an experience customized for them without completely changing your website.
  • Outstanding content quality: AI solutions are widely used for content generation. Be it a blog post or an image, multiple AI WordPress plugins offer tools for creating meta descriptions, text blocks, and photos using a simple prompt. Besides, a modern WordPress AI content plugin can help you improve your prompt to make the result more fitting for your site.


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